In the end, you should be able to tell the features which do come with the Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Golf Travel Bag On Reviews to determine whether they are the right choice for you or not

You deserve the right traveling golf bag to ensure that your equipment is well protected and secured

This is where this Sun Mountain brand comes into play, Brand Sun Mountain has been for years known, recognized, and trusted and one of the foremost makers of your golf bag from Staff all the way to Travel Golf Bag

Having been in the market for years, they know what it takes to make the perfect golf bag, similar to Sun Mountain are great brands like the Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc.

Today’s golfing do have in great offer varying golf bag which is well targeted to meet the need of every golfer

Herewith me is the Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Golf Travel Bag reviews, looking for one of the best for the quality golf bag for travel? We’ve got you covered

There has been a lot of debate whether the Travel Bag should be considered as one of the major Golf Bag types and the big answer is yes

Oh yes! Travel Golf Bag, is one of the five types of golf bag

There are 5 categories of a golf bag, include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Golf Bag

Bags are an integral part of your game and I am not asking for your opinion on this, lol! Just like clubs and other very important golfing equipment that you can barely do without so is it also for your golf bags

Come on, having spent a whole lot to get your gears and accessories, wouldn’t it be wise if you spend a little more outsourcing for a quality and efficient golf bag?

Maybe you forgot and I should remind you, your bag serves as a protection for all your belongings, they are also seen as a house for your equipment

Less quality bags might mean less protection for your accessories and equipment, frankly speaking, serious consideration should be taken as you make a selection on your next golf bag just the exact same way you do for your clubs

When you talk about one of the truly most cherished Travel golf bags which will be talked about for years then it holds true that the Sun Mountain Club Glide Meridian is one of such kind

Check the review, it got lots of reviews which are positive, this bag was 100% built with the traveling golfer in mind, thanks to its manufacturers

This bag is rich in color as it offers lots of varying color combination which gives you a robust option to choose from

Made from nylon material for the best of breathability and longevity, this bag is very loveable as they are moderately lightweight, weighing but 5.12kg of which makes them very portable and easy to move around

The well-developed pivot caster rollable wheels are one which would get you wowed as they are very well developed and strategically placed for quick and easy maneuvering

There is a leg mechanism that can be retracted and protracted at will whenever the need calls for  and this serves as extra balancing and stability

It does come with duo dividers for organization and for quick sorting of your belongings, the presence of the heavy-duty two-way zippers runs full length for  quick and easy loading

The most interesting accolade to this bag is that you aren’t just buying a Travel Bag you are rather buying quality for long-lasting durability and un-matched efficiency

With this bag comes a cinch strap system that is built internal and this helps in securing your golf bag

If you are looking for an absolute pleasure bag to travel with then this is a great one, When it comes to spacing you cannot beat the Sun Mountain Club Glide meridian as they are very spacious enough that it can contain 14 clubs, 2 dozen balls, and including a pair of shoes and some wears

Its internal size is so generous in spacing that it is able to accommodate a long driver as well

Your clubs are guaranteed the best of safety as there is good and comfortable padding at the position where the clubhead sits

This is a ”go-go” bag for all as you will be able to fold the bag to a nice compact sizing, due to its quick and easy rollability they are a great option for petite ladies too


Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Golf Bag, Its Specification

Sun Mountain Clubglider meridian golf bag reviews

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Travel Bag
  • Year:2018
  • Strap: Single
  • Material: Nylon
  • Weight: 11.29lbs


Sun Mountain Club Glider Meridian Travel Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

 Clubglider meridian Sun Mountain golf bag

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  • Divider: 2
  • Dense foam padding  for unmatched protection of your clubs
  • Pivot wheel caster
  • Easy retracted and extended leg mechanism
  • Internal cinch strap 
  • Two-way zippers


Sun Mountain Glider Golf Bag Video Review By Ryan Ballengee


Sun Mountain Glider Meridian Travel Bag Golf, Its Pros

  • Very roomy and spacious
  • Great for the quality
  • Highly developed rollable wheels for easy maneuvering and mobility and makes them one of the great options for petite
  • Heavy-duty zippers for added protection


Sun Mountain Glider Meridian Golf Travel Bag, Its Cons

  • Someone complained of the wheel not able to extend or retract very easily
  • Little bit expensive


Types Of Golf Bag

As promised earlier, I said we were going to treat the subject of the different golf bag type

Your golf bag type is well categorized into five section-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and travel Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Bag well known as Staff Bag can also be referred to as Tour Bag, the reason for this is that it is common among tour pros

Staff Bag is a luxurious golf bag as it does prove to have the best of quality, features, spacing, and pocket and ss you will expect weighing included, they are also the most expensive

