In the end you should be able to list the features and characteristics of the Tangkula Push Cart for better pre-informed buying decision

Today’s golfing do have in great offer golf push cart on sale, here in today’s blog post we have on review the Tangular Golf Push Cart

Looking for the 4 wheel Tangkula Golf Push Cart? We have you covered, we are going to be giving you a thorough reviews on this golf Cart so that you can determine if they are right for you or not

There are many Golf Carts on sale in the market today, this makes sorting of your carts for golf ever difficult and very daunting especially for beginners

In this post we will be listing the different types of Cart available in golf so that by the end you will be more confidence and smarter when in search of a cart that will suit you well

Brand Tangkula may not be a well known and recognized brand in other spec of golf related products, but you see for Cart, you cannot over rule them as they are known to having produced great and excellent brand of Golf Cart

The Tangkula is known to having produced lots of series of Golf Carts of which the Tangkula Golf Push Cart on review happens to be one of such

Having said this, we head over to the over view of this Push Cart, the ”Tangkula Golf Push Cart”


Tangkula Golf Push Cart Swivel Foldable 3 Wheel Review, Overview

Tangular Cart, Push Cart, On Reviews

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The Tangkula Golf Push Cart is a 3 wheel golf push cart which  highly foldable so that they are very portable and easy to move around

As a matter of fact and without mizing words  this is one of the most portable 4 wheeled golf push cart from this famous and well recognized branding

This Push Cart come with steel frame and PP handle, they are amazingly lightweight so that they are easy to carry and portable as just have been said

how about the smooth ball bearing which does adds up to the overall potency of the Cart, this makes carrying your bag around the course easier and smoother than ever

And now you have one of the very best before you, offering you all the incentives and ease you need as you walk majestically down the course pushing effortlessly

With this Cart come a well functional and strategically placed break system for quick, easy and spontaneous stopping when the need arises

This golf cart is great for any golfer, whether you are right or left handed as it does come with a well structured and designed ergonomic handle, amazingly this handle are adjustable, you can easily adjust the height and angle of the Push Cart so that it suits your preference

On review we found out that this Cart does come with a contoured bottom coupled with a bag strap which is adjustable for easy sizing no matter the size of your bag be it large or small

What is so terrific and mind blowing about this Cart still is that its wheels are easily removable, when this wheel are taken down you can fold Cart with ease and comfort, having said this what more can you ask for

How about the well functional stool which makes it possible for you to sit on it without stress and very comfortable

Having said this and without waste of time we move over to its spec so that you can get a better understand on how well this Cart is built to serve your needs


Tangkula Golf Push Cart Reviews, Its Specification

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  • This Golf Trolley comes with steel frame+PP with EVA cover wheels
  • 9.5″ front wheel size of golf trolley
  • 65” x 27″ x 48″ (L x W x H) Overall dimension
  • 4 Tee hole
  • 1 Golf ball hole
  • Weighs 19lbs
  • Cart package is 1, umbrella holder, stool
  • 3 wheeled
  • Push Cart
  • 10.5” Rear

Tangkula Golf Push Cart Reviewed, What Are It’s Key Features

Tangular cart, push cart, on reviews

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The Tangkula Golf Push Cart boost of amazing yet rare features, this features well include- Foot operate break, Easy to maneuver, Enough storage Space, Quick fold system, Utilities, Lightweight and Balancing

Foot break System

This golf push Cart does come with a well designed and developed foot break system that is easy to apply and exceptionally responsive, when needed all you simply do is apply by placing your foot and you get an instant response

Easy to maneuver

If you are in search of an easy to maneuver golf push cart then look no further as this Cart offers you that, with a smooth ball bearing wheels which makes pulling or pushing to your desired direction easier than you think of

The Ergonomic handle which is well developed, soft and foamy as well makes pulling or push of your cart fun and very enjoyable

Storage Space

With this Cart comes an adjustment system for fit and protection this makes carrying bag possible no matter the sizing


Bag is incredible lightweight, weighing only about 19lbs, this makes it a highly portable and easy to do with golf push cart to buy

Quick Fold System

This bag is designed in such a way that they are highly foldable and with all ease and comfortability, this foldable system helps in saving you storage space, all you need so is remove tires and then its all you need, as it does cave space in your car


The weight of Cart is evenly distributed so that they are perfectly and balanced across all terrain, no matter how rough or smooth it might be


With this Cart comes with specialty utilities such as the Umbrella holder, a Score Card board for recording purposes and a well defined and comfortable stool for sitting


