In the end, you should be able to list the features of the Taylormade 2019 Select Cart Bag On Review

Today’s golfing do have in great offer Taylormade Golf Bag and one of such is the Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Cart Bag review

Brand Taylormade is a well recognized, known, and trusted household name for your bags, they have been long into the manufacture and production of Golf Bags so they know exactly what it takes to make a great and exceptional Golf Bag

There have been several series of Golf Bag rolled out by this well-established brand of which include the likes of Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag to Taylormade Cart Lite Bag to Taylormade Flextech Cross over Stand Bag and many more and now it is the Taylormade Golf select Cart bag Review

This is a cart Bag Type and so they are built with a solid and strong base so that they can stand on their own

This Bag boost of 7 pockets which is fair enough and a 14 way top for a quick and thorough organization of your equipment

There is also a front-facing pocket which is oversized this adds to the overall beauty of the bag, a velour-lined valuable pocket, and an oversized Putter Well for your putter club

You get to choose from five different color options with the bag being lightweight so that they can be easily carried

This bag is very great and meets the demand of most of its buyers as it got lots of positive reviews to its name

Even though this is not designed to be carried yet bag does come with a shoulder strap and they are both great for push Cart and even motorized Caddies

Without a delay or further waste of time, we head over to the Taylormade Golf Select Cart Bag Specification


Taylormade 2019 Golf Select Cart Bag, Its Spec

Taylormade Cart select 2019 Bag reviews

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This bag offers varying color combination options to choose from- Black/Green, Red/Black, Green/Black, Navy/Red/White, Gray/Black

Featuring a 14 way top for quick and easy classification of your gears and to help prevent crowding/entanglement as each item has its own slot

Well constructed zippered system running from top to bottom including front faced pocket for more equipment storage without opening the main bag

With this bag comes some specialized pocket which includes a Large Putter well pocket, Velour lined valuable pocket to help store your valuables like your phones and expensive jewelry or accessories

The Taylormade Select Cart Bag though may not have as many pockets as the Supreme Cart bag but its number of Pocket is more than enough to accommodate all your equipment and that is quite impressive

Without further delay or waste of time, we bring to you the Its Spec


Taylormade 2019 Golf Select Cart Bag, Review, Its Overview

Taylormade Golf select cart bag reviewed

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This Golf Bag is available in four different 5 color option to choose from, this is a 2019 Golf Bag and is made unique due to its sturdy and well-structured base so that bag is able to stand solidly and stable on its own without support

The Taylormade 2019 Golf Select Cart Bag is a great bag for the colors if you are in search of a great bag with an attractive color mixture

With this bag comes a 14 way top for thorough and classical organization and arrangement of your gears and other equipment so that they are prevented from entanglement or crowding

There are a lot of specialized pockets which does come with this bag of which include a front-facing oversized pocket for easy and quick sorting of your belongings without the need for opening the main bag compartment, this front-facing pocket is also very wide so that you have the opportunity to pick up more item

How about the velour-lined valuable pocket to help keep your valuables such as phone, jewelry, or any other precious item safe and protected, an oversized putter well for your putter club

This is a weight friendy bag weighing only but 5.2 pounds so that they are very portable and easy to move from one place to another

I love the bag as it does come with a rain hood which does assure your bag of safety when there is a downpour

It does come with a zippered system running almost full length though they aren’t very strong so you must use it gently


Taylormade Select Cart Bag Review 2019, Its Specification Summary Listing

Taylormade golf select 2019 Cart Bag

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  • Branding: Taylormade
  • Weight: 5.2 Pounds
  • Dividers: 14
  • Bag Type: Cart
  • Full Length: 14
  • Cooler for your drinks


  • Number Of Pockets: 7
  • Oversized front face pocket
  • Oversized Putter well
  • Velour lined valuable pocket


Taylormade 2019 Select Cart bag, Who Is It Meant For

If you are a Golfer looking for a bag that offers you a few to moderate number of pocket then the TaylorMade Select Cart Bag 2019 is a great one, to begin with

This is a 2019 model bag and its got great and outstanding reviews, this bag may not have so many specialty pockets but it does have one which fits into your essentials

This bag is great for Golfer who got a low budget and still want the best, they are also great for portability, so if you seek a simple yet classical golf bag that is well suited for the Cart, then you should consider this bag

They are also great for clubs with jumbo grip as they fit in perfectly and can carry a lot of this kind of club with such grip


Taylormade 2019 Select 2019 Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Very sturdy and lightweight
  • Lots of compartments for all your belongings
  • Quality for long-lasting durability
  • Lots of dividers to prevent club crowding
  • Strong and rugged zippered system for maximum protection
  • Comes with a Snap-on rain cover
  • Handled clubs with jumbo grip


Taylormade Select Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • The club tends to fall out when using the Cart strap
  • Someone complained of it having no card for name custom