Staff Bag makes the provision of pockets for your tees, balls, apparel, and other things and you should expect a typical staff bag to weigh 10 pounds or more

This bag type is a great option for the golfer whose go love for spacing and many pockets

If also you are a golfer who got a Caddy or plan on owning one then you should consider opting for the Staff bag

Not to forget, they are also great for golfers who come accompanied, there are lots of Staff Golf Bag in today’s market to choose from however through intensive research, reviews and feedback here is the one we recommend: Best Staff Golf Bag On Sale 2021

  • Cart Bag

The Cart Bag is also known as the Trolley bag is the second most luxurious, spacious, and more pocketed golf bag

If you’ve got or plan to own a traditional Cart, then the Cart bag is a great option to invest in, this bag type is also a great option for golfers who got a strong affinity with lots of spacing and pockets for more storage option

One of the noticeably distinguishing characteristics of the Cart bag is its non-slip base or rubber feature which helps to hold Bag to Cart so that it does not slip during motion

A typical Cart bag should weigh about 6 to 9 pounds, the Cart bag though very spacious and does come with lots of pockets yet noticeably lighter than a Staff Bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag just as its name suggest is designed so that it comes with a Stand, Stand bag are all very spacious and dos come with lots of pockets but this time fewer and less spacious than a Cart Bag

The Stand bag somehow feels the between a Staff Bag and Cart bag, Stand bags are well characterized by their retractable and retractable legs which do give them the extra support and unmatched balancing, this is why they are the most balanced golf bag across any terrain

The Stand bag is well known for its dual stand which prevents the bag from being dirty, a typical stand Golf Bag should weigh about 3 to 5 pounds

As the demand for Stand bag becomes ever on an increase making a choice on one seems to be very difficult than ever however this is the one we recommend: Best Stand Golf Bag To Buy 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Golf bag is designed to be carried 100%, this bag type is the smallest and lightest of all bag type as they do come with very few pocket and little spacing

Carry bag is designed to carry only but your essentials although there are some exceptions which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

If you are a golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of your game one at a time then the Carry golf bag seems to be the best option for you

Maybe you want to focus on driving the range or hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt all you need do is pick up those clubs which will help you achieve that

A typical Carry bag would weigh anything from 3 pounds and less, this bag type is quite distinguishable from other bag types as it does come with the most developed carry strap which is usually dual for proper weight distribution across the shoulder for the best of comfort and feel

The Sunday or Pencil Golf Bag falls under the category carry golf bag, here are the best Carry Golf Bag on sale 

  • Travel Golf Bag

 Clubglider Sun Mountain Meridiangolf bag

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Here comes the focal point of our discussion, the Travel Golf Bag” this bag type just as its name reveals is designed to secure your equipment and golfing gears while you travel

Because of this, they are designed in such a way that it does have an outer casing that is very hard and rigid as this will help in protecting your gears and other valuables

On the other hand, it does have a well developed, soft, and foamy inn for the best of comfortability and security on your clubs and other items

This bag is made unique from other bag type brought about by its well developed rollable wheelbase for easy maneuvering and mobility

An example of the Travel Golf Baag would be the Sun Mountain Glider Meridian Golf Travel Bag on review

If you are a traveling golfer or one who travels a lot then you should consider getting yourself a Golf Travel Bag

Here is a more robust listing of golf travel bag on sale, these bags are great especially for airline travel


Things To Consider When Making A Choice On Your Travel Golf Bag

Quite a whole lot of golfer and especially beginners find it difficult to give a proper explanation on the different type of golf bag and to whom its best suited for

For this simple but yet very important reasons, lots of golfers miss out on the best when trying to make a selection of golf bag

There are several factors that one must consider if you want to make a great choice for your bag some of these factors are general while others might be as a result of personal preferences

However, in this article, we have listed out the major things that you should look out for when making a choice on your golf travel bag

  • Dividers

The Number of dividers will depend on how well you care about the classical organization of your equipment for quick sorting and to prevent club crowding

As a rule of thumb, the more the number of dividers the more organized your equipment can be and this will also help to prevent club crowding which might lead to a dent

Golf bag offers from few length dividers to as much as 14 length dividers, Golf Bags with 14 length dividers are the best golf bag for organizing your gears and other items as each of this items tend to have its own private or individual slot

As an example, the Sun Mountain Meridian does come with 2 length dividers and this is ok for a travel bag as they aren’t made to come with lots of dividers, however, this bag is able to carry as many s 14 clubs including a pair of shoe and some wears

Golf bag dividers are either full length or half-length dividers, just as its name depicts

