In the end, you should be able to list the features which come with the Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Cart Golf Bag so as to determine whether they are the right choice for you or not

Bags are an integral part of your game, so, therefore, you should treat them seriously, remember your bag serves as a storehouse and protection for your expensive gears and item

Come on, having spent a lot on your clubs and equipment, its time to do the same for its protection

You need very quality and efficient golf bag to ensure maximum safety and protection on all of your golf belongings and this is where the 2021 Women’s Sync Cart Bag comes into play

Are you in the market for a New Cart Bag? We’ve got you covered, Cart bag has grown from the mere traditional slim design to hybrid or ultra-slim category, all thanks to technology and innovation

Here on review today is the Sun Mountian 2021 Women’s Sync Cart Golf Bag

Today’s golfing offers on sale about 5 bag category from where the golfer can make a choice from, this bag category include-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Cary Bag, and Travel Bag

We will be discussing this different bag type towards the end of this post so as to give you every vital information you need on a hunt for your next golf bag anytime any day

As an example, the Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Cart Bag falls under the category ”Cart Bag” this is because they are designed to seat on a Cart

As the year goes by, you will realize the wear and tear that your bag has undergone, just like the Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag on reviews, there are also other great and well-trusted brands out there

Like the likes of the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, and many more, these brands just make exceptional golf bag like the Sun Mountain

Brand Sun Mountian has been for years into the golf manufacturing equipment industry and so-known exactly what it takes to make a great golf bag that will meet your needs

Without further delay, here are the things which makes the Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag 2021 on review to stand out from every other golf bag out there today

The 2021 Women’s Sync Cart bag is loved for so many reasons, one of which is of a personal reference point to me, and that being coloring, it does have a perfect color combination which is so attractive and would make your friends and colleagues become bag envy

If you are in search of a great golf bag which does offer a perfect blend of color and attraction, then the Women’s Sync Cart bag is a great place to invest in

With the Women’s Sync comes a top diameter of 9.5” which is very wide enough and a 15-way divider for proper and classic organization of all your gears and equipment

Taking into consideration the Sync Cart bag, it is quite different as it offers a maximum number of the divider which most of its kind do not offer

Note: Most Golf Cart bag offers 14 dividers, but you see this one, it offers 15 dividers, I love this bag greatly as well as they are very sturdy and exceptionally balanced

The Sun Mountain Sync 2021 Golf Cart Bag is one that offers unmatched and unrivaled quality second to none

This guarantees that you aren’t just buying a mere Golf Bag but you are buying quality and as at the time of writing this article there have been no negative reviews about this golf bag as it well satisfies the need of the buyers

This bag comes with 8 pockets which makes them quite different from the Men’s 2021 Sync Golf Cart bag which does come with 9 Pocketing

Despite being a bag which comes with the maximum number of divider, they are fairly lightweight, weighing but 6.0Lbs

Trust the Sun Mountian as it offers one of the best carry strap systems for their bags which offers maximum comfort and feel as this bag comes with two well-padded and foamy handled to easily and quickly get your bag into or off the Cart

As said earlier, this bag offers 8 pockets which include ventilated cooler pocket for your beverages and drinks, Integrated Putter Compartment, Velour lined range finder pocket for your valuables such as jewelry, phones, etc., and Multiple accessory pockets

Water-resistant velour-lined pockets also prevent water from getting into the bag

Amazingly the velour-lined pocket does have an extra feature that makes it stand out like the thermoformed front panel that helps to protect your electronics

I loved the Cart strap pass through as they are highly designed so that it strategically runs through behind the range finder pocket and the two pockets which are located at the side

This methodology of the smart strap system does help for quick, easy, and more convenient access to the bag pocket while they are well secured to the Cart

How about the range finder pocket that is constructed so that it can be lifted for easy fasten of Cart strap

The Cart bumper, located beneath the bag gives your bag more durability and balance while on the Cart

In case of a sudden downpour, you do not need to worry or panic as this bag comes with a matching rain hood cover for protection on your clubs and golfing items

This bag is built in such a way that all pocket are forward-facing and this adds up to the overall portability of the bag



Sun Mountain Sync Women’s 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review, Its Specification

Women's 2021 Sync Cart Bag Reviewed


Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Year: 2021
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Dividers: 15 way, Full length
  • Top Diameter: 9.5
  • Weight: 6.0Lbs
  • Gender: Women


  • Pocket: 8
  • Velour lined range finder pocket
  • Ventilated cooler pocket
  • Water-resistant velour-lined valuable pocket
  • Putter Well 
  • Multiple accessory pockets


Sun Mountain Women’s Sync 2021 Cart Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Two well developed and padded utility handles for easy and convenient carry
  • Single Carry Strap
  • Front forward-facing pocket
  • Matching rain hood cover
  • Integrated bumper for the best of stability and balancing


Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag VS Men’s Sync Golf Cart Bag 2021, What The Difference?

