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In the end, you should be well acquainted with the features of the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not

When it comes to Golf Simulator’s, the ”OptiShot 2” is a ”go” brand as they offer quality and highly innovative Simulator to help you improve on your game

There are lots of Golf Simulator brands which include Optishot, GOLFZON Vision, Rapsodo, Skytrak, and many more

An alternative to the OptiShot is likes of the Skytrack golf launch monitor, TrueGolf Simulator

In today’s blog post we have here on review the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator for home use,

During this COVID-19 Pandemic, it becomes ever now than necessary that every golfer own a Golf simulator ad most courses are shut out and now one would be allowed to play Golf

But with your Golf Simulator, you wouldn’t have a problem with that as you can always play and stay fit whenever needed

For this reason, a golf simulator is no longer a thing of choice but a must-own by every golf enthusiast who wants to improve on their game indoors

This Golf Simulator can also be a great gift to give out this valentine season, looking for lots of options on a gift to give your golf lover please refer here best golf gift for valentine

What Does A Golf Simulator Do?

Golf Simulator gives you the opportunity to play on a graphically/photographically golf course/driving range

They are usually built for indoor settings and they are great as it does not restrict you from the weather or time of the day

Golf Simulator since they are built for the indoor purpose, you can play anytime, whether day or night, rainfall or sunshine, you are simply not restricted by weather conditions

It some sort of a portable golf course recreation, a lot of time you hear golfer complain of a cold and hazy day or maybe a rainy day and so they were somehow confined to their homes and couldn’t go to the course to have their recreation

But with a Golf Simulator, these factors have no hold on you as it gives you the opportunity to own a course in your homes


OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Reviews

OptiShot 2 Golf Simualtor review for home use

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The OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator on review is typically built for home use and a great one to invest in if you are in search of a quality and highly efficient Simulator for your game

They feel like the real course, they feel as if you are playing in a real course this is why they are greatly recommended

The term indoor golf encompasses all golfing activities done indoors, it includes an indoor driving range, chipping area, putting greens, and other peripherals

The OptiShot is one of the many series of Simulator manufacture by the brand OptiShot, the OptiShot does have a style name which includes Golf in a Box, Golf In A Box 2, OptiShot Golf In A Box 4, and OptiShot 2 which comes with only simulator

OptiShot 2 is a simulator only, with a shaft material made from steel and weighing 3.3 pounds so they are weight friendly

It s time to experience life-like golf via the comfort of your homes, it feels 100% like the real course, no fakes

his is one of the world’s most popular and authentic Golf Simulator and one worth an investment in 2021

It doesn’t matter your intention, whether you are trying to improve on your game, prepare for competition, the OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator on review will deliver excellently beyond your imagination

The OptiShot 2 boost of outstanding features which is excellently accepted and loveable, lets consider these smart features


How does It work?

  • Download a program known as the simulator program
  • A link will be sent to install OptiShot live, Install
  • Connect your computer/ laptop once you get it, this program works only on some selected device
  • Go ahead set up a practice location area(Where you want the simulator kept)
  • Begin your swing, you can also compete with golfers world over by purchasing one of the two-season pass options


OptiShot Golf Simulator Review, Its Features


Optishot 2 Golf simualtor review

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  • Real courses/Quality

When it comes to quality, it is true with the OptiShot as they are very quality for long-lasting durability and efficiency

If you compare its quality to pricing, it is well agreed that they are very budget-friendly and cost-effective

Apart from that as portrayed earlier, the turf is so real similar to one found in the course not some bunch of mimic like the generic clunky mat

This turf amazingly are so easy to replace as well whenever needed, it does come with 15 courses preloaded which include Torrey black, Twisted twig, Palm desert, and others

  • Pricing

Without missing words, this Golf Simulator is low priced compared to the value you get when using them, if you know what it takes to build a home-based golf simulator you can quite agree with me

They offer a payment plan isn’t that amazing as well, that you do not have to pay all at once, through the payment plan you pay gradually until complete

  • Accurate Swing Analysis

The 16 high-speed 48MHz Infrared Sensor, simulator is able to track your club swing data accurately and precisely

You will able to see your shot pattern and calibrate your favorite club for instantaneous feedback on every shot

  • Simplicity

Unlike other similar Simulators, the Optic is incredibly easy to set up, it only takes connecting it to your computer via the USB port and you are good to go

Its restriction to Mac and PC Computers is what I do not like about it as it works for these two computer type

  • Season Pass

Brings golfer of all caliber together where the tournament is hosted and the winner goes with an award as it is a revolutionary online tournament platform, these Golfers compete with each other for a chance to win great prizes


Is The OptiShot 2 Any Good?

