Reasons why golf club do have numbers and their meaning


In the end you should know the reason behind the numbering of golf clubs and what each numbering simply entail

What is a golf Club? In lay mans term, a golf club can simply be defined as a club used to hit a golf ball with the use of a heavy wooden or metal head on a slender shaft

A golf club can also be seen as a tool we use in striking the golf ball in a sport known as golf sport

Golf clubs have numbers and each of these number has its own intended purpose for why it was numbered

Golf club numbering is not just for numbering purpose it actually depicit something and it is really important you know them

Many baby golfers ask the question of what does the number on a golf club means and why

Every golf club you pick has in one way or the other a number attached to it, to novice golfers this sounds so wierd.

Whats the meaning of all this confusing and annoying numbers in a golf club this question is too a common question from novice golfers

In this post never mind you will have a complete understanding on why golf clubs have numbers and what they do mean

For newbies the game of golf can be very daunting and confusing

Golf have many rules of which you musy get familiar with so as to become great at golfing

The simple but hard truth is learning to play golf is difficult and time confusing but when you finally have, you discover golf sport is one of the most entertaining, loving and fun kind of sport anyone can indulge in

Club Type

There are generally 3 type of golf clubs although through the advent of more and more golfing equipment there finally is a hybrid club_mixture of wood and iron

This is the 3 main clubs category in the game of golf

Wood, iron and putter. Lets take a brief discussion on each


Wood are club generally used to hit for long range and are used at the starting of every hole, which is also know as the teeing off.

The physique of a wood is large and circular club heads with a flat front

From where striking of the golf ball is initiated


Are clubs used secondly after the wood has been used to tee off and its physiques takes the extreme angle club head, there are more irons in a golf club than any other club type, so it means every golfer has more iron than any other club type


A club used to roll the ball into the hole from a short distance away

The physique of a Putter has a smaller club head with a short shaft

In a standard golf club set there are wood with the number 3 and 5, there are iron with the number 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 and a pitching wedge

The woods are known as wood 3 and 5 not 3 wood and 5 wood

The irons are known as iron 3, 4 , 5 , 6 , 7, 8 , 9 not 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 iron so take note. This are the standard way it is called, if you call it the other way round as explained above people will know you are a novice

Why Do Golf Club Have Numbers

Well, golf club do have numbers so you can identify them easily, with numbers you can easily identify the one you will be needing since every one of them have their own specific and unique function for which it was named

Just imagine playing golf with a golf club without knowing the purpose of each, it simply mean you will pick at random and picking at random means you are bound to make 97 percent mistakes on each picks and this means adverse negative effect on your play

Every golf club have numbers because each have the best suited time to be called upon for execution

Simplified Explanation Of The Importance Of Golf Club Numbering

Golf clubs do have numbers for the purpose of loft differentiation, this differences of loft correspond to the angle of the golf club face

An adjusted loft whether incrementally or decrementally results in an increase of height or decrease of height, it also result in an increase or decrease of ball distance travel when struck

Higher golf club numbers indicates higher loft degree, higher loft degree means higher angle of golf club face, and higher golf club face indicates the ball will travel well high into the air but will not go very far

lower club numbers indicates lower loft degree, lower loft degeree means a less intense angle of golf club face, less intense angle of club face means the ball will travel very far but in less height

Complicated right? Simply put a higher loft means a higher ball travel into the air with less impact on distance and a lower loft means the ball will not go very high into the air with great impact on distance

High  loft = less distance ball travel but high ball launch into the air

Low loft= far distance ball travel but low ball launch into the air

You can see why to tee off you need lower loft so as to enable your ball go far and the reverse you can see the reason why you need higher loft so as to help you launch very high the ball into the atmosphete thus making you escape from obstacles such as bunkers or tree or fairway

How about imagining not know the difference, it means you can get trapped by obstacles and you being unable to drive the ball to long range distance.

2 iron indicates extreme distance ball travel in low height, pending on your striking strength anyway

3 iron indicates extreme ball distance travel in low height, of course pending on your striking bargain as well

4 iron indicates far distance ball travel but not as far as the 2 and 4 iron, but when it comes to ball height launch the 4 is higher than iron 3 and 4

It goes on that way for iron 5 all through to 9

Simply put as the height goes up the distance reduces and as the distance increases the ball height launch reduces


How Do You Differentiate Golf Clubs

If you are not an experienced golfer a very high chance is that you will not be able to recognize your club simply by viewing their size, shape, loft and club face

Experienced golfer are able to recognize a club even without number simply by viewing the shape, size, loft and club face, this is made possible through the fact that they have been golfing for long

When a golf club is tagged with its number it becomes very easy to identify for which type especially for beginners

The number that is placed on each club head relates to the loft of club, having said this let is consider the meaning of each number


The number marked or stamped on club correlate to club loft, the club which are always stamped is the Iron and Fairway wood

Some of the identification is carried by specialty clubs and using an instance-A 4-iron has lower loft than 9-iron similar to the instance of the 3 wood being lower or lesser in loft than a 7-Wood


On rare exception is number on the iron and fairway wood not displayed in the same place or position, only few manufacturers displays this information in the rear

For Fairway this number is located somewhere around the bottom of club so that it is easily seen as you try to pull them out from your bag

Cover Of Club

The cover of club can help tell you which club you are picking up, this cover are also often marked with a number for easy and quick identification even when covered


Having listed the different ways to identify a golf club using specific or corresponding number, I will like to say that there are few exception to that

Clubs such as driver or putter carry number on rare occasion unlike the regular for other club type which always carries number



Golf club have numbers on them to help you know what club is best suited for a particular challenge, it is deduced that for distance challenge the best club is the 2 iron and for height challenge(to help you escape from obstacle) the best suited is the 9 iron

And in order to be an effective golfer you must know when and where each of this iron are best suited to be called upon



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  1. I purchased a set of ping clubs without a rescue club. That left a hole so I purchased the rescue club after a new fitting. I was sent a club with the shaft labeled S 70. I think this meant Stiff 70 and I don’t know what the 70 means. After a complaint to my club, I was sent a different shaft labeled SR 70. What does the 70 refer to? Swing speed?

    • Firstly we want to say sorry for the inconvenience. we hope your issue was resolved.
      70 simply means swing speeds
      And the S means Stiff
      While the R means Extra stiff.
      So this club is available as a stiff and extra stiff club for men with low swing speed and women with average swing speed.


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