Tangkula Push Cart Golf Reviewed, It’s Pros

Golf Cart, Cart reviews, Tangular reviews

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  • Extremely lightweight for un-matched portability
  • Quality and balanced so that they are long lasting and very durable
  • Very easy to fold and are space saving
  • Easy to maneuver and move
  • Maintenance free ball bearing for easy in rolling
  • Cart handle is for both left and right hand golfers
  • Wheel breaks for easy and quick stopping when needed
  • Net bag and beverages holder
  • Easily adjustable handle
  • Seating stool which does also have its own storage space


Tangkula Golf Push Cart Reviewed, Its Cons

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  • Not as stable as the 4 wheeled push Cart

Tangkula Golf  Must Cart video Reviewed
When choosing your golf cart you must be quite aware that there are a whole lot of them available in todays market, with this reason, you are suppose to know the different Cart types for golf so that you can be able to make a better and smarter buying decision

Especially for beginners as said earlier, choosing a cart seems to be a daunting and difficult problem as they are often very confused on which one to invest in, because of you we are going to be giving you a thorough explanation on the different type of Carts for golfing

Types Of Golf Cart

Firstly before listing the different types of Cart available for golf, let us take a dive into what a Golf Cart entails

A Golf Cart is a vehicle which is designed to convey your golf bags and item to the golf course without the need of you having to carry them on shoulder

Your Cart bags are designed to seat on the Cart, Cart bags are often usually heavy and so you will be requiring a vehicle or trolley to help you carry it so that you wouldn’t have to go through the stress of having to carry them on your shoulder which might lead to fatigue and cause tiredness which is usually very detrimental to your game

Carts have come to save you that stress, so that all you simply do is put your golf cart bag into the Cart and move with ease

  • Push Golf Cart

From the name, ”Push” you can easily decipher what this Cart is meant for, the Push Golf Cart is meant to be pushed, this is the most common type of cart

The Push Golf Cart are usually known to have three wheeled even though we have some that are four wheeled, The three wheeled Push Golf Cart entails one of the wheel being at the front and two at the back

This Cart type is great for all terrain be it of  a grassy or sandy terrain, the Push Golf Cart can be well referred to as manual Golf Cart

As an instance, the Tangular Cart on review is a perfect example of a Push Golf Cart worth invest on

  • Pull Golf Cart

This Cart is designed so that they can be ”pulled instead of pushed ” the Pull Golf Cart operation mechanism is the direct opposite of the Push Cart

They are also categorized as a manual Cart as it does involve your own effort instead of a motor, this type of Cart is among the smallest type of Cart

If you are looking for a very lightweight Cart, the Pull Cart is a great choice for you as they are very lightweight

  • Electric Golf Cart

This Golf Cart type has its name revealed as they are being manned via the use of electricity thus for the name, ”Electric Golf Cart”

This isn’t a manual Cart as the Pull or Push Cart as it does have a motor which does propel its movement, the Electric Golf Cart took the World by storm

As they made everything so easy and now you do not have to push and pull, using your won strength, all you do is simply seat and driver or walk without pushing and Cart moves on its own

Today’s Electric Golf Cart have been so advanced that it does have provision of seats for more than one passenger, this Cart is one of the best as it is environmental friendly since it does not emit any gas which pollutes the environment

For electric golf cart please refer here: Best electric golf cart

  • Gas Powered Golf Cart

Its so amazing that all this Cart revealed is manning power, this kind of Cart is manned by gas, this makes them non environmental friendly as it pollutes the surrounding by sending out Carbon monoxide into the atmosphere which happens to be the real cause of the depletion of the ozone layer

The Gas golf Cart is manned using Gasoline and requires high maintenance than the electric Golf Cart , they are also very noisy

But when it comes to moving across the green or very far distance the Gas Golf Cart is the most preferred as it has the ability to travel several miles which the Electric Cart cannot


  • Luxury Golf Cart

Luxury Golf Cart are deigned for luxury, this Cart type are very expensive and so can be afforded by golfers who have more than enough money to spend on Carts

From its name Luxury, this Cart offers relaxation incentives and ease as you move on, they are well known as luxury golf cart as they do have exciting features not available in the other golf cart types

One of such features might include things like fog light, premium leather seats, shinny chrome grill and snazzy rims on the wheel and probably remote controlled features which is available for electric Golf Cart

For Electric remote control golf Cart Please refer here: Best remote controlled golf Cart


Factors To Consider When You Want To Buy A Golf Cart

  • Condition

When in an attempt to buy a Cart, the first and foremost this to do is to take into consideration the condition of the Cart, are they brand new or Used

If Used how good are they, if new how functional is it? this are vital question that you should be asking yourself, you can request for a tour before ever thinking of parting with your money

Carts are either new or used, new Carts as we all know would be reasonably expensive that the used, however whether you decide to buy a new or used Cart, you should be sure that Cart is healthy and very sound

