In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Ping Women’s Traverse Golf Cart Bag

To every golfer out there, you need a quality and highly efficient golf bag, you have spent a lot on your gears and equipment’s, duty demand, that you should be ready to spend more for its protection

Your golf bag serves as protection for your gears/equipment, it also serves as a means of oneness for your belongings

You have your clubs and without a proper bag to carry them or put them together there is no way you would have to carry them one after the other to the course

We pay too much attention on the choice of club we make and forget the bag which houses it

Come one, having spent a lot of bucks obtaining those golf club/gears, it is wise that you consider a proper and quality protection

This is where the Ping Women’s Traverse Golf Cart Bag on review come into play, there are lots of golf bag out there and making the right choice seems to be daunting and difficult

The Ping Women’s Traverse is a quality and highly efficient golf cart bag that is built for optimum durability and longevity

Just as its name suggest, this bag is a ”Cart Bag” type, there are force categories of golf bag-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

The Ping Traverse Cart Golf Bag is one that will be talked about for years as it does come with great and excellent customer review which is a plus

Just like the Ping brand, there are other great golf brands out there like the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc

I like the bag because they are lightweight, sturdy, and have plenty of storage pockets for your belongings

They are also very laudable as the club slides in and out of the bag easily and quickly without experiencing any obstacle

Note: This bag will fit comfortably on a pushcart, for the best pushcart please refer here to Best Golf Push Cart To Invest on 

This is a bag with a 14-way top divider with all being full length for thorough and proper categorization of your gears so that each has its own individual slot to help prevent club crowding

The Ping Traverse Cart Bag is specially designed for women as it does fit in their club length perfectly and properly

Amazingly, there is a slide-thru space for your bag so that it sits properly on the cart without hindering easy and quick access to your pockets

The Ping Traverse Cart Women’s Bag is a very sturdy and properly balanced golf bag with lots of front-facing pockets for easy in and out of your belongings

Bags are available in a very attractive and fashionable colour combination/ mixture and this ensures your colleagues/ friends on seeing your bag would become bag envy

Comes with a whopping number of pocket, 13 pockets which include velour-lined valuable pockets, Gusseted zipper pocket, range finder pocket with eye mark logo, cooler pocket with customizable zip-off pocket, full-length apparel pocket, two large wells for oversized putter grips and a 34L of pocket volume

This is a cart bag so they are heavy and designed to be carried on the shoulder rather than on a golf cart,

This Cart bag weighs 6.0 pounds with a dimension of 35 X 12 X 14 with an 11-way top diameter

So, women, this is your perfect golf bag and one that you should be investing on being rest assured that it will last for years and you will get the value of your money

Ping Women Traverse 2020 Golf Cart Bag Reviews, Its Specification

Traverse Ping 2020 Cart Bag

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Type: Cart Bag
  • Strap: Single 
  • Year: 2020
  • Dimension: 35 X 12 X 14
  • Divider: 14 divider(Full length)
  • Weight: 6.0
  • Material: Polyester


  • Apparel pocket
  • Velour lined pocket
  •  Two large wells for oversized grip Putter
  • Cooler pocket
  • Range finder pocket
  • Gusseted zippered pocket

Ping 2020 Women’s Traverse Cart Bag Reviews, Its Smart Features

  • Rain hood cover 
  • Cart strap pass thru-channel
  • A customizable zip-off panel in a cooler pocket
  • Eye mark logo in range finder pocket

Ping 2020 Women’s Traverse Cart Bag Video Reviews By Morton Golf Sales

Ping Traverse Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Is a Cart bag so comes with lots of pockets for more storage
  • 14-way divider thorough organization and classification of your gears
  • Very quality for durability purpose
  • Lots of features and access of your gears in and out of your bag
  • Rain hood included and cart strap channel for ways access to pockets

Ping Traverse Golf Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Heavy and bulky so they are meant for the Cart, not carry

What Should I Put Into Consideration When Making A Choice On My Golf Bag?

Ping Traverse Cart Bag For Golfing

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You do not just make a choice on your bag, you have to know what it takes to make the right selection, lots of golfers make mistakes as they get all caught up with the frenzy and excitement of getting a new bag that they forget what safety precaution is required to make the right choice

Here are things that you must consider when making a choice on your golf bag

  • Pocket

The number of pockets you are comfortable with will carry from one individual to the other, while some golfers prefer a very portable golf bag with few pockets others prefer a big golf bag with many pockets

The number of pockets you would like your bag to have will determine which bag type is the best for you

As an instance of you are looking for the most portable golf bag with fewer pockets then you should consider opting for the carry golf bag

