In the end, you should be able to list the feature which does come with the Ping 2021 Hofer Lite Stand Golf Bag On Review

As Golfers Costume would say and always, ”Your bag is an essential aspect of your game”, this is because your bag serves as a protection to all your equipment/gears

The need for a quality golf bag can not be overemphasized and the need for one is well emphasized

Your bags serve as a storehouse for your equipment, it doesn’t just stop at that, your bag is a place where your all items are ket in oneness/togetherness

Now imagine having all our equipment and gears all littered haphazardly, without having no place to keep them together, this means with time you would have a misplaced gears/equipment

In this blog post, we have reviews the Ping 2021 Hoofer Lite Stand Golf bag

The benefit of a quality golf bag cannot be overemphasized as it adds extra protection to your items

The majority of golfers would pay close attention when making a choice on the club and pay little to no attention to the bag which guarantees its safety

Today’s golfing do have in great offers the best on sale golf cart bag and one of such is no other than the Ping Hoofer, a golf bag made for 2021

Prior to this era, there were not many options on the bag as you were left with no option than to pick that which is available

Back then, golf bags were heavy, and now the story sounds very different, a big thank you to technological advancement and innovation

The Ping is a well known and established golf bag brand, this brand is well trusted, known, and recognized brand which focuses on high quality and efficient golf bag

Just like the Ping, you have similar golf bag brand which makes exceptional quality and highly efficient golf bag out there today

Such brand include the likes of the Callaway, Titleist, Ogio, etc, these brands are also well known and recognized

Brand Ping does have so many golf gag series to its name and one of such the Ping DLX Cart Bag and many more

Come on, having spent so much money on buying your club, wouldn’t it be a wise decision that you spend a lot more for its protection

Unfortunately, you will not be allowed to play on some course if you do not have a golf bag

The Ping Hofer Lite Stand Golf Bag is not just a golf bag but one with amazing exception

If you are looking for a great lite stand bag, then the Ping Hofer is one you should be considering as they are great for ”walking golfer”

There are 5 types/categories of a golf bag and the Ping Hofer Golf Bag Falls under the bag category, ”Stand Bag” this is because this bag is designed so that it does come with an inbuilt stand for the best of stability and balance

The Ping 2021 Hofer features 7 pockets which is very enough to contain all your accessories so that you will not have any reason to leave anything behind

With this bag comes a 4-way top and this helps to keep your clubs and items properly organized and arranged

The 7 pockets which this bag is known to come with include an apparel pocket with full-length zippers for easy and quick access, range finder pocket, Easy access valuable pouch, 2 valuable pockets with one being velour-lined, insulated multi-use water bottle pocket, and 19L pocket volume

Note: There is also the provision of added storage areas inside the apparel pocket

Despite all this moderate storage spacing, this bag is quite lightweight so that they are very easy and convenient to carry as they weigh but 5 pounds

Made from 300D Polyester for the best durability and long-lasting life span, you will not have to worry in case of a sudden downpour as the bag does come with a Rain hood cover which is attached inside a cushioned hip pad

You will be able to easily convert the bag to a single strap due to its new pack pull, how about the cart strap pass-through which is well strategically positioned so that your pockets are easily and quickly accessible

Amazingly this bag is offered in various colors so that you have a wide range of the option to choose from

The Ping Hofer Stand Bag does come with a slighter heavier strap however this strap is very comfortable and made of quality

The Ping Hofer 2021 Lite Stand bag is truly a great golf stand bag to invest in as it comes with a one year warranty on purchase


Ping Hofer 2021 Lite Stand Golf Bag, Its Specification

 2021 Hofer Ping Lite Stand Bag Review

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Type: Stand Bag
  • Strap: X-Strap
  • Year: 2021
  • Material: Durable polyester
  • Dimension
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Divider: 4-Way top(Full length)


Pocket: 7

  • Apparel pocket 
  • Zippered range finder pocket
  • Padded valuable pocket with divider pouch
  • Insulated water bottle pocket 
  • Zip-off Customizable ball pocket 


Ping Hofer 2021 Lite Stand Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • 4-Way top 
  • Shoulder pad(Front adjusting) with Sensorcool technology 
  • Rain hood attached inside the hip pad
  • Raincover 
  • Customizable ball pocket panel


Ping Hofer 2021 Lite Stand Golf Bag Video Review By GOLF FM


Ping 2021 Hofer Lite Carry Stand Bag 2021, Its Pros

  • Quality for long-lasting durability as they are made from durable polyester
  • Very lightweight so that they are easy and convenient to carry
  • Full-length zippers for apparel pocket for added protection
  • Coes with a rain cover in case of a sudden downpour
  • One year warranty on the product


Ping Hofer Lite Carry Stand Bag 2021, Its Cons

  • Someone complained of no place to clip GPS


Types Of Golf Bag

Ping Hofer lite stand carry bag 2021

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As there are so many golf bags in today’s market, making a choice on which is best suited gets confusing day after day

