In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun mountain 2018 ClubGlider Tour Series Golf Travel Bag on the review so as to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Bags are part of your game, it isn’t a matter of choice as they are the storehouse of your clubs and it serves as a means of protection to your expensive items

With your bag, your gears and other items are brought to oneness as this prevents scattering or haphazardly which might lead to misplacement

The Sun Mountain ClubGldier Tour Series Golf Travel Bag is one that will be talked about for years as they are very quality and offers the best of efficiency

Golf Travel Bag is designed for travelling, this bag is known to have an outer casing that is rigid and tough and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best of comfort for your gears and other related

Made in such a way that they are uniquely brought about by their well developed and structured rollable wheelbase for easy and quick manoeuvring across all terrain

I so love this bag due to its generous spacing that gives you the opportunity to pick up all 14 clubs and lots of other items

With this bag comes an internal dimension of 52 x 14 x 14 inch, for me the first point of attraction with this travel golf bag is its perfect blend of colour, this alone adds to the overall beauty of the bag

Definitely, your friend and colleague will become bag envy as a result of massive attraction and stunning appearance

Unlike the Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Travel Golf Bag which does come with a TSA lock, the Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series does come with TSA approved lock features

The Tour Series Clubglider is constructed with a vinyl so as to coordinate with the Tour Series, similar to the Meridian, it is able to hold a single cart or stand bag

One of the very great features which does come with this bag is its patented leg mechanism which is very solid and well constructed so that they contract or retract easily at will

Giving the Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series a try you will have regret why you have ever used anything else

With this bag comes lots of mouth-watering features which makes them great and well cherishable

Such features would include as earlier said, the TSA Lock for improved security and protection, leg mechanism which retracts and extend easily at will when the need arises

The leg mechanism is able to fold into a moulder tray pattern for the best mobility and portability while travelling

How about the well designed and highly developed internal cinch strap for extra security by holding your bags in the carrier

You will find it very easy loading and offloading your gears via its two-way zippers which runs full length

With this bag comes multiple colour options to choose from and sold by Golf24seven, the quality of this bag is much more than you will expect as they are very quality and rugged

When on the extra set of wheel, you will find out that the bags glide easily and this is an amazing feature especially when you are travelling through the airport

They are a great option for golfers who fly Southwest Airlines as they meet the required weight standard as it is under 5 pounds

How about its very amazing customer service which is at your beckon to respond to your question and curiosity without a waste of time

If you’ve got a Cart bag, never worry as it does fit great in this travel golf bag, they are really worth the price and truly a game-changer for golf travellers

A great slogan well labelled for this bag is, ”Buy it and thank me later”, this is what its stand for as this one is exceptional

They are so so easy to move even with one finger through the airport and for many, this is a great relief


Tour Series VS Regular Glider, What’s The Difference?

The Tour series is different from the Regular Glider in the fact that it does offer more spacing and pocketing thus giving you the opportunity to pick up more belongings and equipment

The Tour series has more from inside as it does have a dimension of (”14 x14”), and including a well designed and spacious side pocket which adds to the overall attraction and easy sorting of your equipment without the need to open the main bag compartment

Due to this extra spacing and pocketing the Tour series are quite heavier than the Regular Glider


What Is A Travel Golf Bag Use For

Oh! you just saw what it is designed for, ”the Travel” this bag type is designed to protect all your gears and equipment while you travel

They are designed so that it comes with a soft and foamy inn with a well developed and strategically placed rollable wheel for easy mobility and manoeuvring especially in the airport

The Sun Mountain has been known for years having lots of travel bag series to its name, this travel bag is and not restricted to Sun Mountain Clubglider Series, Sun Mountain Clubglider Journey Wheeled Golf Travel Cover and many more

So they know what it takes to make a great bag that will suit the need of every golfer


Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series, Its Specification


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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Year: 2018
  • Type: Travel Golf Bag
  • Strap: Cinch Strap System, single 
  • Weight: 13.2lbs

Sun Mountain Clubglider Tour Series, Its Smart Features

  • TSA Approved lock system
  • Very foldable leg mechanism which folds into a moulded tray
  • Heavy-duty two-way zippers with full-length dividers 



Sun Mountain Tour Series 2018 Clubglider Travel Bag Video Review By Jeanie Mal


Sun Mountain Series Clubglider Golf Travel Bag, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and does come with a side pocket
  • TSA approved lock for added protection
  • Easily retractable leg mechanism
  • Well developed rollable system for quick and easy manoeuvring
  • Very quality for the best of durability and efficiency


