In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag on review so that you can determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Golf Bag is as important as your clubs, we pay quick attention to our club but we seem to be less concerned about our bag which serves as its protection

A golf bag serves both as a place for storage and protection of your equipment, maybe you have not thought about that

Come on, having spent a whole lot acquiring those expensive gears and golfing items, isn’t it worth spending a little more on quality and highly efficient golf bags?

This is where the Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag comes in play, with this bag you rest assured of quality for long-lasting efficiency

Looking for one of the very best golf bags for Women in 2021? The Sun Mountain Women’s Diva is your best bet

Prior to this era, there was little to no choice on your bags as bags are often very heavy, and bulky

Thanks to technology and innovation as there are about five different types of golf bag in today’s market for the golfer to choose from, we will be discussing the different type of golf bag later in this article

Today’s golfing offers a variety of brand options for your bag and these brands include Sun Mountain, Titleist, Taylormade, Callaway, etc.

These are excellent and highly efficient golf bag brands, they have been in the market for years so they know what it takes to makes a great golf bag

As a point, of reference, you can count on the Sun Mountain when it comes to the  production and manufacture of high standard and efficient bags well designed to protect all your golfing equipment

Without further delay, The Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag on reviews is one of the most amazing golf bag well designed for the Woman from brand Sun mountain

I so much love this bag as they are exceptionally attractive and beautiful, surely, your friend and colleagues will become bag envy, this is because of the perfect blend in color

This bag is very stylish and comes with plenty of storage for all that you will be needing to play on course

Just like what this brand is known for, this bag does have all pocket front-facing and this means quick and easy access to the pocket without restriction

With this bag comes lots of cool and amazing features which are mouth-watering and you can never be more pleased

The Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag is one that offers well developed and quality zippered system which is easy and quick to pull up and down

You will have an option to choose from various color option and this is a plus as not all bags offer varying color option

Another likable feature about this bag is that it is sturdy and well balanced, with three integrated top handle that makes it very easy to load and offload from the Cart

The Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag is a reversed orientation Golf Bag and does come with plenty of dividers, 15 of them to be precise

This gives you the option to store your club in each individual slot for the best of organization for easy sporting and to help prevent club crowding or intertwining

This Golf Bag features 10 pockets which include a ventilated beverage pocket, a range finder pocket, water-resistant pocket, velour-lined valuable pocket

Note: All 10 pocket are full-length apparel pocket, the range finder pocket is strategically placed and constructed smartly so that you can be able to lift them in other to be able to fasten the cart strap without an access block to pocket and secures the bag to the velcro trademark

You also get a matching rain hood cover which prevents you from the rain in case of a sudden downpour

The Sun Women’s Diva Sun Mountian 2021 Cart Bag does come with a single carry strap which is a constant for Cart bag, amazingly this single carry strap stand out as they are well developed and strategically placed for easy carry of your bag

The bag weighs 6.2Lbs and this is fair enough for a Cart bag, with a top diameter of 10” which is .5 lower than the standard top diameter


Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag, Review, Its Specification

2021 Women's Diva Golf Cart Bag Review Sun Mountain

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Divider: 15 full length 
  • Year: 2021
  • Weight: 6.2Lbs
  • Top Diameter: 10”


  • Pocket: 10
  • Range finder pocket
  • Ventilated beverage pocket
  • Water-resistant pocket
  • Velour lined valuable pocket


Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Integrated top handles for easy and convenient lifting on and off the Cart
  • Front-facing pockets
  • Well developed base so that bag is able to stand on its own
  • Matching rain hood cover
  • Holder for items


Sun Mountian Women’s Diva Golf 2021 Golf Cart Bag Video Reviews By Sun Mountain Sports


Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag, Its Pros

Very Spacious and comes with lots of pocket for extra storage

14 full-length divider for thorough and classical organization of your golfing equipment

Very quality for long-lasting durability

Attractive and well built


Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag, Its Cons

  • Even though they can be used by men, they aren’t built for men but women


Type Of Golf Bag

The golf bag of today gives you varying option to choose from, before this era, there were not many collections of golf bag

You simply have no option but to use the heavy and very bulky bag which was very strenuous on the shoulder

Now this story is different and thanks to innovation and technology as there are different categories of bag from where you can make a choice for which best suits you

When making a choice on your bag do not rush as there are about five different bag category, each of this category is targeted to a specific golfer

