In the end, you should be able to list the features which does come with the Pig 2019 Pioneer Cart Bag on review

As Golferscostume” would always say, bags are part of your game, this is because your bags serve as storage for all your belongings

Your bags serves also as a means of safety and oneness for all your gears/equipment, it is a means of oneness as your equipment are kept together instead of just anywhere(haphazardly)

If you wanna go to the course, or travel or do anything relating to golfing you will have to go with your clubs

If you have to go with your golf clubs, you will not be carrying them one by one, and in other, for you not to carry them one by one, then you need a bag

Note: This is how important your golf bag can be 

When asked by most people which is more important, Golf Bags or Golf clubs? many will say club forgetting the importance of its storehouse, ”The Bag”

It is very important you own a club and it is also very important that there is a provision of space where the bought golf club can be stored(Bag)

Having all that figured out and a concrete reason why you should place so much attachment on your bag as it serves as protection to your expensive club

Come on, having spent a whole lot of money getting the best of those clubs won’t it be an even wise decision that you spend more for its protection? I think it did be wise

Here on this blog post on review today is the Ping 2019 Pioneer Cart Bag, this bag is one that features an amazing blend of finely mixed colors so that they are highly attractive and  beautiful looking

I see or hear a lot of golfers become what I like to call, ”Bag Envy” due to how beautifully a bag is crafted, and this Ping Pioneer Cart Bag 2019 is no exception

I love this bag and definitely, you will too as they are very gorgeous, well developed with lots of pocketing and spacing for all that you will be needing to have your nice time on the course 

This bag is known to come with a large 15-way top thus making it the perfect golf bag for anyone looking to get the maximum level of organization and structuring of your golf bag gears so that each has its own individual slot to help prevent club crowding or entanglement

Note 1: 15-Way is the highest number of dividers any Golf bag can have as of the time of writing this article 


Note 2: This makes the Ping Pioneer 2019 Cart Bag so unique just as note one has stated

This bag also comes with a dedicated putter well, a fully customized pocket for your putter club which comes with an abrasion pad for free

Note: Putter well comes with an abrasion pad for free, you heard me right!!!

This Pioneer Ping Cart Bag which was released in 2019 as its name suggests does come with 14 pockets, that’s amazing and huge!!

This number of pockets makes it possible to pick all your belonging including extra, the 14 pocket that comes with this Piooner 2019 cart bag include

  • Range finder pocket for your range finder equipment, for the best golf range finder to buy right now please refer here Best golf range finder on sale
  • Insulated cooler pocket for your beverages and drinks to help them remain cool all day long

For the best golf bag with a built-in cooler please refer here Best Golf Bags With Built In Cooler

  • Magnetic drop-down ball pocket for your golfing balls
  • large gusseted apparel pocket for your clothing, shoes, and other and apparel product
  • Seam-sealed velour-lined valuable pouch for your valuables like your jewelry, phone, etc
  • Dedicated Putter Well for proper and well-preserved storage of your putter club for easy and quick accessibility

Note: This Putter well comes with abrasion- Which is awesome!!!

The Pioneer 2019 Cart Bag weighs 9 pounds and with a package dimension of 35 x 15 x 10 inches( Wide enough for any club size)

If you are looking for a bag that could use a stand when not in use then the Pioneer 2019 Cart Golf Bag is a ”go-go spot”

Pioneer Ping 2019 Cart Bag feature a cart strap pass-thru channel that keeps pockets accessible and conveniently

Two over-molded soft-grip handles for easy carrying convenience in and out of the cart(Hard handle under the top of the strap)

They are great for pushcart as you can put the elastic holder through the two sides, this would help it to stay in place instead of sliding

For your push golf cart, this is what I recommend Best Push Golf Cart worth investing in 

Note: Bag comes with Towel Holder, Amazing!!!

The bag comes with a rain hood cover in case of a sudden downpour, all 15 dividers are in full length


Ping 2019 Pioneer Cart Golf Bag, Its Specification

Pioneer 2019 Ping Cart Bag on review

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Strap: Double 
  • Bag: Cart Bag
  • Divider: 15(Full Length)
  • Year: 2019
  • Material: Nylon
  • Dimension: 35 X 15 X 10

Pocket: 14

  • Range finder pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Dedicated putter well 
  • Large apparel pocket
  • Sea-Sealed velour-lined valuable pouch


Ping Pioneer Cart Bag, It’s Smart Features

  • Cart strap channel
  • 15-Way top with spacious putter well
  • Range finder pocket(Magnetic)
  • Dropdown ball Pocket(Magnetic)
  • Towel Holder 

