In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover to determine whether they are right for you or not

In today’s blog post, we are going to be having on review the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover

Bags are undoubtedly an integral part of your game this is because it is the storehouse of your golfing gears and other relevant equipment

Your Bag serves as a means of protection for every belonging that you will be needing, it also helps to put all your belonging together to prevent them from getting lost or misplaced

Having spent a lot getting those expensive gears wouldn’t it be wise to spend a little more for its protection?

There are lots of Travel Golf Bag in today’s market but you see the Sun Mountain? they stand out

If you are a golf enthusiast, you probably have heard of the brand ”Sun Mountain”, this company are well known for manufacturing your bags for golf and other golf-related equipment

The Sun Mountain do not just manufacture your golfing equipment and accessories rather they are well focused on quality and efficiency so that you can have the best

This makes them one of the favorite brands among so many golfers, Brand Sun Mountain does have lots of travel bag series to its name

This includes and not restricted to the Sun Moutain ClubGlider Journey Travel Bag to the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Tour Series to the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian and a lot more

Looking for one of the most sought-after travel golf bags on sale today? don’t worry we have you covered, the ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover can be your best bet

This travel bag would be talked about for so many years as it does meet the satisfaction of almost every buyer

This Travel Cover boost a lot of great reviews and this makes it something worth grabbing your hands on if you are in search of a well-defined travel golf bag

Get this for your husband or your wife and they will surely love it as they are so so easy to roll and move around the airport

The bag supports its weight, this prevents you from constantly supporting the weight of the bag while you pull along.

The Sun Mountain does have a lot of mouth-watering features which makes them really great and one that will make your friends and colleagues become bag envy

I love this bag as they are very spacious so that they are able to contain two bags-precisely a Staf bag or two stand bag

This bag features four internal pockets and is loaded with useful features for safely transporting your clubs when you want to take them with you

With this bag comes an integrated pop-out stand wheel which is perfectly designed for stability and balancing once they are pulled out,  Amazingly this pop out wheel is easily retractable and retractable as well

The ease at which this bag glides through the airport, concrete, and tiles when it is fully loaded is one that will amaze you

The ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover is just exactly as described and you will have no regret having them

Despite the bag not being cheap, you get value for what you pay for, you have the opportunity to carry extra clothing, shoes, socks, and many more due to its generous spacing and wide pockets

The pivoting caster wheel which is well designed and structured can be folded into molded tray for un-matched portability and easy maneuvering

There are heavy two way zippers that give you easy access to your bag and adds up to the overall protection of your items right inside the golf travel bag

How about the dense foam padding which protects your clubs from hitting hardly against bag

You will be able to load your bag easily due to its well developed and highly structured internal cinch strap and bag lift-assist handle

Despite bag being so spacious they are considerably lightweight, weighing but 1 pound with two length divider for organization


Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover, Its Specification

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Year: 2009
  • Type: Travel Bag 
  • Weight: 1 Pound
  • Strap System: Single
  • Pocket: 4


Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover, Its Smart Features

  • Heavy-duty two-way zippers
  • Pivoting caster wheel for superior maneuvering
  • Internal cinch strap


Sun Mountain ClubGldier Pro Travel Cover, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and wide so that they are able to accommodate two bags
  • Lots of pockets
  • Very quality so that they are long-lasting and very efficient
  • Very rollable for easy and quick maneuvering


Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover, Its Cons

  • Does not c0me with a TSA lock



Types Of Golf Bag

As golf technology is advancing at a very fast speed, your bag is no exception, back in the early days there weren’t many types of golf bag in the market but the story is different now

Back in the days, there was only heavy golf bag designed for 14 clubs, in today’s golfing you have a variety to choose from

As you begin to shop for your bag what you will notice that there are lots of types to make a selection from

These bags are available in varying shapes and sizes, a lot of golfers make a selection on their bag without knowing the different type of bag and to whom it is best suited

There are five different types of golf bag which include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Golf Bag

The Staff golf bag is the largest type of golf bag in the market, they are also known as tour bag and are often common among tour pros

Staff Bag is the most luxurious golf bag, they are designed so that it does have lots of spacing and pocket for all your belongings alongside your golf clubs such as extra clothing, waterproof gloves, and golf ball

The Staff bag is the biggest, spacious and widest and expensive bag, as you will expect they are the heaviest as well

