In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Pie Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag Saddle On Review

Bags are an integral part of your game, as a matter of fact, you aren’t considered a complete golfer without your bags

Most often than not we pay attention to the choice of the club we make and pay little to no attention to our bag

Come to think of it, your golf bag serves as a storehouse for your gears and equipment, not just a storehouse rather they are a means of protection to all your belongings

You have spent a lot on your gears and accessories wouldn’t it be wise to do the same for its housing and protection? or you want to simply lose your belongings

Its time to take a new life on the way we perceive our golf bag because it is definitely an integral part of your game as a golfer

Come to think of it and as a matter of fact, you wouldn’t be allowed to play on some course if you do not have a bag

The need for a golf bag cannot be overemphasized as it serves as a means of oneness to all our gears and accessories, I mean your golf bag helps to gather all your equipment together

Whether you are an amateur or professional golfer, you will be needing a golf bag, amazingly enough, there are all too many bags in today’s market, and making a choice seem to be very daunting and confusing

There are several different options to consider including style, type, and whether you are to buy new or used

Your bag can add up to the overall pleasure and experience of your game so you shouldn’t take it for granted

Here is today’s blog post, we have the Pie leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag on review and this bag promises everything it has to offer

Unless you know and have a proper understanding of the different type of golf bag out there, chances are that you will be confused about which is best suited for you

You should be asking yourself when in a hunt for a new golf bag is how many clubs are you going to be carrying? How would you like to carry them? What means of transportation is best suited for you, Leg or Cart?

There are five categories of your bag for golf-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

We would be discussing this different type of bag later on, but for now, let us stick to the topic which is the Pie Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag on review

The Pie leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag is a great option for anyone looking for a premium leather golf bag that promises matched durability and efficiency, however, they are very expensive, but just as the saying goes, you get exactly what you pay for

This bag is made from pure leather skin, making them one of the far superior golf bag type out there

The Piel might not be a popular brand like the Titleist or Sun Mountian, but surely, they have been consistent in making great bags for your golf game

The Piel Deluxe 9in as said earlier is made from leather material which makes them extremely durable and highly efficient

One of the most captivating aspects of this bag is that it does have very attractive and beautiful color, this color is what is referred to as ”Saddle”

This Piel Leather Deluxe has a dimension of 15 x 34 x 9 inches which is wide enough to get all that you will be needing in and out of the bag as fast as possible

This bag is on the heavy side as it weighs 12 pounds which makes them best suited for the Cart

One thing I know for sure, with the Piel Deluxe Leather 9in, you aren’t just buying a golf bag you are buying quality for real

Transport your golf clubs using this simplistic but sophisticated Deluxe 9in Golf Bag, which features a three-way full-length shaft divider for the organization of your gears and belongings

If you are looking for a recognized provider of naked leather since 1972 then Piel leather is what you should be looking at

Whether you are a man or woman, this bag would be just great as it is a Uni-sex kind of bag

It does come with a six-way fur-lined top with polyethylene tube construction, two-way ball pocket, single entry, belly pocket(Full length) with a small pocket at the top, Umbrella slot with a matching leather hood which is detachable just in case of a sudden downpour and a shoulder strap for easy carry

Amazingly this bag has got so many positive reviews which means that the Piel is true with its standard

The leather material used in the construction of this bag improves with age through absorbing from your hand oil as this helps it to assume a worn-out classic look

This full-grain leather is also very pleasant and smooth when touched with your hands

This bag offers plenty of room for all golfing extras and with this bag, be ready for lots of compliments from friends and colleagues


Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag, Its Specification

Deluxe Piel 9inch golf bag on review

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  • Brand: Piel
  • Year: 2021
  • Strap: Single
  • Type: Cart
  • Sex: Unisex
  • Divider: 6-Way


  • Pocket: 4
  • Two-way ball pocket
  • Belly Pocket(Full length) with a small pocket at the top


Piel Deluxe Leather 9in Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Umbrella slot
  • Matching leather detachable hood
  • Well developed and solid single shoulder strap


Piel Leather 9in Golf Bag Reviews, Its Pros

  • Made from leather material which improves by absorbing oil from your hand for extreme and aggressive durability and efficiency
  • Luxurious full-grain leather that is soft and smooth to the touch
  • Matching leather detachable hood
  • Two-way ball pocket
  • Fur lined top with polyethylene construction
  • Solid zippered system for extra protection
  • Plenty of room for all golfing extra
  • Beautifully and well crafted so that your friends and colleagues become bag envy


Piel Leather 9in Golf Bag, It Cons

  • Very Expensive, but you get exactly what you pay for
  • Heavy so best suited for the Cart


Piel Leather Deluxe 9in Golf Bag Video Review By Judith Goris


What Are The Things To Consider When Making A Choice On Your Leather Golf Bag?

