By the end of this blog post, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Su Mountian 2021 Boom Cart Golf Bag to determine whether they are right got you or maybe not

The importance of a golf bag for your gears and other golfing equipment cannot be overemphasized

This is because your bag serves as a storehouse for your gears and other accessories, it doesn’t just serve as a storehouse rather it serves as a means of protection to that your expensive items

How does it sound, having spent so much in your clubs and accessories, and they aren’t safe as you did not provide them with safety

Come, on having sent so much n your golfing items, you should do the same for its protection

Golf bags also serve as a place where all your belongings are organized for easy, quick, and convenient sorting

Prior to this era, there was not much flexibility on your golf bag and due to these reasons, golfers were left with no option than to pick the ones available

Back then, Golf bags were usually very bulky and heavy, and in most cases, you got tired even before approaching the course

Now being tired and exhausted, most golfers weren’t able to give their best on course, gladly the story is different and big thanks to technology and innovation, and now there are five categories of golf bag from where a golfer can comfortably make a choice

This flexibility doesn’t just resonate about bags alone but every aspect of the golf equipment industry, from Golf Clubs to Cart to Range finder and every other utility that make golf as fun as it is today

To give you a broader understanding and scope of the different types of a golf bag, we would have to consider all five of them

There are five category bags for golfing, this includes Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

We would discuss this later on this blog post so as to give you a proper perspective and understanding on the different type of golf bag so that you will be able to make a better pre-informed decision when every you want to invest on one

In today’s blog post we have got with us this amazing and very sexy golf bag, one that would be definitely talked about for years as it offers a great outstanding feature, one so rare in golf

This golf bag on reviews, ”Sun Mountian 2021 Boom Play Golf Bag” Falls under the bag category, ”Cart”, i.e they are designed to sit on the Cart

This is a 14-Way Cart Golf bag that gives you enough and robust private spacing for all your gears, with the Sun Mountian 2021 Boom 14 Cart Bag, you have space for each individual club

This means for you, that all your gears and golfing items is highly organized for and arranged for quick, faster, and easier sorting when needed and most importantly to help prevent the club from crowding or clustering together

Having said this, we head over to the features which make the 2021 Boom 14-Way Cart Bag stand out

The Boom 2021 Sun Mountian Cart Golf bag is one which offers firstly one of the rarest features which is a built-in speaker

It is well worthy of note, that rarely would you find a Golf Bag which comes with a built-in speaker which enables you to play your favorite music while you enjoy your game on course

The Sun Mountian Boom 2021 Cart Golf bag is one of the few of its kind and this been for no other reason is my very point of attraction

This is a plus for all music lovers, as you will nothing hold you back from listening to your favorite game while you enjoy your game

Looking at this bag, they are exceptionally designed in such a way that they do have enough storage spacing and pocketing yet they are very portable and slim-like

Funny enough, if you do no observe this bag very well, you probably think it is a carry bag or stand bag due to its slim-like and extremely portable design

I love the color combination of this bag as they are perfectly crafted for the best of attraction and beauty

The Sun Mountian Boom 2021 Cart Bag features a whooping 13 pocket, this is amazing, giving you the opportunity to pick up all your belongings including extra

With a top diameter of 10.5,” you will find it very easy and convenient to get equipment in and out of your bag

And trust the Sun Mountain, you aren’t just buying a golf bag rather you are buying quality, the Sun Mountian has been for years into the production and manufacture of golfing equipment, so they know what it takes to make a great golf bag that will satisfy the consumer need of which the 2021 Boom Cart Bag is no exemption

Some of the award-winning Golf Cart Bag from this brand include the Sun Mountian C_130 to the Sun Mountian Maverick and many more

Just like Sun Mountain, there are many other brands out there that offer quality and efficiency as well

These brand include Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, etc, these mentioned brands are some of the best and well trusted

Still confused and looking for one of the best Golf Cart for 2021, then you should consider the Sun Mountain Boom Cart Bag on review

