At the end you should know the tips on how to do Ping clubs selection so as to be able to make the best selections of ping clubs

Before delving into what to consider before selecting a Ping club, lets give a brief address on Ping club

Ping is a well known and respected brand as far as golfing is concerned, Ping are the world’s leading golf club manufacturer’s

They are responsible for the large manufacture of golf club such as iron, wood, putter, hybrid and wedge all with the intention to suiting every golfers need

Many unlearned golfers thinks its a waste of money to get a well fitted club

Well if it is, then not to worry for a poor result on course is good, if really you are out and thirsty to become a great, well known and respected golfer then grab the lesson on ping club selection tips and know it to your finger tips

There is always a best club fitting for everyone and this club is dependent on your physique as well as your swing problem

Making the right club specification based on your body structure gives you confidence since you are sure you have the right set of clubs

Many golfers buy off the rack because it is less expensive, easiest and most convienent

Two step is taken to get fitted if you really want the club best suited for you

These two step involves the static and dynamic fitting

Ping gives you the opportunity for an online fitting tools, it simply done in this manner, they ask you question and you give them the right answer

Static fitting involves snapshots of your physical structure, such structure include_height, hand size, weight and wrist distance to floor

Static fitting test is the basic which introduces a much more complex test(dynamic fitting)

The word dynamic should suggest something in your mind_wide or complex

In dynamic fittings things like how you position to hit the ball, swing speed comes in play


Tips On Choosing The Best Ping Club For Novice/Beginners

How do you select a Ping club?this is the tips on how to do Ping club selection will be of help to all level of golfers

Right there in the PING website every kind of club are listed with a comparison line chart for each

These comparism chart shows you what exact club that will be best suited for you, for instance

Beginners or high handicap should look for club with the best of forgiveness, the reason being beginners or amateurs do have poor swing positioning and low swing speed so therefore they will be needing a club that will help compliment their swing even on a mishit

These extremely forgiving club are easily identified by their larger heads and lower CG’s

Professionals or low handicap, clubs with maximum workability is the best recommended, having (smaller head)for better touch and feel

These clubs have line specification all available on the PING website, right there you can dig deeper for more information by clicking on each line name

Many factor comes in play when on the voyage of selecting a ping club, what does this mean?

For instance after narrowing down your choice to two lines of wood you can go into greater detail such as knowing the specific length and loft of each club

An example is, if you have difficulty getting the ball into the air then a higher loft club would be your best recommendation

Another consideration is the shaft, choosing the correct shaft can help improve on your game

The choice of shaft have great impact on your swing

There are two kind of Golf club shaft_stiff and flex

The stiff shaft is strong and so is for golfers with great swing speed

The flex shaft is more flexible, not that hard so therefore it is recommended for golfers with slower swing, slower swingers can also use graphite since it is the most popular

Consider hybrid club if you have difficulty hitting long iron, simply consult the chart listing PING’ hybrid lines

From the line specified you will know what iron and or fairway wood each hybrid was made to replace

In accordance to Newwell’s note Putter selection is open to greater personal interpretation than any other club


To make the best choice on Ping club it must be precided by some tips/consideration to avoid making the wrong selection/choice








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