In the end, you should b able to give a complete review of the Taylormade Stand Bag 8.0, you can read the text or watch the video

As this Taylormade 8.0 Stand bag is available in text or video review

The Taylormade has been one of the leading inventors of your bag for Golf, this brand has been in existence for so long knows just the right Bag that will meet your needs

Having manufactured so many Bag series which include the Taylormade Golf 2019 Select Cart bag to the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag to the Taylormade Cart Lite Bag to the Taylormade Flextech Crossover and now it is the Taylormade Stand 8.0 Bag on Review

Brand Taylormade is a well known, recognized, and trusted brand for your Golf gears and other related equipment

The Taylormade 8.0 Bag fall under the bag type, ”Stand Bag”, with a dimension of 10 x 7.5 x 33.5 inches, the Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag boost of 6 pockets which does include a water bottle sleeve for your water

This bag features an 8 way top to help reduce club crowding and looking at this bag structure it is well agreed that they are very solid and of great quality for long-lasting result and efficiency

Thus bag is available in about five color option combination to choose from and very well suited for Golfer who prefers walking down the course as t is a Stand Bag

Without further waste of time, we head over to the specification of the Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag reviews as this will help determine whether it is right for you or maybe not


Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag Review, Its Spec

Taylormade 8.0 bag review

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As said earlier they are available in varying color combination option which is very well attractive and eye-catchy and this will make your colleagues become bag envy

It is a 6 pocketed bag with an 8 way top for classical organization and structuring of your gears for easy sorting and arrangement

And as for quality, you do not have to bother or worry your self as Bag does speak for itself, one highly loveable feature about this bag is that it boasts of great reviews which makes it a ”go-go” Bag

This is a lightweight Golf Bag, weighing 4.5lbs so that they are easily carried and portable friendly, with this bag, comes a detachable XL pocket and a velour-lined dry pocket

This is surely a great Bag for the money, with this bag also comes features such as a Glove loop, Easy release stand system with a dual padded shoulder strap system so for proper weight distribution across the shoulder


Taylormade Golf Stand Bag 8.0 Review, Specialization Listing Summary/ Smart Features

T8.0 stand Bag reviewed


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  • Brand: Taylormade
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Divider: 8 Way
  • Full Length: 2
  • Colour: Black/White/Red


  • Number Of Pockets: 6
  • Water bottle sleeve
  • Removeable XL Pocket
  • Glove Loop
  • Dual padded Shoulder strap
  • Multi handle
  • Easy release stand system


Taylormade Golf Stand Bag 8.0, Its Pros

  • Removable and padded carry strap for maximum comfortability
  • Great quality so that they are long-lasting
  • Lightweight with enough storage compartment
  • Sturdy and rugged zippers for extra protection
  • Sturdy and well-balanced leg system


Taylormade Stand 8.0 Bag Reviews, Its Cons

  • Does not come with a rain hood cover for your clubs


Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag Video Review


Who Is The Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag Meant For?

The Taylormade 8.0 Bag is designed for the Golfer who is looking for a Carry bag, this bag is very lightweight and easy to carry

Its carry strap system as they are well-padded offer extreme comfort and balancing on your shoulder


8.0 stand bag review


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Types Of Golf Bag

Your bag for Golf is one of the very essentials that must not be ignored, it serves as the house which stores your gears and equipment

You have spent a lot on your equipment, it makes sense as well that you get a quality and highly efficient bag which guarantees maximum protection on all those equipment bought

There have been lots of technologies which accompanies recent bags which helps in aiding the Golfers life and making the movement of utilities easier and more fun than ever

Many years ago there weren’t many vast options on Golf Bag offering, Golfers were only restricted to making a choice from what is available

However, the story is very different now as there are vast bag type selection to make from

When making a choice on your bag for Golf you should be well aware that there are different types of Golf Bag, this is especially important to beginners as it will help them make the best selection on their Golf Bag

This bag is available in different shapes, sizes, and brand design

Your bag for Golf is broadly categorized into 5 types and include Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is the most luxurious, expensive, most spacious and Golf Bag of all the Bay type, Staff Bag is also known as Tour Bags and is often common among professionals

Staff Bag does come with lots of pockets and storage compartment which gives you the opportunity to carry more than you will be needing this as you will expect makes them also the heaviest of all Bag types

They are so spacious enough so that you have space for your extra clothing, waterproof gloves, and golf ball

A typical Staf Bag will weigh 10 pounds and above which is usually an issue for the average Golfer, they are great for Golfer who comes accompanied

Or if you have a Golfer who got a Caddie then the Staff Bag is a great place to invest on

  • Cart Bag

Cart Bag also well now as Trolley Bag are specially designed so that they are carried on a Golf buggy or a Cart

Cart Bags just as the Staff Bags are usually very spacious containing lots of compartments for your gears and other related items

They are quite different from any other type of Golf bag as it includes a non-slip base or rubber which prevents them from slippage when on transit on a cart

