In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag

Bags are part of the game, this is because they are the storehouse for your gears, they are an oneness spot also as they keep all your belongings all together instead of haphazardly which might lead to misplacement

Come on, having spent a whole lot on your gears wouldn’t it be a wise decision that you do the same to ensure maximum protection of your equipment?

The Sun Mountain brand has been a well talked about brand for years due to to its massive and quality build

Having produced a lot of series golf bag which does include the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Golf Bag to the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Series

In this blog post, we have here on review the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag

This bag just as its name depict is designed for traveling, this bag is meant to contain all your golfing equipment right from your clubs to every single piece of item that you will be needing

They are designed in such a way that it does come with a hard and rigid outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best of protection for your equipment

With this bag comes an elaborate wheel designed well constructed for quick and easy maneuverability and movement

Its generous spacing and large pockets make them so unique and one for the golfer looking to store more equipment in their bag

With this bag, you can pick up all your belonging and as many as 14 clubs with other items inclusive

This bag is known to have a dimension of 8.27 x 26.38 x 15.35 inches, you cannot imagine as this bag are very lightweight, weighing but 1 pound this makes them great for anyone looking for ”Push friendly with ease travel bag”

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag was designed with minute accuracy with this they are very sturdy and well balanced

Due to its structural set up surely your colleagues and friends are bound to be bag envy even though they are not made available in many color options to choose from

There are lots of mouth-watering features which this bag is well known for and this makes them so so unique

This includes the leg mechanism which is able to expand and retract in one easy motion. This leg mechanism can also be folded into a molded tray for easy portability when traveling

Or how about the heavy-duty two-way zippered system which does add up to the overall protection of your bag

It does have a zippered system that runs the bag full length(Two Way Zippered) for quick and easy parking and un-parking of your belongings almost zero no stress

There is an internal cinch strap that is used to protect your golf bag pivoting caster wheel

Check the review and see for yourself, this Travel Golf bag is definitely one of the rarest of its kind

It was so good according to a buyer that he described it as, ”A Life Time Saver”, tired of difficulty rolling your travel bag?

Then it is time to shift, as this bag is very truly rollable, ”If you will be traveling with your club, this is a must” so says a buyer and you will be surprised that it fits the big Ping Pioneer II Cart Bag, this tells you as to which extent is its storage space

Isn’t it amazing that even with a single of your finger you can be able to move this kind of bag? this makes them a great options for the senior golfer

Amazingly senior golfers as old as 85 can easily push the bag without effort and stressfulness

Here is the truth revealed about this bag type if you have the opportunity to use this bag, you will have regret, deep regret for using any other Travel Golf Bag, this is professionalism!!!

Even its delivery system is one you shouldn’t mess around with as they deliver promptly and on time

With this bag, ”Buy it now and thank me later” would be your song


Sun Mountain Club Glider Journey VS Tour Series, What’s The Difference?

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheeled Golf Travel Bag Reviews

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The Club Glider Journey Sun Mountain on review does have a dimension of 8.27 x 26.38 x 15.35 inches whereas the Sun Mountain Club Glider Tour Series does have a dimension of 52 x 14 x 14 inch

Judging from this it is well noted that the Tour series is slightly larger than ClubGlider Journey

The Tour Series does also have TSA lock features which arent present in the ClubGlider Journey Travel Golf Bag


What Is A Travel Golf Bag Used For?

Just as its name depicts, this bag is meant for golfers who are on a journey over long distance and would remain at the destination for certain time duration and most importantly still want to participate in golfing

It all started in the early days of golf when the need arose for a bag that would conveniently and efficiently convey your golf gears and belongings

This problems sterns from the fact that the other type of golf bag isn’t capable enough to protect your equipment while on transit

And thus a Travel Golf bag was born, in simple term, Travel Golf Bag is well-tailored to the golfer who would be traveling or the traveling golfer


Sun Mountain ClubGlide Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag, Its Specification

  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Year: 2020
  • Type: Travel Bag
  • Weight: 10.7 Pounds


Journey Wheel ClubGlider Travel Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Heavy Full way two Zippered systems for maximum protection
  • Internal cinch strap 
  • The leg can be retracted into mouldable tray
  • Pivoting caster wheel which so easy to roll


ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Bag Video Review By Rayan Ballengee


ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and wide enough to contain all your belongings
  • Quality for long-lasting durability
  • Highly portable leg mechanism which is able to fold into the molded tray
  • Full two-way zippers which run the full length


ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag, Its Cons

  • Legs stick out when you want to stand bag so that it takes less room on an elevator



Types Of Golf Bag

Today’s golfing does have in offer 5 bag types which include-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Golf Bag

A Whole lot of golfer isn’t aware of the different bag type and this can in some sort of way make the wrong selection on your Travel Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Golf Bag also well know as tour Bags, they are most common among tour pros due to its superior quality, pocketing, and sizing

However this does not come free as they are expensive and can be very bulky, you will need a golf Caddy if you are a proud owner  of a Staff Bag or plan to own one

The typical Staff Bag will weigh 10 pounds or more, the Cart bag does have enough spacing for your apparel, shoes, ball, and tees, etc.

The Staff bag offers a very wide and spacious side base for the advertisement of a particular new brand in the market

If you are a golfer who come always accompanied then the Staff bag might mean a great option for you as well

As there are lots of staff bag in the market today to choose from this is our recommendation Best Staff Golf Bag

  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag is quite distinct from any other bag type as it does come with rubber on a non-slip base which does prevent slippage from the Cart when on transit

Cart bags are very elaborate containing lots of space and pockets for your gears and equipment but they are noticeably lighter and smaller than a Staff Bag

Cart Bags are great for golfers looking for a very elaborate bag well suited for the Cart, you should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh 6 to 9 pounds

If you are a golfer whose got a Cart or plan to own one then the Cart Bag should be the smartest option for you

This bag type is also known as a trolley golf bag, as the demand for Cart Bag increase making a choice can be quite daunting and challenging however this is the one we recommend Best Golf Cart Bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is a bag that does come with a stand, they are designed in such a way that it does come with a double legged stand for the best of balancing and stability and this makes them different from other bag types

The Stand bag is the most balanced and stable golf bag, Stand bag is slightly lighter, this stand allows easy access to any club whilst playing around

The Stand bag is popular for the golfer who wants to walk within holes, they are great for carrying this is why they come with a carry comfortable strap for proper weight distribution across the shoulder for the best of comfort and feel

There are lots and lots of stand bag that a golfer can make a choice from, but we at golfers_costume recommend this Best Stand bag to buy right now

  • Carry Golf Bag

The Carry golf bag just as its name reveals is meant to be carried this is the reason for its well-developed dual carry strap system for proper weight distribution and balancing across shoulders

The Carry golf bag is the lightest and smallest golf bag type, and perfect for the golfer who wants to walk down the course instead of pushing, pulling, or Driving

The Sunday Golf bag type which is also known as Pencil golf bag falls under the bag type Carry Golf Bag

You should see a typical Carry Golf Bag weigh 3 pounds or less,

  • Travel Golf Bag

ClubGlider Journey Sun Mountain Wheeled Golf Travel Bag Reviews

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Last but not the least, the Travel Golf bag is designed for traveling, they are specifically designed to protect your gears and other equipment while you travel

The Travel golf bag is made distinct from other bag types because of its highly rollable and quality wheels for unmatched portability

They are designed in such a way that the outer casing is rigid and strong and a soft and well-padded inn so that your gears can be well protected

There are lots of travel golf bag in today’s market, however, this is the one we recommend for airline travel Best Travel Golf Bag

A perfect example of a Travel Golf bag is the Sun Mountain ClubGlide Journey Travel Golf Bag which is being reviewed


What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag?

  • Strap System

The strap system is of great importance as you will have to lift your bag whether into the cart on your back

A golf bag will either have a single strap system or a double strap system, Cart bags are well associated with a single strap system

Whereas Carry bags and Stand bag are well associated with a double carry strap system, you carry strap whether single or double must be comfortable, wide and well-padded

With the Sun Mountain CubGlider Journey comes an internal cinch strap system so that you can properly secure your golf bag

  • Club Divider

Just as golf bag varies so do club divider, there are bags which are able to offer you as much as a 14-way divider and other as few as a 3-way divider

If the aim of buying your bag is so that your equipment is highly organized and placed on each slot to prevent club crowding or entanglement then a bag that offers lots of dividers will suit you perfectly

On the other hand, if you prefer portability and a very simple bag then you should consider bags with few length dividers

Golf bag divider are either full length or half-length, with the full length running the bag from top to bottom whereas half-length only but runs halfway

Many bags offer both the full length and half-length divider, however, there are some bags which offers all divider in full length

