In the end, you should be able to list then features that does come with the Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag on the review so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not

Bags, as ”golferscostume” will say, is an essential and integral part of your game, this is because they serve as a place of storage for your gears and accessories

They also serve as a place of oneness/togetherness of your equipment so that you can easily pick them up and move

Here on review, we have the Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag on review which is a very well suitable golf bag if you are looking for one which offers pots of spacing and pocketing

The need for a golf bag cannot be overemphasized, come on having spent a whole lot obtaining those expensive clubs wouldn’t it be wise that you even spend more for its protection?

Or imagine having clubs without bags to keep them in togetherness and oneness, this means you probably would have a missing club or equipment since they are kept haphazardly

We place a whole lot of attention when making a choice on our clubs and little attention on our bag, I hope this article has dispelled the idea as your bag not being as important as your clubs

The Ping has been a well-known golf bag brand as they have been into the manufacture and production of lots of golf bag series some of this bag is the Ping Hoofer Stand Golf Bag or the Ping 2019 Pioneer, etc

There are other great golf bag  rand like he ping which includes the like of the Callaway, Taylormade, Titleist and etc

The Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag is one that boasts a lot of pocketing and spacing, one thing that attracted me to this  ag is the fact that they are very uniquely designed seeing their shape as golf bags like this rarely do exist

This bag boost of 9 pockets which includes a full-length large apparel pocket for your clothing, a magnetic quick-access pocket for your accessories and utilities, two zippered, expandable water bottle pockets for your soft drinks, removable velour-lined valuable pouch for your valuable such as jewelry, phone, etc, and added storage areas inside of apparel pocket

If you are looking for a bag that offers highly durable polyester and polyethylene material so that they are very long-lasting and highly efficient

Easily convert your strap to single using its new back simplifying the process, this bag boost of a 5-way top and all being full length

The large apparel pocket does come with a full-length divider for added protection on your belongings

This bag does have very sturdy and well-developed legs which offer it the best balancing and stability

The Ping Hoofer tour stand bag is a hybrid golf bag as it both functions as a stand bag due to its in-built legs and does have the capacity of a staff bag when it comes to spacing

Loverly one for the Ping, like this bag, is available in white color for the most part and they are extremely beautiful and eye-catchy

Looking at this bag you will see that it does have a lot of zippers on its front and side for easy and quick access to your belongings and for added protection as well

You will get a one year warranty on purchase and that is very laudable

You will see how easy it is to maneuver and carry as this bag does come to integrated top handles

This bag is one I will advise every golfer to invest in as it does have a limited edition, meaning it will only be available for a few and then no more production again

This means if you grab this bag you would definitely be one of the very few lucky ones to have that special design world over


URGENCY ALERT: This Bag is available only in limited edition, this means you are going to be the very few who have this unique design world over so grab yours now before production stops!!!


Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag Review, Its Specification

Ping Tour-stand bag reviews

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  • Brand: Ping
  • Weight:
  • Strap: X-Strap
  • Type: Tour/Stand bag
  • Year: 2020
  • Divider: 5-Way(Full Length)
  • Material: Polyester and polyurethane


Pocket: 9

  • Large apparel full-length divider pocket
  • Magnetic quick access pocket and 2 zippers
  • Removeable velour-lined valuable pouch
  • Added storage inside apparel pocket
  • Expandable water bottle pocket


Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag, Its Smart Features

  • New back puck for conversion from a dual padded strap to a padded strap and vice versa
  • Full-length zippers in apparel pocket
  • Velour lined valuable pouch(Removeable)
  • Quick access pocket(Magnetic)
  • Water bottle pocket(Expandable)

Ping Factory Tour Player Section Video Review By Michael Newton Golf


Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag Reviews, Its Pros

  • Exceptional and unique design
  • Very attractive and colorful due to design and styling
  • Easy to carry as it is a stand bag
  • Most stable golf bag because of legs across all terrain
  • Quality for long-lasting durability
  • Comes with enough spacing for your gears and accessories
  • Limited edition


Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag(Limited Edition) Reviews, Its Cons

  • Requires constant maintenance especially as they are most available in white color
  • Few dividers so each club does not have its own slot which would definitely to entanglement


Types Of Golf Bag

Tour-stand bag reviews Ping

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Today’s golfing have been so developed and revolutionized that there are assorted golf bag category where the modern golfer can make a choice, this has created the problem of all too many choice and which makes it very difficult especially for newbies looking to get a golf bag

Thanks to innovation and technology as there are five golf bag categories from where the golfer can comfortable make a choice, this bag types include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

If you are looking for the most luxurious golf bag, one described as the ”Ross Rois” of golf bag, then you can never go wrong with the Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most quality, spacious, bulky bag which comes with lots of pockets so that all of your equipment and gears can be properly secured into the Caddy

