In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO Lite Golf Cart Bag On Review

Undoubtedly, bags are an integral part of your game, this is because it serves as protection as is the storehouse of your gears and other golf-related items

Come on having spent a whole lot on your clubs, wouldn’t it be a wise decision that you invest a little more for its protection and oneness?

Many times we so pay attention to clubs and then forgetting that we should pay even closer attention to bags which serves as protection to our equipment

Today’s golfing offers an unlimited supply of golf bags giving players lots of variety or option to make a choice from

In today’s blog post we have the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite Golf Cart Bag, Sun Mountain is one of the most trusted, reliable, and well-known golf sports equipment company

Since they have been in the business for years they know what it takes to make a great golf bag and other golf utilities and accessories

Similar to Sun Mountain are great brands like Titleist, Ogio, Callaway, Ping, etc.

2021 Sun Mountain H2NO Cart Golf Bag Review

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This brands just make great golf bags as well, the golf bag on review 2021 H2NO is the newest of its series and are highly designed for quality and efficiency

The Sun Mountain does have many great golf cart bags to its name which include the Sun Mountain Sync Golf Cart Bag to the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag etc.

This bag is available in different color option so that you can have a lot of variety to choose from

I love the bag great for its attraction and am sure you will do too, despite this being a Cart bag they are however less bulky like portable

They are made of exceptional quality nylon material and this bag comes with 14 dividers which is a whole lot and this gives you the opportunity for classical and thorough organization of your equipment’s and belongings t help prevent club crowding or entanglement

The Sun Mountain H2NO is made from lightweight nylon fabrics so that they are extremely portable

If you are looking for a Cart bag that is extremely portable and stylish then you can never go wrong with this Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO

This bag features 7 high-quality and solidly built-in pocket and amazingly this pocket comes with well developed water-resistant zippers and taped seams

The pockets are built in such a way that they a forward-facing so that you can easily and quickly have access to them whenever you want to

The 14 way top does come with an integrated well developed lift-assist handle so that you can pick them conveniently and easily into your golf cart

How about the dedicated putter compartment which is wide and deep enough to fit virtually any kind of putter club

As said earlier with this bag comes 7 pockets in total which include a velour-lined valuable pocket for your valuables such as Jewelry and Phones

Two apparel pocket for your clothing and others, a beverage pocket for your beverages or drinks, a range finder pocket for your range finder, and multiple accessory pockets for other things this means you will have no problem with spacing and storage

The top diameter of the bag is 10.5” 14 way so that they are built with portability in mind and this makes them so unique to the ladies

The Sun Mountain H2NO is utterly designed for the female golfer who is looking for a very spacious Cart bag yet extremely lightweight and portable for easy carry on the Cart

I really love the Cart Strap pass through as they are well designed and strategically placed so that they are perfectly tied to the Cart and yet without hindering quick access to the range finder pocket

The Cart Strap is also greatly admired as they are well developed, soft, and foamy making them pleasant to the hand as you lay your hands on them

How about its solid base system which makes the Cart bag stand firmly on its own even when filled up with your gears

It is perfect for the golfer who doesn’t let a little rain spoil a round of golf as they are made from nylon material

The Sun Mountain H2NO is a golfer favorite due to its functionality designed and waterproof construction

The 14-way divider is designed in such a pattern that has your wood loaded right in the middle of the bag and your iron along each side

You get a matching rain hood as an inclusion when you opt-in for this excellently crafted H2NO Sun Mountain 2021 golf bag


H2NO Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag, Its Specification

H2NO Sun Mountain Cart Golf Bag 2021 Review

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain 
  • Type: Cart
  • Year: 2021
  • Strap: Single 
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weigh:6.5lbs


  • Pocket: 7
  • Velour lined valuable pocket
  • Apparel pocket
  • Range finder pocket
  • Beverage pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Putter Compartment


Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO Golf Cart Bag, Its Smart Features

The 2021 H2NO Sun Mountain Cart Bag boost lots of amazing features which makes them a great bag to invest in these smart features boils down from its slim like, lightweight and portable design that will almost make you think it is a Carry Bag

Aside from this, there are lots of smart features which this bag is known and this include

  • Water-resistant zippers and tamed seam
  • Well-positioned and padded Cart Strap pass-through which does not prevent easy access to the range finder pocket
  • 14-way divider to prevent club crowding and for a classic organization of your gears and equipment



Sun Mountain H2NO Golf Cart Bag Video Review By PGALIFE 365

2021 Golf Cart H2NO Sun Mountain, Its Pros

  • Very portable and slim like
  • Well developed water-resistant zippered system
  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pocket including a velour-lined valuable pocket 
  • Attractive and beautiful color combination
  • 14-way divider for through organization and to help prevent club clustering
  • Quality and well balanced 


Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag H2NO 2021

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Types Of Golf Bag

When making a choice on your golf bag you should be aware that there are five golf bag types

Your bag for golf are well categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag also known as Tour bags can be seen as the ”Ross Rois of golf bag” as it is the most luxurious type of golf bag

This is because it does have the best of quality, spacing, and pocketing than any of the other bag types and as you will expect they are undoubtedly the heaviest and expensive as well

Staff bag can be seen as the Ross Rois of golf bag

Staff Bag are mostly common among tour pros due to their spacing and quality, if you are a golfer who comes accompanied then the Staff bag would be a great option for you

Staff Bags is also a great option for golfers who have a driving Golf caddy or plans in owning on

You should expect a typical Staff bag to weigh 10 pounds or more, Staff bag is mostly used for brand visibility as it does have a wide side for a display of the logo of a particular brand

This logo on the side is so huge that the photo cannot be missed when a player has his or her name taken or is shown on TV

Today’s golfing offers several golf bags on sale and this is the one we recommend Best Staff Golf Bag 

  • Cart Bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Cart Bag Reviews

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Cart bags are also known as trolley bag and just as their name suggests is designed for the Cart, Cart bags are also very luxurious containing lots of space and pockets but noticeable on a smaller scale than the Staff bag

Cart bag can also be called trolley bag

Just like the Staff bag even though on a smaller scale, the Cart Bag offers a pocket for your balls, tees, apparel, shoe, etc

Cart bags are quite distinct from every other bag type due to their non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slipping out of the moving Cart

A typical Cart Bag would weigh at least 6 pounds to 9 pounds, if you walk the course with a push Cart then the Cart bag is undoubtedly a great option for you

Cart bags are seen as a hybrid as it seems to satisfy the gap between a Staff Bag and a Stand Bag

For a variety of option to choose from, here is the golf cart bag we recommend Best Golf Cart Bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand golf bag is designed so that it comes with an inbuilt stand which is in most cases a dual stand so that bag can get all the balancing and stability it needs

If you seek the most stable and well-balanced golf bag type, then the Stand golf bag is the best choice out there, no matter the terrain, the Stand Golf Bag possesses the best for stability and balance

Stand bag can also be very spacious and with many pockets but on a smaller scale than the Cart bag

This bag type is great for golfers who prefers waking down the course other than riding, pushing, or pulling

If you are a golfer who has a great preference for Carrying then the Stand bag is a great option too as they come with a well developed, well-padded carry strap system which is often dual for proper weight balancing and distribution across your shoulder while you have golf bag on the shoulder

These inbuilt legs which are well familiar with the Stand Golf Bag are often retractable or extended at will

  • Carry Golf Bag

The Carry Golf Bag is best designed to be carried just as its name suggests, this is the lightest smallest, and portable golf bag type

The Carry Golf are meat or designed to carry all but your essentials even though they are some which are ab to carry up to 14 clubs

The Carry Golf bag is great for golfers who want to focus on a particular aspect of the game one at a time, for an instance- driving the range or hitting out of obstacles, or doing some putt

Cart Golf bag also refers to as pencil golf ga due to their portability and simplistic design which makes them extremely lightweight and easy to carry

The Carry Golf bag due to its lightweight and portability is one of the great options for the senior golfer

You should expect a typical Carry Golf Bag to weigh 3 pounds or less, the Carry Golf bag does have the best-developed carry strap system than any other golf bag this is because they are designed for 100% carrying

For the best Carry Golf Bag please refer Best Carry Golf Bag

  • Travel Golf Bag

The Travel Golf bag is designed for traveling, travel golf bag is quite distinct from other types of golf bag as they come with an inbuilt wheel for easy mobility and maneuvering

This Golf Bag is designed does come with a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for maximum protection on your equipment and other belongings

There are many types of golf  ag on sale in today’s market however this is what we recommend: Best Travel Golf Bag


What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag

There are many things you will have to consider when trying to make a choice on your bag for golf, some of these considerations are general and some are more specific, however, we are going to be listing this thing

A lot of golfers just make a choice on their bag without putting some certain criteria into consideration this end up in making the wrong decision some of the time

Here are the things that you must consider when making a choice on your golf bags

  • Dividers

H2NO Sun Mountain Cart Golf Bag 2021 Review

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The number of dividers that a bag carries will depend on the golf bag type, Staff Bag and Cart bag is known to come with more divider than any other golf bag type

You should expect a typical Staff or Cart Golf Bag to have as many as 15 length dividers of which might be full length or the combination of full and half-length dividers

