In the end you should be able to list the best Odyssey left handed putters for men on sale

Today’s Odyssey offers the best on sale golf putters for men’s left hand, whether mallet or blade putters, finding that perfect putter can be a daunting and some times near impossible task, that doesn’t make it impossible anyway

Finding putters best for left hand has not been easier, it is a true fact that lefties are quite neglected in comparison to right handed golfers and this is because there are more right handed golfer that there is for left hand

In this blog post today we are going to be listing the Odyssey golf putters best for left hand men, as said earlier manufacturer tends to focus more on right handed putters than left hand putters due to the fact that there are more righties than leftie golfers

Nevertheless as the game of golfing got more and more exposure it became very necessary to pay close attention on club putters highly targeted at the lefties and now this resulted in better and more efficient golf putters for the lefties today

Looking for the best golf putters on sale for men’s left hand? We’ve got you covered as this article is bent on revealing the list shortly

There are many outstanding and well reputable brands which make amazing and classical putter highly targeted at the lefties today

Such include he well known Odyssey, Scott Cameron, Ping, Cleveland, Taylormade and so on, but here in this article we are going to be focusing on brand Odyssey

Our picks are based off intensive research, reviews and feed back all with an effort to bringing you the true and updated list of this left hand orientation putters for men

Without wasting your time further, we present the list to you, this list does contain both the mallet and blade style putters

Best For Left Hand Odyssey Putters For Men

Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track(Best For Forgiveness And Response)

Odyssey putter, left hand, best men, mens best, left handedOne of the finest and well made golf putter designed for men from brand Odyssey is no other than the Odyssey Stroke Lab Triple Track Putter

Made with insane forgiveness which does help correct your swing even on a mishit, armed with this putters you are in for greatness as you will do more classical and amazing putt

Reduce your stroke and increase your accuracy with the best putter which offers better ball control and distance for a well optimized targeted putting

Drive longer and straighter shots and amazingly with the best of consistency, mind you this are one of the very best easy to hit golf putters due to alignment ,lines which are well structured and placed

The impressive grouping of premium technologies does help for easy, quick and accurate alignment, this putters are also well balanced brought about by the innovative weight distribution for the best of responsiveness, feedback and feel


Presence of track lines which does help for improved and consistent putting accuracy

Enhanced sound and feel at impact and easy to align

Highly responsive brought about by the proper weight to balance distributions

Highly and effectively forgiving du to low CG and highly structured high MOI

One f the very best putters for left handed men

Very quality and for long lasting durability

Stable through impact for the unmatched rolls and spin which does help in improving your putt


Might take some time getting used to



Odyssey Stroke Lab Versa Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Feel)

left hand, men's lefties, Odyssey putter, best OdysseyGreat golf putters which incorporates the latest and most recent technology with a new method of weight distribution for an improves stroke conditions

At the sole and butt lie an additional weighing to help golfers consistently and smoothly stroke the ball and with better and more accurate target

For smooth roll and accurate distance control is a combined legendary white hot feel with dozen of micro hinges which is embedded across surface

This face balanced golf putters does come with a head cover for protection, made of premium quality so that they are long lasting for the best of durability

You will greatly and quickly improve on your putt as they are very forgiving and responsive brought about by well developed low CG and proper weight distribution across face

They are well balanced and stable for more accurate impact on all your putting impact, if you are looking for a highly responsive putters with the best of feel then this is for you

With this club you will eliminate strokes and you will have full control on your ball distance and travel, it’s time to take your putting to the next level with this classical and durable putter which does offer the best of feel due to a well constructed grip


Extremely forgiving brought about by High MOI placed strategically

Ultimately responsive with top notch feedback and feel as a result of proper weight to balance distribution

Easy to hit and accurately since setting up is easy due to the present of triple dotted lines

Comes with a head cover for club protection

Made of quality for durability assurance

Micro hinges for smoother roll and excellent better topspin

Very responsive due to additional weight in the sole

Comfortable and soft grip for the best of feel and better ball control plus distance


