In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Ping New Hofer 14-Way Stand Bag On Review

No matter the kind of golfer you are, you need a bag, this is because it is one of the prerequisites to playing golf as there are some courses that you will not be allowed to lay until you have a bag

Bags serves as a place where you store your gears and accessories to ensure safety and protection on them

Aside from that, your bag serves an as means of oneness and togetherness, this is great because with your bag you are sure that all your gears/accessories are kept intact instead of haphazard

In today’s blog post we have reviewed the Ping Hoofer 14-Way stand bag, the Ping has been a well trusted and established brand when it comes to the manufacture and production of solid golf bags

Everyone wants something that guarantees the best of protection for whatever they cherish, and if you cherish your gears/equipment knowing fully well that you have spent a lot in obtaining them you would be wise to look for a well quality and efficient bag like this is the one of the best protection your equipment can get

There are lots of golf bag brands like the ”Ping” today which include Callaway, Titleist, etc.

But one thing makes the Ping well cherished and loveable and that being it does have one of the most cherished bag collections and designs and this not far fetched from the Ping Hofer 14-Way on reviews

Just like the 14-way ping Hofer, the Ping has been known for the production and manufacture of lots of bag series which include the likes of the Ping DLX 2019 bag and the Ping Hofer lite

And many more.

The 14-Way Hoofer ping is known to come with lots of exciting features which makes them great with golfers who are ”feature obsessed”

Without further waste of time, the Ping New 14-Way Hoofer is one that comes with 14 dividers, you can tell from its name

This bag features 14-Way dividers all in full length for a thorough and classified organization of all your gears/belongings neatly and in a highly orderly manner so that they are very easy to sort and quickly

Are you a golfer looking for a bag that offers a highly organized bag that does have room for each of your gears/individual slot then this bag is right for you

Or you are a golfer in search of a bag that ensures that all your gears do have their own individual slot so as to help prevent club crowding or clustering, then the Hoofer New Ping 14-Way on review is the way to go

This golf bag falls under the bag category ”Stand Bag”, that is they are designed to come with a stand for solid and stability across all terrain

The Ping new Hofer 14 way is made from strong polyester material for long-lasting durability and efficiency

So if you are looking for a quality golf bag, you do not have to worry for it is here, and you can barely go wrong with the Ping Hofer 14-way bag

”Boast a well for every club”, with this bag (14-way hoofer ping)comes with 11 pockets, which’s quite uncommon with a stand bag, this makes it a ”plus for the bag” as you get an opportunity to get more of your extra belongings into the bag. that’s lovely!

Despite this bag featuring lots of dividers and pockets, they are however considerably lightweight, weighing but 5.5 pounds, so that they can be easily and conveniently carried, this is awesome!!!

I love the full-length zippered system as they are well developed for easy grabbing and they lock up and down easily and smoothly

The color combination is one that can go without being noticed, they are beautifully crafted with amazing color combinations, and guess what? this makes them very attractive and appealing to the eyes

Your colleagues and friends no doubt with probably envy this golf bag when they find out you have invested in it

The front-facing pockets and the ones at the side is one which makes the 14-way stand bag extremely fashionable as well

Easily/simply convert your backpack style strap bag to a single strap through its innovation knowns as the re-engineered back puck

The 11 pockets which the Ping Hoofer 14-way stand bag includes top access magnetic slip pocket, two valuable pockets for your valuables like jewelry, phone, etc

One velour-lined 300D polyester, magnetic range finder pocket for your range finder equipment, full-length divider apparel pocket for your belongings, water bottle pocket, 22L pocket volume

There is also an added storage inside of apparel pocket which makes up for the 11 pockets

The Cart strap pass-thru is designed so that it does have a channel that easily slides through the pocket for easy access

Aside from carrying, this bag is built in such a way that it can fit on a power cart or push cart whichever the case may be

The Ping 14-way comes with a rain hood cover which is located inside the cushioned hip pad and this helps prevents the rain from getting wet your clubs

And when it isn’t raining this rain hood remains inside the pad and serves as extra cushioning and comfort while working