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Types Of Golf Bag

When choosing your golf bag as a smart and well-enlightened Golfer you should be aware of the different types of Golf bags as this will help you in making the right choice

Your bag for golf is one of the essential arsenals that is needed as they are the storehouse of your gears and other golfing item

Now remember, having spent much on your gears/ items, you will be needing a place to keep this equipment, you should really be looking for a very quality and solid golf bag which guarantees maximum protection of your gears which you have spent so much on getting

This is where the Taylormade 2019 Select Cart Bag comes into play as they designed as a storehouse for your gears

The Taylormade Select Cart Bag 2019 stands out as it offers more than enough space where you can comfortably and efficiently store your gear and belongings

Having said this and in order for us not to deviate we are going to be listing the different types of Golf Bag and the Golfer to which this is best suited

Golf Bags are broadly categorized into six types, there are 6 types of Golf Bag

This bag includes Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, Sunday Bag, and Travel Bag


  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is well refereed or known also as Tour bag, this is the most luxurious and spacious type of bag as they are made from the best of material

Staff Bag is common among professionals as they are usually very expensive, the Staff bag is also the most spacious bag with the most pocket when compared to any other bag type

Due to its large and enormous spacing, the Staff Bag is very heavy weighing up to 10 pounds which is usually an issue for the average golfer

They are great for golfers who own a Caddie or have plans to own one, the Staff Bag does come with a well-pronounced spacing where the logo can be displayed

If you are looking for a great golf bag that can be used to create awareness about a new brand in the market then you did be right with the Staff Bag

There are lots of great Staff Bag on review in the market of which include and is not restricted to the Callaway Mavrik Cart Staff Bag to the Callaway Golf 2019 Epic Staff Bag and many more


  • Cart Bag

The Cart Bag is primarily designed for the Cart, that is so that it fits in the Cart excellently, Cart Bags are not meant to be carried on the shoulder

Cart Bags are usually very spacious and wide, containing lots of compartment for your all your gears and equipment

The Cart Bag can also be referred to as Trolley bags, this bag type is quite different from every type of bag as it entails a non-slip base or rubber which holds them in the Cart and prevents them from sliding when on motion

If you are a Golfer who own a Cart then you should consider opting for the Cart Bag as they are usually very heavy and not convenient to be carried on the hand or shoulder

You should expect a typical Cart Bag to weigh about 6 to 7 pounds, the Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Bag on review is a great example of a Cart Bag


  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag is very different from every other type of Bag as it does come with retractable or protrudable inbuilt legs

This is the most stable and balanced type of bag across all terrain due to its well structured and solid dual in build legs

The Stand Bag fills in the gap between a Staff Bag and a Cart Bag, this bag is great for the Cart and also for Golfer who prefer carrying or walking down the course

The Stand Bag is significantly lighter than the Staff or Cart Bag, weighing about 5 pounds or less, most stand bags also do come with backpack style shoulder strap for proper weight distribution when carried on the shoulder


  • Carry Bag

The Carry Golf Bag just as its name suggest is designed to be carried for this reason it does have the most developed carry strap system

The Carry Bag is great for the golfer who prefers walking down the course rather than going with the Cart, Cary bag can also be spacious and contain lots of pockets but nothing compared to the Stand Bag, Cart Bag, or Staff Bag

Carry Golf Bag can be quite similar to the Pencil Bag but is bigger, wider, and more spacious than the Pencil Golf Bag

I will recommend this Carry Golf Bag if you are in search of a great and highly efficient/ quality Carry Bag


  • Pencil/Sunday Golf Bag

The Pencil/ Sunday Golf Bag is getting popular as the day go by, Pencil Golf Bag is extremely lightweight and contains a limited number of pockets and storage space

The Sunday/ Pencil Bag is designed to carry a few of your club, not all, even though there are some exceptions that are able to carry 14 Clubs

However Pencil Golf Bag is designed to pick only but your essentials, for instance, if you are a golfer who likes focusing on a particular aspect of their game one time or the other then the Pencil Bag would mean a great option

The Pencil Golf Bag derives its name from its design, this bag is constructed in such a way that it is simplistic and its design is straight to the point

There are lots of Pencil Golf Bag on sale in the market today, this five Pencil Bag is just great and highly recommended if you are in search of a great one


  • Travel Bag

The Travel Golf Bag just as its name suggest is designed to help convey your gears and equipment from one place to the other, especially through the air

Though the travel bag is not to be substituted for your golf bag, it is very important if you are a golfer who travels a lots

The Travel bag is designed with a tough and hard outer casing for maximum protection while its inn is very foamy, soft, and well-padded as this helps protect your gears from coming in contact with a hard surface which might lead to wear or tear

Looking for a Travel Golf Bag especially for airlines? We recommended this Best Travel Golf Bag


Now that we are very familiar with the different aspects of Golf Bag available and know which is best suited for each Golfer

