In the end, you should be able to list the features of the TaylorMade Pro Stand Bag on review to determine if they are right for you or maybe not

Brand Taylormade have been long known for its high quality and efficient golf bag production and manufacture

Having been in the industry for long and knowing what it takes to make a great golf bag you are safe on your next bet

This brand have been well known for its series of massively efficient and high-quality golf bag for golf which include Taylormade Bag Supreme to the Taylormade cart 8.0 golf cart bag to the Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Cart to the Taylormade flextech crossover

and now it is the Taylormade Pro Stand 8.0 Stand Bag on review

The TaylorMade Pro Stand Bag 8.0 on review is a 2020 model and having as many as 7 pockets for storage of your gears and other necessary equipment

It does come with 3 integrated handles and this makes them very easy and extremely comfortable to carry due to proper weight positioning and balancing

They are incredibly lightweight and also come with a lightweight automatic stand for the best of stability and balancing even on rugged terrains

How about the 4 points adjustable back strap excellently designed for comfortability and great feel

This is a 7-way top bag for better classification and arrangement of your gears to prevent club crowding and to enhance easy sorting

They are available in a few color combination option that looks great and awesome, this is a strap style adjustable golf bag and made of polyester material for long-lasting durability


Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag 2020, Its Spec

Taylormade pro 8.0 stand bag reviews

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  • Brand; Taylormade
  • Model: 2020
  • Type: Stand Bag
  • Strap Type: Adjustable
  • Material: Polyester
  • Pocket: 7
  • 7 way top


Taylormade Pro Stand Bag 8.0 2020, Its Overview

Taylormade Pro 8.0 stand bag reviews

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The Taylormade Pro Stand Golf Bag is a very sturdy bag and of the ”Stand bag family” this bag does have a well sturdy and structured base so that they are balanced when placed on the ground

Features a 7-way divider for a classical organization of your gears in order to prevent club crowding or entanglement

This 7-way divider apart from club crowding prevention can help for easy sorting as there are pretty a lot of dividers to keep some of your singles in one slot

The Taylormade Pro Stand Bag 8.0 was built on the outstanding success of previous lightweight golf bags but this time around with improvement in features and functionality

Weighing about 2.2kg, this bag also performs exceedingly well as walking bags, with the 9-inch 7-way divider you are assured of thorough spacing and enough space for your equipment storage

How about the anti-slip stand system which prevents them from slippage to the ground or the easy grab handles for unmatched comfortability and feel

The Pro Cart Bag is known to come with lots of mouth-watering features that will make your colleagues become bag envy


Pro 8.0 Stand Bag VS Pro 8.0 Cart Bag, What’s The Difference?

When you take into observation the Taylormade Pro 8.0 Stand Bag VS Taylormade Pro 8.0 Cart Bag you will see a lot of differences broadly winking at you

Here is the difference between this two bag of some series but different bag type

  • The Taylormade Pro 8.0 Stand Bag is a bag designed for the golfer who prefers walking down the course as they are carrying friendly as they weigh less

On the other hand, the Taylormade Pro 8.0 Cart Bag is designed for the cart as they do come with a non-slip base or rubber to prevent them from slippage when on transit

They are great for golfers who prefer to use the cart as they are usually more heavy/ weighty


  • Pro 8.0 Stand Bag arent that bulky as it contains fewer numbers pockets and size when compared to the Pro 8.0 Cart Bag, 8.0 cart comes with 8 pockets whereas the 8.0 stand comes with 7 pockets


  • Pro Cart Bag Comes with a 10 inch top and 3 grab handles whereas the Pro 8.0 Stand Bag comes with 7 way top with 3 integrated handles


  • Pro 8.0 Cart does not come with a carry strap or protrudable legs as they are designed for the cart whereas Pro 8.0 comes with a well developed dual strap system and two legs stand for the best stability and balance


This seems to be the major differences and both are great depending on which kind of Golfer you are

Are you the strolling type then you should be well fulfilled with the carry bag and if you prefer pulling or pushing then the Cart type is your best bet

Having said this, your bag for golf are of a different category, this is especially a problem for newbies as they little to no knowledge of which is best suited for them


Types Of Golf Bag

Your Golf Bag is well categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag Pencil Bag and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is also referred to as Tour Bag, this is the most luxurious, spacious, and expensive golf bag

This makes them more common am0ong tour pros, Tour bag offer generous spacing with lots of space for your extra belongings alongside your golf clubs such as extra clothing, waterproof gloves, and golf balls

But as you would expect its disadvantage comes from it being extremely heavy weighing about 10 pounds and above

Which for the average golfer is an issue, if you’ve got a personal caddy do not hesitate to get a Staff bag as they are built for the caddy

As an example, the Mavik staff bag is great that you can get if you are in search of a Staff bag

