In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain Golf Leather Cart Bag 2019

As a golfer you should have a solid bag for your gears and equipment, this is one of the very first steps to ensuring safety and protection on your expensive gears and accessories

Now imagine, having spent a whole lot on does expensive gears/items, wouldn’t it be unwise if you do not have a quality and high efficient bag for its protection

This is where your bag comes into play, every golfer need a good and quality golf bag as this serves as a storehouse and protection for all your belongings

It’s so common how golfers would have t spend long hours discussing on how quality and how much they have been able to splash on their Club Driver but do not consider their bag which carries these clubs for them

Many years ago, there wasn’t a robust option on your golf bag, you simply were left with no option but to use the ones available then

The drawback was these bags were often very bulky and heavy and you just had to use them, not until things became easy as there was an upsurge of Golf Carts which was designed to ease you of the stress of having to carry these heavy bags on your shoulder

Just after then, Bags were gradually revolutionizing until there were different categories of bags as we can see today

Here is today’s blog post, we have on review Sun Mountain Golf Leather Sunday Golf Bag which happens to fall under the category ”Sunday Bag”

The Sun Mountain for years has been one of the best selling brands for your golf bags and this one is the Sun Mountain Golf Sunday Leather Golf Bag is one that is of no exception

This brand has one of the strongest, recognized and well-trusted name in golf, just like the Sun Mountain brand there are other great golf brands out there that are well trusted and recognized,

This brand includes Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist, etc, buying from any of these mentioned brand above means you are buying quality and efficiency

The Leather Cart Bag is one which is firstly made of leather material which makes them one of the toughest and durable materials for your bag

They are constructed for premium cow leather

With this bag comes a diameter top of ”9.0” which is leather-wrapped for the best of durability and efficiency

They are designed so that it does come with a four-length divider which is full length so that your clubs are prevented from entanglement

One of the greatest drawbacks of this Sun Mountian leather Golf Cart Bag 2019 is that it offers only but four-length dividers which are limited and this means that there is no individual privatization on all your 14 clubs which is the maximum in golfing

How about the pocket? this bag comes with just four-pocket giving you another limitation on spacing for all your belongings

The Sun Mountain leather cart bag is best suited for golfers who want to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range, doing some putt, or hitting out of the obstacle

Adjustable shoulder strap so that it fits a wide variety of golfers, they are strategically designed with a lift handle at the top and bottom of the bag so that they are very easy and convenient to carry

This leather golf bag offers a towel loop and an umbrella holder just in case of a sudden downpour

You will be pleased with this Cart bag, this is one of the best bags you will ever own as it is very stylish and durable

I love these cart bags as they are very lightweight, weighing but 5 pounds so that they are easily carried and very comfortably

The Sun Mountain 2019 leather cart bag comes with a single very comfortable and padded carry strap system

I love this bag as it is available in different color option from where you can make a choice

They are also water-resistant meaning, it does not allow waters to get into it, this 2019 leather golf bag develops a rich patina over time as they are waxed canvas which is more durable than unwaxed canvas


Sun Mountian 2019 Leather Golf Cart Bag, Its Specification

 Leather 2019 Cart Bag Sun Mountain Reviews

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Strap: Single
  • Diameter: 9.0”
  • Year: 2019
  • Divider: 4 way top(Full-length Divider)


  • Pocket
  • Belly pocket
  • Apparel pocket
  • Velour lined pocket


Sun Mountian 2019 Leather Golf Cart Bag Video Review By Dallas Golf Company


Sun Mountain Leather 2019 Cart Golf Bag, Its Pros

  • Made of leather so they are extremely durable and long-lasting
  • Leather towel loop and Umbrella holder in case of a sudden downpour
  • Well constructed and highly developed zippered system for extra and added protection
  • Available in different color option to choose from
  • Very stylish and durable


Sun Mountain Leather Golf Cart Bag 2019, Its Cons

  • Offers limited number of pockets and divider


Types Of Golf Bag

When making a choice on your golf bag it is of great advantage that you understand the different types of a golf bag and to whom they are best suited

Generally speaking, there are about five categories of a golf bag, thanks t technology and innovation, prior to this era there was not much option on your golf bag

And now, no matter what kind of golfer you are there is a bag that is designed to meet your needs

There are 5 types of golf bag_Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

Staff Bag also referred to as tour bag is the most valuable golf bag among professionals, this bag has the best of quality, spacing, pocketing, and as you would expect this bag doesn’t come cheap, they are usually the most expensive golf bag

Staff bag offers spacing for your generous spacing for your belongings including a tee pocket, ball pocket, accessories, and footwear

Staff Bag since they are often very heavy due to the number of spacing and pocketing they offer this makes them very heavy and bulky thus arent carry-friendly