This is due to too many influxes of golf bags into the market, prior to this era there was little to no option on your bag

You simply had no choice but to take what was available, and guess what?? then what was available was a heavy and bulky bag, oh yes! everyone had to carry this heavy and bulky bag and in the end

Now the story is very quite different as there are lots and lots of bags from where you can make a choice on which is best suited for you

This golf bag spans from types to brand to design to sizing and pocketing, etc. and now there are more than enough bag which suits different golfers appetite

Your golf bag is well categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is well known as a tour bag, Staff bag is common among tour pros as it is the most luxurious golf bag

The Staff bag is seen as the ”Ross Rois’ of golf bag as they are the most expensive and quality, they also offer generous spacing and pocketing more than any other bag type

The Staff bag does make provision of spacing for your shoes, tees, balls, etc

Staff bag due to its large storage spacing and pocketing is the most very heavy and bulky, this is why they are designed for the caddy

The staff golf bag is also great for the golfer who comes accompanied, Staff bag would weigh anything from 10 pounds and above

  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag just as its name tells you it is designed or the cart, Cart bags are very heavy and bulky similar to the staff bag but this time noticeable smaller

This bag offers lots of storage space and pockets which include one of your tees, balls, shoes, etc

The Cart bag is made different from other bags as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent it from slippage when a cart is in motion

The cart bag weighs anything from 6 to 7 pounds, this makes them heavy and not great for golfers who prefers walking down the course

The Cart bag is great for golfers whose got a cart or plan to own one, this bag type is also known as trolley bag

The Cart bag is usually built for the traditional cart, either push or pull cart, unlike the staff bag which is built for a driveable cart

For a more robust option on your cart bag which does come with a cooler for your drinks and beverages please refer here Best Cart bag on sale today

  • Stand Bag

Ping Hofer stand bag 2021 review

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These bags are known to come with an inbuilt stand so that they are very stable and well balanced, the stand bag is the most stable type of golf bag due to its legs which can be protracted and retracted at will

Stand bags are great for golfers who want a bag that offers them enough spacing and still carriable

This bag fills the gap between the Staff bag and carries a bag, as it is carriable due to its moderate weighing and its well defined and padded carry strap system

The Stand bag would usually weigh 5 pounds or less

the legs system which comes with this bag prevents it from getting stained on the ground as it hangs

You will also get easy and quick access to the pocket without turning the bag from one side to another, all you simply do is mount the bag on the ground and pick every piece of equipment you will be needing

There are lots of stand bags to choose from and making a choice is quite daunting and confusing especially for beginners this is why I recommend this Best Stand Bag on sale 

A perfect example of a stand bag would be the Ping Hofer 2021 Lite stand bag on reviews

  • Carry Bag

The lightest, most portable bag is the Cary bag as it comes with very limited pockets and spacing

Carry bags are also known as Sunday/Pencil Golf Bag, this bag is great for golfers who want to focus on a particular aspect of their game

Or for golfers looking for an extremely lightweight and comfortable bag, this bag is built to be carried

This is why it does come with the most developed and well-positioned carry str system for proper weight distribution

Since the carry bag is extremely lightweight and easy to carry, they are great for the senior golfer and for beginners as they would not be needing the whole golf club

Carry bag is usually lesser than 4 pounds in weighing, lots of carrying bag floods today’s market, here is what I recommend Best Carry Golf Bag to invest in right now 

  • Travel Golf Bag

Are you an avid golf player or are you a beginner who wants to travel but don’t want to miss your favorite sport at the destination due to a lack of fund

Worry no further, the Travel golf bag is here to cure this problem, Trave bag just as its name suggest is designed for the traveling or would travel golfer

This bag gives maximum protection and security to your gears and other related items, they are designed in such a way that is distinct from other bag types

The travel bag is designed so that it comes with a rigid outer casing but a soft foamy and well-cushioned inn for your clubs and other golfing accessories

This bag type is known to come with a well developed rollable wheel so that you can easily maneuver without the need for you to carry the bag on your shoulder or hand due to weighing

For your travel bag please refer here Best Travel Golf Bag worth invest on 


Ping Hofer 2021 Golf Lite Stand Bag VS Ping Hofer 14 Golf Stand Bag, What’s The Difference?

  • Ping Lite Stand Bag is of 2021 whereas the Ping Hofer 14 is of the year 2020
  • Ping Lite stand bag does come with 4 dividers whereas the Ping 14 Golf Stand bag does come with 14 dividers
  • Ping Lite Stand Bag features 7 pockets whereas the Ping Hofer 14 way does come with 10 pockets, this makes the Ping 14 way a bag that offers more organization than the Ping Lite Stand bag
  • The 2021 Ping Hofer lite Stand bag is way lighter than the Ping 14 way


What Factors Should I Put Into Consideration When Buying A Golf Bag?