This bag comes with a Bluetooth controller, which can plug into a portable charging device for extra playtime

Simply connect your device to the Bluetooth controller and enjoy it, the 13 pockets which come with this bag include a dedicated putter compartment, Velour lined valuable pocket with multiple slots to holder your Bluetooth speaker/controller, battery, and phone, Ventilated cooler pocket to help keep your drinks cold all day long, Apparel pocket and Multiple accessory pockets

The front-facing pockets are well designed and come with a well developed and highly structured durable zipper system for added protection to your bag

Easily change and view your selection as this bag comes with a clear Vinyl window,


Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Golf Cart Bag Reviews, Its Specification

Sun Mountain 14-Way Boom cart Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag


  • Brand: Sun Mountian 
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Year: 2021
  • Top Diameter: 10.5”
  • Divider: 14-Way


  • Pocket: 13
  • Velour lined valuable pocket
  • Putter compartment
  • Apparel pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Ventilated cooler pocket


Sun Mountain Boom Cart Bag Review, Its Smart Features

  • In-built speaker
  • Comfortable and well Carry strap
  • 14-Way divider(Full length)
  • Vinyl window
  • Color-coded speaker wire 


Sun Mountain Boom Cart Bag Video Review By Sun Mountain Sport


Boom Cart Golf Bag Review, Its Pros

  • First of its kind to come with a but in speaker which connects to a Bluetooth
  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pockets
  • Attractive color combination and design which will make your friends and colleagues become ”Bag envy”
  • Lots of dividers for classical storage and arrangement of all your gears for easy sorting and to help prevent club crowding


Boom Golf Cart Bag Reviews, Its Cons

  • Lack of big pocket spacing


Types Of Golf Bag

When you are shopping for a golf bag you will notice that there are so many options available in today’s market

This for especially beginner becomes a confusing factor as they might not be able to figure out which type of bag is best for them

Note: For beginners, you wouldn’t be needing a Staff Bag or Cart bag as you will not be using the whole 14 club which makes up for a complete set

As a beginner the Stand bag and the Carry bag should be the most preferred, Golf Bags over the recent year has undergone several phases and now there are more golf bag that you can ever choose

When making a choice on your golf bag you will probably come across many choices which include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

These are the five types of golf bag available would suit different types of golfer

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Golf Bag is also well known a the tour bag as they are often common among tour pros

The Staff golf bag is the most luxurious golf bag and can be referred to as the ”Ross Rois” of Golf Bag

This bag does come with the most spacing and pockets so that you can be able to carry all your belongings including extra

Buy a Staff bag if you own or plan on owning a Caddy, since they come with the most spacing and pocketing this makes them the heaviest and buky as well

The Staff Golf Bag still holds as the most quality golf bag out there and they have a diameter of 8 to 12 inches

The typical staff bag would weigh up to 10 pounds and above so they are best designed to sit on the Caddy(Driveable Cart)

Lots of Staff Golf Bag you will find in today’s market, here is what we recommend Best Staff Bag to invest on Right now 

  • Cart Bag

Sun Mountain 14-Way Boom cart Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag


If you are planning on golfing in a course where Cart is required then you should consider opting for a Golf Cart Bag

The Golf Cart bag can also be spacious and come with a lot of spacing however it is noticeably lighter and smaller the Staff bag

They aren’t designed for ease of lifting this is why they are designed for the Cart, most of the Cart bag does have a diameter of 5 to 9 inches in diameter

Cart bags are made distinct from other bag types as they come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevent them from slipping off the Cart when in motion

The typical Cart bag would weigh about 7 pounds to 9, and great for golfers who need a bag that will offer high and classical organization of their gears and equipment

Cart bags are also known as trolley bag as they are often designed for either the push or pull golf cart(Traditional Cart)

A perfect example of  Cart Golf Bag would be the Boom Golf Cart Bag on review

  • Stand bag

The stand  bag is simply a bag that comes with an inbuilt stand, this serves as an extra and excellent support and balance for incredible stability

