In the end, you should be able to list the features which do come with the Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag so as to be able to determine whether they are right for you or maybe not

If you are looking for one of the most recognized, trusted, and well-known brand then you should be looking at the Taylormade Brand

As they are known to produce highly efficient and quality product for long-lasting durability

There has been a lot series of successful Taylormade golf bag these series include and is not restricted to the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag to the Taylormade stand bag 8.0 to the Taylormade Cart Lite Bag to the Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag to the Taylormade flextech crossover stand bag to the Taylormade Pro 8.0 Stand Bag and many more

And now we have here on review the Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag, The Deluxe Cart Golf bag is one to be reckoned with as it offers unmatched quality and balancing

This bag does boost lots of pockets and spacing so that you will have more than enough place to store your gears and accessories

With this bag also comes a whole lot of dividers so that you will be able to better organize your gears and accessories into different slot for club crowding prevention or overcrowding

Just as its name depicts, this is a cart bag and extremely recommendable for anyone looking for a great Golf Cart to invest in

For me, the color combination is just out of this world as your colleagues are bound to be bag envy

I like its sturdy natures and well developed integrated handle so that they are very easy and extremely comfortable to carry

The well-developed bag bottom makes it able to stand on its own and very firm, lots of side pocket is this bag known for and this makes gives you the added advantage of having to put in or get out some of your accessories without the need to opening the main bag compartment

One of the amazing characteristics which make this bag a unicorn is that despite it being a Cart bag which is usually very heavy, this one is quite lightweight, weighing but 2.35kg

Its lightweight natures are brought about by its lightweight waterproof fabric with PSI level of 2500mm

The bag isn’t available in many color option but the color for which it is available is one unmatched or unrivaled


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag 2019, Its Specification? Smart Features

Taylormade 2019 Deluxe Cart Bag Review

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  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Type: Cart Bag
  • Year: 2019
  • Strap Type
  • Material: Lightweight waterproof fabrics
  • Pocket:7
  • Velour lined valuable pocket
  • Accessory pocket
  • Ball Pocket
  • 2 Garment Pocket
  • Tee Pocket
  • 15 Way Top
  • Full-length divider: 3
  • Integrated extra-large Putter well
  • Key lock base system so that bag can be kept and held firmly on Cart


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag, Its Smart Features

Taylormade Deluxe 2019 Cart Bag Review

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The Deluxe waterproof bag 2019 review boost mouth-watering smart features that will ass up to your overall user experience

These features include

  • Umbrella cord
  • Synthetic leather cuff
  • Towel Carabiner
  • Trolley key lock base system
  • Rain hood
  • Single shoulder strap
  • Heat-welded seams
  • Thermo sealed zippers

The Umbrella cord makes space for your umbrella so that you are protected against harsh weather condition

The towel carabiner does make provision for where to keep your towels and the rain hood to help protect your gears from rain getting into them

How about the Thermo sealed Zippers for maximum protection of your accessories and equipment

The single shoulder strap is well padded and highly developed so that they are extremely comfortable and easy to carry


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag, Its Overview

Taylormade Deluxe 2019 Cart Bag Review

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The TaylorMade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag is one which offers as much as 15 top way divider of which 3 are full length for thorough organization and to help prevent your equipment from club crowding or entanglement

Features 7 pockets which do include an XXL integrated Putter well for your Putter club, the 7 pocket includes a velour-lined valuable pocket for your valuables such as Jewelry, Phones, and others

2 Garment pockets for your clothing, Range finder pocket, Accessory pocket, Ball Pocket, and Tee Pocket

Thye are incredible lightweight despite them being of the Bag type, ”Cart”, yet they are less heavy than usual

You will be able to lock your Cart firmly to the Cart brought about by its well developed and highly structured key lock base system

Lots of front placed pocket makes this bag awesomely beauty and gives you access to some of your accessories without the need to open the main compartment

Just like the TaylorMade, you can also find great bags from the Callaway brand, some of its incredible and quality golf bags series include the Callaway Mavrik Staff Bag to the Callaway Hyper-Lite 2 Zero Lite Weight Golf Bag to the Callaway Golf 2020 Fairway Bag to the Callaway Golf 2020 Org 7 Cart Bag and many more

TaylorMade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag Video Review By Ting And Tang TV


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Cart Golf Bag, Its Pros

  • Very spacious and does come with lots of pocket for your gears and other equipment
  • Lots of dividers for thorough and classical organization of your items
  • Lots of mouth-watering and features which do add up t user experience
  • The sturdy and well-balanced base system for the best support
  • Great for the Cart
  • Lightweight and with a well-developed strap system for unmatched mobility and portability
  • A waterproof bag prevents rain from getting into it


Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Golf Cart Bag Reviews, Its Cons

  • Not recommended for walkers
  • The front pocket can be a bit tight as someone complained


Types Of Golf Bag

Your bag for golf can be categorized into five-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is also well known as Tour bag and is often common among Tour Pros, this is the most luxurious bag as they are of the highest pedigree of quality, have more pockets and spacing than any other bag tye

The bag has plenty of pocket for your storage and extra belongings alongside your club such as extra clothing, glove and golf ball

But as you should expect this bag is extremely heavy weighing about 10 pounds and above

A staff bag is great for a golfer who has a caddie or plans to own one, there a lots f Staff bag in the market today but here are the ones we recommend Best Staff Bag On Sale 

  • Cart Bag

Cart Bag is designed for the Cart and quite distinct from other types of bag brought about by its rubber or non-slip base which prevents them from sipping from the Cart

The Cart bag is also well known as a Trolley bag, this bag is noticeably lightweight than a Staff Bag weighing about 6 to 7 pounds and this allows for easy mobility and movement

Similar to the Staff Bag, the Tour bag does come with lots of pockets and storage space but not as thorough as the Staff Bag

The Cart bag is bulky and heavy as well as the Staff Bag this is why they aren’t recommended for the golfer who likes walking down the course

Looking for a list of Cart Bag from where you can comfortably make a choice for which best suits you?

We’ve got you covered, for your cart bag please refer here Best Cart Bag On Sale 

  • Stand Bag

The Stand bag  does offer lots of pocket and spacing for your gears and accessories but even at that not as thorough as the Staff Bag or Cart Bag type

The stand bag is very distinct from every other type of bag due to its dual retractable legs which offer the best of support and balancing in all-terrain whether rugged or smooth

The stand bag is the most balanced and sturdy bag of all type due to its dual legs, they are great for the golfer who likes walking down the course

The Stand Bag is somewhat like a kinda, ”hybrid” kinda golf bag as it does have the characteristics of a Cart Bag and a Staff Bag

They are noticeably lighter than the aforementioned bag types and holds all your stuff but on a smaller scale than the Staff or Cart Bag type

There are a lot of influx of stand bag in today’s market for the best please refer here Best Stand Bag On Sale 

  • Sunday /Pencil Bag

The Sunday Bag having a second name as Pencil golf bag is the smallest golf bag type and most portable as it contains very small spacing and few pockets

This bag is especially great for that golfer who chooses to focus on a particular aspect of their game may be driving the range or hitting out of the bunker

This bag is only designed to carry but your essential although they are an exception to this rule as some do carry up to 14 clubs

This bag is great for beginners and seniors since they are not going to be using all their clubs

This bag is designed with usually well developed dual carry strap so that they can be easily carried and for the best of mobility sake

In search of a wide list of Sunday golf bag to choose from, here are the ones we recommend Best Sunday Golf Bag On Sale

  • Travel Bag

This bag depicts its name to the full, the Travel Golf Bag is designed for traveling, travel golf bag is very quite distinct from traditional golf bag in the sense that it does come with a well developed built-in wheel for easy maneuvering and portability

The travel bag is designed so that its outer casing is solid and strong whereas its inn is soft and very foamy, this helps in the protection of your gears and other equipment in your bag

When traveling your bag aren’t stable, they move slightly from one side to the other due to uneven terrain as your bag shakes and your accessories and equipment move from one side of bag to another but with the well-padded and foamy in these items are prevented from coming in contact with hard materials used in bag construction

The Travel Golf Bag is a great option for the golfer who loves traveling or travel a lot and wants to still play golf

There are lots of travel golf bag in the market today but here are the ones we highly recommend for you Best Golf Travel Golf Bag On Sale

Having listed the different bag type so as give you better and proper enlightenment on which bag is best suited for each golfer we bring to you an important factor you must consider before picking your next golf bag


What Should I Look For When Buying A Golf Bag

Many golfers jump into buying bags without knowing which is best suited for them and they end up making the wrong choice for the most part

There are some important factor/consideration that you must have to look into so as to serve as a pivot guide that will help you make the right choice anytime any day


  • Know The Different type of golf bag

Taylormade Deluxe 2019 Cart Bag Review

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As stated earlier in this post right above, we have listed with thorough explanation the different type of golf bag in today’s market, you should be well acquainted with the different bag type and to whom they are best suited

For the golfer who likes thorough spacing and many pockets so that there is no lack of storage space you should consider opting for the Staff Bag or Cart Bag

This is even more convenient if you’ve got a Caddie or a Cart as this bag are usually very heavy and aren’t designed to be carried on the shoulder but with your Cart/ Caddy moving to the course will be all fun and enjoyable

