Taylormade M6 Driver Review.

Welcome to the Taylormade M6 driver review.

In this review, we look at the m6 from the features and technology that go into this driver.

This will help you decide if this club is right for your game or not.

TaylorMade M6 Driver – Introduction.

Today, there are a lot of different golf drivers from which a golfer can choose. Before this time, or more accurately, in the early days of golf, there weren’t that many choices for your driver club.

But now, the story sounds different as there are lots of golf drivers on sale today, In today’s blog post, we have the M6 Driver on review, which happens to be from the brand Taylormade.

When it comes to drivers, trust the Taylormade, this brand has been known to make thorough and quality golf clubs from driver to putter and many more.

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The Taylormade having been into the manufacture and production of your golf driver and knows what it takes to make just the right club and the M6 driver is no exception.

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Driver club just as its name suggests is used to perform a drive, The driver belongs to the wood category of golf club and is classically referred to as 1 wood

Drivers are usually the longest club is found in a golf bag and does also have the biggest head than any other club, this makes it one of the favored clubs when it comes to the largest sweet spot for maximum forgiveness

Golf driver is always the first hitting club in every round of golf, it is used to perform the longest hitting, it is used to hit the farthest distance

Due to its importance as far as the game of golf is concerned it becomes very important that you choose carefully and wisely so as to get the best out of your game

The goal of the driver is to get the ball as far as possible towards the green, they are used from the teeing ground on par-4S, par5-s and sometimes on very long par-3s

Driver club does have the lowest lofts and this makes it difficult to master, loft is simply the angle of the clubface that controls trajectory and affect the distance

Having said this and without further delay, we present the long-awaited Taylormade M6 Driver Club

M6 Driver Reviews Taylormade Golf Club

M6 Driver review Taylormade

The M6 Driver being a D-tye driver(Draw Biased) is available in both the right hand and left-hand orientation, this means whether you are right-handed or left-handed there is an option for you

You get to choose from the regular or stiff flex and does come in two configurations (10.5 or 9 degrees)

This club is really injected for speed as it features a tuning resin to optimize COR across the entire face

This speed injection process helps to deliver maximum ball speed and distance every time for players

How about its Twist face which is a revolutionary face curvature with a corrective face angle on an off-center hit

Amazingly this Twist face is designed or engineered to reduce side spin and to give you straighter and more accurate shots

You are guaranteed increased clubhead speed for more distance of which is as a result of sleek aerodynamic shaping

There is also the draw bias design which is a two-tone crown cosmetic altered to make the face angle appear more open, the result is a more close face at impact

With the M6 Driver, you will have a hotter face that is more stable, I highly recommend and love this driver as it offers the largest acceptable head(460cc) for maximum forgiveness and consistency on every single hit

No matter your playing abilities or level, the M6 Driver is just right for you, and why? because it does feature an adjustable loft so that you can be able to fine-tune your preferences

If you are looking for a driver which gives you an additional 20 to 30 yards on your shots then the M6 Driver is one that can help you achieve that

The faster more aerodynamic sole helps to create discretionary weight of which allows for 46 grams of mass low and back for increased moment of inertia(MOI) and lower center of gravity(CG)

M6 Driver Review, Its Spec

  • Brand: Taylormade 
  • Loft: 10.5 and 9 degree
  • Shaft Material: Project X Evenflow 
  • Flex: Regular and Stiff
  • Year: 2019
  • Head weight: 3.5 grams

M6 Driver Review, Its Features

  • Twist face for reduced side spin and straighter shots on off-center strikes
  • Aerodynamic sole for increased MOI and lower CG
  • Speed injected technology 
  • Draw biased design for a more closed face at impact

Taylormade M6 Driver Review By James Robinson Golf

M6 Driver Review, Its Pros

  • Lightweight and easy to swing
  • Quality and very efficient
  • Highly responsive and forgiving
  • Trusted and well-established brand
  • Added distance and accuracy

Taylormade M6 Driver Review, Its Cons

  • Might take some time to get used to

Is There A New Release On Taylormade Driver In 2021?

In January 2020 the Taylormade Original SIM driver was released and later the SIM was updated to SIM 2 which was released in February 2021

Is Driving Distance Affected By Tee Height?

Definitely, your driving distance can be affected by your tee height, your swing path is affected by the height of your tee and as a result, would definitely have an influence on the spin that the ball will have on it

You can reduce the spin on your drives thereby increasing distance simply by teeing the ball up

What Tee Height Is Best For Your Driver?

Review M6 D- Type Golf Driver

The ideal tee height for your driver club is about 1.5 according to a pool of GOLF’S top 100 teacher

Half the ball peaks above the crown after the club has been sole to address, peg it about half an inch if it is a 3 wood, and for iron a quarter inch

Is The M6 Driver Forgiving?

