In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Ping DLX 2019 Golf Cart bag so as to be able to determine whether they are right for you or not

Bags as ”Golfercostume” would always say is an integral part of your game, this is not just about ”Golferscostume”, it is for real

In today’s blog post we have on review the Ping DLX 2019 Golf Cart Bag

As a Golfer, you must own a bag, it is an essential part of your game, as a matter of fact, you will not be allowed to play on some courses if you do not have a bag

The need for a bag cannot be over-emphasized as I see many people get so obsessed when making a choice on their club and when it comes to its protection(bag) they pay little to no attention

Come on, having spent so much on your gears and other related, wouldn’t it be wise that you do the same for its protection? I think it would be wise

Gone are the days when golfer had less concern about which bag they choose, now it is who has the right bag for the right equipment

Your golf bag serves as a means of protection for your belongings, the better your bag, the more protected the items in it can become

Aside from that, your bag is a place where all your gears and golf accessories are brought to oneness/togetherness so as to prevent them from getting misplaced

Imagine having all your gears/equipment littered haphazardly and not knowing exactly where you kept each of them, this means you are going to lose each of them all too soon

With the right clubs and the right bag you are on your way to becoming one of the most admired golfers

It is important to note that today’s golfing do have in great offer one of the best golf cart bags on sale and that is the Pind DLX 2019 Cart Golf Bag

Brand Ping has been a well established, trusted, and well-known company in the manufacture of your golf accessories/equipment most especially bags

Looking for one of the most cherished bags for golf? You can barely go wrong with the Ping DLX Cart Golf Bag,

Despite this bag being of 2019, it still holds as one of the well built and highly classical golf cart bags that you can buy right now, all thanks to innovation and technology which has made this possible

Just like the Ping, there are also a few well trusted and know golf bag brands like the likes of Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, etc

Any of this mentioned brand is a ”go-go” spot for one of the very golf bag on the planet, having said this we quickly head over to its review

The Ping DLX Golf Cart bag just as its name suggest and tells you is of the ”cart bag family”

This is very important to note as there are five categories of golf bag-Staff bag, Cart bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

The Ping DLX falls under the golf bag category, ”Cart”, and a great one for anyone looking for a very quality and highly efficient cart bag to buy right now

The DLX Cart Bag is made from leather material which is the first selling point as they are of quality and long-lasting durability

Features 15 number of divider(full length)for a classical and thorough organization of all your belongings, this means all your gears will have their own slot thus preventing them from entanglement or clustering which in most cases might lead to a dent

Since this bag does have a whopping 15 dividers, they are great for that golfer looking for a bag that offers top-notch classical organization of their clubs

Since each of these clubs does have its own slot, it becomes very easy, quick, and stress-free to sort out your preferred choice club out of the bag

Amazingly this bag also does come with 15 pockets which gives you massive spacing so that you will be able to carry all that you will be ending including extra

How about its dedicated putter well which makes it very easy to have your hand on your putter on a go

The 15 pockets which do come with this bag include an oversized apparel pocket with mesh divider, insulated cooler pocket, magnetic ball pocket, deployable shoe pouches, Putter well, and a magnetic range finder pocket

As with all Cart bags, which are known to be heavy and bulky due to a large number of pocketing and dividers, the Ping DLX weighs 8.25 pounds

This is a unisex golf cart bag, which means it is a great golf bag for all gender, whether you are a male or female

You will notice the classical and easy mobility of this bag as it does come with a well comfortable single shoulder strap carry system

There is also a provision of a well defined and strategically positioned lift-assist handle on the top and trunk for easy and convenient transportation

The Ping DLX 2019 is so uniquely designed so that it does have a cart strap which makes for easy access to pocket

They are also very sturdy as it does come with a high strength plastic base for a secure and well-balanced stance and stability

With this bag comes a matching rain cover included all in case of a sudden downpour


Ping DLX 2019 Cart Bag Reviews, Its Specification

 Ping 2019 DLX Cart bag review

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Year: 2019
  • Weight: 10.75 pounds
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimension: 36 x 14 x 11


  • Pockets: 15
  • Magnetic ball pocket
  • Large apparel pocket
  • Duo shoe pouches
  • Magnetic ball pocket
  • Range Finder pocket
  • Insulated cooler pocket
  • Putter well


Ping DLX Golf Cart Bag 2019, Its Smart Features

  • Matching rain hood cover
  • Internal mesh dividers
  • Cart strap pass-thru
  • High strength plastic base
  • Lift-assist handles on the top and trunk
  • Well defined zippered system


