In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Sun Mountain Boom 5-Way Top Cart Bag to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

Bags are an integral part of your game, this is one of the things that you will be in need of so that you can be able to carry or move your golf gears and accessories from one place to another

Quiet sad, we pay more attention to our clubs and forget through which means this expensive gears and equipment are preserved

Your bag serves not just a storehouse but as a protection to all your equipment, come on, having spent your hard-earned money on clubs, it would be wise you do even more to ensure its protection

As a Gofer you will definitely need a bag, in fact for most courses you will only be allowed to play if you have a bag

It’s time to take your bag seriously, today’s golfing do have a variety of golf bags from where you can make a choice of which best resonates with you

Looking for a golf bag? We’ve got you covered, there are many golf bag type in today’s market and here with us is the Sun Mountian Boom 5-Way Golf Cart bag on review

This bag is a great option for anyone looking for an excellent, quality, and highly efficient golf bag which ensures maximum protection of all their belongings

When making a choice on your bag, do not be all caught up with the frenzy and excitement, that you forget that there are five categories of golf bag and this will suit different golfers

These 5 categories of your golf bag include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

Thus will be all for now later, towards the tail end of this article we are going to be giving you the list of this golf bag category and to the golfer to whom it is best suited, but for now, let us stick to our topic, ”Sun Mountain 2021 Boom 5-Way Cart Bag Review

The bag on review being the Boom 5-Way Cart bag as the name suggest is designed to seat on the Cart

This bag is great for golfers looking for a quality and well exceptional golf bag that comes with an in-built speaker

The Sun Mountian being the brand owner of the Boom Cart Bag has got a lot of golf bag series to its name, from the Staff Bag to the Travel Bag

This brand does make exceptional and well quality golf cart bag and just like it, there are many other well trusted and established brand like TaylorMade, Titiest, Callaway, etc

Whenever you are looking for a golf bag no matter of what category, these aforementioned brand would do you justice

As for the Sun Mountian, some of its well known and award-winning golf bag include and not restricted to the Boom 14 Way Cart Golf Bag to the Women’s Sync Cart bag to VX Stand Golf Bag, this is just a few to be mentioned

Thanks to technological advancement and innovation, before this era there were not much variety/category on your bag for golf

Golfers simply were left with no option other than the heavy and bulky bag, now that is all past, as there are varieties of bags targeted at a different level for the golfer

One of the very exciting and point of attraction of the 5 way Boom Cart bag is its in-built speaker which makes it a unicorn as there only but a handful of bags that offers you this rare features

This is a bonus for music lovers who fancy music booming through speakers, that bass, that sound!!! Ohh! it’s awesome

I say this because I love music too and because it has become part of our daily lives whether at work or at home

Just like the Boom 5 Way Cart bag, the Sun Mountian does also have another which offers some exciting features, and that being the 14-Way Boom Cart Bag

Do you ever wish you could listen to your favorite podcast? Here comes the Sun Mountain 5-Way Boom

The Boom Cart Bag gives you the opportunity to bring in your favorite playlist to the golf course, simply connect your device to the Bluetooth controller and enjoy your music

The Boom 5 Way Cart bag just as its name suggest, offer 5 Way top divider for organization and classification of your gears

This bag does feature a 10.5” top diameter which is very wide enough to allow easy entry and exit of any club from or into your bag

Note: This 5-Way top are all full-length dividers

Amazingly this bag does come with a  whole lot of pockets, 13 to be precise, this gives you the flexible opportunity to have space for all your items

I love this bag as they are very durable since they are made from quality Vinyl material, which is also very easy to clean when it gets stained

The Bluetooth controller can be plugged into a portable charging device for extra playtime and this gives you all the leisure you deserve

With this bag comes a whooping 13 pocket which includes valuable pockets with many slots so that your Bluetooth controller/ speaker batter and phone can hold

