In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain C_130 2020 5-Way Golf Cart Bag so that you can determine whether they are right for you or not

Every golfer need a golf bag because your bag serves as a means of protection and oneness for your gears and other golfing equipment

Come on, having spent so much on your club, wouldn’t it be wise that you do the same for its protection?

It is a requirement that you have a club and a bag in other to play or participate in the game of golf

In almost every golf course, it is a condition that you should own a bag in order to play, this is to show you how important your bag for golf can be

Today’s golf do have in great offer the best on sale golf bag and one of such is the Sun Mountain 2020 C-130 5-Way Golf Cart Bag on review

Looking for a great Cart bag with a top and without an individual club divider? We’ve got you covered, the 2020 Sun Mountain Cart bag on review does offer a 5-Way top and arent as bulky as the ones which offer 14 way top

Without further delay, the Sun Mountain 5 Way top 2020 Golf Cart bag offers great and amazing features which makes them a great place to invest in if you are looking for a bag that offers a lot of spacing yet noticeably lightweight

The Sun Mountain 5-Way C_130 2020 Golf bag is similar to the C_130 2021 Sun Mountain Cart Golf Bag which offers a 14-way divider but its major difference is the fact that the one on review offers far less number of divider

This golf bag is known to have all the features well associated with the award-winning c_130 with the only difference that it utilizes only but 5 way top instead of 14

The Sun Mountain C_130 5 Way top doesn’t have a hole for each individual club and if you are looking for a bag that does offer a whole for each individual club then the Sun Mountain C_130 2021 Golf Cart Bag or the C_130 2020 Golf Cart Bag is a great place to invest in

I especially admire this bag because of its sturdiness and standard quality so that they are long-lasting and very efficient

They are so so colorful so that your friend and colleague will become bag envy and you will have a variety of color option to choose from

Just like the award-winning C_130, this bag offers all pocket forward-facing so that they are easily and quickly accessible when needed

The 5-Way C_130 Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag does come with a massive number of pocket, 13 pockets to be precise and this gives you the opportunity to pick up all that you will be needing including extra

This bag just as its counterpart does offer lots of spacing and storage except that it does not offer an individual slot for all gears/items

You are not just buying a bag, trust Sun Mountain, you are buying quality, Sun Mountain has been in the business for years so they know what it takes to make a great golf bag

Just like the Sun Moutain, there are other great golf bag brands out there like the likes of the Callaway, with their famous Callaway Org 15 Cart bag or the Callaway Org 7 Cart Bag, etc

How about the Taylormade with its famous Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag or the Taylormade 8.0 Golf Cart Bag, etc.

Amazingly, despite it having few top dividers, it still features the standard 10.5” diameter top and this gives each slot a very massive top opening so that it becomes very easy to pull in or out any of your gears or item no matter it’s sizing

As said earlier, the Sun Mountain 5-Way top C_130 Cart Bag comes with 13 pockets which include a ventilated cooler pocket, two full-length clothing pocket, a Range finder pocket with is very spacious so that they are very easy to access, Duo velour-lined pocket of which one is water-resistant and the other not

This range finder pocket is made classic and loveable as it does come with a closer which is magnetic or simply put a ”magnetic closure”

As you will expect and as usual it also comes with a smart strap system that features duo customized velcro strap that is well developed and strategically positioned so that bag is prevented from twisting when placed on Cart

On purchase, you will also get a matching rain hood cover that secures your clubs and other items from the rain in case of a sudden downpour

If you are in search of a great Cart Golf Bag with a reverse orientation top then this is what have been looking for

You will be able to maneuver your bag very easily as it does come with triple top handles which are integrated

How about the integrated putter well which is wide enough h to fit in virtually any putter

There is also the single well-padded and foamy shoulder strap for the best of comfort and feel when carried even though they aren’t meant to be carried

There is also a space for your Umbrella as the bag does come with an Umbrella holder so that you are prepared in case of a sudden downpour

They are quite lightweight, weighing but 6.6LBS, and finally, the cooler pocket is well designed so that it retains its coldness for very long, this means you need to worry as your drinks remain cool all day long


Sun Mountain C_130 5-Way Golf Cart Bag Review, Its Specifications

Sun Montain 5-Way top Golf Cart Bag 2020 reviews

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  • Brand: Sun Mountian
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single strap
  • Year: 2021
  • Material
  • Weight: 6.6Lbs
  • Divider: 5 -Way


  • Pockets: 13
  • Two Velour lined Pocket
  • Putter pocket
  • Two full-length clothing pocket
  • Ventilated cooler pocket
  • Range finder pocket
  • Other Pockets


Sun Mountain 5-Way C_130 Golf Cart Bag, Its Smart Features

  • 5-Way top
  • Well-padded shoulder strap
  • Dual customized velcro strap
  • Umbrella holder and rain hood cover
  • Magnetic closure for range finder pocket


