In the end, you should be well able to list the features which make the Sun Mountain Men’s C-130 Golf Cart Bag Unique as this will help determine if it is right for you or not

In today’s golfing many bags are readily available in the market, from Staff Bags to Cart Bag to Stand Bag and so on

The Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag on review is one of those many golf bags and falls under the category,” Cart Bag”

The Sun Mountain brand is one of the foremost makers of your Golf Bags, this is one of the trusted and well reliable golf equipment company

There are also some others that include and not restricted to the like of the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc.

This brand is massively successful, they have been in the business for years so they know what it takes to make a great bag for you

Looking for a great Cart Bag? In this blog post, we refer you to the Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag on reviews as they are thoroughly designed with utmost precision and quality

The Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Golf Bag is well designed for men, this bag is aggressively sturdy and well developed

It’s so disheartening how we pay so much attention to clubs and pay little for our bags, common, your bag is the storehouse for your equipment and other gears, they also serve as a source of protection and organization of your equipment

Have you forgotten that you have spent a lot on buying those clubs and equipment, isn’t it a wise decision to spend a little more on its protection, instead of penny-wise pam foolish by losing it all

The Sun Mountain C_130 Cart Bag is an example of that perfect golf bag that you should place on your budget whenever you go on a hunt for your next golf bag

The Sun Mountain Men’s C_130 Cart Bag is one that will be talked about for years due to its very quality make and its generous spacing

See, you aren’t just buying a golf bag, this is quality and that is the first ‘killing point’ one thing I cherish so much about this bag is that it is available in various select color options to choose from

What is even more stunning is the mixtures of color which makes them very stunning and attractive capable of making your friends and colleagues become what I like to call, ”Bag Envy”

This bag defines true beauty, one that will always be on the mouth of every golfer, another thing I find to be so interesting is how quality the zippered system is, being so gorgeous and well developed

They are also very loveable, one that never can be denied as a result of their broad and rare features-”A place for your water bottles which do come with a cloth cover, a stick for your gloves”, and many more

Made of Nylon and features an amazing number of pocket, 13 of them, this is s 14-way divider Cart bag and this is plus one for the classical organization of your gear and related item for golf

Top diameter of bag 10″, despite this amazing spacing and number of pocket they are surprisingly lightweight to a reasonable degree weighing but 8 pounds

The Sun Mountain C_130 Men’s Cart Bag review is one that does feature 3 integrated top handles this helps the handle to be very solid and create a different carry option

How about its oversized putter well which does fit every putter properly no matter the sizing, this is massive as the bag features 14-way full-length dividers, this creat room for a thorough organization as all club are allocated with their own pocket

2 Full apparel pocket for your fabrics and clothing, smart strap system for efficient holding to cart to prevent sliding when Cart is in motion

3 lined valuable pocket for your valuable items, an insulated cooler pocket for your beverages, and a matching rain hood to help prevent rain from getting into the bag

Well known with the heavyweight title, ”Bestselling Golf Cart Bag”, looking at this bag you will see that every one of its designs and features 100% is Cart suitable

Pocket is made easily accessible as they are all forward-facing when on Cart, the package dimension is 36.5 x 14 x 9.8 inches


Sun Mountain Men’s C_130 Golf Cart Bags, Its Spec

Sun Mountain C_130 Cart 2020 Bag Reviews

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Cart
  • Year: 2020
  • Strap: Single
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 8 Pounds
  • Pocket: 10
  • Integrated Putter well
  • Two oversized apparel pocket
  • Velour range finder pocket
  • Water bottle Pocket


Sun Mountain C_130 Golf Cart Bag, Its Smart Features

  • 14 wAY Full-length divider
  • Smart strap system
  • Matching rain hood
  • Clip for hand gloves


Sun Mountain C_130 Golf Cart Bag Video Review By TGW


C_130 Sun Moutain Golf Cart Bag. Its Pros

  • Very spacious and comes with lots of pockets for your gears
  • Lots of dividers for massive organization of your club for easy sorting and to prevent club crowding
  • Very quality for durability and efficiency
  • Comes with a rain cover to prevent the bag from getting soaked
  • Three integrated grab handles for a solid carry handle

C_130 Sun Mountain Golf Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Due to lots of dividers, club holes are not very wide and if you’ve got a really big hand you might have to squeeze your hands a little bit to grab club inside the bag


Types Of Golf Bag

Golf Bags  are an integral part of your game, because of this they should be treated with laxity as they serve as the house for your golfing equipment

There are 5 types of Golf Bag which include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Golf Bag

Staff Bag is designed for luxury as it offers the best of quality, spacing, features, number of pockets and as you will expect to weigh

Staff Bag is also known as Tour bag is designed for the Caddy due to weighing and bulkiness