Ventilated cooler pocket for you beverages to keep warm for long, spacious apparel pocket for your wears and multiple accessory pockets for other items

The fact is that you aren’t just buying a great golf bag but you are buying quality and trending as they are made for 2021

How about its very colorful color combination which makes them very attractive and beautiful

This bag is known to come with one of the best carry pass through and smart strap system so that they are properly attached to your Cart so as to avoid slippage when on motion


Sun Mountain Boom 5-Way Top Golf Cart Bag, Its Specification

 5-Way Boom 2021 Cart Golf Bag Review

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  • Brand: Sun Mountain
  • Type: Cart
  • Strap: Single
  • Year: 2021
  • Divider: 5-Way Top
  • Diameter: 10.5”


  • Pocket: 13
  • Apparel Pocket
  • Ventilated cooler pocket
  • Multiple accessory pockets
  • Velour range finder pocket


Sun Mountain Boom 5-Way Golf Cart Bag Video Review By Sun Mountain Sport


Sun Mountain 5 Way Boom Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Comes with an inbuilt speaker so that you can be able to enjoy your favorite music
  • Plenty of pockets for your items
  • Well structured and developed zippered system for extra protection
  • Forward-facing pocket for easy and quick access
  • 3 Top handles for easy and convenient grab into your Cart


Sun Mountain Bom 5 Way Top Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Few numbers of dividers


Types Of Golf Bag

Before making a choice on your bag, it should be properly stated that there are about five categories of golf bag-Staff bag, Cart bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff bag is the most recognized and luxurious type of bag as they are often referred to as Tour Bag since they are very common among tour Pros

This is the ”Rolls Royce” golf bag, the Staff bag is known to offer the best of quality, more spacing and pocketing than any other bag type and as you would expect they are the heaviest and most bulky as well

Since they hold the best of quality, they are usually the most expensive as well, Cart bag is used to display or advertise a new brand in the market as it does come with a wide and elaborate side base which displays a brand in a very bold manner

Staff bags are so elaborate that it does provide spacing for your apparel, tees, shoes, etc so that you will not have any reason to leave any items behind

You would expect a typical Staff bag to weigh at least 10 pounds and above, this bag type due to weighing aren’t designed to be carried on the shoulder, rather they are designed to sit on a Caddy, i.e Drivable Cart

We have made intensive research on one of the best Staff bag out there for you, here is our recommendation: Best Staff Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

Cart Golf Bag Boom 5-Way Top

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This bag type is also referred to as trolley bags because they are usually designed for traditional Cart, i.e Cart that can be pushed or pulled, not driveable

Cart bags are also very spacious making provision for your tees, balls shoes, apparel as well but not as elaborate as the Staff bag

If you have got a Cart or plan to own one then the Cart bag would definitely mean a great option for you

This bag is made distinct from any other bag type as they do come with a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slippage of the Cart when in motion

Cart bags are also known to come with a carry strap pass through which makes them easily and solidly attached to the Cart for the purpose of safety

You should expect a typical Cart bag to weigh 7 pounds to 9, just like the Staff golf bag, this bag isn’t meant to be carried on the shoulder due to weighing, rather they are designed to sit on the Cart while you push or pull

A perfect example of a Cart bag is the Boom Cart Golf bag on review, lots of Cart bag has flooded the market, here is what we recommend and they come with built-in cooler: Best Cart Bag to buy right now

  • Stand bag

A Stand golf bag has the general appearance of a Cart bag even though they are noticeably lighter and smaller than a Cart bag, with an added benefit of a set of inbuilt dual legs which gives it ultimate support and balancing across all terrain

Even though this bag can fit in a Cart most people would prefer carrying it during their round of golf, this is due to the fact that they are designed to be carry friendly

As it does come with a well developed, soft, and foamy carry strap so that you can easily carry them and enjoy comfort as well

This bag type weigh about 4 pounds to 7 and great for the golfer who would want to walk down the course