Stand bag does feel in the gap between the Staff bag and the Cart bag, this bag can also be very spacious and comes with lots of pocketing yet on a smaller and scale than the Staff and Cart bag

Despite it being quite roomy and comes with a moderate number of pocket, they are however carry-friendly as it does come with a well developed and strategically placed strap system for proper weight distribution across your shoulder when carried

Stand bag is the most stable golf bag across all-terrain, whether rough or smooth due to their inbuilt retractable legs

You should expect a typical Stand bag to weigh 5 pounds or less, here are a great list of excellent golf Stand bag to choose from Best Stand Golf Bag to buy now

  • Carry bag

Whenever you see the Carry Golf Bag, Carrying should come to your mind as this bag is designed ultimately for carrying on the shoulder

The Carry golf bag is the lightest and smallest golf bag, they are known to come with a limited amount of spacing and pockets so that they are easily carried

Carry bags are known to have the most developed and well-padded carry strap system so that they are easily carried and with all conveniences

The Carry Golf bag is best suited for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time, this is because they are designed for your essentials, that is clubs or accessories you will be needing at a particular time without the need of carrying the whole 14 clubs

For instance, you right want to choose to focus on driving the range, all you simply do is pick up your driver and maybe a few other clubs that might be of importance to you

On the other hand, if you want to focus on hitting out of the bunker and obstacle, all you do is pick up the required clubs that will help you achieve that

The Carry bag is very lightweight and portable makes them great for senior golfer well stricken with age

Looking for one of the best Carry bags to invest in, we’ve got here these Carry Bag that will give you the best for your money 

  • Travel Bag

Essentially designed for traveling own purpose, if you are a golfer who travels a lot or one who wants to travel and still enjoy your golf games at the destination, consider buying a golf travel bag instead of getting a new club set which is of course more expensive

The Travel Golf Bag seems to be the latest addition as other bags does not afford enough safety like the case of a travel bag

The travel bag is designed in such a way that it does have an outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for maximum protection on all your gears and essentials

They are also made very special from other bag types as they do come with an-inbuilt rollable wheel for easy maneuvering and mobility especially around the airport

There are lots of travel golf bag from where the golfer can comfortably ake a choice, however, this often becomes very confusing and daunting especially for a beginner, because of this, here is what we recommend for your, especially for airlines: Best travel Golf Bag for airlines

Check out also the review of this Travel Bags

Sun Mountain Meridian Golf Travel Bag

Sun Mountain Club Glider Travel Bag


What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

Sun Mountain 2021-14-Way Boom cart Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag


When making a choice on your bag for golf there are lots of things that one must put into consideration so as to enable you to make the best selection of your clubs

Note: Do not be all caught up with the frenzy and excitement of getting a new bag that you forget what criteria you should consider which will guarantee you make the best of your decision

There are lots of factors that must be considered when making a choice on your bag for golf, this factors well encompasses the general to the more specific factor/personal factor

In this blog post, we take you through this key consideration which includes the general to personal/specified factor

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

One of the things you should consider when opting for a golf bag is the graphite shaft protection

Fur is the most common and known type of graphite shaft protection, however, its greatest disadvantage sterns from the fact that sand can stick in the fur, and that would definitely harm the shaft coating in a long run

Thanks to technology and innovation as there are more efficient and better form for graphite shaft protection

The felt fabric and rubber lining is the most effective and advanced form of graphite shaft protection and is becoming increasingly popular as the day go by

  • Stitching

When you talk about stitching you are talking about the structural soundness of your bag, look for a bag that offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of your bag as they are often the most durable and long-lasting

The loop and lock stitching is the most effective type and this is why they are often the most used among top companies and organizations

One of the greatest strength of the loop and lock stitching is that when one stitch comes apart the other will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

  • Zippered System

It should be made clear, that one of the very points of attraction for the most golf bag is the zippered system

This is important as it does adds to the overall protection of your bag, look for bags that offer well developed and quality zipper system and most importantly one that is able to open up and down easily and quickly