Staff bag makes provision of pockets for your ball, tees, shoes, etc,

Since this bag does come with lots of spacing and generous pocketing so that you will be able to pick up more of your items, they are usually very heavy and bulky and so required/designed for the cart

Staff bags are known to weigh about 10 pounds and above, and if you are a golfer who comes accompanied or one looking for a bag that offers robust spacing and pocket then consider the Staff bag or the Cart bag either

For the best of Staff Golf Bag, this is what we recommend Best Staff Bag to buy right now 

  • Cart Bag

Honestly designed for the cart, this bag is not designed to be carried on the shoulder as they are usually very heavy and bulky weight about 7 pounds to 9

The Cart bag does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent it from slipping off from the vart when ion motion

Another way to easily identify the cart bag is from its cart strap pass-thru channel which allows for proper fastening plus quick and easy access to pocket

You are better off with a cart bag if you have a cart, plan on owning one, or looking for  a bag that offers lots of spacing and pocketing

Just like the Staff bag, the Cart bag offers lots of spacing and pocketing but this time noticeably smaller than a staff bag

The Cart Bag comes with a pocket for your ball, tees, and shoes as well, for the best Cart for your bag please refer here Best Cart for your golf bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is designed so that they come with in-built stand legs which gives them all the balancing and stability it needs

As an example, the Ping Hoofer tour stand bag on review is a Tour/Stand bag, as it comes with lots of spacing and provides a stand as well

The Stand bag can be very spacious and with lots of pockets but even at that, not like the Tour or Cart bag

The stand bag is designed with an in-built stand which makes them be slightly above the ground when on a stand and this prevent  gas from getting dirty as they aren’t in contact completely with the ground

They are great for the golfer looking for a bag which offers lots of spav9ng for all your belongings yet they are carry-friendly

The stand bag is also known to come with a well developed and cushioned carry strap for the best feel and comfort when carried

A Stand bag would often weigh 5 pounds to 7

  • Carry Bag

The Carry golf bag is the most lightweight and easy to carry golf bag as they are not designed for all your gears but your essentials even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

Carry bags does come with little spacing and few pocketing this is to give you all the portability and mobility at ease

They are designed to carry but your essentials which mask them great for golfers looking to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker, or doing hitting out of the obstacles

In the case of a carry bag, all you simply do is pick up those essential clubs which can help you achieve your specific goals and leave all other clubs behind

Since they are lightweight and highly portable they are highly recommended for senior golfers and for beginners since they aren’t going to be concentrating on the while aspect of their game, rather they focus on one at a time

Here is the list of carry bag that is recommended best Carry bag to invest in 

  • Travel Bag

The Travel goof bag is designed for the journey, this bag gives your gears and accessories all the maximum protection and safety it deserves

Travel bags is one of the newest addition to golf bag categories as there was a great challenge among travel freak or would travel golfers since there was no bag suitable enough to give their clubs maximum protection it needs

Thus the travel bag was created to fill this space, golf travel bags are designed so that it does have a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy and a well-padded in for the best of protection for your equipment

Travel bags are also very different from other bag types as they are designed most often to come with an inbuilt rollable wheel for easy maneuvering especially around stops like the airport, seaport, etc

In today world, there are lots of golf travel bags on sale, and making a choice seems to ever become daunting and difficult especially for beginners due to too many of them out there

Looking for a quality and highly efficient golf travel bag? Let us hold you by the hand, please refer here best travel bag

Note: This bag is great for traveling, especially airline travel as they give maximum protection to your gears/equipment


What Are The Things I Should Consider When Making A Choice On My ”Ping Tour Stand” Golf Bag?

Hoofer tour stand bag golf reviews

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As more bags, designs, categories are manufactured every year, the things you will have to consider so as to be able to make the right choice on your bag gets complex

There are a whole lot of considerations that you will take into thought when making a choice on your golf bag

These factors span from the combination of general and personal factors, in this blog post we are going to be considering 8 key factors that you will have to consider when making a choice on which bag is best for you

Without further delay or waste of time, here are the factors to put into consideration as you plan to make a choice on your bag for golf

  •  Bag Type

One of your very first considerations is the bag type-Do you want a Staff bag? or Cart bag? or Stand bag? or Carry bag? or Travel bag?