  • Carry Bag

Carry Golf bag also known as Sunday golf bag is best suited for the golfer who likes to walk down the course but does not necessarily feel the need for a stand golf bag legs

Over the recent years, the Carry golf bag seems to be growing at a rapid pace as it does have the most developed carry strap system which is often a dual or X-strap system for proper weight distribution across the shoulder when carried

This proper weight distribution gives you all the comfort and feel you need, Carry bag is often the most lightweight and portable kind of bag as they are designed to carry basically but your essentials

For the golfer who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time, maybe driving the range or hitting out of the bunker or doing some putt, then the Carry bag would be the best option all you simply do is put into your bag that specific club which is designed for the specific task you want

Since this is the lightest and most portable bag type they are often a great option for seniors as well

This bag type would weigh about 3 pounds to 4, for your carry golf bag please refer here: Best Carry Golf Bag to buy right now

  • Travel Bag

The travel bag is one of the most recent golf bags as golfers who had to travel and wanted to still play golf sparked the idea for its creation

Travel Golf Bag is designed to provide maximum protection and security on all your golf accessories including gears when you travel

The Travel bag is built in a special way so that it comes with an inbuilt rollable wheel for easy maneuvering especially in the airport

This bag is also designed in such a way that it does have a hard/rigid outer casing with a soft, foamy, and well-padded inn for maximum protection on your equipment while you travel

No other bag type was designed to give your gears maximum protection while on transit until the Travel bag was created to feel that space

Lots of airlines travel bag now flood today’s market and now making a choice seems to be overwhelming and daunting, to make this easy for you we have done diligent research, this is our recommendation Best travel golf bag for airlines


What Are The Things I Should Put Into Consideration When Buying A Golf Bag?

 5-Way Boom 2021 Cart Golf Bag Review

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There are lots of key consideration that one may take into account whenever you want to opt for a golf bag

A lot of golfer especially newbies having been caught up with all the excitement and frenzy associated with getting a new golf bag to forget the basic rule which ensures you make the best buying decision

Looking to get a golf bag? here is the golf bag buying guide which ensures you get the best value for your money

  • Bag Type

As said earlier, we have listed the different type of golf bag and there are five categories of them, each of this bag category have the golfer to whom they are best suited

Having an understanding of the bag type and to its targeted audience would give you an upper hand as it would let you understand which is best suited for you

Staff Bag

For golfers who are got a caddy or plan to own one, they are also great for the golfer looking for a bag that offers maximum number of storage and spacing so that they are able to pick up all their belongings including extra

This would also be a great option for the golfer who comes accompanied

Cart Bag

Designed for the golfer who is got a traditional Cart(Pull or Push) or the golfer looking for a bag that offers generous spacing and pocketing

Stand bag

For golfers looking for a bag which offers the best of both world, that is one which feel the gap between a Cart bag and Staff bag

If you are in search of a bag that offers lots of spacing and storage yet they are portable and carry-friendly, then the Stand bag is what you should be considering

Carry Bag

For the golfer who wants a very portable and lightweight golf bag, this is a perfect choice for golfers who wants to focus on a particular aspect of their game one at a time

If you care very much about portability and ease then the Carry bag should be what you should be investing on

Travel Bag

For the traveling or would travel golfer who wants to still enjoy their game at destination without the need to getting a new club

All you do is simply pack your clubs into the bag and off you go as they are guaranteed maximum safety

  • Branding

 5-Way top Boom Golf Bag Review

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The 5-Way top Boom Cart Bag on review is one of the Sun Mountian golf bag series, this brand, ”Sun Mountian” has long been into the production and manufacture of your equipment for golfing so they know what it takes to make a great golf bag that will suit you specific need

While some may be a die-hard fan of the Sun Mountian Golf Brand, others may however just care more about quality, but one thing is very important and that being, ”a great brand always speak”

  • Dividers

Golf bag is often available in two ways, Full-length divider or half-length divider, with the full length running from top to bottom of the bag and the half-length running halfway top