Sun Mountain C_130 5-Way Top Golf Cart Bag Video Review By TGW

Sun Mountain C_130 5-Way Golf Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and comes with a lot of pockets that are easily accessible
  • Very quality for long-lasting durability
  • Good for the money
  • Comes with lots of features including a space Umbrella, Rain cover, etc.
  • Available in varying color option to choose from


Sun Mountain 5-Way C_130 Cart Golf Bag, Its Cons

  •  Limited number of divider and thus means there are no individual club divider for each club


Types Of Golf Bag

There are different type of golf bag that one can make a choice from, there are about five types of the golf bag to choose from

These bag types include the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Golf Bag, You should be aware of these types of golf bag so that you will be able to make a better and smarter decision on your bag for golf

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag also know as the Tour bag is often seen among tour pros, this bag type is the most luxurious of all of the Golf Bag type, this bag can be seen as the ”Rolls Royce” of Golf Bag

The Staff Bag is the most spacious, quality and comes with more number of pocket than any other golf bag and as you know you don’t expect them to come cheap

This bag type makes provision for even your shoes, tees, golf ball, and many more, they also come with exciting features that are not available in other bag types

Wit all this attribute and as you will expect they are very heavy and bulky and arent great for the golfer who prefers walking down the course

If you’ve got a Caddy or plan on owning one, then the Staff bag would mean be a great option for you

Staff bags do come with a large and well-pronounced side for logo display and this is to help showcase a new product in the market

You should expect a typical Staff bag to weigh 9 pounds and above, today’s golfing offers lots of Staff Golf Bag to choose from, however, this is our recommendation Best Staff Golf Bag to Buy

  • Cart Bag

Sun Montain 5-Way Golf Cart Bag 2020 reviews

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Next after the Staff a is bag type known as Cart bag, this bag is are also very spacious and comes with lots of pockets so that you will be able to pick all your equipment and  belongings, however, they are noticeably smaller and lighter than a Staf bag

The Cart bag is made distinct from other bag types as it does come with a well non-slip base or rubber which prevents it from slippage out of the Cart when in motion

If you are a golfer whose got a Cart or plan on getting one then you should consider the CART Golf Bag as a great option to invest in

A typical Cart Bag would weigh from 8 pounds and to 10 pounds, the Cart bag also does make provisions for a pocket for your tees and balls

For a robust selection on your Cart bag please refer here Best Cart Bat to buy right now

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag just as its name implies is designed so that it comes with a stand, Stand Golf bag is increasingly getting popular as the day go by

This bag type is the most stable and balanced due to its dual retractable legs which add solid support to the bag and prevents the bag from touching the ground completely

The Stand golf bag fills the gap between the Staff Bag and the Cart bag as they can also be very spacious and come with a lot of pockets but are at the same time portable and can be carried on the shoulder

They are made to come with a well-developed carry strap system which is strategically positioned and developed for proper weight distribution when on the shoulder

You should expect a typical Stand Bag to weigh about 6 to 9 pounds, if you are looking for  a golf bag that offers the best of stability and balance on any terrain whether rough or smooth, then your best bet would be the Stand bag

Making a choice on your bag can be a daunting and difficult task, this is why we have done he heavy lifting for you by presenting to you the best stand golf bag to invest in

  • Carry Bag

Just as its name implies, the Carry golf bag is designed 100% to be carried focus, this is why it does come with the best developed and strategically positioned dual strap system for the best of balancing when carried

The pencil golf bag is also known as Sunday golf bag falls under the bag type ”Carry Bag”, as they are often very slim, small, and very lightweight

They are lightweight as they are not designed to carry all your gears but your essentials, even though there are some exception to the rule which are able to still carry 14 clubs

The Carry Golf Bag is great for the golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

Read the statement again, to grab its true meaning, I said one at a time” maybe you want to focus on doing a putt on a certain day or hitting out of the bunker another day and then maybe the third day performing some drives, all you simply do is picked up the clubs which resonates with that day

A Carry golf bag weigh between 3 pounds to 5 pounds and since they are very lightweight they can be one of the best recommended for seniors as well

  • Travel Golf Bag

The Travel Golf bag is designed so that they protect your gears and valuables while you travel, little to no wonder that they are designed with a hard outer casing and then a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for equipment protection especially your clubs

The Travel golf gag is quite different from every other bag type as it does come with an in-built rollable wheel which does help for quick and easy maneuvering

If you are a frequent traveler or would be then you should consider opting for the Travel Golf Bag if you want your gears and equipment to be well secured as you travel

There are lots of travel golf bag that is made readily available in today market, however, this is our recommendation as this bags are great especially for airline travel Best Travel Golf Bag On Sale 


What Should I Look Out For When Making A Choice On Golf Bag

 5-Way Golf Cart Bag 2020 reviews Sun Mountain

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Before making a choice on your golf bag there are certain criteria that you should be aware of so as to make the best decision

This Consideration spans out from the general to Personal preferences, however, each of these factors is a standard and would definitely aid in a better decision making

