In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain 2021 Eccolite Golf Cart Bag to determine whether they are the right choice for you or maybe not

According to various golf outlets, your bags are part of your game, remember it serves as a means of protection and storage for your clubs and other items

There is no doubt that your bag is one of the criteria that is required for your to play golf as that is one of the requirement to participate in many courses

This shows how important your bag can be, come on, having spent a lot of bucks for your gears wouldn’t it be wise and smarter you do the same for its protection and security? I think it will be wise

When making a choice on your golf bag you will be met with lots of choices and this most often than not become a difficult and daunting task for especially beginners

There are about five types of golf bag which include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

Later in this article, we will have them discussed so that you will be able to better make judgment n which bag is best suited for you

Prior to this era, there were little to no options for golf bag as bags than was very heavy and bully, you just had to buy what was available then

Back in the early days, golfers had to carry heavy and bulky bags, this made them become fatigued and this really affected their performance badly

Now the melody is different as there are lots of golf bag from which the golfer can comfortably and efficiently make a choice from

All thanks to technology and innovation for giving us the variety of option to choose which bag best suits us

Back to our article, here on review is the Sun Mountain 2021 Eccoliite Golf Cart bag on sale

This bag offers and does what it say, just like this series, there are lots of Sun Mountain Golf Cart Brands out there which include the likes of

Sun Mountain 2021 Women’s Diva Cart Golf Bag to the Sun Mountain 2021 C_130 Supercharged Golf Cart Bag to the Sun Mountain Maverick 2021 Men’s Cart Bag

What am I trying to buttress here, The Sun Mountain is a well known trusted, and reliable brand makers of your golf bag and with them, you are fully guaranteed efficiency and durability

The Sun Mountain has been in the business of Golf Bag for years knows what it takes to make a great golf bag that will meet your needs

Apart from the Sun Mountain, there are couples of great brand makers of your golf bag which include the likes of Callaway, Titleist, Taylormade and few more, this brand just make exceptional golf bag as well

Having said this lets us take a dip delve into what the Sun Mountian 2021 Eccolite Golf Cart Bag have to offer, taking into consideration its features and component and why it is worth investing in

The Sun Mountain Eccolite 2021 is one that surely will be talked about for years due to the positive reviews it gets from those who have already invested in them

This Golf bag features a top diameter of 10.0” and a 14 way top for a classical and thorough organization of your equipment and this helps to prevent club crowding and entanglement

This means good news for your gears as each is allocated a particular individual slot, 11 pockets which means a lot of storage spacing for all that you will ever be needing to play on course

Amazingly each of the 14 dividers runs the full length and this is another plus for you, I will recommend this bag anytime any day as they are very sturdy and well balanced

I also love them for their color, they are very colorful, this makes them very attractive and loving

If you are a lover of color then this might be right for you, easily get your bag off and on the cart using its two utility handles which are well designed and developed for comfort and a great feel

The 11 pockets which make up this bag include a velour-lined pocket, ventilated cooler pocket, sizeable apparel pocket, and multiple accessory pockets

The Eccolite have long been only available as a Stand Bag but due to its success in the market the Cart bag version was created thus giving you a wider variety range of option to choose from( Stand or Cart)

They are amazingly lightweight as they are made of fabric made from twenty-five-plus 20-oz

The Sun Mountain Eccolite Golf Cart bag does come with a Cart Strap Pass through that is designed in such a way that it becomes very easy and convenient to run cart strap behind range finder and side pocket for full accessibility of pocket when placed on the Cart

You also get a matching rain hood cover on purchase as this helps you to protect all your items from clubs to balls in case of a sudden downpour

How about the well designed and solid zippered system which does add to the overall protection of your gears and belongings inside the bag

To manufacture the fabric used for this bag, it took the approximate 600ml of a recycled bottle and that is why they are very superior and long-lasting


Sun Mountain 2021 Eccolite Golf Cart Bag, Its Specification

Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single 
  • Year: 2021
  • Divider: 15-Way Full Length
  • Weight: 5.5Lbs
  • Top Diameter: 10.0”


  • Pocket: 11
  • Velour lined valuable pocket
  • Apparel pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Ventilated cooler pocket


Sun Mountain Eccolite Golf Cart Bag, Its Smart Features

  • Matching rain hood cover
  • Two highly structured and well-designed utility handles 
  • Solid well designed zippered system
  • Single strap


Sun Mountain Eccolite Golf Cart Bag Video Review By Sun Mountian Sport


Types Of Golf Bag

There are actually different types of golf bag to choose from, thanks, ones again to technology and innovation

As you being to shop for your golf essentials like your bag, you will see a varying number of them out there on sale

Before ever reaching the buying decision, you need to take into account how the number of clubs you would like to be inside your bag

Take for instance the Staff and Cart bag is your best friend if you are looking forward to a bag that does offer lots of spacing for all 14 clubs and even more items