The OptiShot 2 is greatly admired among golfers not just because it is affordable rather because it delivers

You can comfortably play inside and feel as if you are actually on the course with this less than $1000 Simulator

It is a great option for golfers who want to keep their game alive despite the Covid 19 pandemic and its problem

When compared to the Skytrak, this one is very affordable and budget-friendly


What Is The Room Size For Your Simulator?

One of the very crucial benefits you get with all simulators is their portability and mobility gestures

Simulators do not actually eat a lot of space like your course still yet they offer thoroughly what you can get right when playing on the course

The minimum space required to set up a Golf Simulator will be 10’W X 10’L X 8.5’H


Opti 1 VS Opti 2 What’s The Difference?

OptiShot is the previous version of the Optishot 2 even though but does contain the same hardware

The major difference between these two types is in its software, the OptiShot 2 acts as an upgraded version to the OptiShot 1 as it does have a vastly improved and up to date software than OptiShot 1

Do not despair, it is amazing that even if you have the other version, you do not have to worry yourself by getting a new one which might cause more

All you do is simply make an upgrade which cost you about $100, you will be able to play a full round on digital version this is what the OptiShot stands for


What You Need To Know Before Ever Buying A Golf Simulator To Play

Golf Simulator gives you the opportunity to enjoy your game indoors and prior before this era there was no way you can play Golf Indoor

All thanks to innovation which has come to tear this barrier and now you can enjoy your game from the comfort of your homes

No more excuses of bad weather as you can enjoy your game as real as the golf course

Before ever laying hand on buying a Simulator, there are things you should consider so as to make the right selection

A while lot of Golfers are having a difficult time making a choice on which Simulator is best suited for them, not to worry by the end of this buying guide you will be better positioned and acquainted with all the knowledge needed to make the best decision ever on your simulator


  • Spacing

You will have to look into spacing as golf simulator varies in size and so does this affect spacing

Using a Simulator will require creating a certain amount of spacing for it to be installed, it money wasted if you do not have enough space for it in your homes

To Swing a club successfully and naturally you will need a minimum of room, most people think of horizontal spacing without putting into consideration vertical spacing when making a choice on the simulator

You have to put into consideration both axis, ”Vertical spacing and Horizontal” , you will be needing at the least ceiling of about 9 1/2 FT, this is just the barest minimum, you should consider higher ceiling of you are very tall



  • Budgeting

Simulator varies from price to price, while there are extremely expensive high priced simulator there are also cheap and affordable ones that you can buy

But you should bear in mind that the more expensive it is the more it offers in terms of playing experience and utilities

Golf Simulators varies from less than a thousand dollars to Ten’s of thousands, but it is amazing that they are getting cheaper as the day go buy prior to when it was a new innovation

  • Intention

There are actually generally three reasons why people buy Simulators and this reason is for game improvement, entertainment and last but not the least for both

I hope this does not come as a surprise if you are really looking to improve your game then you should consider

  • Simulator Technology

When buying your simulator you should consider the technology simulator offers, while some simulations offer more advanced and better technology others offer less and more simp technology

Opting in for one which offers the best and latest innovation as you can expect will be more expensive than one which offers simple and fewer features





OptiShot Golf Simulator Reviews, Its FAQ

Q: What are Preloaded Courses?

A: These are courses installed on your device, this simulator offers 15 courses for free of which you can add extra but will cost you money for a subscription

These 15 preloaded courses do come free with the Optishot and include the list below


What Courses Comes With OptiShot 2(Free)

  • Fylde link
  • The Canadian Club
  • West Maui Plantation
  • The Golf Club Scottsdale
  • Palm Desert Canyons
  • Long Island Black
  • Cogs Corner
  • Torrey White
  • Torrey Black
  • Warwick Hills Golf and Country Club
  • Barseback Golf Club
  • Long Island Black
  • Osterakers Golf Club
  • Black Mountain
  • Twisted Twig


Video by ”Out Of Bound Golf”- OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Review

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Can You Use Outdoor/Outside?

Absolutely not, the Optishot 2 Golf Simulator was built exclusively for indoor use, not outdoors, any attempt to use outside might mean damage and you might end up losing your hard-earned money

This is because they cannot be used in direct sunlight, it must have the right ratio of lightning condition for its infrared sensor to function effectively/ efficiently


What Is OptiShot ”Season Pass”?

This is simply a feature that comes with the OptiShot 2 Simulator, it does help to connect people online worldwide to more courses with access unlimited, and through these features, you can compete for online tournament

The Season Pass does come with two subscription option- one being the ”Mini Tour” with a cost of $60 and the other being a ”Pro Tour” with a cost of $120 per annum

You get access to 25 premium courses which allows you to compete in two monthly tournaments online when you sign up for the mini-tour which cost $60

The Pro subscription exposes you to over 60 courses and you get unlimited competition for the monthly tournament

Whether the Mini Tour or Pro is all an annual one-time subscription of which you will be able to win prizes from the comfort of your home, amazing.