Ping New Hoofer 14-Way Stand Bag, Its Specification

Ping 14 way 2020 stand bag review

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  • Brand: Ping 
  • Type: Stand bag
  • Year: 2020
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Dividers: 14
  • Material: Polyester 
  • Dimension: 

Pocket: 11

  • Apparel pocket
  • Added storage inside apparel pocket
  • Top access magnetic pocket
  • Two valuable pockets with one being velour lined
  • Magnetic range finder pocket
  • 22L pocket volume

Ping New Hoofer 14-Way Stand Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Strap: X-Strap and Backpack style
  • Magnetic pocket
  • Well constructed and easily pull up and down zippered system


Ping New Hoofer 14-Way Stand Bag Video Review By Morton Golf Sales


Ping Hofer 14-Way Golf Stand Bag, Its Pros

  • All your clubs have an individual divider
  • Lots of pockets for all your belongings
  • Very attractive and colorful
  • Solid and well designed zippered system
  • Comes with a rain hood in case of a sudden downpour


Ping Hoofer 14-Way Stand Golf Bag, Its Cons

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When Did Ping Golf Start Making Golf Bags?

The Ping has been in the golfing industry for a very long time, and I quote, ”they were putter clubs focused”, then in 1969 they introduced the club called Iron

The Ping does have more than a whopping 50 years of experience, they aren’t just putter ad iron focused

The Ping is known for the manufacture of great golf bags as well


What Are The Factors That Must Be Considered When Making A Choice On Your Golf Bag?

14-way hoofer ping stand bag reviews

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Whether it is the ”Ping or the Callaway”, or any other golf bag brand out there, these factors cannot be ignored and so it is, therefore, paramount for anyone who wants to be able to make the best choice on their bag anytime any day

Just like buying any other thing, there are factors that you must consider that can help you make the right choice

This key consideration would span from the general and specific factors, we decided to add factors considered when making a choice on your golf bag as a result of all too many golfers especially newbies who in the most parts of it make a choice on the wrong because of not knowing the factors involved

To make the right choice on your bag here are factors that you would have to consider

  • Pricing

Even though this might not be the head of the list, it is however very important as the choice of bag you make would depend on pricing

You should look for bags which offers the best of pricing, it is advisable that whenever you want to get a bag you should look for quality and as well known quality does not come at a cheap pricing

There are golfers who can spend thousands of dollars on a bag, there are golfers who do not have that much finance to spend on a bag

Whichever way, go for something which offers quality even though it might not be the best

Looking for very affordable golf clubs to buy right now? please refer here Best affordable golf clubs

  • Dividers

One of the very important aspects of consideration when making a choice in your golf bag is the number of dividers

Golf bag varies with dividers, there are bags which offers few dividers, there are also bags which offer many numbers of the divider, up to 15 which is the highest

For instance, a perfect example of the bag which offers lots of dividers is the Ping Hoofer 14-Way Bag which is being reviewed in this article

You should be asking yourself, how many dividers you will be comfortable with? do you want a bag that offers few length dividers or you want one which offers lots of dividers?

Note: Lots of dividers in your bag would help for better and classical organization of all your gears and equipment so as to help prevent club crowding but however bags which comes with lots of dividers sare often very heavy and bulky

Aside from the number of dividers, you should be asking yourself if you prefer a bag that does offer full lent and half-length club divider or you want a bag that offers dividers all in full length

Golf bags do come with dividers that are either full length and half-length, some bags offer both. i.e the full length and the half-length, other bags offer all dividers in full length

Here is a robust list of golf bags that offers 14-way divider like the Hoofer Ping 14-way, please refer here Best 14-way stand golf bag to buy right now

  • Branding

It is advisable that you buy from a very strong brand, reason because this brand has been well known and trusted, so its bag would likely be quality

For some, they are die-hard fans of a particular brand and for some, they have no brand in mind all they care about is quality

Whichever the case maybe it is well agreed that a good and trusted golf brand will and should offer the best of quality