Here are the five categories of golf bag and to whom they are best suited

  • Staff Bag

Staf bag also referred to as tour bag are often common among tour pros, this is because they are the most luxurious and superior type of bag to any other type

The Staff bag can be seen as the ”Ross Rois” of Golf bag, they often come with the most pocketing, spacing, sizing, quality, and quality and as you will expect with all these quality they are often very expensive and out of reach for the average golfer

Staff bag offers generous spacing for your balls, tees, clothing, shoes, etc, and are great for golfers whose got a Caddy(Driveable Cart) or plans in owning one

This bag type is also great for the golfer who comes accompanied, you should expect a typical Staff bag to weigh about 9 pounds above

This makes them very heavy and bulky and not recommended for golfers who prefer walking down the course

There are lots of golf Staff bag from where you can make a choice, however this is our recommendation best Staff Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review

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The Cart bag is simply designed for the Cart this is why they are referred to as Cart bag, this bag type can be very spacious and comes with lots of pocket and features but this time noticeably smaller than the Staff bag

Cart bags are is a great option for a golfer who is in search of a bag that offers lots of storage spacing and pocketing to accommodate the maximum number of club and other golfing items

This bag is made distinct from all other bag types as it does come with a rubber or non-slip base which prevents them from slipping off the cart when in motion

A typical Cart bag would weigh about 7 pounds, and similar to the Staff bag it does also offer space for your waterproof balls and tees

  • Stand Bag

This bag is designed so that it comes with an inbuilt stand, this makes them the most stable and balanced golf bag across all terrain

Stand golf bag can also be very spacious, offering lots of pocket and storage spaces but not as much as the Staf bag or Cart bag

The Stand bag bridges the gap between Staff and CAart bag, in the sense that it is portable and spacious as well

This bag type is well recommended for the golfer who prefers walking down the course other than riding pulling or pushing

With the stand, the bag comes two retractable legs which keep them upright and create easy access to pocket and other storage spacing

This Bag type would usually weigh 5 to 7 pounds, due to the all too many Stand bag in today’s market, making a choice might posses as a problem, however this is what we recommend best stand bag to buy right now

  • Carry Bag

Designed 100% for carrying, little to no wonder that it does come with the best of strap system which is well developed and strategically placed so that it fits comfortably when placed on the shoulder

Carry bags are designed for only but your essential even though they are some which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

They are a great option for golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

Take for instance driving the range, or hitting out of the bunker, or maybe doing a putt, all you simply do is pick up the club that well resonates s with your activities that day, instead of picking up all clubs

The Typical Carry bag will weigh 3 to 5 pounds, making them a great option for seniors as they are extremely lightweight and the most portable of all bag type

For your Carry Golf Bag, please refer here Best Carry Golf Bag to invest in 

  • Travel Bag

A Bag simple designed for travel, with this bag you can be well assured that your gears and equipment are kept secure while you embark on that journey

This bag type is designed in such a way that it does have a hard outer casing and a soft and foamy inn for the best protection

They are made distinct from other bag types as it does come with inbuilt rollable wheels which maneuvering and mobility easy and quick

They are great for the traveling or would travel golfer who wants to enjoy the game of golf at destination without needing to rent, borrow or buy another set of club at the destination

Travel golf bag is increasingly gaining popularity by the day as its demand rises rapidly, here is the Travel bag that we recommend Best Travel Golf Bag on sale 

What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Golf Bag

Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review

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Buying a golf bag can be very fun and exciting, but wait for a little, ”hey, do not be cut up with the frenzy”

You should allow your excitedness becloud your sense of reason, you must put some factor into consideration so that you will be able to make the best of decision

  • Divider

When buying a golf bag you would have to consider the number of dividers that well suits your need

Are you comfortable with bags that offer lots of dividers? then go for the Staff Bag and Cart Bag type or will you be satisfied with one which offers few dividers? Then you should go for the Stand bag and especially the Carry bag

Golf bag offers from little too many numbers of dividers, from as few as 3 length divider to as many as 15 length dividers

More dividers on your bag would give your gears and other golf equipment a better, simplified, and more classified organization so that they are easy to sort and as well, most importantly this will help prevent club crowding

This Golf bag divider can also be full length or half-length, with the full length just as its name implies, runs the bag from up to down, and on the other hand, the half-length does the opposite which is it run but halfway

Just as more number of dividers in your Golf Bag offer better organization of your gears, they are also heavy as well

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most commonly known style of graphite shaft protection bit its biggest challenge is that sand can stick in the fur and this will definitely harm the shaft coating

Thanks to technology as there are better and more advanced option like the felt, fabric, and rubber lining

  • Branding

Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review

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While quality is very essential and is the top priority you should consider when buying a bag, some people are die-hard fans of a particular brand while others aren’t brand focus