Piel Deluxe Cart 9inch golf bag review

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One of the common mistake among golfers especially newbies is that they let the excitement of opting for a new golf bag overwhelm their judgment and reasoning

When making a choice on your bag there are some critical factors that must be considered so as to help you maximize the best purchasing decision

Prior to this era, there was not much variety on bags, you simply bought what was available, but now this story is different as there are lots of golf bag type, brand, shapes, and sizes from where one can make a choice

Here is the factor which when followed properly and diligently can help you make the right choice on your bag

  • Stitching

Golf bags will often offer varying stitching option, this stitching can either be single or double stitching

The double stitching is the best as when one side of the bag comes apart the other will lock, look for bags that offer double stitching in this strategic place(Top and bottom cuff) of the bag

The lop and lock stitching is very common among top companies as they are often the most effective and durable

When we talk about the structural soundness of your bag was talking about stitching and this can be regarded as the skeleton of the bag

Note: You should also check out for the density and strength of lines, they ought to look durable and thick

  • Zipper System

The Zipper is by far one of the most common points of attraction for many, they see a bag that does have a good and well designed zippered system and they go ”Oh yea” I love to have that

Whichever the case may be, if you are the ”zip design freak” or not, it rarely matters, what matters is that you look for a bag that offers quality and well developed zippered system, n matter the style or design of the zippers

You should also check out the material used in zip construction, which are you comfortable with? Metallic or Plastic? it all up to you, but as said earlier quality should be your number one goal when you consider the zippered system

The Zipper system is very important even though we didn’t mention this point right under the subheading immediately

When we talk about added protection on your bag then the zippered system best fits that role, the more solid and developed your bag zippers the better protection for your bag which contains all your gears and belongings

  • Pocket

Many bag companies are adding versatility to their design by allowing zippers to be detachable whenever you need them to

You should also check out for the garment pocket as it is very important with the fact that it is where most of your ”wear item” are stored/kept

Aside from versatility, you should be considering the number of pockets that you will be comfortable with

Golf bag offers a varying number of pocket from very few to a wheel lot, there are bags which offers as low as two-three pockets and there are bags which offers up to 15 pockets which is very many

For golfers who want to carry all their 14 clubs and lots of other items then bags that offers lots of pocketing and dividers would mean a great option for you

However, if you have a great love for portability and ease then you should look for a bag that offers few amounts of pocketing

  • Graphite Shaft

Over the recent years, there has been a more advanced form of graphite shaft protection other than the fur which does have the weakness of having sand get stuck to the fur which will definitely harm the shaft casting in a long run

There are newer and more advanced form of graphite shaft protection which are the Felt, Fabric, and treated rubber linning

  • Warranty

Warranty often also interchanged as a guarantee, this is when a company backs their product by giving you an assurance that you can bring back whatsoever you have bought within a defined period of time if it develops a problem outside your own causative

Most company that offers a warranty on their product seems to be well trusted among customers as they often produce a high-end product and aren’t afraid of it failing

You should consider bag brands which offer warranty in most cases as they offer a high-end product

The Piel Deluxe Leather bag offers a 5 years warranty, making it one of the rarest warranty duration for golf bags

  • Branding

9 inch Piel Deluxe Cart golf bag review

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Similar to warranty, look for a brand that offers quality, some are die-hard fans of a particular brand, another arent, they simply scout for what is good for them

There is this popular adage that says, ”A good brand will always speak for itself” a perfect example of a good golf brand is the Sun Mountain

  • Dividers

Dividers are of two types-Full lengths and Half-length

Full-length dividers run the bag full length and half-length runs the bag halfway, some bags offer both, however, the majority of the bag divider is available in full length

When making a choice on your bag you should be aware that bags will come with varying number of dividers

Some come with few dividers whereas others come with lots of dividers, few numbers divider would be best suited for golfers looking for a lightweight and portable golf bag and lots of dividers would indicate that you want a better and more classical organization of your belongings and items so that they are prevented from club crowding as each has its own individual slots


Types Of Golf Bag

Deluxe 9inch leather golf cart bag on review

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Your golf bag is divided into five categories, these bags are Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

These five bag types target a wide variety of golfers and their preferences

Staff Bag

The Staff bag also know as tour bags are designed to be the biggest, spacious, and more pocketed bags type than any other, they are also the most quality and heavy