Ping 2019 Pioneer Cart Bag Video Review By TGW- The Golf Warehouse


Ping Pioneer Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Lots of dividers for a thorough organization of all your gear to prevent entanglement
  • Highly attractive and good looking
  • Lots of storage pockets and spacing
  • Quality material used in its production
  • Fits great on a cart

Ping Pioneer 2019 Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Someone complained of a poorly built strap
  • Someone c0mplained of the inability of the putter to come out from pocket smoothly when on a pushcart


Types Of Golf Bag

Pioneer Ping Bag Cart

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The Ping 2019 Pioneer bag on review as an example falls under the bag category, ”Cart Bag”

Golf bags are divided into five categories-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most luxurious golf bag category, they are well-referred to s tour bags as they are often common among tour pros

Staff bags are often also referred to as the ”Ross Rois” Of golf bags owning to the fact that they are the most spacious and wide, they are also the most quality and expensive

If you are a golfer who comes accompanied, then a Staff bag can mean a great option for you

Staff bag offers spacing/pocketing for your appeal, ball, tees, etc, this makes them great for the golfer who is looking for a very spacious bag that comes with lots of storage

For your staff golf bag please refer here Best Staff Golf Bag On Sale

  • Cart Bag

The Cart is designed so that they are best suited for the Cart, and an example of a Cart bag would include the Ping Pioneer 2019 Cart bag that is being reviewed in this blog post

Just like the Staff bag Cart bags are also very heavy as they do come with lots of spacing and pocketing

The Cart bag is a great option for anyone looking for a bag that offers robust spacing and classical plus thorough organization of their belongings

They are also great for golfers who are got a cart or plan on getting one

There are lots of Cart Bags in day market, here is what I recommend Best Cart Golf bag on sale right now 

  • Stand Bag

The stand bag is made so that it comes with a stand for the best of stability and balancing, the Stand bag is the most stable and very balanced golf bag across all terrain

The Stand is built in such a way that it comes with an inbuilt stand which is usually dual in nature for the best support

This stand enables them to be able to stand above the ground with their legs planted on the ground, this gives room for quick access to pocket without turning the bag from one side to the other

Stand bags are great for golfers looking for bags that offer lots of spacing and pocketing yet are carry-friendly

Stand bags are designed so that it does come with a very comfortable, well developed, and cushioned carry strap for the best feel and weight distribution when on the shoulder

Looking for a great golf stand bag this season? We’ve got a great list for you to check out here Best Stand Bag on sale

  • Carry Bag

The most portable, lightweight and you will expect the smallest golf bag type is no other than the Carry bag

This is because they are designed to carry but ur essentials thus were not created with all the clubs in mind

The Carry bag is great for that golfer seeking to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

Carry bags is known to come with the most comfortable carry strap system for the best feel and comfort when hung on the shoulder

Since they are lightweight and extremely portable they are great for the senior golfer and beginners as well

  • Travel Bag

This bag category seems to be one of the most recent innovations, Prior to this era there were no travel golf bags, golfer show wanted to embark on a journey simply had to make choices on the other options

It was found out that the other 4 categories of golf bag couldn’t give your gears and equipment it’s all the safety it needs and then boom came to the innovation ”travel Bag”

The travel is made unique from other bag types as it comes with an outer hard casing with a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best protection on your gears

Here is the list of the travel bag I recommend Best travel golf bag on sale right now


What To Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag?

Pioneer Bag Cart 2019

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There are factors one must consider which can help you make the right choice on your golf bag

Even the most simple of the modern bags have features to keep you comfortable and organized, through advanced innovation making has fine-tuned cumbersome and large bags into more stylish, efficient, and lightweight bags

When buying a bag here are a thing to look out for that ensures you make the most out of your decision

  • Bag Type

Review Pioneer Ping Bag Cart

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As said earlier, your bag for golf is categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

The Staff bag and Cart bag is the most generous and spacious kind of bag, this bag type comes with lots of spacing and especially the cart bag many numbers of divider

If you are a golfer who seeks a bag that offers lots of spacing, pocketing, and classical organization of your gears/equipment then the Staff bag or Cart bag would be your best bet

For a golfer looking to walk down the course and wants a bag that not only offers portability and lightweight but one which offers lots of spacing as well then the stand bag can be your best bet

If you are a golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time or you wants the most lightweight and 100% designed carry-friendly golf bag then you’ve got no friends better than the Carry bag

  • Divider

Golf bag dividers are in full length or half, most golf bags offer all dividers in full length, there are however other which offers divider in both the full and half-length

As you choose your bag wisely, I hope you are aware that different golf bags would come with varying numbers of dividers

There are bags which a maximum number of dividers, That is 15 length divider, which is the highest number of dividers available in your golf bag

The Cart bag is the best recommendation when you seek a bag that offers a maximum number of divider

There are also bag which offers very few numbers of a divider, the carry golf bag is a typical example of such type of bag

Full-length dividers are one just as its name suggests, which runs the bag full length from top to bottom of the bag

Half-length dividers run the bag half-length

You should be asking yourself which is best for you, lots of dividers for your bag or a few dividers? Full length only or you want Full and half-length dividers?

