In the end, you should be able to list the feature which dies come with the Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

Today’s golfing do have in offer, great golf bag from where the golfer can comfortably make a choice

Prior to their era, there were little to no option on the choice you make, thanks to tech ology and innovation and now there is a vast collection of bag to make a choice on

Before this era, golfers were left with the option to opt for bags which are available, most of these bags are usually very heavy and bulky

There are five categories of golf bag to choose from, we are going to be listing out these bag types and to whom they are best suited at the latter end of this blog post

In today’s blog post we have here on review the Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag


Why Do I Need A Golf Bag

The need for a golf bag is quite simple and drawn from the fact that they serve as a storehouse for your gears equipment and most importantly they help protect all your belongings

Come on, having spent so much on your clubs and other golfing item, wouldn’t it be wise to do the same for its protection

A lot golfer pay so much attention to their equipment but quiet pitiful, they pay less on the bag which carries and protect this their equipment

The need for a golf bag cannot be over-emphasized and the more attention you pay to your bags the better safety and protected they would be

The Sun Mountain 2021 VX Stand Golf Bag is one of the best of its kind for golfers seeking not just a very innovative and latest golf bag but one which offers the best of quality and efficiency at the same time

You can always trust ”brand Sun Mountain” this company has been in the manufacture and production of your golf bag for a long knows what it takes to make a great golf bag

The Sun Mountain boasts a lot of quality and highly successful Golf Stand Bag to its name, some of this Stand bag includes Sun Mountain 2021 4.5LS Golf Stand Bag, Sun Mountain Prior Generation and many more

There are lots of other great golf bag brand out there just like the brand ”Sun Mountain”, some of these brands include the Taylormade, Titleist, Callaway, and many more

This brand makes excellent and proficient golf bag for your gears and other related golfing equipment

Without any further delay, we head over to the review of this excellent and innovative golf stand bag

I love this bag as they are very colorful and attractive due to the perfect blend of color combinations

The Sun Mountain 2021 VX Stand Golf Bag is the first of its kind as they are silk-like and extremely portable, this makes them very easy to carry around from one side of the course to the other

For golfers who are well obsessed with attraction and beauty, the Sun Mountain VX Stand bag is one you should be investing in as it would likely make your friends and colleague become bag envy

This is fairly a new golf bag as at the time of writing and got no review but surely and definitely, this bag will stand out

As it features everything which makes up for not just a typical stand bag but a modern one at that

The Sun Mountain VX Golf Stand Bag features a top diameter of 9.0” and a 4-way top so that you can easily organize your equipment

One of the drawbacks of the Sun Mountain 2021 VX Bag is the fact that it does not have lots of dividers which guarantees thorough and classic organization of all your gears and equipment

This is part of the reason they are extremely portable and carry friendly, with this bag comes quite a moderate number of pocket(7) to be precise

These pockets include two Velour lined valuable pocket, a Full-length apparel pocket, hydration pocket, multiple accessory pockets

The Sun Mountain VX Stand bag is a very quality stand bag constructed from sail which is often known to be water and abrasion-resistant, they are quite lightweight, weighing about 5 pounds

This bag is even more loveable as it does come with lots of features which includes the climbing rope handles, anodized carabiner, ladder lock, and many more

How about the dual strap system which is X-Strap? this gives you the best of comfort and feel due to proper weight distribution across the shoulder when the bag is hung

This bag does come with a ball socket face removable so that you can easily customize the bag to your own choice, it does also comes with a dual pen holder and exterior tee holder

You also get a Matching rain hod cover which does help in protecting your items from a sudden downpour



Sun Mountain VX Stand Golf Bag, Its Specification

Sun Mountain VX 2021 Golf Stand Bag Reviews


Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Stand Bag
  • Strap: Double(X-Strap)
  • Divider: 4
  • Year:2021
  • Weight: 5 Pounds
  • Top diameter: 9.0”


  • Pockets: 7
  • Full-length apparel pocket
  • Two velour-lined valuable pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Hydration pocket


Sun Mountain 2021 VX Stand Bag Review, Its Smart Features

  • X-Strap system 
  • Matching rain hood cover
  • Customizable pocket
  • Pen holder 
  • Exterior tee holder 

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Stand Bag Video Review By Sun Mountian Sport


Sun Mountian VX 2021 Stand Bag, Its Pros

  • Extremely portable and easy to carry
  • Comfortable X-strap dual carry for the best of comfort and feel
  • Colorful and attractive
  • Quality and efficient
  • Comes with lots of features like the tee holder, customizable pocket, pen holder, etc.