As a perfect example the one on review being the Tangkula is a new cart

  • Model

The model you decide to go with is based on choice or budgeting, recent models are usually more expensive than late models this is because they offer more exciting features and incentives which is not usually common in old models

The Newer model is most preferable but as it goes it comes with a price, however if you do not have all the money to spend on a new model, simply stick to one you can afford, it doesn’t have to be the latest model, model of few years ago are also great

What matters is sticking to one which offers great value and is satisfying

  • Branding

While there are countless number of Golf Cart brand in the market, you can easily sort for great ones, you can simply do a research by asking a colleagues whose got some great information on Cart brand or simply put, you can go online and search famous and well trusted brand

As this helps you to better understand which brand will be great to invest on, some of the great and well trusted and known brand makers of your cart for golf are brands like the Yamaha to the Club Car to Tangular

As said earlier, its best to do your own research, having done that, settle for a particular brand, this is an easy way to clear all the confusion associated with making a choice for your Cart

  • Features

Golf Cart come with different features and incentives, so when choosing your Cart you goanna be asking yourself the features that are very comfortable and what you will love

One thing must be noted and that being as you make your choice on features make sure they are very functional and practical so that you don’t have regrets

Depending on the features, you will be expected to pay more as it doesn’t come completely for free, so be sure to look out for this if you are feature fricky kind of person

  • Battery Condition

Its great you consider the battery longevity, as this is a great factor especially for people who wants the Electric or Gas Golf Cart

This is especially important because this two mentioned Cart type requires battery for them to move and a bad or not good enough battery hampers you from using it which is usually very frustrating

  • Pricing

How much you are willing to path with to get you what you want will depend, as you can expect the better the Cart the more expensive they become

Its best to get a quality and well functional Golf Cart as they will last you long and you are grint to have great value for your money


Why Are Golf Push Cart Sold Out

Push Cart are sold out due to its high demand and probably limited supply in the market, during the COVID-19 period and when courses began to re-open many required that golfers should walk instead of riding

This was mainly due to social distancing and with this reason Push Cart became a hot commodity, this demand is still hot as it has not been subsidized

This Pandemic ended up shaping some of this company who are into the production of Push Carts like never before, due to this pandemic and little to no supplies

Golfers were forced to look for push Carts in the secondary market where used cart were selling for as high as $300 to $400


Are Push Cart Worth It?

The Question whether Push Carts are worth it or not is dependent on your need for it and what you hope to be achieving with it

But as far as golfing is concerned and as long as it requires you moving your bag from one place to another especially the Golf Cart bag then in no doubt, Push Carts are extremely worth investing on

With a Push Cart you can comfortably and efficiently move your bags which does contain your expensive gears from one place to the other


Which Is Better Push Or Pull Cart?

This question seems to be long ago an object of debate on which is better, Firstly, both are great as they help in conveying your bag which does contain all your gears and golfing equipment’s

Seeing this you come to can agree with me that they are here to solve similar problem, which is the ease of having to carry your equipment on shoulder which can be very daunting and frustrating

Push Cart Or Pull Cart which one is better? As said earlier it all depends on individual differences and reason why the prefer one over the other

However Pushing is well easier than pulling, this gives the Push Golf Cart and edge over the Pull Golf Cart as they are easy to move

Aside from that it has been proven that Push Carts are well easier to roll and maneuver


Do Golf Courses Rent Push Carts?

A simple and straight forward answer to that is they do, you can find a trolley for rentage at most club for $10 or less in each round

The advantage of a personal trolley which makes them better than one rented is that they are relatively lighter, easy to use and highly foldable

Whereas many found on golf courses are usually heavy or weight as they are more of the industrial type unit which aren’t well maintained


Why Don’t Pro Golfer Use Cart

Governing bodies like the USGA and the PGA restrict cart use as they view physical agility and stamina as an aspect of the game with this reason players are meant to walk



If you are in search of a cheap and working golf trolley, which is easy to maneuver then the Tangular lightweight golf push Cart is designed for you

It does come with all the necessary features that you will be needing so that you can easily pick up your bags and walk down the course

Whether an expert of beginners this golf cart will do you good as it is designed thoroughly to met your needs


Tangular Golf Push Cart Reviews, FAQ

Q: How many variety of colour can this bag be found

A: This Cart bag is available in six colours

Q: Is This Cart A 3 Wheel or 4 Wheel

A: This Cart is 4 Wheeled

Q: Is handle height adjustable

A: Of course handle are height adjustable

Q: Will this fit a Sun Mountain C-30 Cart Bag?

A: They are great for C-3O Cart bags














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