In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Golf Bag For Men

Golf Bag is an integral part of your game, one that you would definitely not be doing without as far as the journey of golfing as a sport continues

Here on review is the Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Golf Bag For Men

Your bags are as important as your clubs, I get angry when I hear golfers lay much emphasis on clubs and ignores the house which protects them (Bag)

Yes! your bags serve as protection to your clubs, imagine this!!! having spent a lot on your clubs and it gets missing or is not properly maintained and faults is that not foolishness?? oh yes!!!

Come on, having spent a lot on your gears and other equipment, wouldn’t it be wise that you spent even more for its protection? (Bag)

This is how important your golf bag can be in the game of golf, aside from the first factor it is also believed that our bag serves as a place of oneness for our clubs and accessories/equipment

If there were no bags you probably would have your clubs littered here and there and as a result, some would have definitely misplaced some of their clubs

But with your golf bag comes oneness as gears and equipment can be carried from one place to the other at a go

The Ping Hoofer Stand golf bag is designed for men, even though it can be used by women too

Firstly my point of attraction is the perfect blend of color mixtures, especially the bag with military camouflage

They are so sturdy and balanced and one that will get your friend talking and appreciating you

The two solid well developed and strategically placed dual legs add up to the overall sturdiness and balancing on a whole new level

The 2020 Ping Hoofer Men Stand bag is made from quality and turf polyester material(300D) so that they are highly durable and long-lasting

It is a 7 pounds weight golf bag which makes them very carriable, it does also comes with one of the most cushioned and comfortable carry straps for the best of feel and balancing

Ping Hoofer Men’s bag comes with lots of pocketing so that you can be able to carry more of your valuables

These pockets are apparel pocket, two valuable pockets (one velour-lined), putter well, magnetic range finder pocket, top access magnetic slip pocket, added storage area inside apparel pocket, and a 22l pocket volume

The apparel pocket does come with full-length zippers for added protection and easy access to your things

How about the cart strap channel which is highly structured and placed so that you will have easy access to all your pockets

In case of a sudden downpour, you do not have to worry as the Ping Hoofer men come with a rain hood attached inside cushioned hip-pad

Easily and conveniently convert into a single strap via the new back puck which helps to simplify the conversion

This Hoofer which is known as redesigned does have more storage room than its predecessors

”I should have bought this bag years ago” so says a one time buyer as they are a great bag with excellent quality

You will like how the mechanics of this bag stand bag works!!! here is how the mechanic work

They pop out quickly when the bag is placed down and retract quickly and retract and hug the bag while walking

Different size pocket provides room and option for different uses and this is an awesome one!!!

And no matter how large your water bottle, the water- bottle pocket is roomy enough to handle

If you are looking for one of the best lightweight and sturdy bags on-demand today, you can second guess with the Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

The ”Ping” brand is a well known and highly trusted place for your golf bags, this is because they have been available for years and know what it entails to make a great bag well suited to meet the golfers demand

The Ping is known to have several well-applauded golf bag series to its names like the Ping DLX and the Ping Pioneer 

No fumbling with your water bottle while striding down the fairway as the water bottle is located on the lower part of the bag so that you can reach out to it easily or get it replaced

To keep your club dry all you need do is simply deploying the rain hood which is inside the cushioned hip-pad

The Ping Hoofer 2020 are very easy to carry as it does come with two ergonomic straps all connecting at a center hub

You can also easily lift the bag using the top rim, spine, and bottom handles

I love this bag as it does come with other amazing features like the pen holder, towel loop, umbrella holder, etc.


Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Bag On Review, Its Specification

Hoofer stand bag Ping 2020 review

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Type: Stand Bag
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Diameter
  • Year: 2020
  • Divider: 5-Way top
  • Material: Polyester(300D)

Pocket: 11

  • Magnetic range finder pocket
  • Top access magnetic slip pocket
  • Added storage inside apparel pocket
  • Two valuable pockets (One velour-lined)
  • 22L Pocket volume
  • Apparel with full-length zippers for easy access


Ping Hoofer Men’s Stand Bag Reviews, Its Smart Features

  • Rain hood cover
  • Umbrella holder
  • Pen Holder
  • Towel Loop

 Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Bag Video Review By TGW- The Golf Warehouse

Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Bag Review, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pockets
  • Sturdy and well-balanced stand bag
  • Quality and efficient
  • Easy to access pocket


Ping Hoofer Men Stand Bag, Its Cons

  • Difficult to put in or take out club


Types Of Golf Bag

Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Bag

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Actually, before choosing your bag, there seems to be many of them out there today

Thanks to technology and advancement, before this era there were few options for your bags

As a golfer, you were simply left with no option than to choose your bag from those heavy and bulky type