  • Pockets

Ping hoofer 14 way stand golf bag

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The Ping Hofer 14 way bag as a perfect example is one that offers lots of pockets, to be precise, this bag offers 11 pockets

Thus making it great for anyone who is looking for more storage spacing, if you, however, are more ”portability and easy to carry golf bag focused” then you should look for bags that offer a limited number of pockets

Looking for the best portable and convenient to carry golf bag, please refer here: Best Carry Golf Bag to invest in right now


Note The more pockets your bag has, the more number of items it is able to carry but as you would expect the heavier they become also


  • Stitching

When you talk about stitching you are in every way referring to the structural soundness of your bag

The structural soundness of your bag is a very important factor in the sense that it is where the strength and power of your bag lies

Poor stitching would result in very poor quality and efficient bag, so you should look for a bag that offers double stitching

This stitching should be at the top and bottom cuff of the bag, as this helps fr added protection and longevity of your bag

Ceratin companies use the ”loop and lock stitching”, this stitching method is especially effective as it does lock when one stitching comes apart

So it is very important that you check out for stitching of the bag, ensure that lines are thick and look durable

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

The most commonly known type of graphite shaft protection is the ”Fur”, with its limitation that sand can stick on the fur which is potential damage to the shaft coating

There is a however better alternative out there such as the Felt, Fabric, and lining which offers better efficiency

  • Defective Policies

This is especially important for non branded product, the defective product ensures that you get refunded in a case of issues with just acquired bag which is out of your control

Though not all company offers defective policies it will be of best interest that you look for one which offers a warranty on their product

If a brand can fully back their product it in most cases signifies that such a bag is of high product and quality and this means that you are getting the best value for your money

  • Features

All bags will come with their own unique and underlying features, while there are some bags that offers lots of amazing and mouth-watering features others might offer less

However, as you make a choice on your bag ensure you get one that offers the features that you are comfortable with and one which blends with all your equipment

One of the features which are common with a golf bag is the Umbrella holder which is designed for Umbrella so that in case of a sudden downpour your bags are well protected against the rain

We also have features like the rain hood cover, specialty pockets, strap, and many more

  • Weighing

You might well consider the weight of your bag when making a choice on which is best for you

As a senior golfer, lightweight bags are well preferrable, this is because of it weighing, Senior golfers are stricken with age and aren’t as strong as they use to so a bag which is lightweight would be the best choice for them

Beginners as well should look for a bag that is lightweight as you will not be needing the whole 14 clubs to play, since you are just started you will be needing usually the basic clubs like the drivers and putter club

However, if you are a golfer who wants a bag that can carry a large number of gears and equipment then you should be ready for a bag that offers lots of weighing, this should be an issue anyway as there are golf carts out there that you can buy which would do the heavy lifting for you

Looking for one of the best golf carts which would make it very easy and convenient to carry/transport your bags down to the course?  please refer here Best Golf Cart on sale right now

  • Zippered System

14-way hoofer stand bag reviews

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Zip system is one of the very first selling points for your bags, Look for a bag that offers a solid and well-developed zippers system, as a solid zippered system adds up to the overall protection of your belongings

Sel healing zippers is always the best, you should also take note if zips are easy to close and open as well


How To Pack A Ping Hoofer 14?

When its time to secure your Hoofer Ping 14 into the cart you should ensure that you keep all 12 clubs free, you can do this by using the Ping innovation

There is a provision if a cart strap pass-thru channel which is able to slide behind the pocket so that they are easily and quickly accessible

Use also the rain hood inside the cushioned hip pad to help protect your club against harsh/unfavorable weather condition


Is A 14-Way Golf Bag Better?