Women's Sync 2021 Golf Cart Bag On Review


Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

The Sun Mountain Women’s Sync VS Men’s Sync might share a lot of similarities, however, there are some noticeable difference

One of the underlying difference between the Sun Mountain Women’s Sync VS Men’s Sync Cart Bag comes down to the number of pocketing

  • Men’s Sync does come with 9 pockets in contrast with the Women Sync which comes with a pocket
  • Men’s Sync 2021 is heavier, weighing and the Women Sync weighing 6.0Lbs
  • The Women’s Sync is also one inch shorter than the Men’s Sync so as to be able to accommodate Women’s clubs


Types Of Golf Bag

Golf bags are available in varying design, brands, and quality, all this is so that it can reach a wider spec audience

Today’s golfing offers a vast category of golf bag which is unlike it before, long before this era there were little to no choice on your bags

Golf bags were always bulky and heavy and you just had to go with the inconveniences and problem

Now it is different and this is largely due to technology and innovation, there are 5 category of golf bag that you can choose from

A lot of golfers, especially beginners make the wrong on their bags due to a poorly informed decision on which bag is best suited for them

Without further delay, here are the different type of Golf Bag and to whom they are best suited for

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most luxurious golf bag, in fact, it is often paraphrased as the ”Roiss Roiss” of Golf Bag

The Staff is the most quality, expensive golf bag and is also often referred to as tour bag and is very common among tour pros

The Staff bag offers the most pocketing and spacing than any other golf bag and this makes them extremely heavy and bulky

However, you do not have to worry as they are designed to sit on the Caddy, a.k.a Moving Cart

This bag has plenty of storage space for all your belongings alongside your clubs such as extra clothing, shoes, tees, balls, etc

Staff bag would weigh anywhere from 10 pounds and above and as yu shoulders expect they are the most expensive type of bag

There are a wide range of Staff Golf Bag from where the golfer can make a choice, here is our recommendation Best Staff Golf Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

 2021 Sync Cart Bag Reviewed Women's


Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

Just as its name suggests, this one is designed for the Cart, Cart bags can also be very bulky, containing lots of pocketing and spacing like the Staff bag but this time noticeably smaller than the Staff bag

One of the distinguishing characteristics of the Cart bag is that it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents it from slipping off the Cart when in motion

The Cart bag is also well known and referred to as Trolley bags as they are designed to sit on a Push or Pull Cart

The Cart bag can be very heavy as well is not designed to be carried on the shoulder, a Typical Cart bag would weigh 7 pounds to 9

It does also provides extra storage spacing for your belongings like tees, balls, shoes, etc

  • Stand Bag

The stand bag is simply bag designed so that it comes with a Stand, this Stand makes it very well balanced and sturdy

The Stand Golf Bag is the most stand and extremely balanced bag across all-terrain whether rough or smooth

The Stand bag is made distinct from other bag types as it does come with an in-built dual stand which can be retractable or retractable depending on the situation

The stand bag is somehow designed to feel in the space between a Staff bag and Cart bag type, this is why they can be spacious and come with a lot of pockets, yet they are carry-friendly

You should expect the typical Stand bag to weigh about 5 pounds or less, Stand bag does have one of the most developed carry straps so that they can be easily carried and very conveniently

If you are a golfer who is in need of a bag that offers lots of spacing and pocketing et carry friendly, then the Stand Golf Bag can be the best option for you

As the demand for Stand bag increases there have been a lot of production on Stand bags, however, this is our recommendation, as this bags are waterproof Best Stand bag to invest in

  • Carry Bag

This bag type is often the smallest as they come with very limited spacing and pocketing, this makes them a favorite for senior due to being very lightweight and extremely portable

The Carry bag is designed 100% to be carried, the Carry golf bag was born out of the need for a golfer not wanting to carry all their clubs

Rather they want to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time, maybe driving the range, or hitting out difficult terrain, or maybe doing some putt

The Carry bag is designed to accommodate but your essentials, even though they are some exceptions which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

If you are a golfer who prefers driving the range, all you do with your Carry bag is simply put in the cub that can help you achieve that, in this case, ”Your driver

If on the other hand, you want to focus on putting all you do is get in your putter inside the bag and with few other clubs you might want to be in the bag also

You should expect a typical Carry bag to weigh about 3 pounds or less, the Sunday Golf Bag also known as pencil bag due to its ”Pencil” as design falls under the category Carry bag