For your carry golf bag please refer here Best Carry Golf Bag On Sale 


For the best of portability and mobility consider the Carry bag as it comes with few pockets

For lots of spacing and storage pockets consider the Staff and Cart Bag

For average storage and number of pockets consider opting for the Stand Bag

  • Stitching

You should look for a bag that offers duo stitching on top and under the bottom cuff of the bag

As you can all agree stitching is all about the structural soundness of your bag, stitching is the bag itself

The loop and lock stitching is the pattern adopted by many companies, this pattern is great as when one stitch comes apart it will lock, thus preventing the other from popping out

Also, check out for the strength and density of the lines y=used to stitch your golf bag it should look durable

  • Pricing

Not everyone has the same amount of money to splash on the most expensive golf bag, if you do that is great, but for those who cannot afford it, there are affordable golf bags out there in today’s market

Bags are available in different pricing because of quality, design, model, and brand, there are lots of great golf bag brand and the joy is that they all have bags which are very affordable

What’s more important, whether you opt-in for an affordable or expensive bag, you should make sure it hold quality as this assures longevity or durability of your bag

  • Features

Your golf bag would often come with different features, there are bags which offers few features and there are bag which offers lots of features

What features resonate with you? you should look for features that you are comfortable with or one which rhyme with your accessories

Some of the features of a golf bag would include an umbrella holder, net pocket, rain hood cover, etc

Another feature you should be considering is its inbuilt features like if you want a bag that comes with a stand then you are well off comfortable with stand bag, if you want a bag that does have a cart strap then consider opting for the cart bag, if you want a bag which offers the best of carrying system then you should consider the Stand bag and Carry bag

  • Zippers

Metallic or plastic? Do they have pull tabs or not? is it self-healing zippers? you should all be considering these factors as it is more of a personal choice and preference

For the most part, zippers is the first point of attraction when about opting for a golf bag, zippers for your bag is available in different designed and shaped, made from different material, some are customizable while some aren’t

Look for zippers that are quality, easy to grab, and open up and down without stress

Note: Self-healing zippers are one of the most recommended

  • Divider

Women's Traverse Ping Cart Bag

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Full-length divider or half-length? Lots of dividers or few dividers? these are some of the things you are going to be asking yourself as golf bags are either full-length dividers or both

There are bags that offers all your dividers in full length and there are others who offer our dividers in both the half-length and the full-length option

Full-length dividers just as its name suggest runs the bag ”Full Length” that is from top to bottom of the bag which gives room for total and absolute privatization of clubs in that hole

Half-length divider runs the bag half-length, halfway top, the half-length privatizes your gears but not as thorough as the full length as there might be partial entanglement from the top

Divider for your golf bag can be few to many, there are bags that offer as few as 2-dividers, this makes them very portable and very easy to carry as they are extremely lightweight

There are bags which offers lots of dividers as many as 15 dividers, this kind of bag might be the best when it comes to the thorough and well-classified arrangement of your gears so that each does have its own individual slot to prevent club crowding or entanglement but as you would expect this bag are very heavy and bulky so are meant for the Cart

For your best golf cart please refer here Best golf cart On sale now

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Your shaft is important because it adds up to the significant life span of your bag, the most common type of graphite shaft protection being the ”Fur”

The Fur has been replaced with a newer and advanced type of protection as the Fur has its weakness of having sand stick on the fur and this would end up harming the shaft coating

This advanced graphite shaft protection is the felt, fabrics, and treated rubber lining

  • Defective Policies

Take for instance if you have bought a stand bag and the leg brakes can you get another? manufacturers should be able to issue a replacement or repair

These companies should be really clear about this

  • Guarantee

Even though not all companies might issue guarantee on their product as a term and condition, companies who however are willing to grow in years to come must be able t stand by their product

It is really great to check if manufacturers of the bag offer a warranty/guarantee, as you stand the chances of getting the best value for your money

Types Of Golf Bags

Ping Traverse Ping Women's Cart Bag

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Your bags for golf are well categorized into five, we have the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

Staff Bags are the most luxurious golf bag there are known tour bags because they are common among tour pros

The Staff bag is the most luxurious and is regarded as the ”Ross Rois” of a golf bag, this bag type is often the most spacious in pocketing and sizing, and hence they aren’t designed to be carried on the hand

A staff bag is designed to be on the Caddy while you drive down to the course, the Staff bag is the most expensive, quality, and with lots of pocketing and spacing

The Staff bag does make provision of pocket for your ball, tees, shoes, etc

A typical staff bag would weigh 10 pounds or more, for your staff bag here is what i recommend Best Staff Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag is made to seat on a cart, either pull or pushcart, this is why they are often referred to as trolley bags

Cart bags are different from other bag types as it comes with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slippage off the cart when on motion