  • Dividers

Golf bag varies fro sizing to sizing and from design to design so do their dividers, there are bag which offers very few dividers and there are bags which offers lots of dividers

Dividers help to separate clubs and keep your gears and other items well organized and easy to sort, your dividers does also help to prevent club crowding

If you are a golfer who wants a bags which offers classical organization and does offer an individual slot for al your club then its best to invest on a bag which does offer lots of dividers, look for bags which offers as much as 14 or 15 club dividers

The more number of divider your bag have the heavier and bully your bag will tend to be and on the contrary, the lesser number of divider your bag does have the lighter it becomes

A perfect example of a bag that offers few dividers is the MNu Moutain C_130 5-Way top Golf Cart Bag on reviews

  • Branding

For many branding is everything, as the adage goes, a good brand’s speakers for itself, there are lots of great golf bag brand out there, this brand include Titleist, Callaway, etc

This brand offers great and amazing golf bag which are very quality for long-lasting durability and efficiency

Some golfer has become a die-hard fan and loyal to a particular brand than others, there are other golfers who simply care about the quality rather than branding

Whether you are die-hard fans or not, you should be able to go for bags that are very quality and highly efficient, in this case, any of the aforementioned bags is  a great place to invest in

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most common and oldest type of graphite shaft protection before newer method emerged like the felt, fabric, and treated lining which has taken over due to the shortcoming of the Fur type of shaft protection

The fur method is less efficient in the sense that sand can stick in the fur and this can harm the shaft coating

But with this newer and advanced method, such problem is eradicated completely, look for bags which offers new and advanced however such bags would usually be expensive

  • Pocketing

5-Way Golf Cart Bag 2020 reviews Sun Mountain

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Golf bag varies by number of pockets, there are bags which offers lots of pocket like the Staff Bag or the Cart bag, there are also bags which offers far less number of pocket like the Carry Golf Bag

When making a choice on your bag, know what you want, are you in need of a bag which offers lots of pockets, in this case, you should opt for one which offers that

On the other hand, if you are looking for a bag which offers few numbers of pocket then you should consider gifting yourself a Carry Golf Bag

Ther are also bag which offers special pocketing, so you should go for me which well resonates with you

As an instant, the Sun Mountain C_13 Cart Golf Bag 2020 offers lots of pockets to be precise a whooping number of 13 pockets so they are a great example of a bag which does offer massive pocket storage

  • Zippered System

Zip plays an important role in your bag as it does add u to the extra protection and security of your equipment and other valuables

One of the great points of attraction  for many golfers, when they want to buy a bag, is the Zippered system

The zippered system is usually made from two materials either plastic or metallic, that is left for you to decide

What matters the most is that you look for a bag that does have a well developed, solid, and strategically placed zippered system which is able to roll up or down effortlessly

  • Stitching

It’s all about the structural soundness of your bag many would say and it is the truth, Stitching is all about the structural soundness of your bag

This factor is very important as all other factor is dependent on it, the structural soundness of your bag would have to do with the skeleton, are they very strong and solid or are the weak and fragile, you’ve got to look for bags which does offer a solid structural soundness

When checking for the structural soundness of your bag look for one which offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of your bag so that when one part comes apart it will lock and keep the rest from popping

Many companies use loop or lock stitching as this is one of the best and most effective types of stitching

  • Features

Different golf bag will come with different features, there are bags which offers more advanced and better features than others

If you are looking fr a bag that offers great and exciting features then you should consider getting yourself the Staff Golf Bag or at least the Cart Golf Bag as they seem to offer better features than any other bag type

Some of these features include a hook for your Umbrella, a Rain hood cover, a hanger for your towel, etc.

  • Strap System

Whatever star system you decide to choose or whichever your bag does offer you, you just have to make are that they are well developed, soft and foamy, and most especially strategically placed so that they are balanced on your shoulder


Sun Mountain 5-Way Top C_130 Golf Cart Bag Reviews, Its FAQ

  • Q: Can this bag be able to sit comfortably on a Caddy?
  • A: Absolutely, despite this bag was designed for the Cart and not necessarily the Caddy, they are also great for your Caddy as they fit in perfectly fine


  • Q: Does this bag offers a single divider for each club?
  • A: No, the 5-Way C_130 Golf Cart Bag does not offer dividers for each club rather it does offer in total 5-Way divider for all your gears


  • Q: Are all divider full length
  • A: Yes, this is  a 5-Way full-length divider golf bag



The Sun Mountain C_130 5-Way top Golf Cart Bag is a great place to invest in especially if you are looking for a quality and well-developed golf bag which offers plenty of pockets and spacing but with few length dividers

This bag does offer 5 Full-length dividers for all your clubs, with a massive number of pocket which include the like of the range finder pocket, cooler pocket, velour-lined pocket, multiple accessory pockets, and many more

How about its amazing and exciting features such as the Umbrella holder, double velcro strap, etc



















































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