Not a super stroke grip


Odyssey Works 2020 Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Ball Control)

golf putter, left hand, best lefties, men's left handThe Odyssey Works 2020 Putters comes with it packed in full latest technologies for a quick, better and more accurate putt

Such include the latest and well advanced microhinge face insert which does offer un-matched rolls for a more and precise accurate putt targeting

You should well note that this putters are available inn varying sizes from where you can choose from, for a better and improved buying decision and choices

Very portable and slim for a well streamlined and straight putting shot that is hardly distracted by external forces, hit straighter shots and with consistency

If you talk about responsive they are the one of the best on the list with an unmatched forgiveness due to easy alignment features and proper CG placement

Be the master of your own ball control and distance and get the best of feedback and feel with this putters that does offer the best of roll and smooth spin well optimized for accuracy even on a mishit


Great for Left hand golfers

Very forgiving and responsive due to re-engineered weight distribution across club face

Straighter shots with ultimate consistency on hit

Unmatched feel, rolls and streamlined spin on shots

Easy to hit and very well aligned for accuracy

Exceptional durability with a comfortable and flexible grip

Smoother ball rolls and well optimized ball spin

Comes with a head cover

Very portable and lightweight


Be the fist to review



Odyssey Red Ball Putter(Best For Feedback And Response)

best odyssey, putter club, best men, left handed, best leftiesThe red ball helps for easy alignment as I does help you line up quickly, easily and correctly and this have the greatest impact on your putting accuracy

Great choice for that golfer with poor alignment or who finds it difficult to align the ball accurately, this putter forces you to line up properly and consistently

With this your putting accuracy will increase and become better, putter face transmit very good and exceptional feel and sound and this does help a great deal in better ball control and distance

Lining up has never been easier when armed with this putter, they are very forgiving due to properly placed CG and high MOI

Hit straighter and well streamlined shots with the best of feed back and ball control with instantaneous response on your shots

Your putting will definitely improve amazingly even on a mishit using this well balanced and weight clubs as it does help ball correction since they are very stable and balanced


Exceptional quality which ensures long lasting life span

Easy to hit as they are well aligned and simple to line up

Great feel with amazing response as ball rolls off putter face easily and quickly

Highly forgiving and stable as they are well balanced and weighed

Red ball forces you to line up easily and quickly for more consistent putting accuracy

Better ball control plus distance due to weight re-distributions

Comes with a matching head cover and very durable

One of the vey best for lefties


Not a self standing putter


Odyssey Exo Putter(Best For Feedback And Feel)

left handed, best Odyssey, Odyssey putter, best for menThe Odyssey Exo Putter involves the combination of three innovative technologies and this include the Exo construction, White hot micro hinge insert and lastly but not the least stroke lab weighing

This triple innovation have amazing functions on how this clubs perform, firstly the Exo construction helps in the delivery of incredible high MOI from quality pre multi-material construction for a better putting target

Secondly it does have the white hot insert which is perfectly and accurately blended with the technology well known as micro hinge technology this results in immediate forward roll for distance and control and with consistency

Lastly weight is save by the new New Stroke Lab Shaft which is relocated into the end of putter for smoother and more streamlined stroke for the best of accuracy

They are highly forgiving and responsive as well made possible through high MOI and proper weight placement and re-distribution across face


Toe balanced and face balanced option for more face rotation on strokes

New stroke lab shaft saves weight for smoother and more accurate putting

High MOI for the best of forgiveness and feed back

Incredible response as a result of weight distribution across face

Well balanced and stable for better impact and hit result

Better ball control and feel

Comfortable and soft grip long enough that ensures you stand straight when trying to do a putt

Quality and great option for left handed players

Comes with a head cover


Might be out of stock soon



Todays Odyssey have in great collection golf putter best for left hand, when looking for a perfect hub to buy your putters as a leftie golfer, the Odyssey is such a great place to turn to

Finding a perfect golf putter for the lefties have been made easier than ever through brand Odyssey, if you are in search of a perfect putter for men’s left hand then one of his will suit you perfectly









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