 Hofer 2021 Ping Lite Stand Bag Review

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Many factors come in  play when you want to make a choice on your bag this is because they are to many golf bag out there today

This bag spans from category to brand to coloring to design, etc

Many golfers get all caught up with the frenzy and excitement attached with getting a new bag that they forget some of the basic factors one must consider so that they can better make a choice on their bag for golf

  • Stitching

When you talk about the structural soundness of your bag, then you must be referring to stitching, how strong and sturdy your bag would depend on this stitching

You should be on the outlook for bags that offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag

The loop and lock stitching is the two most common stitching methods among top companies

This method is especially effective so that if one stitching comes apart, it will lock thus preventing the other from popping out

The strength of the lines used in stitching the bag ought to look durable and strong.

  • Branding

Whenever you hear a well-known and established brand, what comes to your mind, Quality right? there is this well-known adage that says, ‘A good brand will tell its name”

When making a choice on your bag look for the top brands and let your choice be surrounded by this well-established brand

Even though we cannot deny the fact that there are brands that might not be well established or authoritative, yet they produce one of the best for the quality and efficient bag

There are golfers who are die-hard fans of a brand, whereas there are others who aren’t brand-focused, all they simply care about is quality and efficiency

It all boils down to quality, so in other words, look for a bag that offers exceptional quality as this ensures longevity on your bag

  • Pockets

As technology and innovation gets more and more advanced so golf bags are getting better every day

Today’s golf bag offers versatility in design and styling, one of such is allowing for zipping on and off pockets

This bags also offer a different number of pocket, there are bags which offers few pockets and there are other which offers lots of pockets

Bags which offers lots of pockets and spacing as you will expect is always heavy and bulky but can help you organize and accommodate more of your equipment and gears

On the other hand, bags that offer limited pocketing even though they may not be able to carry much, however, they are very portable and much easier to carry

The Ping Hofer Lite Stand Bag is one which offers a moderate number of pocket, 7 pockets to be precise

  • Features

Just as golf bag varies so do its features, there are bags which offers more features than others, you should know what features you will be comfortable with by observing or taking into consideration all that you will want to be carrying in your bag

Some of the features that you will find in your bag for golf is a quick clip, hook for stuff, rain hood cover, etc

As an example, someone who would like to have a towel in his bag can consider getting a bag that offers a hanger for your towel, etc

  • Zippered System

The zippered system is usually one of the very first points of attraction when making a choice on your bag

Todays golfing do offer versatility on its zip, check to see if the zip is rubber or metallic and make a choice on which suits you best

Do zip have pull tabs for easy and convenient grabbing when necessary, self healing zippers are always the best

Note: You should look for a bag that offers very quality and a well-developed zippered system as this adds up to overall protection on your bag

  • Graphite shaft protection

The Fur is the most common type of graphite shaft protection although they have been a better and more advanced option such as the Felt, Fabric, and Rubber lining

The Fur is losing its popularity these days as it does have a weakness of having sand stick to the fur which in the long run will harm the shaft coating

  • Dividers

Golf bag dividers are available from few to many, golf bag dividers can be as few as two and as many as 15 dividers

These dividers can also be in ”full length or half” with the full length running the bag from top to bottom and the half-length running halfway top

Most golf bag has its dividers in full length been though there are some exception which does offer its divider in both full and half-length

Note: The more number of dividers your bag have the more organized and classic the arrangement of your gears and equipment would be, this can also be helpful for easy and fast sorting, however, its only disadvantage is that this kind of bags are often very bulky and heavy, thus best suited for te cart

The lesser the number of dividers, on the other hand, the more portable and lightweight your bag would be

The Ping Hofer Lite Stand bag 2021 as an example is one that offers few length dividers(4 Full-length dividers) as is common with stand bag

  • Defective Policies

Knowing if a company would stand by its product is a very important factor when making a choice on your bag, a company which is out to satisfy the customers need would definitely be willing and proud to stand by their product

It is important to know if the company offers replacement golf bag or repair them, you should be able to check if you can get part of bag if broken, for instance, assuming you stand leg is broken, can you get another as readily as possible without going through stress?

Great brands are known to offer a warranty on bags or replacements during a period of time if the bag does not meet the buyers need

the Hofer Ping 2021 Lite Stand Bag is one which offers one year warranty, thanks to the name brand ”Ping”


 Ping Hofer Golf Lite Stand Bag, Its FAQ

Ping Hofer stand bag 2021 review

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  • Q: How heavy is the Ping Hofer Stand Bag?
  • A: The Ping lite golf stand is known to weigh 4 pounds for easy and convenient carry


  • Q: Does the Ping Hofer Stand Bag come with a rain hood?
  • A: The Ping Hofer does come with a matching ran a cover



Bags are an integral part of your game as they serve as the storehouse for all your gear/equipment

The Ping Hofer 2021 Golf Lite Stand Bag on review is one that features 4 dividers all in full length for the organization of all your gears

7 pocket which includes apparel pocket, Zippered range finder pocket, water bottle pocket, customizable ball pocket

I love this bag as it offers all the spacing that will indeed guarantee that you get everything you will be needing into the bag


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