It is no surprise that the M6 Driver when compared to the M5 Driver generally tends to be more forgiving and this is as a result of the altered weight distribution that moves weight back

M5 or M6 Which Is Better?

Golfers with higher swing speed use the M5 and as a result, don’t struggle that much-getting distance but the M6 is considered to be a bit longer and more forgiving, this allows golfers to miss the center of the clubface just a bit

What Is The Weight Of The M6 Driver Head?

The M6 Driver head does have a weight of 3.5 grams

How Much Can The M6 Driver Be Adjusted?

With the M6 Driver comes a 4 deg loft sleeve and this makes it possible for you to have a loft, face angle, and lie adjustable

There are about 12 possible sleeve variations that can help decrease or increase the loft by a margin of 0.5 – 0.75 and for the lie angle 0.5 -0.75 and last but not the least the face angle by 1 – 2 deg

What Does Draw Biased Mean?

The M6 Driver is a draw-biased golf driver. Biased club head is where the center of gravity is shifted toward the heel

This is true for any club head where the Center of gravity(CG) is far behind the face and this helps to produce a gear effect

Draw biased helps you to straighten out your slice or simply change it to a fade, Draw-biased clubs are known to make very forgiving does help to launch the ball higher, and with ease

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Golf Driver?

 review M6 Golf Driver Taylormade

You do not just make a choice on your driver without putting some criteria into consideration, if you do chances are that you will end up making a bad choice, this is because they are all too many drivers and this driver are suited for a particular audience

There are seven major aspects that you should consider when you are out for a new driver

  • What’s Your Skill Level

You may feel that you need to upgrade to a new driver as your swing progresses, it is very important to find a driver that works for you no matter your skill level

Look for a driver that works well with your swing and helps to correct your mistakes or mishit

To be able to understand your skill level especially those who do not know their skill level is simply to visit a pro shop

In the Pro Shop, the pro  shop attendant would analyze your swing and suggest which driver component is best suited for you

Another way you can analyze your skill level is by testing out, oh yes, you can test out that rental club so that you can be able to determine which suits you best

There are lots of golf club out there and the good news is no matter you swing level there is always a club which is designed for you

  • Head Size

The largest driver head accepted by  the USGA is 460cc with the smaller ones being 440c or 420cc

With the 460cc having larger faces with the weight designed to fall into the lower back portion of the club

The 460cc head designed offers a bigger sweet spot for unmatched forgiveness and this will help you increase momentum and helo launch the ball into the air and this result in more clubhead speed

The 460cc clubhead is the largest as it offers more forgiveness due to its larger sweet spot this makes them the best for amateurs and less skilled golfers

Golf driver with smaller head has lesser weighing around the perimeter for a consistent and steady ball launch

Note: Skilled golfer prefers golf driver with a smaller clubhead 

  • Budget

As far as buying is  concerned, budgeting is everything, the choice of driver you are able to purchase would depend on the amount of money that you are willing to spend

The better the driver as you will expect the more expensive it becomes, there are lots of golf drivers on sale today and whether you have got low budget or you have all the money to spend on an expensive driver because you want the best, no matter your budgeting there are drivers which are designed for you

If you have got low budget look for a driver which offers the best in that price category, this helps you to get the best value

  • Head Shape

Golf driver does come in two head shape-Square and Round club head, it is important to choose a driver which you are very comfortable with as this guarantees the best of performance

As a beginner a round driver is one which you should consider buying as they are much easier, they are easier as they are less clunky and less likely to get caught in the ground at impact

One of the very disadvantages of the square club head which have made them decrease in popularity over the years is as a result of the poor quality aesthetic of the design and the dull sound it makes an impact

But when it comes to larger club faces the square club seems to stand out and that is its advantage and this helps to minimize room for error or mistakes

  • Colour

 review Golf Driver Taylormade M6

Manufacturers have begun building drivers with color; back in the day,, it was usually black.

These colors are made so that they have greater contrast than the green background, for some colors, it can just make a difference. if a strong contrast in color can help your swing then by all means make that a choice


Golf drivers are available in a varying loft, the angle of the clubface on the vertical axis is what determines the loft.

When the club is perpendicular to the ground this signifies a zero loft, which automatically means that the higher the loft the more easily the ball is launched into the air

A golf driver does have a loft that ranges from 8 to 12 degrees.

Flexibility Of Shaft

There are basically two types of shafts: steel and graphite. Most often, your club will be assembled with either one, but the good news is that you can change it to whichever is most comfortable for you.

Back in the early days, the steel shaft was the most common and popular shaft until the invention of the graphite shaft.

One of the very big differences between the steel shaft and the graphite shaft is that the graphite shaft offers more flexibility and is much more lightweight, thus giving you the best feedback and feel on every single shot.

