In the end, you should be able to list the features which make up for the Sun Mountain 202 maverick Golf Cart Bag on review

Bags are an integral part of your game, this is because they are the storehouse for your gears and other golf-related items

Your bag is the storehouse and serves as a protection for all your belongings, having spent so much on your clubs and golfing accessories, wouldn’t it be wise to spend a little more for its protection?

There are lots of golf bag brands out there to choose from on sale, these include Sun Mountain, Titleist, Callaway, etc.

These brands offer incredible quality and exceptional Golf Bags on sale, looking for a great golf bag to invest in? We’ve got on review for you the Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag

When making a choice on your golf bag you will have different option to choose from as Golf bags are available in the various category which includes the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Golf Bag

The Sun Mountain is a well known and recognized golf brand as they have been around for years and does have lots of golf bag series to its name, some of these bags include the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Golf Bag to the Sun Mountain H2NO 2021 Lite Golf Cart Bag to the Sun Mountain 2021 Men’s Sync Golf Cart Bag and many more

The Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick boost of exciting and rare features which would make the average golfer become bag envy

This bag is designed with a perfect blend of color for the best of attraction and beauty, the color combination is one that is highly admirable

I love this bag as they are well designed and of the best of quality so that they are long-lasting and highly durable

This bag is designed to be so so spacious and does come with lots of pockets so that you can comfortably carry all that you will ever be needing on course

If you are looking for one of the most advanced golf cart bags with the best strap system so that they can be easily tied to the Cart to prevent it from slipping when the Cart is in motion

Having said that, let us take into consideration the features which dos make the Sun Mountian 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag on review

The Maverick is a lightweight, full-featured riding Cart bag, all pocket are designed so that they are front-facing for easy and quick access

With this bag comes a dual top lift-assist handle so that you can conveniently lift it into the Cart

All club dividers are full length and this prevents the migration or entanglement of one club over the other, they also make the club and other items easily accessible due to each items having an individual slot

It does have a weight of under 6 pounds, which makes them very lightweight and easy to lift into the Cart

If you are looking for your favorite golf cart bag which comes with lots of pocket for extra storage of your item and belonging, then you will be right with the Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick on review

Featuring 11 pockets which include a vented cooler pocket, a sizeable apparel pocket, and multiple accessory pockets

The Cart strap pass through are strategically placed in such a way that which help the bag to be properly and conveniently secured to the Cart and without hindering easy access to pocket

This bag is also known to come with a Cart bumper for the best of stability and proper balancing

How about the matching rain hood cover that does prevent your clubs from getting wet during a sudden downpour

There is a holder by the side for other items that may need attachment, with this bag you rest assured of extra protection on your equipment as a result of its well designed and solid zippered system which is rolled up and down easily and nicely



Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag, Its Specification

Sun Mountain ,Maverick 2021 Cart Bag Golf

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Cart Bag
  • Year: 2021
  • Strap: Single 
  • Material: 
  • Weight: 5.6LBS
  • Top Diameter: 10”


  • Pockets: 11
  • Velour lined valuable pocket
  • Sizeable apparel pocket
  • Cooler pocket(Vented)
  • Multiple accessory pockets


Sun Mountain Maverick Cart Bag 2021, Its Smart Features

  • 14 Way Divider
  • Side Hook 
  • A well-padded shoulder strap system 
  • Easy roll up and down well designed and solid zippered system 
  • Rain Hood Cover
  • Cart bumper


Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag Video Reviews By  Sun Mountain Sport


Sun Mountain Cart Bag Maverick 2021, Its Pros

  • Quality and highly efficient
  • Lightweight with a well-developed carry strap for easy carry into the Cart
  • Very spacious and does come with lots of pockets
  • Attractive and beautiful color combination
  • Very sturdy and well balanced due to its Cart bumper  
  • Easy access pocket as they are all front-facing


Sun, Mountain Cart Bag, Maverick 2021, Its Cons

  • Absence of a magnetic pocket


Types Of Golf Bag

It is of utmost importance that you understand that there are different types f Golf Bag on sale in the market today

These Golf Bag are built-in varieties to suit the distinguishing needs of various golfers, Golf bag is divide into five category

Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is designed for the Caddy, i.e a moving Cart, this bag type are often common among tour pros as they are very spacious, quality and does come with lots of spacing and pockets so that you can be able to pick up all your belongings including extra

Staff bag is the most luxurious type of Golf bag, they are simply, I quote the ”Roll Royce of Golf Bag”