Some bags offer all dividers in full length just like the Boom 5 Way Cart bag and there are bags that give you the mix of both full length and half-length

Note: One of the greatest advantages of a full-length divider over half-length is that it creates room for thorough and total privatization of clubs

Another aspect of divider you should be considering is the number of dividers that your bag offers as there are few to moderate to lots of dividers

Here is what I mean, there are bags which offers lots of divider like the Sun Mountian 14-Way Boom Cart Golf Bag and there are bags which offers only but few dividers

An example of a bag that offers few length dividers is the Sun mountain Boom 5-Way top Cart Golf Bag

If you want a bag which offers thorough organization and classical arrangement of your gears and equipment so that each clubs have its own individual slot so as to avoid club crowding then you should consider bags which offers lots of dividers

Note: The more number of divider the heavier and bulky you bag will tend to be

On the other handbags which offer few dividers tend to be less bulky thus promoting portability and lightweight

  • Graphite Shaft Protection

Protect your golf bag, by all means, the fur is the most commonly known method of graphite shaft protection, however, it drawback sterns from the fact that the sand can stick in the fur thereby harming the shaft coating

In today’s world, there has been a newer and innovative method of graphite shaft protection, this method tends to be far better than the fur, this includes Felt, Fabric, and treated rubber lining

  • Stitching

When you talk about the structural soundness of your golf bag, you are simply referring to its stitching

Stitching is as important as the bag itself, because it actually is, check out the density of the lines of the stitches, make sure that they look thick and durable

Look for bags that offer double stitching around the top and bottom cuff of your bag, this is where the loop and lock stitching comes into play as they are the most recent and efficient stitching method employed by most companies

The loop and lock stitching is one of the most recommend because when one stitch comes apart the other will lock thus preventing the rest from popping out

  • Zippered System

One of the greatest benefits of a well structured and highly developed zippered system is that it adds to the overall protection of your equipment which is contained in the golf bag

Look for a bag that offers a solid zipper system, another thing you will have to consider and this is of a personal choice is the material made of the zippered system

Zip on your golf bag is either made of plastic or metal, you should make peace with whichever seem of a preference to you

Metallic zippers are always stronger but might be susceptible to corrosion especially when they are not well coated

You should also find out if the bag does have a self-healing tab which is always the best as they are easier to open and close as well


Different golf bag will come with different features, the more features your bag can have the more expensive it can become, this is why the Staff bag and Cart bag tend to have more features than any other bag type

Some of these features that well resonates with your golf bag is the matching rain hood cover, holder for umbrella, hook for stuff, special pockets, etc


Sun Mountian Boom 5 Way Top Cart Bag VS Sun Mountian Boom 14-Way Top, Its Difference?

Golf Cart Bag Boom 5-Way Top Review

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There is actually no underlying difference between the Boom 5 Way VS the Boom 14-Way left from the fact that one offers few length dividers and the other offer lots of dividers

The Sun Mountian Boom 14 Way Cart bag offers a more thorough and classical organization of your gears so that each has its own slot to help prevent club crowding and for easy and quick sorting of your items

The 5-Way boom is less attractive when it comes to classical or thorough organization of your gears as it offers but few dividers, 5 to be precise, this means there aren’t individual slots for each club

This means there are actually more similarities with these two golf bag type than their difference



The Sun Mountain 5 Way Boom Cart bag does feature 13 whooping number pockets, that’s awesome, with a 5 way top for the organization of your gears, that’s cool!

This bag is made special from every other bag type as it does come with an inbuilt speaker, al you need do is connect using your phone speaker and then you are ready to play or listen to your favorite music

This bag does have all 13 pocket front forward facing for easy and quick access to pockets,

They are sturdy with a well developed zippered system for extra protection on your items and through their perfect blend of coloration, they are beautiful and attractive so that they are capable of making your friends and colleagues become bag envy



































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