The Cart strap pass thru is another feature that would make you recognize a Cart bag easily and quickly

Cart bags aren’t for the golfer who wants to walk down the course, rater they are designed for golfers who want to push/pull his cart on a trolley down the cart

This bag type comes with lots of storage spacing and pocketing and this makes them very heavy and bulky and hence designed for the cart

A Cart bag would weigh about 7 pounds to 9, a perfect example of a cart bag os the Ping Women Traverse Cart bag on review

For a robust list of the Cart, bags to invest in we recommend this Best Cart Bag To Invest on

  • Stand Bag

They are built so that they come with a stand, the Stand bag is well known as the most stable and balanced go,f bag across all terrain

The stand bag is built so that it does come with two sturdy in-but legs for the best of stability and balancing

The Stand bag can come with lots of spacing and pockets so that you can be able to carry all that you will be needing on curse however they aren’t as elaborate and spacious as the Cart or Staff bag

This bag type sem to fill up the gap between the Staff bag and the Cart bag, as it does come with standard spacing yet carry-friendly

This is why the stand bag does come with a well-developed carry strap for the best feel and weight distribution when carried on the shoulder

Stand bags are great for the golfer who prefers walking down the course, the in-built stand which can be protracted and retracted helps the bag to be slightly above the ground so that it doesn’t get dirty

For your stand bag, this is what I recommend Best Stand Golf bag to buy

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is simply designed  to look slim and straight as a pencil,” Pencil design”, this is because they offer the best of comfortability and lightweight

Consider the carry bag if you are looking fr the most comfortable and portable golf bag, then Carry bag is designed so that it comes with very few pockets and dividers as they aren’t meant to carry all your cubs even though they are some exceptions which are able to carry up to 14 of your clubs

This bag is great for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time rather than the whole

the carry bag is designed for but your essentials

For instance, you might decide to driver then range, in this case, pick up your driver, if you want to do some putt all you do is pick up your putter, if you prefer hitting out of the bunker pick the clubs which can help you achieve that

There are lots of carry golf bags in today market and this can be daunting and confusing especially for beginners

For your carry golf bag here is what we recommend Best Carry golf bag

The typical carry golf bag should not weigh more than 3 pounds

Travel Bag

The Travel bag is the most recent collection of golf bags, as they are designed for the traveling golfer, this bag is designed with a mechanism that helps protect your clubs and accessories while you embark on that journey

No golf bag can be able to give your clubs and accessories maximum protection when on transit like the travel bag

To easily recognize the travel bag you will see that it does come with an in-built rollable wheel for easy and quick maneuvering especially around the airport

Looking for the best travel golf bag to invest in this season? we have you covered here is what we recommend Best travel golf bag to buy right now

Ping Women Traverse Cart Golf Bag Review, Its FAQ

Ping traverse cart bag reviews

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  • Q: Does the Ping Traverse Women’s Cart Bag have a slide thru space for the strap on a golf cart?
  • A: Absolutely, this bag comes with a cart strap channel 
  • Q: What Is The Colour Selection of the Ping Women Traverse Cart Bag?
  • A: This bag is available in mainly two colors as of the time of writing, it is Grey/Orange or Maroon/Grey
  • Q: This is a woman golf bag according to description but is it customized for women own club
  • A: Absolutely, this bag is customized to fit the women club length
  • A: Is the Women Ping Traverse Golf Bag the same with the Men’s Traverse Golf Bag?
  • Q: No they aren’t, they are quite different when you take a close look into its dimension, the women traverse is a 35 X 12 X 14 dimension golf bag, and for men 34.75 X 9 X 15
  • Q: How does it look on a Push Cart? 
  • A: It works and looks great on a pushcart as it has all the features which are required for it to be perfectly attached to a cart
  • Q: Does this bag come to with a Rain hood
  • A: Oh yes, the bag does come with a rain hood cover 
  • Q: The 14 length divider in the Ping 2020 Women’s Traverse, are all full-length dividers?
  • A: The 14 dividers are all full length you can check for this information above under the subheading, ”Its specification”


Bags are part of your game this is because they are the storehouse for your gear and equipment they also serve as a place of oneness for all your belongings

Here on review, we have the Ping 2020 Women Traverse bag which falls under the category,” Cart bag”

This bag features 14 ways to all full length, 13 pockets for your accessories and belongings, cart strap pass-through channel for easy access to pocket when on a cart

This 13 pocket include two oversized well for your putter grip, they are made from quality and turf polyester material

So if you are looking for one of the very best cart bags for a woman then you should consider the Women Traverse Cart bag as a great option

If you find this very helpful, please do share!!! Thanks

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