Ping DLX 2019 Cart Bag Video Reviews By Star 5 Reviews


Ping DLX Cart Bag 2019, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pocket for more storage
  • Lots of dividers as each club does have an individual slot for maximum protection and classical organization of all your gears and accessories
  • Quality as they are made from leather
  • Very sturdy and well balanced due to high strength plastic base
  • Front-facing pocket for easy and quick access

Ping DLX Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Heavy as it weighs 10 pounds although that shouldn’t be a problem as they are designed to sit on the cart

There are lots of golf cart which fits the Ping DLX Cart bag on review, however here is what I recommend Best golf cart for your Ping DLX bag


Types of golf bag

 DLX Ping 2019 Cart bag review

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When making a choice on your bag, I hope you are very aware that there are about five types? oh yea, your golf bag does fall under the 5 category, these bags are suited for the different golfer

A lot of golfers carelessly make a choice on their bag and in the end blame it on the manufacturer or referrer

Over the last few years, there has been a rapid advancement in golf technology with golf bag being no exception

Bag in the early days of golfing you had no choice but to carry the heavy-bulky bag as that was the only available then

This heavy bag made you exhausted even before the game got started, amazingly today’s bag does give you a more robust option to choose from

And now this five bag category include- Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most widely know golf bag type and also known as tour bag as they are often common among tour pros

The Staff bag is seen as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag as they are the most luxurious and comes with more spacing and pocketing than any other bag type

Because it is generous in spacing and pocketing they are often very heavy and bulky and this means it is not suited for carrying rather they are best suited for the Caddy(Driveable cart)

The typical staff bag would weigh at least 10 pounds and above, they are great for advertisement as it does have a wide side base so that you can easily showcase a new brand in the market

  • Cart

Simply put, designed for the cart, the cart golf bag is made to seat on the cart, Cart bags are made distinct from other bags as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slipping off the cart when on motion

Cart bags are also very spacious and come with lots of spacing like the Staff bag but this time on a noticeably smaller scale

The Cart bag is also known as trolley bags as they are designed for the Cart, this bag is great for that golfer who is got a cart and looking for a bag that offers generous spacing and pocketing

Cart bag would weigh anywhere from 6 to 7 pounds, with a cart bag comes spacing for your tees, balls, shoes, etc just like the staff bag

A perfect example of a cart bag would be the Ping DLX bag on review

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is made more unique than any other bag type as they are lighter than the two mentioned above, weighing 5 pounds or less

Stand bag features two retractable legs and this allows for your bag to stand aright thus preventing them from getting dirty

The Stand bag is known to be the most stable and balanced golf bag due to its dual retractable/retractable legs

This bag type feels the gap between a Staff bag and Cart bag as they also come with considerable spacing and pocketing large enough for all your golf accessories/belonging and yet they are carry-friendly

The Stand bag does come with a well-developed carry strap for the best of comfort and feels when carried on the shoulder

There are lots of stand bag in today’s market, here is what i recommend Best stand bag on sale 

  • Carry Bag

Most portable and lightweight bag goes to the carry bag, at least that is what it is designed for, this bag is designed to carry but your essential even though they are some exceptions which are able to carry up to 14 clubs

They are great for seniors due to lightweight and for beginners as you will not be needing a complete set to play

The Carry bag is a great option for that golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

The typical carry golf bag would weigh about 3 pounds and below

For your carry bag, we recommend this Best carry bag to buy right now

  • Travel Golf Bag


This bag type happens to be one of the recently developed bag types no bag provides or guarantees maximum protection on your gears like the travel bag

The travel bag is specially designed to protect your equipment while you embark on your journey

This bag type is different from other bag types as it does come with a hard outer casing with a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best of comfort and feel for your clubs

The travel bag also does come with inbuilt wheels which makes them very roll-able for easy and quick maneuvering especially across the airport

For your Travel golf bag please refer here Best travel golf bag


What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag?