Sun Mountian VX 2021 Stand Golf Bag

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Types Of Golf Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag Reviews

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

As said earlier, there are lots of golf bag to choose from today, before this time there weren’t many options on your bag

You had to go with what was available, this would mean the usually heavy and bulky bags

Today everything is different as there are five types or category of golf bag to make a choice from

These 5 categories of golf bag include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Cart Bag, and Travel Golf Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Golf Bag is the most luxurious bag type, this is why they are often seen and referred to as the ”Ross Rois of Golf bag

Staff bags can also be referred to as Tour bag as they are common among Tour Pros, Staff bags holds the best record for quality, spacing, pocketing and as you will expect they are the most expensive and heavy as well

There are extra spacing alongside your clubs for extra clothing, gloves, balls, tees, etc

This bag type is extremely heavyweight from 10 pounds 13, this type of bag is great for the golfer looking for a bag that offers massive and generous spacing

There are lots of great Staff bag that one can make a choice on, here is the one we recommend Best Staff Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

Designed for the Cart, similar to the Staff bag but on a slightly noticeable scale, the Cart bag is designed so that they sit on the Cart

They are quite distinct from any other bag as it does come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents the bag from slipping away from Cart when on motion

Cart bags are also very spacious which is also a great option for the golfer looking for a golf bag that offers lots of pocketing and dividers

Consider buying the Cart bag if you’ve got a Cart or have an intention of getting one as soon as possible

A great Cart bag from brand Sun Mountain would be the Sun Mountain C_130 Super Charged Cart Golf Bag reviews or the Sun Mountain 2021 Maverick Golf Cart Bag

  • Stand Bag

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag Reviews

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

This Stand bag derives its name from its standing mechanism as it does come usually with a double inbuilt stand so that your bag gets all the support and stability it needs no matter the terrain

Stand bag fits in the gap between the Staff Bag and Cart bag, This gap makes them quite roomy and spacious yet they are carry-friendly as well unlike the Staff Bag of Cart Bag

This bag is made very distinct from other bag type s it does come with an inbuilt dual stand

This stand gives it all the support and balances it needs, Stand bag due to its retractable stand they are often considered as the most stable golf bag across all terrain

The Stand Golf Bag would weigh about 5 pounds or less

The Stand Golf bag is  a great option for golfers who wants a very spacious bag and still carry friendly at the same time

A perfect example of a Stand Bag is the Sun Mountain 2021 VX on review

  • Carry Bag

The Cary Golf bag is designed for a carry-own purpose, this means they are designed to be hung on the shoulder

For this reason, it does have the most developed, soft, and foamy dual carry strap system for the best comfort and feels due balancing due to proper weight distribution

The Pencil Golf Bag falls under the category carry bag, this bag is designed for only your golf essentials even though they are some exceptions which are able to carry up to 14 clubs

Carry Golf Bags are great for golfers who would want to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

Maybe you might prefer driving the range, all you do is pick a driver club with maybe one or two more clubs

If on the other hand, you want to hit out of the bunker and obstacle all you simply do is pick up the Wedge that will help you achieve that

If again you prefer to concentrate on putting all you simply do is pick up your putter and get it into your bag with one or two additional clubs

Consider the Carry golf bag if you are looking for the most lightweight and extremely portable golf bag

The typical carry bag weighs less than 5 pounds, there are lots of carry golf bag to choose from, however, this is what we recommend Best Carry Golf Bag to invest on 

  • Travel Golf Bag

The travel golf bag is designed to protect your gears and equipment while you travel, this bag type is very distinct from any other type as it usually comes with a tough outer casing and a very soft, well-padded, and foamy inn for the best of protection on your equipment

Aside from this, the Travel bag is known to come with inbuilt well rollable wheels for easy maneuvering especially in the airport

Here are some of the reviews of great travel bag Sun Mountian Clubgluider Meridian or the Clubglider Tour Series 


What Should I Consider When Making A Choice On My Golf Bag?

 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag Reviews

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

There are actually many ting mone might look out for when in a hunt for a new golf bag, do not get caught up in the frenzy and excitement so that you neglect this important consideration

When making a choice on your bag here are some of the factors that one must consider so as to make the right choice, this factor boils down from the general factor to a specific factor

Whatever these factors are, they are important and can help save you from making a bad decision on your bag

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Fur protection was the widely and well-used graphite shaft protection until things changed, thanks to technology and innovation

One of the very weakness of the Fur graphite shaft protection is sand can get into the shaft coating by simply sticking to the fur and the result is great harm and danger to your bag

In most bag of today, the felt, fabric and treated rubber lining is the more common and most effective as they offer better productivity and efficiency

  • Divider

Golf bags would be available with different dividers, there are bags that offers so many dividers, in fact, there are bags that offers as many as 15 length dividers

This bag type is the most organized and highly structured type of bag as it offers robust spacing and a number of pocketing

The more the dividers the better organized your bag can be but as you will expect, these bags are often very heavy and bulky

The Staff Bag and carry golf bag are commonly known to offer many dividers, so if you are looking for a bag which offers a massive number of divider then consider the Staff, Cart and Stand bag type

Another factor that you should look into consideration is the ”state of the dividers” are they full length or half-length?