Stand bags also do come with many numbers divider up to 15 in some cases, the more number of dividers that your golf bag has, the more highly organized your bag is going to be as each gear are likely to have a separate slot and this can help prevent club crowding

There are bags that offers fewer dividers and this bag type are usually the Carry bag and the Travel bag

Carry bags offer far less few dividers as they are designed to keep only but your essentials and more number of divider would make bag become bulky and heavy

Here is the verdict, if you care more about the organization of your equipment for easy sorting and to help prevent overcrowding then bags which offers many numbers of  divider should be your best bet

The Staff Bag, Cart Bag, and Stand bag offers lots of dividers so you should choose from these three bag types if you care so much about organization and classical  arrangement

On the other hand, if you care about portability and a very lightweight golf bag then you should be considering a bag with less number of divider, and such bag type is no other than the Carry Golf Bag

A perfect example of a bag which does offer lots of divider is The Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

As casual as this might seems you need the best of graphite shaft protection on your bag, Fur is the well known common type f graphite shaft protection however its only drawback is the fact that sand can stick on the fur and thus can harm the shaft coating

Over the recent years, there have been new advances and development of graphite shaft protection for your bag

Some of these new advances well include the felt, fabric, and treated rubber lining,

  • Strap System

Your golf bag are known to come with two strap system,  single and double strap system, the single strap carry system is cmmomn among the Staff and Cart Golf Bag type whereas the double strap system is common among Stand and Carry bag

Whether a single or double strap system, it should be one that is well developed and easily adjustable so that no matter your body size it can be adjusted so that it fits

This carry strap system should also be very foamy and well padded for the best of comfort and feel

  • Branding

2021 Sun Mountain H2NO Cart Golf Bag Review

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There is this popular adage that goes, ”a good brand tell its name”, branding is a personal choice, some are a die-hard fan of a particular brand while there other than just simply get what they think is good for them

Customers know and recognize good golf brands, so the stronger your brand the better trust and loyalty you will get

For example, there are lots of great golf sports brands out there like Sun Mountain, Titleist, Ogio, Callaway, etc.

  • Pocket

As the daybreak there has been a new design of golf zippers and this trend isn’t stopping any sooner

For some the pocket design is of great importance to them and for others all, they care about is a really good looking golf bag to buy

The number of Golf pocket being another factor varies from bag to bag, there are bags which offers lots of pockets and there are other with few numbers of pocket

Are you looking for a golf bag that offers more pocketing or you are in search of one which offers fewer pocket

I think you should note this: Fewer number pocket will result in the bag being lightweight and portable which is a good one for people who prefers portability and a  lightweight Bag

On the other hand, more number of pocket will result in the bag being more heavy and bulky, this is a good one for the golfer who is in love with their space

  • Stitching

When we talk stitching we talk about the structural soundness of your golf bag, as a matter of fact, the structural soundness of your golf bag is the actual bag itself and without the structure soundness then there will be no bag

You should be looking for a bag that does offer double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag

Loop or lock stitching is the most used stitching among certain companies, with this stitching pattern it will lock and thus preventing the rest from popping when one stitch comes apart

You should make sure your stitch looks durable by checking out for the density and strength of the lines

  • Defective Policies

It’s safer and better to buy from a company which offers a warranty on their product, Most brand which offers a warranty on a product gives your from few days to a year depending on the product bought

Bags backed by guarantee is an indication that it smells quality as low quality cannot be backed by a guarantee

  • Features

Just as golf bags vary so do their features, there are bags that offer far greater features than other

You should know the features you are ell off comfortable with any time any day, some of these features might include a holder for your Umbrella, Rain hood, hook for stuff, and many more


Sun Mountain H2N0 Golf Cart Bag 2021, Its FAQ

  • Q: Does the H2NO Sun Mountain 2021 come with a large Putter compartment?
  • A: Absolutely, the 2021 H2NO comes with a putter compartment large enough to accommodate virtually any putter club no matter the size


  • Q: Is This Bag waterproof?
  • A: The Sun Mountain 2021 H2NO is made from nylon material so they are waterproof and this prevents rain from getting into a bag in a sudden downpour



Golf bags are an integral part of your game as it serves as protection and acts as a storehouse for your gears and other golfing items

This makes them an important factor and one that cannot be ruled out, The Sun Mountain H2NO 2021 Cart Bag offers lots of pocketing

7 total pocket which includes a velour-lined valuable pocket, range finder pocket, two apparel pocket, a beverage pocket, and multiple accessory pockets

It also features a carry strap pass through which is very solid and well designed for durability and comfortability

Amazingly this bag is made of nylon so that they are waterproof and this would help prevent bags from getting wet on a sudden downpour























































































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