This is why they are great for the golfer who got a caddy or plan on getting one, this bag type is also great for the golfer who comes accompanied

A typical Staff Bag should weigh 10 pounds and above, there are lots of staff bag in today’s market, however, this is the one we recommend Best Staff Golf Bag you should consider buying

  • Cart Bag

The Cart Bag is also known as trolley bag is also very spacious, wide, and comes with lots of pockets however they are considerably smaller than the Staff Bag

With this bag comes a non-slip base or rubber which prevents the bag from slipping out from the cart when in motion

A cart bag weighs 6 to 8 pounds, this is a good choice for a golfer who’s got a Cart or plans in owning one

And if you are a golfer who prefers walking then this is not the right option for you as they can be very heavy and bulky

For a more robust choice on your Cart bag, this is the one we recommend: Best Cart Bag On Sale

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is a little more unique to other types of stand bag with the fact that it does come with a well developed built-in stand, this stand in most cases are double stand

This gives the bag all the needed support for the best of stability and balancing, if you are in search of the most stable and well-balanced golf bag then you should not be far from a Stand Bag

You should expect a typical stand bag to weigh about 5 pounds or less, Stand bag is significantly lighter than a Cart Bag

If you are a golfer who prefers walking down the course then the Stand Bag is very comfortable for you

Most Stand Bag comes with a backpack-style shoulder strap that helps to distribute weight across shoulder

As Stand Golf Bag gets popular by the day and is becoming the top choice for many golfers making a choice can be a bit daunting and confusing, this is why we have done intensive research and we thus recommend this: Best Stand Golf Bag On Sale 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Golf bag also referred to as Pencil or Sunday Golf bag has seen a recent growth rate, as they are designed to be carried

If you are looking for the perfect bag best suited for carrying then the Carry Golf Bag can be your best bet

These bags are extremely lightweight and portable to carry as they are what they are designed for

You should expect a typical Carry bag to weigh about 3 pounds or less, many despite it being small there is Carry golf bag which is able to hold 14 clubs

For Golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time then the Carry Golf bag would be your most preferred option

They are designed to carry but your essential and since they are extremely lightweight this makes them a great choice for senior golfer due to loss of strength as a result of age

There are lots of carry golf bag in today market, however, we recommend this: Best Carry Golf Bag to Buy Right Now

  • Travel Golf Bag

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover

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The Travel Golf bag being the last but not the least is an essential bag designed for carrying your equipment and golf gears safe while you travel

They are designed in such a way that it does have a soft and foamy inn(Well Padded) and a hard outer casing for maximum protection of your belongings

The travel Golf bag is known to come with inbuilt wheels which makes them very easy to maneuver through while you travel

They are designed with well-developed wheels so that they are really easy to roll and push around

As a perfect example, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover on review is an example of a Travel Golf Bag making them great for the golfer who wants to travel but still want to enjoy the game of golf at their destination


What Should I Consider Before Making A Choice On My Golf Bag

While trying to make a choice on your golf ag there are lots of things that you should put into consideration

Some of these factors is a personal factor while some are general factors, however, we are going to see how we can give you the list of both world

We would be considering some key personal factor and general factors as well

A whole lot of golfers do not know the crucial factor that is to be put into consideration as you make the next choice on your bag

In the to be able to make the right selection on your bag, here are what you should put into consideration

  • Strap System

It doesn’t  matter the type of golf bag, you would have to place your hand on its before putting it on your back or on the Cart

Your bag must come with a Carry Starp System, Golf bag does offer two types of Strap System

The first being the single carry strap system and the other dual carry strap system,

The Staff and Cart Bag are well known to offer a single carry strap system whereas the Stand bag and Carry Bag offers dual carry strap system as this helps for proper weight distribution across the shoulder

Whether single or dual carry strap system, it is well worthy of note that they should be solid and well developed, this is to create comfort and great feel when carrying them and to ensure they last longer and are highly efficient

  • Dividers

In most cases, your golf bag will come with a divider as this helps to organize your equipment and to prevent club crowding

There are bags that do offer few length dividers and there are bags that offer lots of dividers

Bags with lots of dividers well include Staff Bag and Cart bag and one with fewer dividers are the Stand Bag and the Carry Bag