Most golf bag offers all dividers full length even though there are some exceptions which offer both

You would have to make a choice whether you would prefer a full-length divider or both, one of the benefits of a Full-length divider is the fact that all your gears and completely privatized and this would help prevent club crowding or entanglement

  • Branding

”A good brand tells its name”, this is a well familiar term, while some golfer has been an addict or die-hard fan of a particular brand, other are more concerned about quality no matter the grand

You might also consider a particular brand, this is a matter of personal choice or preference

All that would matter is that you should be concerned about quality and efficiency as that guarantees value for what you paid for

  • Stitching

Stitching equals the structural soundness of your bag, you can see how important this is, no matter the quality of material, if it has weak structural soundness, then it is worthless

The structural soundness of a bag can be seen as the skeleton of the bag, it has to be very solid and stable so that bags are strong and very solid as well

You should be looking for a bag that offers double stitching as this has proven to be very effective and durable

Look for a bag that offers double stitching around the bottom and top cuff of a bag, there are certain companies that are well known to use the loop or lock stitching so that if one stitch comes apart it will lock preventing the other from popping out

  • Pocketing

Many companies offer different design and styling on pocketing, these pockets also vary in number, while some bags gives you a huge number of pockets other on the other and offer far less number

You should also consider the material used in making pocket, is it plastic or metallic? One of the major pockets that you should check out as you opt for a golf bag is the largest  garment pocket, it should have a travel/rain hood cover

  • Zippered System

For many people the zippered system is their first shot of attraction, you should look for bags that offer a very durable ad well developed zippered system as this gives extra protection to your equipment

The zippers must be able to close and open up easily and quickly with any problem, self healing zippers is one of the most preferable

Are these zippers system metallic or plastic? are they easier to grab? they should be easy to grab if it does have a pull tab which is very important

  • Features

While there are lots of great golf bag out there, each of this bag would usually come with its own features

You should be able to make a choice on which you are comfortable with, some bags offers more features than other

Some of the features of a golf bag are a hook for your stuff, quick clip, rain hood cover, slot Umbrella holder, and many more

The Staff Golf bag and the Cart offers far more features than any other bag type but as you will expect they are very often the heaviest and most bulky


Sun Mountain VX Stand Bag Reviews, Its FAQ

 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag Reviews

Sun Mountain 2021 VX Golf Stand Bag

  • Q: Does this bag really come with a helicopter leg?
  • A: Oh yes, absolutely the VX Golf Stand Bag does come with a helicopter leg


  • Q: Is there a full-length apparel pocket that comes with this bag
  • A: Yes, The VX Stand Bag does come with a full-length apparel pocket


  • Q: What Material is this bag made of?
  • A: Thus bag is made from sailcloth and Vinyl which makes them resistant to water and abrasion


  • Q: Is there any customizable pocket that comes with the Sun Mountain VX?
  • A: Yes, there is, this bag is known to come with a ball pocket face removal for customization


  • Q: What is the difference between the dual carry strap and the dual X Carry strap?
  • A: Firstly both of them are dual, i.e, the bag comes with two hands for easy and convenient carry that is the similarities and for the difference
  • The Dual carry strap is very distinct from the X-Strap in the sense that the X-strap are even more comfortable, advanced and much easier and convenient to carry than the Dual non-X-Carry strap



The Sun Mountain VX 2021 Golf Stand Bag is constructed with sailcloth which is very well known to be abrasion-resistant and water-resistant

This means no fear for the rain as in a sudden downpour your equipment is well protected even when left inside the rain

This VX Golf Stand Bag is designed so that they are very slim like and portable despite that having enough spacing for all that you will ever be needing on course

The Sun Mountain VX Bag review features an X-strap dual system for easy on and off and incredibly lightweight for easy carry

This bag is known to come with lots of features which include a dual pen holder and an exterior tee holder, a customizable ball pocket, a matching rain hood, etc

This bag sits at only 5 pounds, with the provision of 7 pockets which includes a full-length apparel pocket, two velour-lined valuable pockets, beverage pouch

How about several enhancement like the climbing rope handles, anodized caliber, ladder lock, and helicopter legs which makes them a ”go-go” bag for anyone looking for an exotic stand bag in 2021







































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