These are the five types of golf bag

Staff bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is common among tour pros as they are the most luxurious, spacious, quality, and efficient kind of bag

The Staf bag can be described as what I will like to call the ”Ross Rois” of Golf bag, and as you will expect they do not come cheap neither are they lightweight

Being the biggest, most spacious bag they are often very heavy and not designed to be carried, rather they were built for the Caddy, the Caddy is precisely a driveable Cart, not the push or the pull Cart type

The Staff bag being the best of the best explains the reason why they are common among tour pros

A staff bag is so spacious that they offer miscellaneous storage spaces for other items such as a pocket for your balls, tees, shoes, etc

The typical Staff bag would weigh at least 8 pounds above, this bag type can be a great option for a golfer who owns a Cart or plan in opening one

They are also a great option for the golfer who comes accompanied, The Staff bag is designed in such a way that it does have a wide side base and this helps to display a particular new product in the market

There are lots of Staff Golf Bag on sale today, here is our recommendation Best Staff Golf Bag to buy

  • Cart Bag

2021 Women's Diva Golf Cart Bag Review Sun Mountain

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Simply designed for the Cart, there are two types of Cart, Push or Pull, the Cart bag is greatly designed for them both

The Cart bag is also very spacious and does come with lots of pocket and features but this time noticeable smaller than a Staff bag

If you are a golfer looking for  a bag that offers lots of spacing and gives you the opportunity to pick lots of items then you should consider the Staff bag

This bag is very different from every other bag type as they are designed for the Cart, this is why it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slipping from the Cart when in motion

You should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh about 6 pounds to 9 pounds

  • Stand Bag

Stand bag was created to bridge the gap between a Staff and Cart bag, this bag also offers lots of spacing and pocketing but on a smaller scale to the Staff or Cart bag

Stand bag just as its name tell you are designed so that they come with a stand for extra support and added stability

The Stand bag is the most stable and balanced golf bag across all-terrain, as it does come with retractable and protractible legs

This gives it all the support and balancing its needs, Stand bag does come with a well developed and strategically placed carry strap which makes them carry friendly

This makes them great for the golfer who prefers walking down the course instead of using a Cart

The Typical Stand Golf bag would weigh anywhere from 5 pounds to 7 pounds, there has been an ever-increasing surge in the number of Cart bag due to its high demand if you seek a very quality and highly efficient cart bag here is our recommendation

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is designed so that they are 100% carriable this is why it does come with the best carry strap system that no other bag type offers

They are also known to come with a dual carry strap for proper weight distribution across the shoulder and some of this carry strap system are adjustable so that it fits different body size

The Carry bag is designed to carry but your essentials even though they are some exception which is able to carry as much as 14 clubs

This bag type is the lightest and most portable bag type and excellent for the golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

For instance, if you want to focus on putting, pick your Putter club into the bag and maybe one or two other club

If you want to do some drive, pick your driver club with few other clubs, they aren’t designed to carry all club at once, rather the one you will be needing for the now

Since the Carry bag is the most lightweight and portable golf bag type they are great for the Senior due to age

The Typical Carry bag should weigh 3 pounds to 5

  • Travel Bag

Travel bag is designed for traveling own purpose, prior to this era it was a challenge for a golfer to travel with their clubs due to the fear of them getting maimed

With this challenge, the Travel bag was born, the Travel bag is designed in such a way that it does come with a rigid top and an extremely soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for maximum protection on your clubs

If you are a golfer who does not want to miss the game of golf as you travel then you should get one so that you can be able to travel with your gears without the fear of them getting destroyed due to the stress which comes with traveling

The Travel bag is even made more unique as it does come with an in-built and usually well developed rollable wheel so that you can be able to maneuver as you travel

For your travel golf bag please refer to here Best Travel Golf Bag for airline


What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

2021 Women's Diva Golf Cart Bag Review Sun Mountain

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When making a choice on your golf bag there are a few things that one has to put into consideration so as to be able to make the best choice

Its really sad, a lot of people make a choice on their bag without putting these important criteria into consideration

You should be able to check out for its factors as there are all too many golf bag on sale today but with this guide, you will be sure to make the best decision

  • Divider

While you right get caught up all excited as you go for a hunt of your bag, you should leave behind the number of dividers in your golf bag