Having said this one of the greatest advantages of a full-length divider golf bag is that it does create room for total privacy of slot and this helps to prevent the club from crowding

  • Pocket And Storage

There are golf bags which come with lots of pockets this is very common among the Staff Bag and the Cart bag

You should consider getting a bag that does have lots of spacing and pockets if you want to be able to carry lots of items in your bag

The more storage the more equipment you can carry and the less storage the less number of items that can be carried

  • Features

Golf bag are well known to come with varying features, so you should be putting into consideration what features you are comfortable

Would you be needing a hook for stuff or you have tags that you will like to display? then you should consider a bag with a hook for that

  • Weighing

The larger the bag the heavier it becomes, if you are looking for a bag that does offer great portability you should be considering a lightweight golf bag subsequently if you are looking for one which offers lots of pockets then you should expect them to be weighty

  • Price

Golf bags are made available in the different price category, Golf bag are available from price friendly to being expensive

Which you choose will depend on the pricing, as you will often expect, quality golf bags will usually be more expensive than the fewer quality ones

To get a very quality bag you should be willing to spend a lot of money, however, there are some good bag which is highly affordable

  • Branding

For many, they have stuck to a particular brand, name such as Titleist, Callaway, Ping are well respected and reputable golf equipment company

  • Stitching

Making the best choice on your bag would also ensure that you look for one which offers double stitching

Look for double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of golf bag, the loop or lock stitching is commonly used among certain companies as they help to lock if one stitch comes apart and this prevents the rest from coming apart

  • Quick Clip

The quick clip helps to attach the top and bottom of the strap to the bag, this quick clip can be metal or plastic and they have a varying degree of adjustability

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most common style of graphite shaft protection, however, its disadvantage is that sand easily stick on them and this harms the shaft coating

Over the recent years, there has been a newer alternative such as fur, fabric, and rubber lining


Is Sun Mountain A Good Golf Bag

Journey Sun Mountain ClubGlider Wheeled Golf Travel Bag Reviews

Buy Now On Amazon

Brand Sun Mountain as earlier portrayed is one of the foremost leaders when it comes to the manufacture and production of golf equipment especially bags

Having been in the industry for a long time, know what it takes to make a great and exciting golf bag that will serve your needs


ClubGlider Journey Golf Travel Wheel Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Do I have to purchase a stiff arm separately or does this golf bag come with one?
  • A: The Clubglider Journey Golf Travel Wheel Bag does not come with a stiff arm


  • Q: Can the Sun Mountain 2020 Cart Bag fit into this travel golf bag?
  • A: Yes the Sun Moutain 2020 Golf Cart bag will definitely fit 


  • Q: Is there a provision for rooms for cloth with the ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag
  • A: Definitely, it is all dependent on the size of your bag but there will be always provision of room for clothes 


  • Q: How Much Does It Cost To Get A Good Travel Golf Bag For Golf?
  • A: Actually, there are no rules for that but you should expect to spend above $200 if you hope to get a quality and highly efficient traveling golf bag


How Long Does A Golf Travel Bag Last

Your travel bag would last based on how frequent you use and maintain them, however, you should expect your quality travel golf bag to last at least up to five years


Is There A Substitute To Travel Golf Bag

Every bag does come with its own unique characteristics, Travel Golf Bag was created to bridge the gap between traveling ver long distance and ensuring your items are kept well secured and protected

It is possible you use other bag types while traveling but there aren’t literally no substitute for your travel bag in as much as you will be traveling, these bags are made distinct from other bag types due to their hard outer casing and very soft, foam and well-padded inn for maximum protection as you travel across



Bags are a very integral part of your game as it does serves as a storehouse and protection for all your belongings

You need the right golf bag to ensure your items are properly secured, there are different Golf bag type and each serves its own purpose

As the Staff Bag is designed for the Caddy, the Cart bag for the Cart, Stand Bag and Carry bag for walking, and travel bag for traveling

If you are a golfer and in search of a great travel golf bag then consider the ClubGlider Journey Golf Travel Bag as they are manufactured to make your journey easy and well secured

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Journey Wheel Travel Golf Bag features an internal cinch strap so that your bag is properly secured

They are very spacious and wide giving you enough room to pack all your belonging and items

Highly rollable wheelbase very easy to roll even with one finger, the presence of the heavy two way zippers runs full length for easy and quick loading

This bag can hold a stand bag or a cart bag and with the pivoting caster wheel you will find it easy to maneuver as you move along the airport




















































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