You will need to experiment with different flex shafts so as to be able to determine which is best suited for you or your playing abilities.

How much the flex will bend upon impact is what flexibility is all about, the more flexible the shaft, the more easily it bends upon impact.

The stiffer shaft is best suited for players with fast swing speeds; this means that the faster your swing speed, the less flexible shaft you are going to require.

On the other hand, the slower your swing speed, the more flexibility in the shaft that you will require, as this will help to launch the ball farther.

A perfect example of a golf driver with a graphite shaft would be the TaylorMade M6 Driver on review.

Adjustability feature

Most golf drivers would come with an adjustable feature, however not all of them do, an adjustable features present in your golf driver makes it possible to fine-tune your driver

The adjustable driver helps you to make changes to your lie, loft, and more, you should keep in mind that an adjustable driver helps you make but tiny adjustments, however, this can be a game-changer and can influence your performance in ways that you cannot imagine

Golf driver which features adjustable features can be quite on the expensive side, nevertheless, it is worth it,

Note: Adjustable driver is best suited for fine-tuning and not for major changes

Is The M6 Taylormade Golf Driver Great For Beginners?

The M6 driver is one which is made unique and exceptional as they are great for golfers of all level

With its adjustable features, you can fine-tune the driver. This driver offers distance and exceptional forgiveness, which makes it great for beginners.

There is also the twist face technology which helps to correct your shots even on  a mishit and this makes it very valuable for beginners as they are bound to make lots of mishits

One of the most important considerations when choosing a golf club for beginners is extreme forgiveness, which the M6 offers.

Is This Golf Driver Worth It, Taylormade M6?

The Taylormade M6 driver is very worth it especially as they are very easy to hit, though it might not offer thoroughly adjustable features like the M5 or any other driver out there however you are guaranteed great speed and exceptional forgiveness makes it is a top performer which will definitely suit a wide range of golfers

Is The Taylormade M6 A Great Golf Driver For the Pros?

Golf pros are fully known as professionals. Golf pros choose their clubs carefully and wisely; one of the very best golf clubs is one that is used or recommended by the pros.

Amazingly, the TaylorMade M5 or M6 is used by many pro golfers, like Tiger Wood, who was seen using this driver at the Zozo Championship.

Tour Pros like Tommy Fleetwood, Jayson Day, and Luke List use the M6 driver while John Rahm and Jonathan Vegas use the M5 driver.

Taylormade M6 Golf Driver, Its FAQ

 review M6 Golf Driver Taylormade

Best Place To Buy.

There are a couple of places you can find your favorite Taylormade M6 driver including on the Taylormade Website.

For convenience’s sake and for the best shopping experience, my best and 31 recommended place is on the Taylormade brands store on Amazon.com.

FAQ ON Taylomade M6 Driver.

Here are some frequently asked questions and inquiries from people. I felt I should help out with a few answers, as best as I could.

  • Q: Which even flow shaft does come with the Taylormade M6 Driver?
  • A: The Taylormade M6 Driver does come with a Project X Evenflow 
  • Q: What is shaft length?
  • A: 45.75”
  • Q: Does this golf driver come with a rain cover?
  • A: Oh yes, the M6 Driver on reviews does come with a rain cover that protects it from the rain in case of a sudden downpour
  • Q: What does the D stand for, on the M6 Driver?
  • A: The D stands for Draw Biased
  • Q: Is there a return policy on this golf club
  • A: Oh yes, the M6 draw-biased driver offers a return policy 
  • Q: For a slicer, what loft do you recommend?
  • A: 10.5 and can be adjusted
  • Q: Is the project X even flow senior shaft in the m6- d driver the red or blue one from amazon
  • A: It is the red
  • Q: Can I get a midsize grip when I buy the M6 driver?
  • A: You can always have it regripped in your local store or do it yourself if that is what you want, however, I do not believe that a grip size is an option
  • Q: Is this driver designed to reduce slicing?
  • A: D type is for draw which is the opposite of a slice, the slice is designed to help reduce or stop slicing 


Today’s golfing offers lots of golf drivers one can choose from, thanks to technology and innovation, the Taylormade M6 Driver is one that suits a wide array of golfers as they are exceptionally forgiving and would definitely add more distance to your swing

Want to add more yardage to your game? then the M6 is a great driver which can help you achieve that

This golf driver features a speed-injected twist face which helps to correct your swing on a mishit and with its inertia generator you are guaranteed more speed and better control of your shots

How about its ability to store 4G of weighing which brings the CG low and back, the result is a reduced spin and more defined accuracy for better performance on the golf course

The Hammerhead 2.0 slot is now more flexible and is located just behind the face, which helps increase ball speed at the lower head of the face.

If you have played the Taylormade M6 driver before or you are currently playing it, kindly share your experience with us through the comments section.

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