Now the story sounds different as there are about five golf bag categories and this bag is suited to meet the needs of different golfers

These five golf bag categories include Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is known to be the most luxurious golf bag, it is often referred to as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag

It is often referred to as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag as they are the most quality and spacious golf bag

If you are looking for the bag which doe come with the most number of pockets and spacing then you would not be wrong if you call the Staff bag

The Staff bag is very well common among tour pros, you will usually see pockets for your apparel, ball tees, shoes, etc, with the Staff bag

As you will expect since this bag is very quality they are however expensive and since it contains many numbers of spacing, they are usually very heavy and bulky

With this bulky and heaviness as a demerit, a golf caddy was created to help take away the pain of having to carry your bag on your shoulder rather all you do is simply lift them into the Caddy and off you zoom

This bag is great for golfers who come accompanied and a great place for the advertisement since it does come with a wide side base to showcase a particular new product in the market

For the best of staff bags please refer here Best Staff bag to buy right now

  • Cart Bag

Best suited for the cart so the name goes, the Cart bag is designed for that golfer looking for a very spacious golf bag that comes with lots of pockets for storage purposes

This bag type, known as ”Cart bag” are made very distinct from other bags type as they are known to come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent the bag from slipping off the cart when on motion

The Cart bag is very large and bulky even at that they are noticeably smaller than the Staff bag

It does also have spaces for your apparel, tees, ball, shoes, etc, this bag is great for golfers who own or plan on owning a golf cart bag

  • Stand Bag

They are made so that they come with an inbuilt stand which does usually come with a dual leg for the best stability and balancing

The Stand bag holds the record for the most stable and balanced golf bag as they remain stable and balanced across all terrain whether smooth or rough

If you are looking for a bag that offers the best ratio balancing between spacing and carriability then consider the Stand bag

The Stand bag does have enough spacing for all your belongings and even at that they are also carry-friendly

The leg mechanism is designed so that bag slightly touches the ground and thus preventing them from getting dirty

If you are a golfer wh have a strong reference for walking down the course other than pulling or punching then consider the Stand golf bag as a perfect option

For your stand golf bag please refer here Best stand golf bag to invest in right now 

  • Carry Bag

The carry bag is designed to keep but your essentials although they are some exceptions which can carry as many as 14 clubs

The Carry bag is great for the seniors as they are very lightweight and less bulky, they are also great for beginners as you will not be using the whole club first

Carry bag is great if you want to focus on a particular aspect of your game one at a time, maybe deriving the range or hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt, in this case, pick up the necessary club which helps you achieve any of the given tasks

You should expect a typical carry bag to weigh 3 pounds or less, they are the best for offers who are looking for that perfect bag to walk down the course

How about the extremely comfortable. well cushioned, padded, and strategically placed carry strap which does create the best of feel and weight distribution when the bag is carried

There are lots of carry-bags however here is what I recommend Best Carry golf bag on sale

  • Travel Bag

The Travel bag seems to be one of the latest addition to the category if golf bag, the Travel bag as its name suggests is designed for traveling

Prior to this era, there were no bags which is designed specifically to help you travel with your gears and equipment 100% safe

The other bag type was the only substitute but were not performing completely so couldn’t feel out that gap

Snd because of this then Trave bag was created to give golfers maximum protection and safety on their club and belongings while they embark on a journey

The Travel bag is designed in such a way that it does have a hard outer casing with a soft, smooth, and foamy inn for the best of comfort and feel for your club and other related items

Here is the list of travel bags I would love to recommend Best travel golf bag 


What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

Ping 2020 Hoofer Stand Bag

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  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most common type of graphite shaft protection, however, better alternatives have replaced it like the feel, fabric, or treated rubber lining

One of the greatest disadvantages of fur graphite shaft protection is that sand can stick on the fur and still harm the shaft coating

  • Dividers

Golf bag dividers are available in full length or half, many bags offer their dividers in full length however there are bags that offers both

And the number of dividers in a golf bag would vary from one bag to the other, with the Cart/Staff Bag having the most number of dividers than any other bag type

for golf bags with lots of divider please refer here Best 14-Way Golf Bag 

If you are looking for a bag which offers a moderate number of divider consider hoping for the Stand golf bag

If you are looking for one which offers the list number of dividers, then the Carrybag is the best option for that

The highest number of dividers any golf bag can have as at the time of this article is 15 dividers and the list dividers in a bag are 1 of 2

So you would be the one to decide which best suits you, do you prefer a bag with lots of dividers? or you prefer one with few dividers?

