In the end, you should be able to tell the features which do come with the Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Note: LS in the context of this bag means ”Lightweight Series”

Today’s golfing do have in great offer varying golf bag designed to meet each golfer need, Bags are part of your game whether you agree or not

In today’s blog post we have the Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag Reviews

Come on, your bag is a storehouse for your gears and it also serves as a means of protection, with a golf bag your gears and other related items are in oneness and this can help prevent them from getting misplaced

We pay so much attention to our club yet pay little attention to its protection, you have spent a lot obtaining that equipment wouldn’t it be wise you do that same ”even more” for its protection?

This is where the Sun Mountain Golf Prio Generation 4.5LS comes into play, this bag falls under the category, ”Stand Bag”

Looking for a quality and highly efficient Stand Bag with enough spacing with easy and quick portability? you cannot be wrong with this one

See for yourself, its got great reviews, little to no wonder it is highly cherished by those who know its worth, this bag will surely be talked about for years that it was one of the ”unicorns” of its kind

Lets, get down to the fact, Brand Sun Mountain is a reputable company for your golf equipment ranging from bags to other equipment

Similar to this well recognized, trusted, and reputable brand is the likes of the Callaway, Taylormade, Cobra, etc.

This aforementioned brand also make great and fantastic golf bags, irrespective of the bag type

Not to worry at the bottom end of this post we will have a thorough explanation of the different type of golf bag so as to help you in making a quick and right decision for which is best suited for you

This bag offers a few color combination option such, as just two as at the time of writing

They are greatly admired for many reasons such as the lumbar support airflow hip pad, the easily adjustable EZ fit dual strap system and of which is padded with three foam layer construction all this is to bring you an instant feel of comfort and a great pleasant feel on your shoulder when carried

One of the most exciting parts of them all is you are not just buying a Stand Bag you are, ”Buying Quality” this means durability and efficiency

This is what I will like to call the ”Killing point”, coz everyone loves quality

The Golf Prior Generation Stand Bag beats your imagination through its offering of 11-way top diameter so that clubs can easily move in and a 14-way divider which is all full length for a classical organization of your items to escape the effect of club crowding which might include dent or maiming of one club against the other

Looking for a 14 Way Divider Stand Bag? You’ve got the best and it is no other than the Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation Stand Bag

Weighing 7 pounds which makes them very portable and easy to carry, amazingly, you will also be able to pick up this 14-way divider stand bag using its overall top handle which is well integrated and developed

The bag is made of polyester material with a whopping number of 7 pockets and as you would expect, this pocket are well spacious enough for all the belongings you will ever need

Features an EZ fit(R)dual strap system which is adjustable so that it fits different body size

Its got very sturdy legs which are retractable any time when need be, these legs are very sold and well developed so that bag remains very balanced on the ground

You have finally gotten a bag to be comfortable while you walk down the course and features that well resonates with you

The 7 pockets include a water bottle pocket, soft pouch which is able to accommodate 7 or 8 smartphones, slot for your cooler, water-resistant velour-lined valuable pocket, full-length clothing pocket,  and multiple accessories pockets

Pocket is well accessible easily and quickly as all pocket seems to be front-facing, the zippered system, on the other hand, is good and bold enough

Despite this being a Stand Bag and designed for talking they are also great for the Cart due to Cart Strap pass through which runs behind the pocket for clothing this is all geared towards bag being well secured in the Cart without making it difficult to access pocket


Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-way Stand Bag, Its Spec,

Gol Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way stand bag reviewed

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Stand Bag
  • Year: 2019
  • Strap: E-Z Fit(R) Dual strap system
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 7 Pounds
  • Pocket: 7


Sun Mountain 4.5LS Prior Generation Stand Bag. It’s Smart Features

Prior Generation Sun Mountain Stand Bag 14-Way

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  • Top divider:
  • Full-length divider
  • Oval top with integrated handle
  • Padded strap made of a three-layer construction
  • Matching rain hood cover


Sun Mountain 4.5LS Prior Generation Stand Bag By TGW, ”The Golf Warehouse”


Sun Mountain Prio Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag, Its Pros

  • Very lightweight for unmatched portability and mobility
  • Lots of pocket for a robust storage option
  • Thorough organization and arrangement of your items for easy sorting
  • Quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Can be attached to a Cart
  • Padded strap made with three-layer foam construction for the best feel and comfort

Sun Mountain Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Bag, Its Cons

  • No dedicated putter compartment so you keep in one of the 14 holes
  • Someone complained of no logo on the bag



Types Of Golf Bag

Golf bags are of different categories, for many golfers especially beginner, they aren’t aware of this

Your bag for golf are classified into 5 categories-We have the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

Staff Bag is the most luxurious golf bag type as it does have the best quality, most spacious, and more pocketed bag type, as you will also expect they are also very heavy and expensive

The Staff Bag is also known as Tour bag this is because it is usually commonly seen among tour pros