These bags are designed to sit on the caddy also know as modern Cart as they are driveable

The Staff bag is great for golfers who also come accompanied or if you are that golfer looking for a bag that offers thorough and massive spacing and pocketing

This bag is often made from leather material and often features a prominent logo on its side, this makes them great brag to advertise a new brand in the market

Looking for a great staff bag to invest in, here is the one we recommend Best Staff Bag on sale right now


  • Cart Bag

 Leather Cart Bag 2019 Sun Mountain Review

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Cart bags are also known as trolley bags, this is because they are designed for the ”trolley”, the trolley is like a traditional cart type of bag as they aren’t driveable you either push or pull

The trolley can either be a Push or Pull Cart, but certainly not the driveable Cart, This bag type can also be very spacious and robust, containing lots of spacing and pocketing for all your belongings but certainly not as the Staff bag

If you have got a Cart or looking for a bag that offers massive storage spacing and pocketing, then the Cart bag would also be a great choice for you

This bag is made distinct from other bag types as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents it from slipping off the cart when in motion

If you plan on golfing on a course where the cart is required, the Cart bag can be one of the best options, most of these are between 5 and 9 inches in diameter

A perfect example of a Cart bag would be the Sun Mountain Leather Golf Bag 2019 on review

There are lots of great cart bags in today’s market and making a choice seems to get tougher for a quick and safe buying decision here is our recommendation Best Cart Bag On Sale

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag is a special bag type that is designed to come with a stand, this stand serves as a support to the bag thus giving it the best stability and balancing

because this bag comes with a stand, they are regarded as the most stable and balanced bag type

In most cases, they are built so that it comes with a dual stand which is easily retractable or retractable when need be

This leg helps the base of the bag not to be on the ground completely, rather it is partially touching the ground and you could easily get access to the pocket without having to turn the bag side by side

The Stand bag somehow feels in the gap between the Staff bag and Cart bag, as they can be very spacious and with moderate pocketing yet they are very carry-friendly as it does come with a well developed and foamy carry strap system so that they can be easily carried on the shoulder

This bag is great for the golfer who is looking for proper balancing between spacing and portability

If you prefer walking down the course, the Stand bag can mean a great option for you

  • Carry Bag

Carry bag is made distinct as it comes with the most developed, foamy, and strategically placed carry strap system

This bag is well known to come with a dual carry strap system for the best weight distribution across the shoulder when carried

They are best suited for golfers who are looking to focusing on a particular aspect of their game one at a time rather than the whole

Take, for instance, if you prefer driving the range, all you need do is pick up your driver and few other clubs instead of the whole

If you want to be focusing on putting, let’s say for the whole of today, all you do is pick up the club which will be able to help you achieve that, and in this case, the Putter club and maybe with few more clubs if you so wish

On the other hand also if you prefer hitting out of the bunker all you simply do is pick up your wedges

The Carry bag is often the lightweight, smallest bag as they come with a very limited number of pocketing and spacing, this makes them extremely portable and lightweight to carry around

You should expect the typical Cart bag to weigh 3 pounds or less and this makes it a great choice for seniors as well those who want to focus on a particular aspect of their game as said earlier

Pencil Golf Bag is also known as Sunday golf bag falls under the category ”Carry Bag” as they are designed to be carried

Looking for the most lightweight and portable golf bag on sale today, one that gives you extreme portability and ease carrying around? here is our recommendation Best Carry Golf Bag to invest in right now

  • Travel Bag

Designed for traveling, yes, you heard that right! Travel bags are designed for traveling or would be traveling golfer who wants to enjoy the game at destination without the need of buying another club at destination

With this bag, all you simply do is pack up all your club as they are ensured of safety and protection while you travel

The travel bag is made unique from other bag types as t does come with a hard outer casing and a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for the best protection for your gears and other accessories

Travel bags also in most cases come with an in-built rollable wheel which is well developed for easy and quick maneuvering especially around the airport

There are lots of travel golf bag to choose from, this spans across brand, size, quality, and design, and for this making a choice on which is best seems to be daunting and confusing, however, we team ”GolferCostume” recommend this Best Travel golf bag


What Are The Things I Should Consider When Making A Choice On My Leather Cart Bag?