Price won are in the form of a Gift card which ranges from $25 to $100


Q: Is There A Warranty/Guarantee On Simulator?

A: Yes, there is a guarantee on your purchase, this warranty lasts for up to one year and this shows you the company is proud of their own product as it serves the need for which it was made

The one year warranty encompasses the swing pad, base, electronic and plastic housing, and for the USB cable, Tee, Foam balls, Tuf, and Tee Griper a 30-day guarantee


Q: Does The OptiShot 2 Work With Ipad?

A: It does work with PCs and Apple, Android smartphones, and tablet


Q: What Golf Simulator Do The Pros Use?

A: I hope it doesn’t come as a surprise that Tour Pros use Simulators? the PGA Tour Professionals use full swing Pro series are very costly

Rumors have it that Tiger Wood and his close rival Jordan Spieth spent reportedly whopping cash of $48,000 for Simulator set up


How Tall Is The OptiShot 2

The OptiShot 2 boost of a height of  1 1/2 inch thickness to the grass top ”mat” and the sensor is 3/4 inch high and is not designed to be covered

You need a mat of about 1/2 inch thick,


How High Of A Ceiling Do You Need For A Golf Simulator

You should do well with a height of 10FT as it can accommodate most golfers height including their swing type

a ceiling height of 10FT is a safe height that is able to accommodate the height of most golfers

Most simulator will sit between 10FT wide by 15FT long  by 10 FT high and for basement ceiling height the least/minimum code is 8.5FT



Can you use Real Golf Ball With The Optishot

Absolutely yes and this is why they stand out and a great place to invest in if you are in search of one which delivers



Will My Computer Run Optishot?

Simulator Optishot 2 reviews

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With the basic requirement, your computer will run OptiShot, firstly your computer should be MAC or PC

This is a common question as there are lots of requests on what computer is best to run OptiShot, for optimal set up what is the spec, people want to know the best possible set up and not just the minimum requirement

There ate lots of computers in today’s market with different configuration setup, this is why it becomes difficult to give a direct answer to the question

However, we will be giving you a generalistic idea of what’s best or what you should be expecting

RAM(Random Access Memory)

RAM known in full as Random Access Memory is the amount of memory allocated to the computer

You will be needing at least a computer with 4GB anything less than this would cause OptiShot not to run properly or as expected, you might experience OptiShot being slow or choppy so you should endeavor that your computer holds at least 4GB

VR(Video Ram)

VR known in full as Video Ram is another strong prerequisite that ensures the smooth running of OptiShot

VR is the available memory in the video card, you should have at the least 256MB, note that 256 is the minimum requirement as you can have more than that, the more VR or RAM the smoother it will run

GR(Graphic Driver)

GR known in full as Graphic Driver, this is the most crucial aspect of it all so pay attention to this,

A whole lot of computer out there turns out to have a problem with the minimum GR requirement to run OptiShot

You should consider the model of video card a computer has before buying especially if you intend to run OptiShot on it

Even if you’ve got enough Video Requirement to run the OptiShot program, It’s best though to go for Video Card that can be updated because not all are designed to be updated


A lot of people after buying OptiShot finds it difficult to install, if you have purchased the Optishot and without knowing how to install please refer here how to install the OptiShot 2


Could You Use An Apple iPad To Hook Up And Run The OptiShot 2

Sadly It is not compatible with an Apple iPad, just with MAC and PC Computers


Does Optishot Have Augusta Nationals

OptiShot never paid Augusta for licensing and so they never got burned by Augusta, Augusta asked all sim company to stop selling their courses or course replica after they sold out to EA sport and they all complied because of the phobia of being sued


OptiShot Sweet Magnolia

For most Golfer who has used the OptiShot 2, ”OptiShot Sweet Magnolia Golf Course” is the real deal

Everyone is saying ”keep it, keep it”, some are saying keep it for a whole year, the Sweet Magnolia seems to be one of the most favorite course

If you want to keep the Sweet Magnolia you simply put it on another computer and never connect it on line



Golf Simulator gives you the opportunity to play your game indoors, during the course of the Covid-19 Pandemic it became very clear and even more imperative that as a golfer you should have an alternative

This means getting your own Golf Simulator and everything needed for you to be able to play indoors

The OptiShiot is a great investment golf simulator and one you should consider investing in if you want to indulge in an indoor game and play whenever you want without the weather or pandemic stopping you from e enjoying what you love doing

The OptiShot on reviews features a whole lot of game improvement technology solely so that you can get better at your game without ever feeling like you aren’t on the course as everything seems so real

The OptiShot 2 comes with 15 free courses and lifelike turf which feels so real, they are easy to install

How about is unparalleled 16 high-speed 48MHZ infrared sensors for proper tracking of your club swing





























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