Whether you choose the 14 way or less, it is a matter of choice and what you hope to be achieved with it

A 14-way bag is better if you want a bag which offers thorough organization of all your gears for quick and easy sorting they are even more important if you wants a bag which provides individual house for each of your clubs to help prevent them from entanglement

If you, on the other hand, is keen on a golf bag that offers portability and lightweight then you should consider opting for bags that offer far less number of a divider than the 14- way

The Carry golf bag is your best bet for portability and easy to carry bag as they are lightweight

The 14-Way golf bag is very common with the Stand and Cart bag and the Ping Hoofer Stand bag is no exception


Types Of Golf Bag

Ping 14-way 2020 stand bag review

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You will be overwhelmed with the all too many golf bag available for sale in today’s market, especially for beginners becomes a problem as they do not know which might be right for them

Your bag for golf is categorized into the five-Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most luxurious and expensive type of bag, offering lots of spacing and pockets for all your belongings including extra

The Staff bag is well-referred to as a tour bag as they are common among most tour pros, Staff bags is also referred to as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag

This bag is the heaviest as well, the Staff bag is a great option for golfers who come accompanied

There are lots of staff golf bags on sale in today’s market, here is my recommendation Best Staff Golf Bag on sale 

  • Cart Bag

Designed to sit on the ”cart”, Cart bag just like the Staff bag is does come with lots of spacing and pocketing, this makes them usually very heavy and bulky, thus they aren’t meant to be carried on the shoulder rather they are designed to sit on the cart

You should be able t spot or identify a cart bag easily through its non-slips base or rubber which prevents it from slipping off the cart when in motion

They are well suited for the golfer looking for a bag that offers a lot of storage spacing and pocketing

For the best of Cart bag, please refer here Best Cart bag to invest in right now 

  • Stand Bag

The stand bag is made distinct as they are made to come with a stand, this stand gives it the extra support and stability it needs to remain firm across all terrain whether smooth or rough

This bag is great for golfers looking for a balanced ratio between spacing and portability, stand bag can also come with lots of spacing and pocketing but it stands out from the Staff and Cart bag as they can be easily carried

The Stand bag comes with a well defined, solid, and strategically placed carry strap for ease and convenience when carried

For your stand bag please this is what I recommend Best Stand bag to invest on right now 

  • Carry Bag

Best for portability and ease, the Cary bag is designed 100% to be carried as they are the lightest and portable bag

This bag is designed to carry only but your essentials, even though there are exceptions which are able to carry all your 14 clubs

These bags since they are very lightweight and easy to carry makes them one of the most recommended for the senior golfer due to their lightweight nature and for beginners as you would not be needing all 14 clubs

For a robust list of the best carry bag to invest in please refer here Best carry bag to buy right now 

  • Travel Bag

Just as it tells you, this bag is designed for traveling, it is made to protect all your golfing belongings as you embark on your journey whether by air, land, or water

The travel bag seems to be one of the latest addition to golf bag categories, they are designed in such a way that it does have an outer casing which is hard and an inner casing which ios soft foamy and well padded for the best of protection

If you are a golfer who travels a lot and still wants to play golf at your destination without the need for renting or buying a new set of clubs at your destination, then consider opting for a travel bag

For your travel ag please refer here Best travel golf bag 


Ping Hoofer 14-Way Stand Bag, Its FAQ

Ping 14-way 2020 stand bag review

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  • Q: Do the 14 compartment extends down into the bag?
  • A: Absolutely not, you will have to buy golf tubes and have them inserted on each pocket so as to make them more functional


  • Q: Does the Ping Hoofer 14-way come with a back strap
  • A: Yes, it does come with a back strap, precisely carry strap double system


  • Q: Does this fit very well on a golf cart
  • A: Yes, the Ping hoofer 14 way fits well on a golf cart


  • Q: Do the dividers go all the way down?
  • A: 4 main dividers go from the top all the way down to the bottom 



Bags, just as ”Golfercostume” would say, is part of your game, this is because it is a place where you gears are stored for protection

The Hoofer Ping 14-Way bag on review is a well constructed and quality golf bag, it does feature 11 pockets for all your belongings

These pockets include apparel pocket, magnetic range finder pocket, top access magnetic pocket, two valuable pockets of which one is velour lined and added storage pocket inside magnetic range finder pocket

Easily get to convert your bag with a new back puck which simplifies converting into a single strap system

Bag boost of a 14-way top with a weight of 5.5 pounds, the apparel pocket comes with a full-length divider for extra protection and easy access to all your belongings


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