The Staff Bag is designed for the Caddy, so if you’ve got a Caddy or plan on getting one then you should consider opting for the staff bag

They are also great for golfers who love spacing as they offer the most generous spacing, features, and pocketing

A typical Staff Bag weighs 10 pounds or more, if you are a golfer who comes accompanied consider getting a Staff bag as well

There are many Staff Bag in today’s market, this makes it confusing to make a choice on which to get

However, through intensive research, reviews, and feedback here is the one we recommend: Best Staff Bag On Sale

  • Cart Bag

The Cart bag, similar to the Staff bag offer elaborate spacing and a large number of pocket though noticeable smaller than the Staff Bag

Cart bag does come with a non-slip base or rubber which helps for attachment to Cart to prevent sliding when in motion

If you are a golfer. who’s got a caddy, plans in owning one or you just have nature love for spacing and organization the Cart bag seems great

You should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh 6 pounds and above, they are also referred to as Trolley bags

Over the recent years, there has been an ever-increasing demand for golf Cart Bags, these bags are worth buying as they do come with cooler Best Cart Bag to buy 

  • Stand Bag

Golf Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way stand bag reviewed

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Well known and called Stand bag as they are known to come with a built-in stand which is retractable and retractable

Stand Bag feels the gap between a Staff Bag and Cart bag, as they are very spacious but are carry friendly

A Stand bag will weigh about 7 pounds below, this is seen as the most stable and wee balanced bag as they are very sturdy and does come with well-developed legs

If you are a golfer who loves to walk down the course then consider getting yourself a Stand bag

In this blog post as an example, our topic focuses on the Sun Mountain Prio Generation 4.5LS 14-Way bag on review which is a Stand Bag

For your 14-Way Stand Golf Bag similar to the Prio Generation 4.5LB on review please refer here: Best Stand Bag

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Golf Bag boost is the best bag for carrying as it does favor well constructed and developed dual carry strap system for quick and proper weight positioning across the shoulder so that you can have the best of comfort and feel

The Carry golf bag is the most lightweight and easy to carry bag, this is because they are designed to carry but your essentials even though there are some exceptions which are able to carry as much as 14 club

You should expect a typical Carry Golf Bag to weigh 3 pounds or less if you are a golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of the game one at a time then consider getting the Carry golf bag

There are lots of carrying golf bag in the market, however, through intensive research, reviews, and feedback we recommend this Best Carry Golf Bag On Sale 

  • Travel Bag

The Travel golf bag tells you its mission, oh yes! it was designed for travel, they are great for golfers who want to travel or who travel a lot, this bag type is designed in such a way that it does come with a well developed in-built rollable wheels for easy mobility and maneuvering

The Travel Golf Bag is also quite distinct from other bag types as it does come with a hard outer casing and a soft, well-padded, and foamy inn, this is to give your clubs and items maximum protection when on transit



What Should I Consider When Buying A Golf Bag

Actually, there are many things one might consider when in a hunt for a new golf bag, some of these factors are general factors while some are of personal preference or choices

However, we would try as much as we can to give you all the factors that matter the most

Before giving you the list of the factors to be considered when in a hunt for a golf bag it is worthy of note that this should’ve addressed

A whole lot of golfer especially newbies out of excitement jump into buying a golf bag without putting into consideration some factors which are very important this has lead to many making the wrong selection on bags

  • Bag Types

You should be well conversant with the different golf bag type and to whom it is best suited, having listed the different types of golf bag above

It is well agreed that there are five categories of golf bag namely Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

The Staff Bag is great for the golfer who’s got a caddy, plans on getting one, and have a great love for spacing and pockets

Cart bags are best suited for that golfer who got a cart,  plans to own one, and most importantly wants a very spacious and elaborate golf bag so as to have the options to pick up more items

If you are a golfer who enjoys walking down the course but still want a bag that does offer enough spacing and sizing for all your belongings then you are better of with the Golf Stand Bag

For the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time or you are in search of an extremely portable and lightweight golf bag then the Carry GolgF bag would do you just good

  • Dividers

Prior Generation Sun Mountain Stand Bag 14-Way

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Your dividers for golf is very important as its number determine how organized and well structured your item can be and this helps to prevent club crowding or entanglement which might eventually lead to a dent or scratch

Divider for golf bag are either full length or half-length, for most, the combination of both is ideal, however, some bags do offer all divider in full length while other do have the combination of both

Just as its name suggests, the Full-length divider runs ”full length” from top to bottom of the bag whereas the half-length divider runs ”halfway”

Full-length divider is preferred over half-length as they give thorough privatization to club whereas half-length does the same but not as thorough as the ”full length”

Divider for your golf bag can be as low as two and as much as 15, some bags offer all 15 dividers full length, others offers the combination of both Full length and half-length

As a perfect example, the Sun Mountain Prio Generation 4.5LS 14-way Stand Golf Bag offer all divider 14 of them in full length