Let’s take into consideration what consideration will help you make the best selection of your Golf Bag


What To Consider When Buying Your Golf Bag

2019 Taylormade golf select bag reviewed

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Being aware that there are lots of Bag for Golfing available in the market, this many times create c confusion especially for beginner or newbies as they aren’t able to determine which one is right for them

Here are some of the crucial things that you must have in mind when trying to purchase your next Bag

  • Bag Type

As portrayed earlier there are six different types of Golf Bag to choose from-Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bg, Carry Bag, Sunday/Pencil Bag, and Travel Bag

For a Golfer who needs a luxurious and extremely spacious bag then a Staff Bag would be a recommendation, however, you should bear in mind that they can be very expensive and heavy

If you are a Golfer who owns a Cart or planning to own one then the Cart Bag should be what you are to be looking out for

For Golfer looking for a carry friendly bag with enough space and pockets for your gears and then the Stand Bag, Carry Bag

The Sunday/Pencil Bag on the other hand is great for the golfer looking to concentrate on a particular aspect of their game and looking for an extremely lightweight and easy to carry Golf Bag

For Golfer who travels a lot or a travel wannabe then you should consider getting a travel bag as it offers maximum protection and safety on your bags containing your clubs

  • Pockets/Features

As you are in a hunt for your Golf Bag each offers a varying number of pockets and features, while some bag offers plenty of pocket and mouth-watering features others offer less pocket and features

As expected extremely portable and lightweight Golf Bag would have fewer pockets and features when compared to bags which does offer a larger number of pockets and features

You are going to be asking yourself the number of pockets that you will be comfortable with if you want a bag that does offer lots of pocket or features then that is what you should be scouting out for

Similar if you want one which offers space for only your essentials then considering opting in for a bag with few pockets/features

Some of the features you will often find in a golf bag is the Umbrella holder, Glove attachment, Towel ring, Rain hood, and many more

The Taylormade 2019 Select Cart Bag being reviewed is one that offers lots of storage compartments and pockets for people in search of one

  • Carry Strap System

Carry Strap System are either single or dual, you should know the one you are comfortable with or one that resonates with you

This is very important because most of the time you will be handing your golf bag by its strap, Single strap is more common with Cart Bags while the stand and Carry Bag usually have dual Carry Strap for weight distribution when placed on the shoulder

The Taylormade Select Cart Bag review is a perfect example of a bag that does boost a single carry strap system


FAQ, Taylormade Select Cart Bag 2019

  • Q: Is there a rain hood cover that comes with this bag
  • A: Absolutely yes, there is a Rain hood Cover


  • Q: Does it come with a Card that does allow your name to get imprinted on it free of charge
  • A: No it doesn’t, however, you can have custom embroidery done on the ball pocket


  • Q: Does it come with a shoulder strap
  • A: Of course yes, it does come with a shoulder strap best suited for the cart


  • Q: Is this a waterproof Bag
  • A: No, not really, but more of a water-resistant bag


  • Q: Is the shoulder strap padded
  • A: Yes, the shoulder strap is padded


  • Q: Is there a slot for Umbrella
  • A: No, there isn’t you only have a fit for Umbrella in one of the dividers if you’ve got less than 14 clubs


  • Q: Will this bag handle Clubs with Jumbo Grip
  • A: It does very tightly


  • Q: Is there a cover that comes with this bag
  • A: No, there isn’t


  • Q: Where is the location of the Umbrella holder
  • A: The Umbrella holder is located at the side of the bag


  • Q: How many clubs with Jumbo Grip is this bag able to accept
  • A: It does accept at least 10


  • Q: Is this a Cart Bag or a Stand Bag
  • A: As explained earlier, this is a Cart Bag and can also be carried


  • Q: Is there a Cooler Pouch
  • A: Absolutely, it is in front


  • Q: Is there a provision for a shoe pack
  • A: There isn’t, however, there is plenty of room for shoes especially if you are a travel freak



Bags are an integral part of a Golfers life as this is the house of your equipment and gears, you have spent a lot on your clubs and other peripherals and now its time to get that befitting Bag for maximum protection

This is where the Taylormade 2019 Select Cart Bag review comes into play, The Taylormade 2019 Select Cart Bag offers 7 pockets well spacious enough to contain all your belongings

If you are in search of a quality and highly efficient Golf Bag with lots of compartments then you would be right to settle for the Taylormade Select Cart Bag

This bag includes 7 pockets which  include an oversized faced pocket, a Putter well, lots of dividers to prevent club crowding, a cooler pouch that is able to fit as many as 5 12oz bottles or 6 16oz cans of beers

This bag is able to stand on its own especially when clubs are dispersed evenly, One loveable feature about this bag is the underlying fact that it is lightweight

With this bag also comes an umbrella sleeve and they can handle lots of clubs with a jumbo grip, so if you’ve got Jumbo grip clubs you have no worries


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