With this bag comes lots of generous spacing and pockets for extra storage, the Staff bag is very common among tour pros and is great for the golfer who comes accompanied

A staff bag is also referred to as Tour Bag, Staff bag provides spacing for your shoes, tees, and other items

Today market offers a varying number of Staff bag, this is the one we recommend: Best Staff Bag to Buy anytime 

  • Cart Bag

Sun Mountain ,Maverick 2021 Cart Bag Golf

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The Cart bag exactly as its name reveals is designed so that they are used in the Cart, Cart bags are also known as trolley bags and does come with lots of spacing and pocketing similar to the Staff bag but its noticeably smaller than the Staff bag

You should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh about 6 to 9 pounds, the Cart bag is distinguished from other golf bag type as a result of its carry strap which holds it so that it is prevented from slipping when the Cart is in motion

Whether it is a push or pull-Cart, the Cart bag is the best suited and convenient for this type of Cart

The Cart Bag also offers lots of pockets for carrying waterproof valuables, tees, and ball which are situated at the corner of the bag for quick and easy access when it is placed on the trolley

There are lots of Cart Bag however this is the one we recommend: Best Cart Bag on sale 

The Sun Mountain Maverick 2021 bag that is being reviewed is of the bag family,, ”Cart Bag”

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag as its name tells you is one which is designed to come with a built-in stand, Stand bag are the most stable and balanced type of golf bag and this is as a result of the inbuilt dual stand

The Stand Bag can be a great option for the golfer who would rather walk down the course instead of pushing, pulling, or riding

This bag type is significantly lighter than 5 pounds and features two legs that are retractable so that the bag can stand upright and this allows for easy and quick access to whichever club suits your need

If you are looking for a bag that balanced well between a Cart Bag and a Staff bag then the Stand bag well fits this gap

Stand Bag is also very spacious, offering enough spacing and lots of pockets as well but this time significantly smaller than any of the two bag type mentioned above

  • Carry Golf Bag

Just as its name suggests, the Carry Golf Bag is designed so that they are carried, this is why they have the most advanced and well built-in carry strap system for easy comfort and feel when hanged on the shoulder

The Carry Golf Bag is the most lightweight golf bag type as it does come with but very limited spacing and pocket number

Carry Golf Bag is the smallest golf bag as they are designed to carry only but your essentials and this makes them great for the golfer who wants or chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

As an instance, you might want to driver the range all you simply do is pick up that driver and maybe one or two more clubs

Another example, Let say you want to hit out of an obstacle or bunker all you need do is pick up those gears that can help you achieve that

Or maybe if you want to do some putting all you do is pick up your putter club and few other clubs

So because this bag type is designed to carry but your essentials, they are often very lightweight and this makes them great for the senior golfer as well

Carry Golf Bag are known to come with a dual carry strap system as this helps for proper weight distribution and balancing for the best of feel and comfortability when it is hung

Unlike the Cart or Staff bag which is known to come with a single carry strap as they are meant for the Cart

A perfect example of a cart bag is the Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Bag on review is of the bag type, ”Cart-Bag”

For your Stand bag please read : Best Carry Golf Bag 

  • Travel Bag

The Travel bag is for traveling, they are great for the traveling or would travel golfer, this bag is quite distinct from other bag types due to its well developed and structured wheelbase for easy and quick maneuvering

The travel bag does come with usually a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best protection and security of your gears and other items

There a lot of travel golf bag brans you can choose from, but this is what we recommend: Best travel golf bag to buy for airline travel 


Things To Consider When You Want To Buy A Golf Bag

When making a choice on your bag there are factors that one should put into consideration so as to make the best decision

Some of these factors are a general factor and some are of preferences, howbeit there are all very vital

  • Dividers

Maverick 2021 Sun Mountain review

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Your bag for golf offers a varying number of the divider, while there are bags which does offer lots of dividers, there are other who offer few numbers of dividers

The Staff and Cart bag type is the bag that is commonly known to feature lots of dividers for your gears

Stand bag can also offer lots of dividers but not as much as the Staff or Cart Bag, the Carry bag and Travel golf bag are the two bags type which does not offer lots of dividers in them

As you would expect the more number divider your bag have the better organized and easy to sort your gears and other items can be but you will expect them to be heavier as well, because they actually are

How many dividers am I well comfortable with? are these dividers full-length or half-length? how many are full length? how many aren’t full length, you should be asking yourself this question and whichever is comfortable with you go for