For other staff bags please refer here Best Staff bag on sale 

  • Cart Bags

The Cart bag just as its name depicts are designed for the Cart, you can call a cart bag a trolley bag as well as that is an alternate name

This bag type seems to be quite different from another type of bag due to its non-slip base or rubber which prevents it from sliding through when on motion in the cart

They are noticeably lighter than the Staff Bag, weighing about 6 to 7 pounds above and this allows for easy mobility when placed on the trolley

Similar to the Tour Bag, Cart Bag does also offers lots of pockets and spacing but on a smaller scale as compared to Staff Bag

With a Cart bag, you also have space for your valuables and balls and for water-proof as well

There are lots of Cart bag in today’s market but we recommend this one Best Golf Cart Bag 

  • Stand Bag

8.0 Pro stand bag review 2020 Tayormade

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Oh yea, you heard the name, this should tell you what this bag is meant for, it is meant to stand and for this reason, it does come with a well built-in stand usually dual in nature

The Stand Bag is well known and distinct from other bag types due to its Retractable dual legs for the best support and balancing

Stand Bag weighs about 5 pounds or so this makes them significantly lighter than ”the big two” (Staff and Cart Bag)

This is a popular option for the golfer who prefers or enjoys walking down the course rather ha riding, pushing, or pulling

There is usually a backpack style shoulder strap that comes with most Stand Bag and this helps for proper weight distribution across the shoulder

Te Taylormade Pro 8.0 Bag review is a perfect example of a Stand Bag, here are some of the features which makes it a stand bag

Firstly it does have a stand, secondly, it does have a well-developed carry strap for ease and comfort when placed on the shoulder

  • Sunday/Pencil Bag

The Sunday Golf Bag is also known as Pencil bag is the most portable bag in golfing, this bag type is gaining popularity by the day and a great choice for anyone looking for an extremely lightweight and carry friendly golf bag

This bag type is great for seniors due to its weighing, the Pecnilc golf bag isn’t meant to carry all your club even though they are some exceptions to this rule which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

They are meant to carry only but your essentials, if you prefer focusing on a particular aspect of your game at a time then considering opting in for the Sunday/Pencil golf bag

Its name pencil golf bag is derived from the fact that it d0oes come designed in pencil tyling and in a straight manner

There are lots of Sunday Golf Bag on sale in today’s market, this is the one we recommend Best Sunday Golf Bag

  • Travel Golf Bag

Travel Golf Bag even though it might not be taken seriously as a bag type, yet it is, its only difference is that it was built to hold your gears and equipment in safety as you travel

Just as its name reveals, ”Travel”, this bag is designed for traveling purpose, if you are a golfer who travels a whole lot then you should consider getting yourself a travel golf bag as they are quite distinct from other bag types

Due to its hard outer casing and extremely soft and foamy in for the protection of your gears and other related items while on transit

Aside from that Travel Golf Bag is also distinct as it does come with a well-developed built-in wheel for easy mobility and movement

There are lots of travel golf bag on sale in today’s market and making the right decision can be very daunting and confusing with this reason here are the best travel golf bag to buy this are especially goof for airline travel


What You Need To Know Before Buying A Golf Bag

golf stand bag 8.0 2021 review

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A whole lot of golfer just jump into buying a golf bag without putting into consideration what they need to know

Before buying your bag you should think of what kind of bag will be suited for your lifestyle

There are factors that you must put into consideration as they will help you in making the right decision on your bag type

  • Bag Type

In Golf, there are various bag type about five of them which include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Pencil Bag, and Travel Bag

If you aren’t clear please read the reference above again about the different type of bag for golf

In a nutshell, if you prefer walking down the course other than riding or pulling then you should be very well comfortable with the Stand Bag or the Pencil Bag

As this bag is lightweight and most importantly it does come with a dual carry strap for proper weight distribution and comfortability when placed on the shoulder

An example of a great bag for a golfer who prefers walking is the Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag on review

For Golfers who do not want to drive down the course with their caddy then you should consider opting in for the Staff Golf Bag

If you are a golfer who prefers pushing or pulling the consider getting a Cart Bag for yourself

If you love an extremely lightweight golf bag or you prefer focusing on a particular aspect of your game over a long period of time then you will be more comfortable with a Pencil/Sunday Golf bag

  • Club Dividers/Pocket

Dividers in your golf bag prevent your club and other utilities from smashing against each other

Your golf bag divider can be full length and half-length, full length runs from top to bottom and is perfect for thorough organization of your bag and to prevent them from entanglement

Half-length on its own runs the beag halfway, either top halfway bottom or bottom halfway top, the half-length divider also prevent entanglement but not as thorough as the full-length

Another thing you should consider is pocketing. as a general rule, Staff Bag and Cart bag offer far more pockets than any other bag type

You should be considering the number of pockets you will be c0mfrtable with as golf bags offers a different number of pocket and even sizing