Golf bag offers from as few as a two divider to as many as fifteen dividers, you should know what you want

Bags that offers as many as 15 dividers give you a more robust option to categorically and strategically organize and arrange all your gears and equipment so that they are not crowded in one place which might lead to a scratch or dent

Aside from that, you will be able to sort your equipment easily and quickly when they all have each individual slot

There are basically two types of dividers-Full length and Half-length

The Full-length divider runs, ”Full Way”. i.e, it runs the bag full length from top to bottom of the bag and this helps to favor thorough organization and privatization of clubs for each slot

As opposed to the half-length which runs only but halfway, the halfway divider does also offer organization of your gears but not as thorough as the full length

You will have the option to choose from the bag which offers all full-length dividers or the mixture of both

Your choice will depend on how many clubs you want inside your bag and your taste level for classic and thorough organization

As an example, the Women’s Diva on review offer all dividers in full length, a whopping 15 full-length divider, that is awesome

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

It is well important you take into consideration the graphite shaft protection which does come with your bag

While there are many ones out there, the most common is the Fur, however, its weakness sterns from the fact that sand can stick on the fur and this can mean harming the shaft coating

Nevertheless, thanks to technology and innovation as there are a newer and more advanced form of graphite shaft protection which is the felt, fabric, and treated rubber linning

This type are very common among big companies as they are last longer and are very effective

  • Branding

For some people branding is everything and for others all they are concerned about is quality, whether you are a die-hard fan of a specific brand or you are just in for quality, one thing I know and for sure is that a good brand speaks for itself

There are lots of  excellent golf bag brand out there, this brand have been trusted as they are well known for quality and efficiency

Example of such brand includes and is not restricted to the Likes of the Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade, Sun Mountain, etc,

  • Stitching

When we talk about stitching, we simply refer to the structural soundness of your bag which is a very important factor

The structural soundness of your bag is like the skeleton on which your golf bag is built, if the skeleton is fragile then you should expect your bag to be fragile as well no matter the material used for its construction

You should look for a bag that does offer double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag as this tends to be more durable and long-lasting

The most preferred type of stitching is the loop and lock which is used by certain companies as they are highly effective and efficient

In the loop and lock stitching when one part comes apart it will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

One more thing, you should check out for the density and strength of the lines make sure they look very solid and durable

  • Features

 Women's Diva Golf Cart Bag Review Sun Mountain

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Different bag will come with different features so you should know some of these features and the one you are best comfortable with

Some of the features you will be needed will depend on the type of golf accessories that you have

The common features that well resonates with your bag will include a holder for an umbrella, a Matching rain hood, a hook for stuff, etc.

As you will expect certain bags offer more features than others, if you are generally looking for a bag that offers more features then you should be considering the Staff Bag or the Cart Bag

  • Zippered System

The kind of zippers system that comes with a golf bag will determine how protected your bag is or can be, you should look for a bag that offers a strong, solid, and well developed zippered system

Most importantly this zippered system should be easy to close and open so that you can get your hands on your belongings fastly and conveniently

Find out if the bag offers a self-healing zip as this is often the most preferred as they are long-lasting and highly efficient

You can also look out for zippered materials, are you comfortable with a plastic or metallic one, this is more of a personal choice than a general based


Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Does this bag come with an insulated cooler pocket
  • A: Oh yes, the Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Golf Cart bag comes with a well developed insulated cooler pocket


  • Q: Is This a one-color option golf bag
  • A: Absolutely no, this bag  does offer various color option from where you can make a choice


  • Q: What is the major difference between the Sun Mountain Women’s Diva 2021 Golf Cart Bag and Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag 2019
  • A: One of the major difference is in weight, the 2021 Women’s Diva Sun Mountain Cart Bag is very much lighter when compared to version 2019 weighs 8 pounds



The Sun Mountain Women’s Diva Cart Bag offers generous spacing and lots of pocket for all your belongings

Features 10 pockets which include a dedicated Putter compartment, Velour lined valuable pocket, Accessory pocket, insulated cooler pocket

This bag does also come with a 15-way divider all being full length for thorough and classical organization of all your gears and equipment and for easy sorting

Looking at this bag you will be pretty sure that your friends and colleagues will become bag envy as it does come with a very attractive color combination

How about the three top integrated handles which make your bag to be on and off the Cart in a jiffy and in all the convenient manner possible















































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