One thing is true, ”A good brand speaks for itself”, there are lots of great golf bag brands which Include Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, etc

You are guaranteed quality and efficiency when you buy from any of this brand,

  • Stitching

When you talk stitching, you talk about the structural soundness of your bag, Stitching is like the skeleton where your bag material lies on

So no matter how quality the material when laid on fragile or weak stitching, it has no guarantee of durability or efficiency

Look for a bag that offers double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of the bag, the loop, and lock stitching is the most effective type of stitching, they are designed to lock when one stitch come apart and this will help prevent the rest from popping

  • Zippered System

Different bag would come with different zipper system, some would come with a plastic zipper other will come with a metallic zipper

This zipper system offers different quality as well, look for one which offers high quality and well-developed zippers

These Zippers must also be able to open up and close up easily and conveniently, self-healing zipper would be a perfect option

  • Features

Different bag will come with different features, there are bags which offers many features than the other, look for one which resonates with you

Sometimes you will have to look at the collection of your gears and other accessories so that you will be able to determine which features are best suited for them

Today golf bag offers lots of features from hook for stuff, to Umbrella holder to Rain hood cover, etc

  • Bag Type

One of the first consideration when making a choice on your bag for golf is the bag type, as explained earlier, there are different type of golf bag

This span from The Staff Bag, Cart, Stand, Carry and Travel Bag

Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is best suited for golfers who come accompanied or if you are looking for massive storage spacing and pocketing, then the Staff bag can be your best bet

Cart Bag

If you have got a Cart, plan on owning one, or looking for a bag that offers an enormous amount of spacing then the Cart bag can be your greatest ally

Stand Bag

This bag is designed so that they come with a stand, they can also be spacious and comes with moderate pocketing, this bag is excellently great for golfers who are looking for a carry friendly bag

Stand bag feels the gap between the Staff bag and the Cart bag

Carry bag

The Carry bag is designed 100% for carrying, they are great for the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time and if you are that kind of golfer, this is your best friend

They are also a great option for the golfer looking for an extremely lightweight and exceptionally portable golf bag, this characteristic makes them a great option for the senior golfer

Travel Bag

The travel bag is best suited for the travel or would travel golfer, so if you happen to be one and want to still enjoy your game at your destination without having to rent, borrow or buy a new club then you should consider opting for a Travel bag as they guarantee the protection of your equipment while on transit

  • Pocket

Many bags are adding versatility to their design, through the innovation of allowing the pocket to be zipped on and off on their own

There are removable/detachable pocket, you should also check if pocket have travel rain hood

Another thing you should be considering is that different golf bag will offer a different number of pocket, from a few too many

And if you want one which offers an enormous number of the pocket you should opt for the Staff or Cart bag

On the other hand, one which offers but few pockets well resonates with the Carry bag and Stand bag

  • Strap

Whether single carry strap as common with most Staff and Cart Bag or the double carry strap which is common among stand bag and Carry bag, all that matters is that the most are comfortability

Look for bags that offer strap that is comfortable and well balanced as this will definitely help for easy and convenient carry unto the Cart or on your bag, whichever the case maybe


Sun Mountain Eccolite 2019 Stand Bag VS Sun Mountain Eccolite 2021 Golf Cart Bag, What’s The Difference?

Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Golf Cart Bag Review

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A lot of question surrounds what could possibly be the difference between the Sun Mountain Eccolite 2020 VS Sun Mountain Eccolite 2021

There really is a huge difference between the Eccolite 2019 Bag and the Eccolite 2021 Bag

One of these big difference spans from the fact that the Eccolite 2019 is a stand bag while the Eccolite 2021 is a Cart bag

So, therefore, if the 2019 Sun Mountain Eccolite is a Stand bag, then it is definitely lighter, smaller, less bulky, contain few pocket and storage space when compared with the Eccolite Sun Mountain 2021 Cart Golf Bag

In fact, there was no Sun Mountain Eccolite Cart bag, not until after the 2019 success of its first-ever Eccolite series which happens to be a stand bag

After seeing huge success, then the idea for the Ecoolite Cart series came to the limelight, and in 2021 the Sun Mountian Eccolite Cart Bag was born

There are lots of other great Golf Cart Bags from Sun Mountain, which includes and not restricted to Sun Mountain 2020 C130 to the Sun Mountain Maverick Golf Cart Bag 2021



The Sun Mountain 2021 Eccolite Series Golf Cart Bag on review is the first of its kind, this Cart bag features lots of pockets, 11 to be precise

These pockets include velour-lined valuable pocket, Apparel pocket, Multiple accessory pockets, and ventilated cooler pocket

It does also come with a 15 full way divider for the organization of your equipment in an orderly and highly organized structure

Surprisingly, they weigh less compared to many other Cart bags of this carnival, they weigh about 5.5Lbs




















































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