This zippered system can be made of varying material, most common material for making zip for your bag is the metallic and plastic

You should make peace with which you are comfortable, aside from that, golf bags would offer different designs for their zippers, look for one which gives you the perfect look you want or admire

  • Branding

Sun Mountain 2021-14-Way Boom cart Golf Bag Review

Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Bag Golf Cart Bag


”A good brand tells its name”, so the writer said and he was right, while some might prefer sticking to a particular brand another might just be concerned about quality

But of recent, there have been a growing number of individuals who would prefer to stick to a particular brand rather than buying at random

All that matter is looking for a bag which does offer quality, there are lots of good golf brand out there from where you can make a voice on your bag

These brand well include Titleist, Callaway, Taylormade, and other

  • Dividers

The dividers made available on your bag will depend on your choice of golf bag, while golf bag offers from few to many dividers, it is well clear that the Staff bag and Cart bag type offer the most divider than any other bag type

With the Stand Bag and Carry bag offering a fewer length of dividers, it is simple, if you are looking fr a bag that offers better organization and classification of all your equipment for easy sorting and to help prevent club crowding then you should consider opting for the Staff or Cart Golf Bag on the other hand if you prefer portability over organization then you should consider opting for bags which offers less divider like the Stand bag or the Carry Bag

For some bags, these dividers are available in both the full length and half-length and some other bags there are all full length

One of the greatest benefits of having a bag which offers a massive number of divider and all in full length is that your equipment is thoroughly organized as each individual club does have total privatization on pocket

  • Features

Different golf bags would come with varying features, the Cart and Staff bags are well known to offer far more features than any other golf bag.

Some of the features that well resonates with your golf bag is Umbrella holder, hook for stuff, matching rain hood cover, clip for gloves, etc

  • Defective Policies

Many well-trusted brands would offer you a guarantee on their product as a sign of quality and efficiency

It is of great importance and relief to know that a company would stand by its product and refund you in case of any defect within a particular period of time, i.e if the defect isn’t a result of your own carelessness and mistakes

This type of company most often than not have one of the best products in the market, that is why they have their product fully backed by warranty/defective policies

  • Bag Type

As discussed earlier, one of the most recommended fact0ors to making a choice on your golf bag would be understanding the different types of bag

  • For more spacing and pocketing, the Staff and Cart bag is the most recommended
  • For portability and mobility the Stand Bag and Carry bag is the most suitable 
  • For traveling, the Travel Golf bag would be the most recommend


 Boom 14-Way VS Boom 5-Way, What’s The Difference?

Well one of the noticeable difference between the Sun Mountian Boom 14-Way is that the Boom 14-Way offers far more organization and classical structuring of your gears and accessories than the Sun Mountian Boom 5-Way

This can be deduced from the fact that one Boom 14-Way offers far more dividers for your belongings

On the other hand, the Sun Mountain Boom 5-Way is noticeably lighter and more portable than Boom 14-Way Cart Bag

The major difference between The Boom 14-Way and Boom 5-Way is simply the number of dividers as both offers just about the same number of pocketing and top diameter



The Sun Mountian 14-Way Boom Cart Golf Bag is one of the rarest golf bags of its kind as it offers an inbuilt speaker, all you simply do is turn on your electronic Bluetooth and pair it with the speaker and you play your favorite music

This bag offers a whopping 13 pockets and 14 number if divider all full length for the thorough and classical organization of all your belongings including gears and related golf equipment

How about its sturdy and well developed zippered system for additional protection, they are also very colorful and attractive brought about by the perfect color combination which is capable of making anyone who sees you with the bag become ”Bag envy”

These 13 pockets include a dedicated putter compartment, Velour lined pocket, Apparel pocket, Multiple accessory pockets, and a ventilated cooler pocket for your drinks



Sun Mountain 2021 Boom Cart Golf Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Is this able to work with Ios device with Bluetooth?
  • A: Absolutely, they work great with both, whether it is an Andriod or Apple phone
















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