Some offer very few pockets two or three and an example is the Pencil/Sunday Golf Bag and other offers lots of pocket with generous pocket an example is the Taylormade Supreme cart Bag

  • Strap System

The strap system is especially important because you will have to lift your bag no matter the bag type you opt for

If you are carrying a bag it has to feel comfortable and this is made possible with a well developed and foamy strap system that is adjustable so that fits different body size

The bag should be able to sit square on your shoulder and lean slightly so that your clubs are properly positioned on the bag, this is especially through for the Stand bag or the Carry/ Pencil Bag

  • Weight

The Weight of the bag will determine whether it is meant to be carried or for the Cart, Very heavy golf bag is designed for the Cart and Caddies

Whereas lightweight golf bag are-friendly so that is why they are for golfers who prefer waking down the course

Lightweight golf bag does have few pockets in contrast to heavyweight golf bag which is designed for the Cart and caddy

As a case study, the Taylormade 8.0 stand bag is lightweight as it is meant to be carried

  • Hook

If you have a lot of tags you will like to display or clip for your umbrella? it’s great to you look for a bag that does come with a hook because it is very certain  you will like to hang your towel and other things

However, you might not consider hook if you are not going to be hanging anything as it isn’t important in that case

  • Pricing

The type and quality of the bag you choose will depend on your budget, this is because golf bags are available in different quality, styling, and model

And as you should expect the better the quality the more expensive the bag as they will last long and very efficient


What You Need To Know Before Buying A Golf Bag Video By Golf Bidder


What Is A Small Golf Bag Called?

The small golf bag is often referred to as Sunday golf bag or Pencil golf bag, as said earlier this bag type is designed to be extremely lightweight and very easy to carry

They are designed to accommodate only but your essential even though they are exceptions to this rule as some bags are able to carry as many as 14 clubs


How Many Dividers Do You Need In A Golf Bag

Earnestly, the divider for your golf bag is up to you, however, if you want your club to stay apart from each to prevent club crowding then you should consider opting in for bags that do offer more numbers of dividers, 10 and above will be better

On the other hand, if you care less about the organization of your gears and equipment then you should consider opting in for bags which does offer few length dividers

To cite an example, this bag type on review does have a 9-way top divider which makes them a thorough bag for the organization of your items


Can You Carry More Than Two Putters?

There is actually no penalty or restriction in carrying more than one putter, in fact,, you are free as the USGA will have no problem with that

Where the USGA bounds restriction is in the fact that you cannot carry more than 14 clubs, so it is your choice if you like to make the 14 clubs putters


Do I Need A Golf Bag

Hell, am surprised that you are asking that question or even reading this, for God’s sake you know you need one

Your bag acts as a storehouse and protection for your gears and other equipment/utilities

Should you be protecting your golf gears, yes or no? you answer that, heck, you have spent a whole lot on your clubs and accessories, and now will you be happy to see those items get missing or spoilt, I hope you will not

This is the gap your golf bag feels and lets this be made clear and loudly, every golfer do deserve a golf bag

Not just gibberish golf bag but a quality one at that as this ensures as a means of transportation or protection of your accessories and gears

In fact, you need a golf bag to play golf, it is a requirement in almost all golf course, its that serious


How Much Does A Golf Bag Cost

A Golf Bag can cost from a few 100 bucks to a thousand dollar but you should expect a thousand dollar bag to be of course of premium and exceptional quality one that will last for years to come


What Kind Of Bag Do the Pros Use?

It is quite a norm to find the Pros using the Staff Bag also known as Tour Bag, this is because this bag toe is very luxurious and of course holds the best for quality and efficiency

They are extremely spacious as well with lots of storage compartment and dividers so that the PROs can be able to carry right from club to tees, to balls to towels

Pros in mots cases than not use Staff Bag for brand visibility as it does have a huge and well-stressed logo to help showcase a brand for advertisement

Whenever you see a Pro with a Staff Bag in most cases negotiating have been carried out or will soon be carried out




Bags are part of your game as it is the storehouse and protection for your expensive gears, you have spent your hard-earned money on items, it is time to do the same for what gonna serve as protection, this is where the 8.0 stand bag comes into play

The Taylormade 8.0 stand bag on review is that of the 2020 edition, this bag features ll that you will be needing as it offers generous and lots of storage pockets for your gears and other valuables

This is a stand bag and great for golfers who prefer walking down the course, for more on great golf bags for walker please refer here best golf bag for walker

This bag features a 7 way top for thorough organization against crowding,  3 integrated grab handles for an easy and comfortable carry

They are quite loveable as they are lightweight probably than expected and does come with 4 points adjustable back strap so that it is able to fit anyone no matter your body size

How about the angle base design which does help for added stability and balance when needed

And finally, a total pocket sum of 7 so that you have the opportunity to carry everything that you will be needing without having to leave anyone behind as a result of spacing










































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