You should expect a typical Staff Bag to weigh 10 pounds or more, this bag type is common among tour pros and also great for the golfer who comes accompanied

If you’ve got a Caddy or plan in owning one then the Staff bag would be your best bet, staff bags offers spacing for your waterproof, ball, tees, and many more and are known to come with lots of features

There are a whole lot of Staff bag in today market, this adds up to the confusion of knowing which you should buy

For your Cart Bag, this is the one we recommend: Best Staff Bag On Sale

  • Cart Bag

C_130 Cart Bag 2020 Sun Mountain Reviewed

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The Cart Bag can be well-referred to as ”Trolley bags” this bag type are well suited for traditional Carts whether Pull or Push Cart

They are very distinct from any other bag type because of their non-slip base or rubber which is fastened from bag to Cart, this helps prevent sliding when Cart is in motion

This bag type offers generous spacing and a huge number of pocket as an example our blog topic is all about the Sun Mountain Men’s C_130 Golf Cart Bag reviews, just as it name reveals it falls under the bag category ”Cart”

Cart Bags though very large are noticeable smaller and lighter than the Staff Bag, can pick up all your items right from your club down to your tees

For a robust selection on your Cart bag please refer here: Best Cart Bag on Sale 

  • Stand Bag

They come with a built-in retractable stand and this helps them to be stable and very solid across all-terrain, little to no wonder they have been described as the most stable golf bag across all terrain

If you are a golfer who likes trekking down the course then the Stand Bag would mean a great pick

It does come with a highly structured and well-positioned carry strap system which is usually an X-strap system for unmatched comfortability and weight balancing across the shoulder

Stand Bag is also known to come with lots of pocket and spacing though on a smaller scale than the Cart bag, this makes them lightweight and carry friendly

As the demand for Stand Bag increases so do a choice on which is best, however for your Stand Golf Bag we recommend this Best Stand Bag as they are thoroughly designed for the best of quality and stability

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Golf bag is ever found of revealing its true identity and what could this mean? Fro its name, ”Carry” Golf Bag a novice can quickly call it a bag that is designed to carry and yes you are absolutely right

Carry Golf Bag are bag which is extremely lightweight as a matter of fact t is the most lightweight and portable golf bag

This type of bag is designed to pick but your essentials although there are some exceptions to this rule which are able to carry an amazing 14 club

This bag is well known for its well developed dual carry strap for proper weight distribution and a soothing feel of relief

You should expect a typical Carry bag to weigh 3 pounds and below, Pencil or Sunday Golf Bag is a great example of Carry Bag

This Bag called Pencil/Sunday Bag is so slim and designed for but your essentials this makes them very lightweight and thus great for seniors

Or the Golfer who would like to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt

Looking for a great Carry bag here is our recommendation Carry Golf Bag as they are the best

  • Travel Golf Bag

Designed simply for traveling purpose, this is why it does have a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best of comfort to your clubs/items

They are known for their rollable wheels for easy maneuvering and quick movement, if you are a traveling golfer or one who travels a lot then this is an opportunity to get this travel golf bag especially if you are an airline traveler

This bag type does come with rollable wheels which are well developed for easy movement and maneuvering


What Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Golf Bag

There are a lot of factors one might consider when choosing a golf bag, however, we are going to give you the most important thing to look out for

  • Club Dividers And Pocket

Sun Mountain C_130 Bag reviewed

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The Sun Mountain C_130 comes with 10 pockets and a 14-way divider with all being full-length dividers

Golf bags are available with different number of dividers, while some offers as many as 15 other offer as low as three

You should factor out the number of dividers you would love to have, more divider means better organization and structuring of your gears and other items

As a golfer who prefers a classical and thorough arrangement of their equipment such that each has its own slot, then you are better of with bags with massive dividers

But as you would expect such bags would be heavier and bulky than one which offers fewer

On the other hand for a golfer who would prefer portability and mobility over the classical organization and arrangement of your equipment for easy sorting and to help prevent club crowding then you are better off with a bag that offers very few numbers of the divider

Just like the case of dividers golf bag offer different number of pocket, while some offers lots of them others offer a fewer number of pocketing

Looking to store more equipment then bag with lots of pockets will do just that for you, however, if you are looking for one which is very portable then bags with less pocket can help you achieve that

  • Hook For Stuff

If you plan to display a clip for your umbrella or maybe you have a lot of tags you would like to display? then consider getting a hook for this

There are lots of bags in the market some does come with a hook, others simply don’t so consider which comes with a hook if you want to hang anything like your towel

  • Pricing

The quality of golf bag you choose would be determined by your budget, cheap golf bags means low quality, and vice versa