First and foremost, you are going to be asking yourself which of these five types of bag mentioned above suited is suited for me

Cart/Staff bags for golfers who come accompanied or looking for a bag which offers lots of spacing and storage but as you will expect the consequences, ”They are heavy and bulky”, so you need a golf cart to help you carry them

Stand bag for golfer who is looking for a bag which does come with a stand or a bag that offers lots of storage and spacing for your gears and equipment yet carry friendly

Carry bag is designed for golfers who prefer portability and mobility over anything else, they are also great for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker, or maybe doing some putt

For more explanation on types of a golf bag, go under the subheading of this blog post ”Types Of Golf Bag”


Note: Carry golf bag is one of the most recommended for seniors due to how lightweight and easy carriable them can be 

For your carry golf bag please refer here best carry golf bag to buy right now 

  • Stitching

It is all about the structural soundness of your bag, isn’t it? oh yes it is, when we talk stitching we talk about the structural soundness of your golf bag

There is nothing so important as the structure; soundness of your bag as it is seen as the bag bone or skeletal system of your bag

It’s best to look for a bag that offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of your bag

The loop and lock stitching is the stitching methodology adapted by many companies, this is because if one stitch comes apart it will lock thus preventing the other from popping out

  • Graphite shaft protection

Fur was once the most efficient form of graphite shaft protection but its greatest weakness is drawn from the fact that sand can stick on the fur and this would end up harming the shaft coating

Now, there is a more advanced and innovative form of graphite shaft protection, these types include the treated rubber lining, Felt and Fabric

  • Divider

Tour-stand bag reviews Ping

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Full length or half-length? The number of dividers? do you prefer your dividers in full length or do you want a bag that offers you both, these are some of the questions you will be asking yourself

The more number of divider your bag have the more organized and easy to sort your gear can be but as you would expect the more number of divider your bag the heavier the bag becomes

If you are a golfer who is in search of bags that offer the best organization and classification of your gears to prevent club crowding then you should look for bags that offer lots of dividers

Bags that offers as many as 14 or 15 length dividers are the best suited for thorough and classical organization of your equipment

Check out for the best golf bag which gives you thorough organization of all your golf belongings Best 14 way golf bag to buy right now

There are golf bag which offers as many as 15 clubs and there are bags which offers as less as 2 length divider

This bag offers a divider in full length and some both( Full length and half-length)

The full length runs from the top of the bag to the bottom and this gives room for thorough privatization of your gears/equipment

  • Defective policies

Will a company stand by its product? it is important to know that as this shows how authentic or easily accessible a company can be

It is important to know if a manufacturer would issue replacement or repair when there is a defect in your bag

Does the manufacturer offer a warranty and how long? a company that is ready to grow and trust their bag for quality would offer you a defective policy

  • Pocket

Pocket for your bag would vary from number of pockets to design, to quality, etc. there are bags that offers lots of pockets and there are bags that offer only but few pockets

Fewer pockets would mean a smaller but more portable and easy to carry golf bag and more pockets would mean a heavy and bulky bag

The greatest advantage of many pockets is that you get to carry all that you will be needing including extra

You are going to be making a choice on whether you want a golf bag with fewer pockets or you want a bag that offers lots of pocketing

You should be taking into consideration the design of your pocket also, some offer far more ease access than others

  • Zippered System

One of the very first points of attraction for most people when making a choice on their golf bag is the zippered system

Golf bag is available in different zippered style system and quality, there are bags which offers more solid and responsive zippered system than others, look for one which gives you quick access to the bag and maximum protection on your gears/club


Note: Self-healing zipper is one of the most recommend

  • Accessories/Features

Golf bag does come with different features, some also offer far more features than other

Look for features that resonate with your gear and equipment, example a golfer who wants a towel in his bag would be right if he provides a hoof for stuff where the towel can be hung

Some of the different features you will see in a bag is the hook for stuff, umbrella holder, pocket holder. etc.


Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag(Limited Edition) Review, Its FAQ

Hoofer tour stand golf bag 2020

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  • Q: Is this the Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag limited edition?
  • A: The Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag on review is the limited edition


  • Q: Does the bag come with a cart strap pass-thru?
  • A: Absolutely, the Ping Hoofer Tour Stand Bag does come with a cart strap pass-thru for easy access to pocket when on the cart 



The Ping Hoofer Tour stand bag is a great bag to invest in as they are very colorful and attractive, this is a hybrid bag that has the features of a tour bag and cart bag all combined into one

The Ping Hoofer Tour-Stand bag is one that offers exceptional uniqueness as they are of limited edition

This means that it has its own limit of production and when that limit is meet there would be no longer a prototype available in the market, this means those who own this bag would have one of the rarest types of the bag in the market

The Ping Hoofer Tour-Stand Golf bag features 9 pockets for your belongings, made of quality polyethylene material for durability

The bag does come with a removable pocket and magnetic pocket which include the 9 pockets

And with the new back puck, you can easily convert to a single strap at a go, if you are looking for one of the truly unique bags which would be talked about for years then the Hoofer Tour bag is one you should be investing in


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