Here is the Carry bag that we recommend if you are in a hunt for a quality and highly efficient bag Best Sunday Golf Bag On Sale 

Travel Bag

Last but not least, many people do not classify the travel golf bag as a type of golf bag, but that is often wrong

Travel bags are no less significant than the aforementioned bag type if it doesn’t seem to resonate with you doesn’t mean it is less

travel Golf Bag is designed for traveling own purpose, they are great for the wold travel or frequently traveling golfers

The Travel golf bag was born out of the golfers need to travel with their club and equipment yet ensure maximum safety and protection

This is why the Travel golf bag is so distinct as it does offer a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn so that your club has maximum protection

This bag type is even made more distinct as it does come with in-built well developed rollable wheels for easy maneuvering especially around the airport

For the most preferred travel golf bags for airlines please refer here Best Golf Bag For Airline Travel 

There are other great travel golf bag review from the Sun Mountain like the Sun Mountian Club Glider Pro Travel to the Sun Mountain Journey Wheel 




What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

Women's Sync 2021 Golf Cart Bag On Review


Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

As said earlier, When making a choice on your bag do not get all caught up in the frenzy and over-excitement and forgetting the criteria which would help you make the most out of your choice

This consideration spans from the general to a more specific factor, however, all this consideration are important as they can help you make the best out of your purchase

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most widely used and knows graphite shaft protection, however its greatest disadvantage sterns from the fact that sand can stick to the fur thus harming the shaft coating

There are a recent and more advanced form of graphite shaft protection, thanks to advancement and innovation

The felt, fabric, and rubber lining are the most advanced and efficient graphite shaft protection widely used today

  • Stitching

When you talk about stitching, it is deeply centered as the structural soundness of your bag, no matter how quality your clothing or material, if you’ve got weak or fragile stitching then everything is worthless

You should look for a bag that offers durable and quality stitching, the double stitching is often the most quality stitching

So look for bags that offer double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag, the loop, and the lock stitching is the most known and favorite kind of double stitching often used by many companies

The double stitching is the best as one stitch comes apart the other will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out, you can easily identify the double stitching by its density and lines they should naturally look thick

  • Zippered System

Zippers is a very important factor as you make a choice on your bag, its importance is drawn from the fact that they add up to the overall protection of your bag

The zip used in making a golf bag should be quality so that they can last long, and well developed so that they can be easy to grab, it should also be easy to zip up and down

Some bags offer their zip in plastic which others may offer theirs in iron, know the one that you are comfortable with

The zippered system is also available in different shapes, sizes, and fancy, with fancy zippers being more appealing to the eye

One of the very points of attraction for many when they search for golf bags is the zippers, it should be durable and easy to open up and down


There are lots of features that come with a golf bag and the features you choose would depend on the type of golf bag

Different golf bag would come with varying features, such as a hook for stuff, umbrella holder, sticker for your gloves, and many more

The Staff and the Cart Golf Bag is the type of bag that offers more features than the others

  • Pricing

Women's Sync 2021 Golf Cart Bag On Review


Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Sync Golf Cart Bag

The golf bag is available in different price range with the more quality and efficient bags being more expensive than the less quality and efficient

Despite golf bag being available in different price range, it is however good to go for quality as they would last longer and be of more efficiency

There are however affordable Golf Bag if you do not have all the money to spend on your bags


Sun Mountain Women’s Sync Cart Bag

  • Q: Is the Sun Mountian Women’s 2021 Sync a Cart Bag or Carry Bag
  • A: The Sun Mountian Women’s Sync does exhibit both features, that is it does have the feature of a Carry bag and at e same time a Cart bag, however, this bag is categorized as a Cart bag


  • Q: Who is this bag specifically built for
  • A: This Cart bag is absolutely built for Women as they are lightweight than that of the men



The Sun Mountian has for years been in the fore frontier of the design of one of the best golf bags, having so many great and best selling bag series to its name and the Sun Mountain Sync Women’s 2021 Golf Cart Bag is no exception

Features a whopping 15 number divider with all being full length for a thorough and classical arrangement of all your belongings and most especially to prevent club crowding

With this, Women’s Sync comes 8 pockets which include an oversized putter well, a Water-resistant velour-lined valuable pocket, Ventilated cooler pocket, Velour lined range finder pocket, and multiple accessory pockets

This Cart bag has a weight of 6.0Lbs which makes them fairly lightweight, easy, and convenient to carry unto and out of the Cart as it does come with double utility handles

It does feature highly attractive and colorful features which make them very adorable and one worth invest on




































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