 Leather Cart Bag 2019 Sun Mountain Review

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A lot of factors when considered properly can help you make the best decision for your bags, these factors are some of what we often overlook and consider less important yet they are the basic knowledge needed

It can be very overwhelming when it comes to purchasing a new golf bag due to the massive number of bags out there

In the golf bag industry, every company promises to have the most advanced and developed bag type but not all often do

It can also be further frustrating as to what features you need to focus on and this is the reason you should take into consideration these factors

  • Dividers

Leather Cart bag sun Mountain 2019Leather Cart bag sun Mountain 2019Leather Cart bag sun Mountain 2019

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How many dividers would you feel comfortable with? are they full-length or a mixture of full-length and half-length? There are some of the questions you would be asking yourself

Golf bag divider is available from few to many, with the Staff Bag and Cart bag offering more dividers than any other bag type

Golf bags do have dividers from as few as two dividers to as many as 15 dividers, and if you are a golfer who has a great love for organization and spacing, then Bags that offers lots of dividers should be what you are looking to buy however they can be usually heavy

Bags that offers lots of dividers as compared to one which offers few length dividers gives you a thorough and classical organization of your gears and equipment for easy sorting and to help prevent club crowding as each club is allocated a private slot

Your dividers on the other hand can be full length or half-length, most bags offer their divider in full length, however, there are some which give you the best of both worlds

A perfect example of the bag which offers few length dividers even though they are all in full length is the Sun Mountain Leather Golf Bag 2019 on review

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur is the most common and widely known type of graphite shaft, for the most part, it works very adequately with its only drawback being sand can stick in the fur and this would definitely with time harm the shaft coating

There are newer and more advanced graphite shaft protection which have proven to be more effective than the fur

This advanced graphite shaft protection is the Felt, Fabric, and treated rubber lining

  • Stitching

The structural soundness of your golf bag is what stitching is all about, this is like the skeleton of your bag on which the material used in making your bag lies

Look for the bag which offers double stitching at the top and bottom cuff of the bag, the Loop and lock stitching is the most effective type of stitching and is common among certain companies

In the loop and lock stitching when one stitch come apart the other will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

Note: Also check out for the density and strength of the lines, they should look thick and durable

The 2019 Sun Mountian leather Golf Bag on review offers the best of stitching as they are made from premium leather material

  • Zippered System

One of the very first points of attraction when making a choice o their golf bag is the zippered system, this is very important as it serves as an added protection to your accessories and gears

You should also check for the zip material, are the metallic or plastic, what type of design are you comfortable with?

You should factor in all this before making a choice, one of the most important is that you should look for a bag which offers durable and well-developed zippers, self-healing zippers are the best

looking at the Leather Golf Bag 2019 you will get to know that they are solid and very durable and this adds up to the protection of your equipment

  • Pocket

Your golf bag varies by pocket, there are bags which offers very few/limited number of pocket whereas there are bags which offers lots of pocketing

Do you need one which offers few pockets or one which offers lots of pockets? it is left for you to decide which one is best suited for you

We cannot deny the fact that lots of pockets give you the added advantage to carry more of your belongings and accessories but as you will expect the more pocket a bag has the heavier it can be

Many companies have added a lot of versatility to their design, the garment pocket is one of the major pockets to check out for

  • Features

Just like any other thing golf bags varies by features, some of the features that you will find in a golf bag would depend on the type of bag

The Staff and Cart bag are known to come with more features than any other bag type, some of the features that you will find in your bag for golf will include an Umbrella holder, hook for stuff, rain hood, towel loop, and many more

As an instance, the Sun Mountian 2019 leather golf bag on review does come with these features- towel loop, umbrella holder, and matching rain hood in case of a sudden downpour

  • Branding

 Leather Cart Bag 2019 Sun Mountain Review

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A good golf brand always speaks for itself, there are lots of good golf  bag brand out there, while some have become a die-hard fan of a particular brand others may just however prefer quality

However recently, there has been an upsurge in the number of customers focusing on a particular brand

Just as an example the Leather Golf Bag 2019 on review is from the well known and trusted golf brand, ”Sun Mountain”, there are other great golf brands out there like the Titleist, Callaway, Ogio, etc


Sun Mountian Leather 2019 Golf Cart Bag, Its FAQ

  • Q: Does this bag come with a rain hood cover
  • A: Yes, absolutely, it does come with a matching rain hood cover 


  • Q: Is this truly a Leather Golf Bag
  • A: Oh yes, this golf bag just as its name depicts is constructed from premium cow leather



The Sun Mountian 2019 leather Cart bag is one that offers the best of quality if, for nothing else, this bag is made from premium cow leather which makes them extremely durable and longlasting

Amazingly this bag is also water-resistant which means no fear of the rain even when it comes all of a sudden

Features 4 pockets, 4 dividers for organization, a top diameter of 9.0” which is wide enough to let your gears go through and out of the bag effortlessly, adjustable shoulder strap so that it fits a wide variety of golfer

They are also very easy to carry as it does have a lift assist handle which is built at the top and bottom, Leather towel loop and umbrella holder














































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