If you are a golfer who instead of pushing, pulling, or driving the course you prefer walking then the Stand Bag or the Sunday bag is the perfect choice for you

If you still want a whole lot of spacing for you to carry golf bag then the Stand bag is the best option as Sunday bag does come with few pockets and spacing as they are designed to carry only but your essentials

For the traveling golfer who does not want to miss the game then the Travel Bag is your best bet as they are designed with well-developed wheels for easy portability and mobility

  • Divider/Pocket

Golf bags are available in a varying number of dividers and pocket, while some bag offer but few length dividers other are able to offer a lot of dividers(up to 15)

If you care about neat and thorough organization of your gears to prevent club crowding and to help for easy sorting then golf bags with lots of dividers should be what you are looking out for

But as you should expect bags with lots of dividers are often usually much heavier than ones with few lengths dividers

A golf bag with as much as 15 length divider would have all club allocated a slot and this helps prevent entanglement

The golfer who cares little about thorough organization then considers opting for bags that do offer few length dividers as they are smaller and lighter

The same goes for pocket, you should be considering which you are comfortable with, are you better off with bags with few pocket or yu want one which offers a massive and generous number of pocket

As an instance, the Taylormade Deluxe Cart Bag on review does come with 15 way top with 3 full-length dividers for proper organization of your gears and equipment

  • Comfortable Strap

It doesn’t matter what type of bag you are opting for, it should come with a comfortable strap, this is because your strap is usually the first contact you get with your bag as that is the mean you are able to lift it onto the Cart or on your shoulder

As a general, you should look for a well developed and comfortable strap as this makes carrying your bag easier and very convenient

The Strap should be adjustable as this helps to fit different body size, strap should be well padded as well for the best of comfort and feel

  • Storage

Storage is everything at least that is the reason you are even getting a bag in the first place, you should be considering the amount of storage space that will suit you perfectly

Remember the more storage space the heavier the bag tends to be, if you care about spacing a whole lot then you should look for a bag which offers a lot of that, Bags like the Staff Bag, Cart Bag is a great choice for people looking for massive storage spacing for their gears and equipment

  • Pricing 

Your bag is available at different prices, of course as you will expect the more quality the bag the more costly it is going to be

There are a lot of quality golf bag out there that you can buy without necessarily breaking the bank

A Good price golf bag should cost about $200 and above, and you should be ready to spend a substantial amount of money to get a very good bag for your equipment

  • Hook

Hooks on your bag gives you the option to hang your accessories such as towels or apparel, umbrella, and many more

If you have a lot of bag tags to display then you should consider getting a bag that does offer a hook option

  • Weighing

Golf Bag is available in different sizes, shape, model, and brand so are their weighing, While some bags are lightweight others are heavy

You should know which is comfortable for you, if you have got a Cart or plan on having one then weight might not be that much of an issue

However, if you do not have a Caddy/Cart its best to go for lighter bags like one from the Stand Bag or Sunday bag family


Are Waterproof Golf Bag Worth It

A waterproof golf bag is worth it especially for golfers who live in an environment where there is constant rainfall

Waterproof golf bag is made in such a way that it repels water, thus for the name ”Water-Proof”,

This bag is water repellant and does not allow water to get inside them easily or quickly, with a waterproof golf bag you are assured of safety for your equipment even in the rain



Bags are part of the game, this is because your bag serves as a means through which your gears and other accessories are transported from one point to the other

Your bag also serves as a means of protection to your gears as it puts them together hereby preventing them from getting scattered which might lead to you misplacing one of your item or the other

You have spent a to getting those clubs and equipment, it did be wise to spend a little bit more to ensures their safety and well being

This is where the Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof Golf Bag comes into play, The TaylorMade Deluxe Waterproof Golf bag review

Features 7 pockets which include velour-lined pockets for your valuables, ball pocket for your golf balls, 2 wide garment pockets for your apparel, tee pocket, and integrated putter well for your putter club

This extra provision of specialty pocket is so that there is enough space for all your belongings

This is a 15-way top bag with 3 full-length dividers for maximum organization of your belongings and accessories

A towel carabiner for your towels and apparel in general, rain hood to help shield your bag from the rain

Well structured key lock base system to keep Bag well glued to the cart so that it doesn’t slip off on transit

This is a waterproof golf bag and thus prevents water from penetration into your bag which does contain all your items

Lots of zippered compartment for extra protection, the Taylormade Deluxe Waterproof golf bag is one that you should consider investing in as they are extremely colorful and highly attractive and as you will expect your colleagues are bound to become bag envy

Trust the Taylormade, this bag boost of a high pedigree of quality so that they are very efficient and long-lasting

If you are in a scout of a Cart Bag, consider this Cart bag as your best and one that is bound to serve you for years to come





















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