Golf bags are available at different pricing, they’ve got expensive bags and cheap to moderate also

But what you should bear in mind that your bags offer different quality, the better the quality the more expensive bag can be

You should consider getting quality as they are long-lasting and highly efficient, even though they cost more you are assured of real value for your money, you will usually see a quality bag for $200 or more

  • Brand

While some people might prefer this brand, others also prefer a different brand, but one thing is for sure, a great brand speaks for itself

To build a great brand takes a lot of years and it takes a minute to destroy that which have been built for years

Branding is everything, a great brand speaks more about the company and its product, if you’ve got a fantastic brand, you’ve got a fantastic product

There are lots of well-known golf bag brands lie the Taylormade, Cobra, Titleist, Sun Mountain, etc.

  • Carry Strap

Sun Mountain Cart Bag C_130 Reviews

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Carry strap is important no matter the bag type, we have the single carry strap and we also have the double carry strap

The single Carry Strap is common with Staff bag or Cart Bag whereas the dual or double strap system is more common with the Carry bag or Stand Bag

It doesn’t matter whether it is a single or dual carry strap depending on the type of bag, what matters is this Carry Strap must be very foamy, comfortable, and well developed so you can get the best feeling

If the strap isn’t well developed or strong you shouldn’t bother buying because one day you will wake up and find out that your carry strap is off the bag and carrying become more difficult

  • Bag Type

As said earlier golf bag are well categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and travel Bag

Knowing the bag type and to whom it is best suited will help you in reaching the right buying decision

For golfers who got a caddy, plans on getting one, or still have a great love for spacing  and pockets then you should consider opting for a Cart or Staff Bag

For the walking golfers, who still wants enough spacing then the Stand Bag is your best bet

If you choose to focus on a particular aspect of your game one at a time, consider getting a Carry Golf Bag

For the traveling golfer, you are better off with the Travel Golf Bag as it will help in protecting your clubs and accessories while you travel

  • Features

Different features for different bags, while some bags might come with a hook and stick feature for gloves another might come with a smart strap and a holder for your Umbrella

There are some features that are unique to you and are different from mine so you should know the features that you are best comfortable and satisfied with


What Is The C130 Golf Cart Bag

the C13 Golf Cart Bag is one of many series of golf bag from the brand ”Sun Mountain”, this bag is meant to function optimally on the Cart for which they are designed for

This is the number 1 choice for many golfers as it does holds the title of the best selling golf bag


Sun Mountain C_130 Men’s Cart Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: What molding are the dividers, cloth or molded plastic
  • A: The dividers which do come with this bag are cloth


  • Q: How many towel rings come with this bag?
  • A: There are two towel ring that comes with a bag, one at each side


  • Q: What Cart type will this bag fit, Push, or Pull?
  • A: They should fit on both


  • Q: There are two holes down near the ball pocket, what are its functions?
  • A: They serve as draining for the on-board cooler


  • Q: What are the sizes of the boxes that this bag comes in?
  • A: For this bag, though size varies but average size is 12 x12 x 35


  • Q: Is there an Umbrella holder slot for the bag
  • A: Yes, there is an Umbrella holder slot for the Sun Mountain C_130 Golf Cart Bag


  • Q: With this bag comes a cooler compartment, how many slim 12oz Cans can you fit
  • A: The Sun Mountain C_130 Men’s Golf Cart is able to fit easily 4 can
  • Q: What year is this bag
  • A: The Sun Mountain C_130 Golf Cart Bag is of 2020 model




The storehouse for your gears and equipment is your bag, with this reason you should pay close attention to the bag you buy

They should be quality and highly efficient, meeting the need for which it was bought. there are different golf bag and this is suited by different golfer

In today’s post, we have the Sun Mountain C_130 Cart Bag reviews, this bag just as its name suggests fall under the bag category, ”Cart”

The Sun Mountain c_130 Features a lot of pockets that are generous in spacing, this bag boost of 10 pockets

This pocket includes the velour-lined range finder pocket, oversized putter well of which all are front facing for quick and easy pull in and out

Sun Mountain C_130 Men’s Cart Bag is also considerably lightweight, weighing but 6.9lbs for easy lifting into the Cart, and with the smart strap system you can easily adjust bag to your own soothing

The bag is greatly admired as they come in varying color option combination which is very attractive and good looking so that you have a robust option to choose from

The rugged and well developed zippered system creates room for extra protection of all your belongings

With this bag does come three utility handle for better reinforcement and also you have got different carry options

The Sun Mountain C_13 is the best selling Cart bag and are created to work very optimally on the Cart

If you seek a great for the Cart Golf Bag then you have the Sun Mountain 2020 Men’s C_130 Golf Cart Bag reviewed






























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