Do you prefer a bag with all dividers being all full length? or you prefer one which offers dividers both in full length and half-length? this you all gonna be answering

Note: The more Dividers your golf bag has the more organized your clubs can be, however the more divider your bag the heavier and bulky your bag can be 

  • Bag Type

As said earlier there are different categories of your golf bag, which include the Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and travel Bag

The Staff bags and Cart Bag is best-suited for golfers looking for lots of storage spaces and pocketing

The Stand bag is suited for the golfer who is looking for a bag that offers lots 0f storage spacing yet a carry-friendly golf bag

The Carry bag best suites for golfers looking for the most lightweight and easy to carry golf bag

  • Stitching

When you talk about the structural soundness of your bag, you just referred to it as stitching, look for bags that offer double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag

The loop and lock stitching method is adopted by certain companies, the loop, and lock stitching is a great option because if one stitch comes apart it will lock thus preventing the rest from popping

The density and lines used to stitch the bag should look durable and thick

  • Features

Golf bags offer different features, this is because bags vary from brand to brand, type to type, design to design, and model to model

There are bags that offers more features than the other there are also bags that offers up to date features

Look for a bag which offers you all the features that you will be needing, or better still take into consideration all your gears and accessories so as to determine which features would suit you easily

Some of the golf bag features include a towel hook, umbrella, hook holder, drink holder, etc.

If you are a golfer who would not do without coming to the course without drinks then you should look for a bag which offers a drink holder as a feature

  • Pocketing

 Hoofer Stand Bag 2020

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Pocketing is important because it determines what goes in and what does, there are bags that offers lots of pocketing and spacing like the Staff Bag and Cart bag

The more number of pocketing your bag has the note items it can contain and the fewer pockets it comes with the fewer items it can contain

To be able to pick up lots of items look for bags that offer lots of pockets, if however, you are more concerned about portability and lightweight then consider bags that come with fewer pockets

A perfect example of a bag which quite a lot of pockets is the Ping Hoofer Stand bag on review, it does come with 11 pocket

  • Zippered System

One of the very first points of attraction when buying a bag is its zippers, zippered system can be metallic or rubber, offering different design and pattern

Whatever your choice might be, look for a bag that offers quality and well-developed zippers for easy grabbing

Self-healing Zippers are always one of the best options

  • Quality

Features, styling, the material is what can differentiate a quality golf bag from a less quality one

Golf bags would vary by quality, some offering more quality than the others, and as you will expect, quality comes at a price

Quality means durability and efficiency, this means you are going to spend more

Whether it is a golf bag or club, make sure you look for one which offers the best of quality in that price category

The Ping 2020 Hoofer Men’s Stand Bag is made from quality polyester material, so you can count on this

  • Weight

The more pocket and spacing the heavier your bag can be, avoid bags that offers lots of spacing and pocket if you are looking for an extremely portable and easy to carry golf bag

If you seek one with robust storage space and lots of pockets and features then you should be in for a heavy golf bag, however, the golf cart can mean such a great relief, thanks to technology and innovation

The Ping Hoofer 2020 weighs 5.5 pounds

  • Branding

For some it is all about branding, they buy and buy from a particular brand, they are so glued to a particular brand because it brings them satisfaction

For others branding might not be an important factor, they are only concerned about the satisfaction

With all this being said, we can say a good golf brand speaks for itself, ”It smells quality and efficiency’

There are lots of great golf bag brands out there which include the likes of the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc.



Ping Hoofer Stand Golf Bag Men-Its FAQ

Hoofer Ping 2020 stand bag review

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  • Q: Does the Ping Hoofer come with a rain cover?
  • A: It comes with the standard thin rain cover which is neatly stored beneath the backpack of the carry side of the bag


  • Q: Does the Ping Hoofer have a full-length divider
  • A: The Ping Hoofer Men’s 2020 Stand bag is a full-length divider golf bag


  • Q: Does the Ping Hoofer have full-length dividers?
  • A: The Ping Hoofer is a 5-Way opening golf bag with full-length dividers


  • Q: Does this fit a cart properly
  • A: This bag does fit a cart greatly as it comes with a cart strap channel which allows firstly for a proper lock of the bag onto a cart and secondly the channel help so that the cart strap does not block access to pocket



Bags are an integral part of your game, the Pioneer Hoofer 2020 Golf Stand Bag is one that offers lots of features, pocketing, and large storage spaces for all your belongings

This is a 5-way top golf bag, so it is not the best when it comes to through organization of your clubs so that each has its own private slot, however, they are lightweight and so carry-friendly

Features 11 pockets, rain hood cover,  easily convertible carry strap, etc, so if you are looking for me of the best stand bag of 2020 consider this bag as one of the ”go-go choices”


Thanks for reading, if you find this very helpful, please do share 





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