The Staff bag is great as it offers massive storage spacing including space for your apparel, shoes, tees, etc

Staff bags are common among tour pros, this bag is also known as the ”Ross Rois” golf bag

They are extremely weighty/heavy which is always an issue for the average golfer, weighing around 10 pounds and above

Its weight shouldn’t be a problem for you when you have got a caddie, as that is what they are designed for, to be carried on the caddie and not on hand

They are also great for golfers who come accompanied, for your staff golf bag please refer here Best Staff bag on sale 

  • Cart Bag

This bag is designed to sit at the back of a powered golf cart, offering plenty of storage for all you need on the course

You should see the typical cart bag to weigh about 5 pounds to 9 which makes them not carry friendly

This type of bag unlike the stand bag does not have a built-in stand mechanism as it arent designed to be carried on the shoulder

This bag is made distinct from other bag types as a result of its non-slip base or rubber which prevent it from slipping off the cart when in motion

If you are a golfer looking for a bag that offers generous spacing then consider the Cart bag but you should also have or plan on owning a cart

A perfect example of a Cart bag would be the Piel Leather Deluxe Bag on review

  • Stand Bag

Derived from the fact that it comes with an inbuilt stand for the best of support and stability, the Stand Golf bag is the most stable golf bag type across all terrain whether rough or smooth

Stand golf bag can also offers lots of spacing and pocketing but certainly not as thorough as the Staff or cart bag

The Stand bag is great for the golfer who would rather prefer walking down the course than going with a Cart

This is why it does also have a well developed and strategically placed carry strap system so that they are easily carried and with convenience

The Stand bag is a great option for anyone looking for a bag that offers lots of spacing for all their belongings yet without ignoring a carry-friendly nature

The typical Stand Bag weighs about 4 pounds to 7, consider getting a stand bag when you are looking for a bag type that offers the most stability and balancing across all terrain

There are lots of stand golf bag in today market but we recommend this waterproof golf bag Best Stand Bag to buy right now

For your 14-way stand bag please refer here Best 14-way stand bag

  • Carry Bag

The Cary bag is designed to be carried 100% of the time, this is why they have the most developed dual carry strap which is most often adjustable so that it fits different people

The Carry Bag is the lightest bag and does come with a very limited amount of storage and with this, they are the most portable and easy to carry around

The typical Carry bag would often weigh between 3 pounds to 5, this bag type is designed to carry only but your essentials even though they are exceptions which are able to carry all 14 clubs

If you want to focus on a particular aspect of your game then consider getting the carry golf bag as this is the idea behind its creation

Because they are very light, extremely lightweight, this makes them also a great option among senior golfer

Sund ay golf bag is also known as Pencil golf bag falls under the category Cary bag, this bag is designed to be slim like and straight for the best of ease and comfort when carried

There are lots of carry golf bag on sale in today’s market, however, this is what we recommend Best Carry Golf Bag to Buy


Why Choose The Piel Leather Deluxe 9 Inch Golf Bag?

Deluxe 9inch leather golf cart bag on review

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Number One:

There are so many reasons why the Piel Deluxe Leather 9inch Golf Bag is a bag to invest in, firstly it has got the best of quality and efficiency as they are made from pure skin leather( Full grain cowhide leather)  which gets better as it gets older by absorbing oil from your skin

Number Two:

Most items come with a limited manufacturer warranty, but as for this bag it is different,  this product offers a whooping fives years warranty, yes, you heard that right, five years warranty on this bag, one of the rarest warranty duration, this is a company that knows the worth of its product and is willing to stick by it

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Piel Leather Deluxe 9inch Golf Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: What Bag Category is this?
  • A: The Piel Leather Deluxe is a Cart Bag 


  • Q: Who is this bag designed for?
  • A: They are designed to be Unisex, so whether you are a man or woman, this bag would be just great


  • Q: Does this bag have a warranty life span?
  • A: Absolutely, this bag does come with one of the rarest warranty life span longevity, it does have a whopping 5 years warranty on purchase 



The Piel Leather Deluxe 9inch Golf Bag is a cart bag made from one of the best leather quality, with this bag comes a six-way fur-lined top with polyethylene tube construction  for long-lasting durability

Features a three-way full-length divider, two-way ball pocket, single entry full-length bell pocket which does come with a small pocket at the top

Umbrella slot with a detachable leather hood in case of a sudden downpour and a well-constructed shoulder strap for easy carry

They are designed for the Cart and not to be carried as they are very heavy weighing a whopping 12 pounds











































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