Sun Mountain Series Clubglider Travel Golf Bag, Its Cons

  • Expensive but worth it due to exceptional quality


Types Of Golf Bag

Over the course of the years, there have been an increase in the category of golf bag r simply put golf bag type

Your golf bag is categorized into five section-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry bag and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the most luxurious bag in terms of everything right from quality, spacing, pocketing, features, weight and pricing

Due to its quality and large spacing which is second to none, they are often more seen among tour pros

Staff Bag is also known as tour bags are very generous with spacing so that there is space for your waterproof, tees, balls and other items

You should expect a typical Staff bag to weight 10 pounds and above, Staff bag is a great way to show create awareness about a new brand in the market as it does have a well-defined side for the brand logo

Consider opting for the Staff bag if you’ve got a Caddy, plan on owning one or you come accompanied

There is also a great option for the golfer who love spacing and many pockets for more storage

There are a lot of staff bag in today’s market but here are the ones we recommend: Best Staff Bag on sale

  • Cart Bag

The Cart Bag is a bag type designed for the Cart as they are way too heavy to be carried on the shoulder, Cart bag is made distinct from other bag type brought about by its non-slip base or rubber which does prevent it from slipping out of the cart when on motion

The cart bag is also very large, spacious and generous in spacing but noticeably on a smaller scale when compared to the Staff bag

The Cart bag is also well-referred to as Trolley bags and weighs about 6 pounds to 9, they are a great option for golfers who wants spacing for more equipment, they are also a smart choice option for golfers who own or plan on owning a Cart

With this bag comes also provision for your waterproof, tees, balls, towels, e.t.c like the Staff

As Cart bag become ever o an increase making a choice has never been easy, for your Cart bag here is our recommendation: Best Cart Bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is made distinct due to its stand features, Stand Bags does come with a well developed and strategically placed double stand for the best of stability and balancing

The Stand bag type is often referred to as the most stable golf bag as they are very stable across al terrain

This bag type can also be very spacious and come with a lot of pockets but on a smaller scale than the Staff bag or Cart bag

The Stand bag is said to be a bag that fills the gap between the Staff and Cart Bag as it seems to have characteristics of both

The Stand bag does come with a well developed dual carry strap for proper weight distribution across the shoulder and this creates comfort and a relaxed feel

They are a great option for the walking golfer, i.e one who prefers walking down the course with a bag on the shoulder than riding, pushing or pulling

  • Carry Bag

The Carry bag is designed to be carried, Carry bag is very distinctive from any bag tye as it does come with the most developed, foamy and padded carry strap for proper weight distribution and balancing when carries

This is the smallest, lightest and most portable golf bag as they are designed to but carry only your essential even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry as much as 14 clubs

They are perfect for the golfer who prefers to focus on a particular aspect of their game on at a time, like driving the range, hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt

They are also very good for senior golfer due to their carry friendly and lightweight nature

You should expect a typical Carry bag to weight 3 pounds or less, this makes it the best option for anyone looking for the most portable golf bag

The Pencil or Sunday Golf bag falls under the category Carry golf bag here are the list: Best Carry Golf Bag to Buy

  • Travel Bag


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The Travel bag is meant and designed for that golfer who wants to travel, they are made with a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy and well-padded inn for extra protection on your gears

The travel golf bag does come with a quick and easy rollable wheel for easy movement and mobility as you travel

This wheel is usually retractable and retractable when needed, a perfect example of a Travel bag is the Sun Mountain Clubglider tour series, which is being reviewed

For your travel golf bag varying choices please refer here: Best Travel Golf Bag


What Should I Consider When Making A Choice On My Bag

There are varying factors one might put into consideration to help you make the best selection on your bag for golf, however, some of this is general precaution while others are more of a preferential basis

This article gives you the most important factor to put into consideration as you go on a hunt for your next golf bag

Here is the factor one should put into consideration to help you make the right decision on your bag

  • Bag Type

When making a choice on your bag it would be of a great resource that you are armed with the knowledge of the different bag type and to whom it is best suited for

For Golfers who come accompanied, have a strong acne love for spacing and pocket, have or plan to have a Caddy then the Staff Bag would mean the best choice

If you’ve got a traditional cart, plan on owning one, love your space then you should be well comfortable with the Cart bag

For the golfer who wants a spacious bag with quite an impressive number of pocket and  comfortable for carrying while you walk down the course then the Stand bag would be your best bet

If you love extreme portability and mobility bag, one that is very lightweight or you probably prefer focusing on a particular aspect of your game one at a time then consider opting for the Carry golf bag