 DLX Ping 2019 Cart bag review

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It is a well-known fact and a warning, ”You do not just pick a golf bag” rather you pick a bag because it meets your need

What do I mean by this, for instance, someone looking for a bag which offers lots of spacing, divider, and pocketing would be making the wrong choice on their bag if they opt-in for a carry bag or stand bag

Rather such person should be looking at the Staff bag or probably the cart bag, lots of the mistakes that come from making the wrong choice on golf-clubs would be s a result of little to no knowledge on what factors to consider before making a choice on your bag

  • Bag Types

One of the very first pieces of information that would help you make the best choice on your golf bag is understanding the different golf bag type and to whom they are best suited

Staff bag and Cart bags are best suited for golfers looking for bag which offers generous spacing and pocketing so that they can be able to have more accessories into their bag, but as you will expect this bag type are usually very heavy and bulky as well so its best you have a cart along side


Stand Bag is best suited for golfers who are looking for a bag that offers moderate spacing and pocketing yet without sacrificing portability and mobility at the same time

so if you are looking for a bag that offers enough spacing and still carry friendly then you should consider opting for the Stand Bag

Carry Bag best suited for the golfer who is looking for a very light and extremely portable golf bag, they are also great for the golfer who is looking to focus on a particular aspect of their game

Since the Carry bag are very lightweight and very carry friendly they are highly recommended for the senior and beginner golfer as well

The travel bag is best suited for the traveling or would travel golfer
  • Stitching

Is all about the structural soundness of your bag, this is where ”Stitching” comes into play, you should be looking for a bag that offers double stitching at the top and bottom cuff of your bag

Certain c0ompaies are known to use ”loop and lock stitching” which involves locking when one side comes apart thus preventing the rest from popping

The density of the lines of your bag should be very durable so you should also check out for that

A perfect example of a bag which offers double stitching would be the Pind DLX Cart Bag on review

  • Warranty/Guarantee

A good or well reputable and established golf bag brand would stand behind their product by offering you a warranty on the product in most cases

This company would offer you a warranty for a period because they believe their product is of quality and would definitely stand the test of time

Having said this, all companies might not offer you a warranty/guarantee, that doesn’t mean they aren’t good anyway, but most companies will do

  • Pocketing

DLX Ping Cart bag review

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The more pocket your bag have the more equipment it is able to accommodate, golf bag would offer few to many pockets

This pocket is available in different designs and styling, the versatility in the design of your bag makes the bag attractive, or what investing in

You should be able to know how many numbers of pocketing you want your golf bag to have

The DLX Cart bag 2019 is one which offers numerous number of pockets(15) with different design

  • Branding

As said always, ”A good golf brand need not tell its name”, Oh yes! there are some well trusted, known and established golf bag brand out there today and this brand are known to make but exceptional quality and high eff9cient golf bags

While some are die-hard to a particular brand there are others who are just after quality and nothing else

There are it’s of great golf bag brand that you can make a choice on your bag from, which include the lies of the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc

  • Divider

Dividers are one of the very important things you will be considering as you make a choice on your golf bag

Golf bag offers divider from as few as 2 to as many as 15 dividers, this dividers can either be in full length or half-length

Just as its name goes, the full-length divider runs the bag full length while the half-length divider runs the bag half-length

Most golf bag would offer its dividers in full length however there are some exceptions which dos offers its own in both the full and half-length

When it comes to total privatization of your clubs the full length is well-favored over the half-length, this is because the full length offers total privatization of your club’s ass it runs full length whereas the half-length dividers expose part of your club

The 2019 DLX Ping is one that offers lots of dividers, 15 of them and all being in full length

  • Graphite shaft protection

For the most part, the fur is the most common type of graphite shaft protection and its own very demerit sterns from the fact that sand can stick on the fur and this would definitely har the shaft coating

However, due to advancement in technology and innovation, there are better and more efficient ways for graphite shaft protection

As of today better alternatives like Felt, Fabric, and Rubber lining are what is on trend

Today’s golf bag comes with various features which varies from one bag to the other, there are bags that offers lots of features so are there bags that offers few features

As a general note, the Staff and the Cart bag type are the two known type of bag which offers lots of features


Ping DLX Cart Golf Bag, Its FAQ

DLX Ping 2019 Cart bag review

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  • Q: Is the Pind DLX Golf Cart Bag made from leather material
  • A: They are made of very high-quality Vinyl leather which is similar and does feel like leather 


  • Q: Where is the Putter well located in this golf bag
  • A: This 2019 DLX Cart bag does come with its putter well in the front of the bag 



Bags are part of your game as is serves as a storehouse for all your belongings and items, your ba also serves as a means of one oneness and togetherness of all your gears and other related, this is why you should take it seriously as you do for your clubs

In today’s blog post we have the DLX 2019 Bag which falls under the category, ”Cart Bag”,

This bag features 15 dividers, 15 pockets, a matching rain hood cover, a cart strap pass-through, and a single shoulder strap system

You aren’t just buying a golf bag you are buying quality, so if you are looking for a great golf cart bag then you can never be wrong with the 2019 DLX





































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