Note: The more number of divider your bag have the more organized your gear would be but as you will expect the heavier and bulky it is as well

The less few dividers in your bag the more portable, lightweight, and easy to carry your bag would be

A typical example of a bag that offers a lot of dividers would be the Ping Pioneer Cart Bag 2019 on review

  • Stitching

When you take about the structural soundness of your bag, you guess right, you just referred to stitching

Look for bags that offer double stitching in the bottom cuff and top of the bag, the loop and lock stitching is used by a certain company

This stitching method is especially very effective as it locks when one stitch comes apart thus preventing the other from popping out

  • Pricing

Your choice of the bag would depend on your budgeting, have you got a lot of budget for your bag or you have got few bucks to spend on your bag?

Golf bags vary from price to price this is as a result of quality and efficiency, the more quality and efficient a golf bag is the more expensive it becomes

There are lots of great golf bag out there which offers decent pricing to expensive pricing, look for one which matches your budget

  • Zippered System

The first to give out on a bag is generally the zipper, are these zippers made of metallic or plastic? do they have pull tabs so that it is easier to handle? Self-healing zippers is preferrable

Whatever your choice might be, look for one which offers quality, as we all know your zip-adds up to the overall protection of your bag which contains your expensive gears and you wouldn’t want to lose them

  • Graphite shaft protection

The fur is the most commonly known method of graphite shaft protection, not until a more modernized and highly efficient method took over the day

This new method for graphite shaft protection is the Felt, Fabric, and Treated rubber linning

One of the weaknesses of the ”Fur” is that sand can stick in the fur and this would harm the shaft coating in the long run


Well for some branding may be a no factor and for the branding might be everything, whichever cases

Statistics show that people are becoming more and more brand-specific even though the number of ”No brand specific” individuals still outweighs (The give me quality and damn brand people)

We had to including brand so that it appeals to everyone, there goes the adage, ”A good brand would definitely live it”

There are lots of golf bag brands out there some of them include Sun Mountian or the Cobra Golf bags


Ping 2019 Pioneer Cart Golf Bag Reviews, Its FAQ

Review Pioneer Ping Bag Cart

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  • Q: Is there a 15-way golf bag with fifteen length divider so that not just the club head are separated but including the club grip
  • A: This bag is a 15-Way top but it ain’t available in full length rather it does have the combination of the full-length and half-length divider

The Ping DLX offers an excellent quality like the Pioneer if not more, this Ping DLX is available in a 15-way full-length divider


  • Q: Is it possible that the cooler section holds ice and does it come with a drain?
  • A: The Ping Cart Pioneer Cart can hold ice very nicely however it does not come with a drain


  • Q: Is oversized grip able to fit nicely inside the top of the bag
  • A: Very definitely, as a matter of fact, today’s golf bags have been so advanced that almost 99.9% is able to accommodate oversized grips


  • Q: What Year was this bag manufactured and by who?
  • A: This is a ”Ping” brand golf bag and was first released in 2019




Bags are part of your game, this is because it houses your club and that serves as a protection to your hard-earned golf clubs

Your bag also serves as a means of oneness to your gears and equipment as this prevents misplacement of clubs and equipment due to haphazard of these items

When making a choice on golf bag you would’ve to choose between the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

The Ping Pioneer 2019 bag is a ”Cart Bag” category kind of bag, this makes it great for anyone who owns a cart or plans in owning one

At the same time, they are great for golfers who are looking for a bag that offers the best of organization and classical arrangement of your gears so that each does have its own slot/pocket to help prevent club crowding or clustering

They are also great for the golfer looking for bags that offer a maximum number of pockets for other storage purposes

The 2019 Pioneer Golf Cart Bag is one of the rarest golf cart bags you can see in the market in the last few years and would continue to be one of the well-crafted bags full of history

Features 15 number dividers, 14 pockets, these pockets include a dedicated putter well, oversized apparel pockets, magnetic range finder pocket, seam-sealed velour-lined valuable pouch, cooler pocket, and magnetic drop-down ball pocket

The dedicated putter well does come with an abrasion pad, which is not so common

This bag does have a convenient cart strap pass-thru channel which allows that your bag is properly secured while keeping all 14 pockets well accessible

I love them because they are of good quality, the best product, at a reasonable price and fall under the category best product

This bag with its square feet stay up very uprightly and well, consider buying this Cart bag if you want to invest in a bag which would be talked about for years


Thanks for reading, if you find this very helpful, please endeavor to share!!!

































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