The full-length divider has the dividers running full length, i.e from top to bottom of the bag and this is the best type of dividers for thorough and classical organization of your gears and other items as it offers full individual slot

Half-length divider on the other hand offer dividers in half-length, i.e they aren’t full length and this means this divider run only halfway in the bag, the half-length does also help for an organization but not as thorough as the Full-length dividers

  • Number Of Pocket and Spacing

It should be well noted that the most number of pocket hat your bag does have the more equipment and utilities that you will be able to carry

Golf bags offer as much as 15 pockets and as low as 3 pockets or so, you should know what you want, if you are looking for a bag that does offer a massive amount of spacing and pocketing then you should consider opting in for the Staff or Cart golf bag

However, if you are well off comfortable with a very lightweight and portable golf bag then you should consider opting for Carry Golf Bag

  • Bag Type

 Clubglider Sun Mountain Meridiangolf bag

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Having a proper understanding of the different type of golf bag will help you in making the right buying decision

For golfer whose have a great love for more numbers of pockets and spacing them, you should consider opting for the Staff Bag

If you are a golfer who owns a Cart, plans in owning one then the Cart Bag would mean a great option

For Golfer who wants a carry friendly bag and one which still does offer a lot of spacing for your gears and valuables then the Stand Bag would do just that

If you want an extremely lightweight and very carry friendly bag then the Carry Golf Bag should be your best bet

Travel Bag is great for the golfer who wants to travel or travels a lot,

  • Features

Just as there are different type of golf bag so do their features, while some bags offer more number of features other offers less

What features are you comfortable with, some of the features that you can find on your golf bag well include the likes of hok for stuff, rain hood cover, slot for Umbrella, valuable pocket, and many more

You should consider features as not all bag are the same and not everyone has a different taste

  • Branding

This says it all, branding is a strong signal when buying anything be it a bag or a phone or anything else

There has quite been an impressive brand makes of bags for golf which include and is not restricted to the Sun Mountain, Callaway, Titleist, etc.

This brand provides quality and well efficient golf bag, so consider getting from any of them when in a hunt for your next golf bag

  • Pricing

Golf bag just as its sizing. features, weight, pocket, and spacing varies, so do pricing, there are golf bag which is very expensive and ones which are very affordable

You should expect to see a quality golf bag for $200 and above, this is not to say their arent good bags for less than than

But it’s best to spend a good amount on your bag for quality as it is well known that the better the quality the more expensive your bag can be


Sun Mountain 2018 Glider Meridian Golf Travel Golf Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Can two small sets of clubs be fitted into this golf bag?

A: Though the bag is quite big and spacious it depends on the size of the small set of club you are talking about however bag should be able to fit a small set of clubs


  • Q: Will this fit the C130 Bag?
  • A: The Sun Mountain Glider Meridian Travel Bag is very large so that it is able to fit the C130 Golf Bag


  • Q: Is this Travel Bag easy friendly
  • A: Absolutely the reviews emphasize this a whole lot, Travel Bag is easy to use


  • Q: What is the major difference between Journey friendly and the Meridian
  • A: Journey model is a little less of quality than the Meridian so they are slightly cheaper, weighing 10.7lbs with an interior pocket, Meridian has a bit more quality and weighing 11.3lbs, foam protection for club top, heat-treated axle, reinforced wear areas, and 2 exterior pockets


  • Q: Is the Sun Mountain Meridian Glider able to fit a tour cart bag like the Taylormade deluxe?
  • A: Absolutely, yes it should fit the Taylormade Deluxe


  • Q: Is this Sturdy enough to check with the luggage when flying?
  • A: Absolutely, that is one of its core characteristics, with this bag you will be sure that your colleagues will be bag envy


  • Q: Will this bag be a great fit for lengthy clubs?
  • A: The Meridian Glider boost of a dimension of 52” x 14” x 12”, so they should be able to accommodate your longest club


  • Q: Can it fit on a Car?
  • A: Yes, this bag is able to fit in the car


  • Q: Can the Sun Mountain Clubglider meridian be personalized by embroidering it?
  • A: It can be embroidered for personalization although it will take some time, two to three weeks to be precise


  • Q: Can this Sun Mountain Meridian fit on the back of a standard sedan trunk like the Camry or Accord?
  • A: Surely, it should as it fits in the standard size SUV



Your bags are an important piece for golfing as there are the house which stores your clubs and other items for golf

Golf bag gives you the robust option to choose from Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

Here in this review is the Sun Mountain Meridian, this bag boost of generous spacing for all your belongings

They are very easily rollable brought about by their highly developed and strategically placed rollable wheels, heavy two way zippers for maximum protection and easy loading of your belongings, and an internal cinch strap for bag security























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