If your aim of buying a bag is so that your equipment and gears and highly organized and structured to help prevent club crowding then you are better off with bags that do offers lots of dividers

Amazingly some bags offer as many as 14 length dividers, this gives every individual club its own private slot and with this, you will be able to sort your gears immediately and without much effort

However, if you are looking for a bag that offers unmatched portability and mobility then you should consider one which offers fewer dividers as they are less heavy, bulky, and much lighter

There are two types of golf bag divider, the first being full length, and the second half-length

Full-Length dividers, just as its name implies runs from top to bottom of the bag whereas the half-length runs halfway

Some bag offers the best of both world(full and half-length), other offers all full length, the Full length is preferred over half length because of a thorough organization of your gears as each of your equipment have total privacy to each individual slot

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover on reviews does offer two length dividers

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

As you opt-in for your next golf bag, you should look out for graphite shaft protection, back in the days the most common type of graphite shaft protection is the Fur, however,, its only challenge is that it does pick up and which is sticks to the fur, this can have a negative impact on the shaft coating

There has been a newer and more advanced graphite shaft protection, this include felt, fabric, and treated rubber linning

  • Brand Name

We all have that one brand that we are addicted to, as a result of how quality or efficient their product can be

While some might prefer the Sun Mountain brand, others might prefer the Callaway brand

Names such as Sun Mountain, Ping, Titleist, etc is a great place to search for your golfing equipment from bags to clubs

  • Number Of Pockets

Different golf bag will offer different number of pocket, there are bags which are able to offer many pockets and there are bags which are able to offer a fewer number of pocket

You should make peace which one you are comfortable with if you need a bag which  is able to carry lots of items then one which does have plenty of pockets would be a great option but as expected they are usually on the heavy side than ones which offer fewer pocketing

  • Stitching

It is great to look for a bag that does offer double stitching as this boost the structural soundness of your bag

With double stitching especially around the top and bottom cuff of the bag, the bag will be able to lock when the stitch comes apart

Many companies if not most are well known for using the loop or lock stitching on their bags

You should be able to check out for the strength and density of the lines used for stitching it should look both durable and strong

  • Zippers

Many people get attracted to a golf bag by viewing its zippered system if its got one that offers quality

Are they metal or plastic, you should find out if the zippered system is self-healing, they should have pull tabs attached as this helps for easier grabbing of zippers handle

Are there also storm flap covering the zippers as this helps them to be out of the weather


How Much Does It Cost To Fly With A Golf Bag?

In the US most airlines will charge you an upward of $35 for a second bag and for a third bag you will be charged anywhere from $75 to $150


Is Sun Mountain A Good Golf Bag

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover

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Sun Mountain is an American manufacturer of your golfing equipment right from Carts to bags

Absolutely yes, brand Sun  Mountain is a good golf bag, this company have been into the manufacture of golfing equipment for a very long time so they know what it takes to make a great golf bag

There are other great golf brands out there, but theSun Mountain seems to stand out, they are really a great place to search put for your golf sport-related items

Whenever you see the Sun Mountain, you see Quality and efficiency, however, to get the best you have to be willing to spend a little extra

The Sun Mountain bags are quite expensive when compared to other bag types due to quality and exceptional features which it is known for



Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Travel Cover, Its FAQ

  • Q: Does the Sun Mountain ClubGldier Pro Travel Bag come with a TSA Lock?
  • A: Nope, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Travel Golf Bag does not come with a TSA lock
  • Q: What are the internal dimension of this golf travel cover?
  • A: This travel golf cover does have a dimension of 54 x 16 x 14
  • Q: Is there a put a lock on this bag
  • A: With this bag does come a two-way zipper and for sure you should be able to put a lock on it
  • Q: Is this bag able to fold in half for better and portable storage?
  • A: Absolutely, bag wheels fold up with the half part not being stiff so that it folds without stress



Bags are an integral part of your game and should be treated so, they are the storehouse of your gears and collection, they also serve as p[protection and oneness to your gears and other related items

The Sun Mountain ClubGlider Pro Golf Travel Bag features 2 number dividers, lightweight, weighing but 1 pound

They are able to fit two bags either one staff bag or two stand bag, four internal pockets for more storage, two-way zippers for easy loading and offloading of your types of equipment and gears, internal cinch strap for easy lifting of your bag, and a well-designed wheelbase for easy maneuvering and portability







































































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