  • Pocketing

Your golf bag offers a varying number of pockets, there are bags which offers lots of pocket type including specialty pockets

There are other which do offer far less number of pocket including specialty pocket, this pocket does also have different design and material like the plastic zipper, rubber zipper or metallic zipper

It is important to look for one which is very durable, well developed, and easy to zip up or down

The Staff and Cart Golf Bag are known to come with lots of pocketing for all your gears and related items including extra

  • Bag Type

As explained above, there are different type of golf bag, we have the Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

Staff Bag is for the golfer who is in love with lots of spacing and room, they are also great for the golfer who loves a taste of luxury and quality

It can also be a great option for the golfer who comes accompanied

The cart bag is also a great golf bag type for that golfer looking for spacing and many numbers of pockets including better organization of their items for easy sorting but not as elaborate as the Staff bag

The Cart bag is best suited for the golfer who got a Cart or planning to own one,

Stand Bag is great for the golfer who is looking for a carry friendly golf bag yet does offer a reasonable amount of spacing and pockets

The Carry Golf bag is designed for the golfer looking for the smallest and lightest type of golf bag for quick movement or mobility

They feature the best and advanced carry strap system for proper weight distribution across the shoulder when carried

If you are a golfer who likes to focus on a particular aspect of your game one at a time, maybe driving the range or doing a putt or hitting out of the bunker all you need do is to pick up that club that suits your every need

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

The Graphite shaft protection talks about the structural soundness of your bag, you should look for a bag that offers double stitching so that you are guaranteed that the bag will lock when one stitch comes apart, hence preventing the other from popping

Loop or lock stitching is the most used type of stitching for several companies, when making a choice in your bag check out for density of one to see if they are durable and strong

  • Strap System

Golf bag offers two kinds of strap system-Single or Double, with the single being known as a single strap system and the double known as a double strap system

The double strap is very common with the Stand and Carry Golf bag whereas the single strap system is well known with the Staff and Cart bag

Aside from that, you might have to look into the design of the strap system to determine whether they are right for you or not

This strap should also be well developed and strategically positioned such that it does not just offer the best of comfort but also very durable

  • Hook For Stuff

You might also be considering a hook if it is important to you especially when you have something to hang

You might want to hang a towel or light cloth, so if you are the ”always hanging type” then consider a bag that offers a hook for stuff

  • Quick Clip

Sun Mountain ,Maverick 2021 Cart Bag Golf

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For Golfers who want a bag that utilizes a clip to attach the bottom and top of the strap, then you should consider getting a bag that offers the Quick Clip feature

You should also be checking out the material and characteristics of these quick clip features, are they metallic or rubber? how adjustable are they?

They should be able to take on and off easily and quickly as this is a great selling point for many buyers

  • Branding

For some, sticking to a particular brand rather than buying from different si what they are comfortable with, a good brand speaks for its name

You should look for well a well trusted and reliable brand as they are more often quality and reliable than brand names which have got low trust or unfamous

Whatever be the brand type that well resonates with you all that matter is that you go fr one which is very quality for long-lasting durability and efficiency

There are lots of golf brands out there which include Sun Mountain, Titiest, Callaway, etc. these are great and one that is worth an investment


Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Cart Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Is there a magnetic pocket that comes with this golf bag
  • A: Yes, Absolutely, with this bag comes a magnetic pocket 


  • Q: Is there a strap to carry this golf bag 
  • A: Yea, the strap is very well padded for the best of comfort and feel


  • Q: Is this a waterproof golf bag or a leather golf bag?
  • A: The bag seems to be water-resistant and not waterproof 


  • Q: Does this golf bag come with a rain cover included?
  • A: Yes, this Golf bag does come with a rain cover included, this cover is attached over the top to help protect your clubs



The Sun Mountain Maverick 2021 Golf Cart Bag is one that is worth investing in as it offers lots of pacing and pocketing for all your belongings including extra

They are solidly built so that they are very stable and well balanced as a result of the well-developed base which does allow Bag to stand firmly and still

This bag features 11 pockets which include the velour-lined pocket, a vented cooler pocket, a sizable apparel pocket, and multi accessory pockets

How about the well-designed carry pass through which are strategically placed so that it runs through the pocket for the bag to be secured properly and nicely

If you are looking for a bag that offers very impressive organization with each club having its own slot for easy sorting you cannot be wrong with the Sun Mountain Maverick 2021 Golf Cart Bag on reviews
















































































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