This is how it is, the more number dividers your bag have the more organized and strategically placed your items would be for easy sorting but you should expect such bags to be on the heavy side and expensive

  • Pocket and Features

Just as there are different golf bag so do this bag offers varying pockets and features, there are bags which come with few pockets 3 or 4 and other with lots of pockets 10 and above

The more pocket available in your bag the more number items that it can contain, the Staff Golf Bag and Cart Golf Bag seems to take the lead when it comes to bags with more pockets and features

The Prior Generation Sun Mountain 4.5LS offers a total of 10 pockets for your storage

Wit your bag comes a whole lot of features-Umbrella holder, Rain Hood cover, stick for your gloves, hook for your apparel, and many more

These features are also quite different with varying bags, you should look for features that do serve you well and you are comfortable with

  • Strap System

Most people place the importance of a well-designed strap system on Carry Golf Bag whereas it should be all-important no matter the bag type

Remember, you will have to be lifting this bag, it doesn’t matter if it is a Staff Bag or Carry Bag with this reason you should look for a bag which does offer a well comfortable, foamy and well-developed carry strap system

Staff and Cart Bag are known for its single carry strap system since they only require to be lifted unto the Cart/Caddy them moved

On the other hand, the Stand Bag/ Carry bag offers a dual strap system for proper weight distribution across the shoulder when the bag is on

  • Pricing

What is your budget, your budgeting determines what type of bag you will be able to buy, the higher your budget the more chances of opting for more quality and highly efficient golf bag

Have a little budget? no need to worry, there are a lot of well of quality golf bag that you can see at an affordable price

However, for quality, you must be willing to spend more, there are bags which falls under the range of $100 or plus, but its best to go for bag which cost at least $200 or mere as they are better off in terms of quality and efficiency

  • Branding

What’s your brand? Sounds weird? oh come on, it should be, some brand have got loyal customers due to how well and quality their product is and can be

For your bags, there are lots of great brands out there, while some prefer a particular brand other are even more comfortable with the other

Branding is everything and there are lots f golf bag brands readily available in today’s market, some of these great brands well include and not restricted to Sun Mountain, Callaway, Cobra, Titleist, etc.


Sun Mountain Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand, Its FAQ

  • Q: What does the term LS Stand for?
  • A: The term LS stands for ”Lightweight Series”


  • Q: Is it possible to personalize your name on the ball pouch?
  • A: For this golf bag you cannot personalize your name on the ball pouch only by sticking a sticker


  • Q: The Prior Generation costs the same as the Current Generation, what’s the reason for that?
  • A: Whether the Prio Generation or the Current, both works just well and hardly go out of style


  • Q: Where do you put your Putter with a Putter cover?
  • A: With this bag comes no dedicated putter compartment


  • Q: What’s the difference between this and the 2020 model of the Sun Mountain Golf Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Golf Bag?
  • A: 2020 seem to have more pocket


  • Q: Would this bag fit in any of the slots? I have a super stroke 5 fatso grip?
  • A: It should as it does fit the Super Stroke Pistol GT 1.0


  • Q: Does this bag come with a removable strap?

  • A: Absolutely, this bag does come with a removable strap


  • Q: Is there an insulated drink pocket that comes with this Sun Mountain Golf Prio Generation Bag?
  • A: Yes, there is a drink pocket but no, the pocket isn’t insulated


  • Q: Despite this being a Stand Bag, are they Cart Friendly?
  • A: Oh yea! they are Cart friendly, despite it being a Stand bag it does come with a Cart strap so that they can be easily attached to the Cart


  • Q: Are the Divider Full Length?
  • A: Yes according to information, Dividers are all full length


  • Q: Where is the power bank on the bag, having just received mine, I cannot figure out the charge spot
  • A: This version does not come with any power bank, you probably talking about the Supercharged version, and that cost about $75 more


  • Q: What Bag type have we reviewed in that Video?
  • A: In the video above, we have the 2020 version reviewed, we have no video reviews for 2019, as soon as we do we will make changes, however, the 2019 and 2020 share very alike characteristics except for one or two pocket addition



The bag is essential equipment since they house and protect your gears and other golfing equipment they also serve as a place for the oneness of your belongings so that they are not haphazardly scattered

The Sun Mountain Golf Prio Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Golf Bag is a 14 Way divider Golf Bag and features 10 pockets which include 2 velour-lined valuable pockets, a water-resistant accessory pocket,

A matching rain hood cover, a cart strap pass-through for easy and quick tightening to the Cart, leg lock system

A lumbar support flow hip pad, EZ fit dual strap system, padded strap made with three-layer foam construction, grad loops all for maximum comfort

If you are in the hunt for a really great Stand Bag at reasonable pricing then you should consider opting for the Sun Mountain Prior Generation 4.5LS 14-Way Stand Golf Bag




























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