Sunday or Pencil golf bag falls under the ”Umbrella” Carry golf bag

For travellers then the Travel golf bag would be the best option as it is designed with a mechanism for thorough protection and preservation of your equipment while on transit

  • Dividers


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Though the Travel Golf bag may not be a huge fan of dividers the other 4 categories of bag type is

When making a choice on your bag you should put the number of the divider into consideration as different bags will offer different dividers

There are bags which does come with as much as 15 dividers whereas there are others that come with a little as two

These dividers help for thorough organization of your equipment and gears especially one with lots of dividers

The more dividers your bag does have the more organized, highly structured your items are going to be and this on a great deal will help prevent club crowding and promote easy and quick sorting of your belonging

Even though the Stand Bag is also a huge fan of dividers, the Staff and Cart bag are the biggest fans to lots of dividers

As you will expect the more dividers your bag has the heavier it becomes and the smaller the holes of the divider

Due to all too many dividers, these individual slot holes are quite small and you will have to squeeze your hand through to grab a club out of the bag

There are two types of dividers in your golf bag_Full length and Half-length

The full length just as its name depicts runs from top to bottom of the bag and this calls for total privacy of item or gears placed into it

On the other hand, the ”Half-length” divider does run halfway, they arent as cherished as the full length as it does not give total privacy to clubs or item on it

While some bags offer both the full length and half-length others offers the full length only, so you should be known what you want and is comfortable with

  • Pocket And features

Your Bag for golf offers a different number of pocket, while some offer a massive number of pocket other few

Pocket for your golf bag can be as many as 14 and as less as 2, more number of pocket gives you the advantage of picking up more equipment and accessories

Feature varies greatly with a golf bag, while some bag offers more features other do offer less, you should know what you are comfortable with as a features

Some of the features of your bag well include and is not restricted to hook for your towel, umbrella holder, rain hood, stick for your gloves etc.

  • Carry Strap System

Golf bag carry strap are either single or double, whether single or double it does have to be very solid, comfortable and foamy for even weight distribution and great feel

The double carry strap system is well common among the Carry golf bag and Stand bag type whereas the Staff Bag ad Cart bag is known to come with a single shoulder carry strap

As a matter of fact, some of this bag offers adjustable or flexible carry strap so that it fits a wide range of golfer

  • Price

Bags are available at different prices, so what’s your budget, your budget will determine the quality you can buy

While there are cheap and affordable golf bag out there, it’s best to spend on quality, the better the quality the more expensive your golf bag can be

  • Branding


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A good brand tells its name, golf bags are available from a different brand, this brand has a well-established name, Callaway, Titleist, Sun Mountain, etc.

These aforementioned brand are a great place to source for your golf bag as they manufacture quality and un-matched efficiency

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the common style of graphite protection that is known, it works more adequately for the most part

However, its drawback is the fact that sand can stick in the fur this means harming the shaft coating

Ultimately, there has been advancement and now we have the felt, fabric and treated rubber lining

  • Stitching

Stitching is a very crucial fact to the natural soundness of your bag, this is why you cannot ignore this factor

You should look for a bag that does offer double stitches around the top and bottom cuff of the bag

There is loop or lock stitching a ”methodology of stitching” used by certain companies so that it locks if one stitch comes apart and this prevents stitch from popping out

Have a very close look at the lines and density of the stitches it has to look good and durable


Sun Mountain Series Clubglider Travel Golf Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: What’s the dimension of the bag?
  • A: The Sun Mountain Tour Series Clubglider Travel Golf Bag has a dimension of 52x 14×14


  • Q: What’s the weight of bag
  • A: Bag does have a weigh of 14 pounds


  • Q: I don’t know which choice to make, should I buy the Meridian or the Tour Model Clubglider Golf Bag?
  • A: The Tour model has an extra pocket on the outer, this is the major difference between the Meridian Sun Mountain Club Glider Travel Golf Bag and the Sun Mountain Tour Model Travel Golf Bag


  • Q: Does the outer storage use inside storage bag space or extra outside space?
  • A: The bag takes up inside storage space nevertheless you will have more than enough spacing as the bag on its own come spacious



The Sun Mountain 2018 Tourglider Series does offer lots of spacing for all your belongings, there’s also an outer spacing at the side where you can store other items

This travel bag features a TSA lock system for extra protection and they are so so easy to roll brought about by its large wheel for instantaneous mobility

I love this bag as it does come with the best of quality and are available in different colour options to choose from

Heavy-duty Zippers(Full length) for added protection, a fold for storage, pivoting wheel and retractable legs





































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