Despite them being very heavy as they are designed for the Cart, they are noticeably lighter than a Staff Bag

Typically a Cart Bag should weigh between 6 to 7 pounds, it does offer lots of pockets similar to the Staff Bag

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag just as its name suggest is a Golf Bag designed with a stand, this Stand is usually inbuilt and dual in nature

Stand Bag is the most stable Golf Bag across all-terrain as they are well balanced and sturdy, protruding forward at an angle of about 45% this makes them very balanced, solid, and stable across all terrain

They are great for Golfers who prefer to walk down the course rather than using a Cart, Stand Bag should weigh 5 pounds

These duo legs are retractable and retractable, it is an option for Golfers who like to carry their Bag on foot down to the course due to its weight friendly nature and very comfortable and well-developed dual carry strap for proper balancing on the shoulder

  • Pencil Golf Bag

Pencil Golf Bag also referrers to as Sunday Bag is the smallest and extremely lightweight Golf Bag as it comes with but few pockets and are slimline in design thus the name, ”Pencil”

Sunday Golf Bag is usually very thin and extremely lightweight, in recent years it has garnered wide acceptance than envisaged

It is a great option or choice for Golfer who chooses or prefers to focus on a particular aspect of their game, maybe driving the range or probably hitting out of the bunker

This bag type is not designed to carry all your gears but your essentials even though there are exceptions which are able to carry as many as 14 clubs

If you choose to focus on a particular aspect of your game there are lots of great Pencil Golf Bag to opt-in for

  • Travel Golf Bag

The Travel Golf Bag may not be seen or regarded seriously as a Bag type, yet it is as they are designed for traveling

It is great for the Golfer who wishes to travel and play Golf at the destination, or if you are a golfer who travels a lot and you do not want to miss playing, the Travel Bag is a great option

This bag type is designed in such a way that it does have a strong and rigid outer casing to help protect your gears and belongings inside

On the other hand, its inn is well padded, soft, and foamy to help prevent wear and tear as your equipment hits from one side of the bag to another due to locomotion on transit

There are many travel Bag in the market and if you seek one please read this Best Travel Golf Bag on Sale 2021


Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag VS Taylormade Pro Stand 8.0 Golf Bag, What’s The Difference?

  • The Taylormade Pro Stand Bag is a more recent version as it is of the year 2020 whereas the Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag is of the previous year
  • Unlike the Taylormade 8.0 on review which does come available with 6 pockets, the Taylormade Pro 8.0 does come with 7 pockets with
  • The Taylormade Pro 8.0 Stand Bag does come with 3 integrated grab handles for easy carry and maximum comfortability when placed on your shoulder when compared to the Taylormade 8.0 Stand Bag which does come with 2
  • Taylormade Pro 8.0 is known to come with 4 points back strap which is adjustable thus making them very distinct and unique from their predecessor
  • It is present with a 7 way top which is very different from the 8.0 Bag which does have 8 way top dividers
  • When it comes to vast color combination selection, the Taylormade 8.0 offers more option than the Taylormade Pro Stand Bag



Which Golf Bag Is Best For Me?

You own your Golf Bag, your Golf Bag doesn’t own you, this is a true statement, so which bag is best for you will be determined by your choice and preferences

Taylormade bag stand review 8.0


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  • Staff Bag

However, for clarity sake, if you are a Golfer who cares more about spacing and storage or You own a Cart/Caddie you should be great with the Staff Golf Bag

Staff Bag is the most spacious, luxurious, and quality bag which comes with lots of pockets and storage options, as you will expect this makes them very heavy and bulky

The Staff Bag is also known as Tour Bag and is most common among professional, if you come accompanied, the Staff Bag can also be something great to give a try

This bag should weigh 10 pounds or more and are best suited for Caddies owners and would-be owners

  • Cart Bag

If you are a Golfer whose got a Trolley or plan to own one then the Cart Bag is the right choice for you

Cart Bags are also known as Trolley Bag as they are designed to be carried on the Buggy or Trolley, whether Push Or Pull

Carts bag do come with a non-slip base or rubber so that they are prevented from slippage when on motion, so whenever you see a Bag which does come with a non-slip base or rubber you can easily decipher it as a Cart Bag

Cart Bags are very spacious as it contains lots of pockets and is great for Golfers who like their space

Cart Bags though very heavy as they are designed to be carried on Cart are noticeably lightweight than the Staff bag weighing at least about 6 to 7 pounds

  • Stand Bag

If you are a Golfer who prefers walking down the course instead of riding, pushing, or pulling then in no doubt the Stand Bag is designed to meet your needs

Stand Bag depicts its name as this Bag is designed that it comes with a stand, The Stand Bag is quite distinct from any bag type as it does come with retractable legs which are often dual in nature for the best of balance and stability

The Stand bag is the most solid and well-balanced bag type across all terrain due to its well developed and highly structured dual legs

Stand Bags are known to come with a dual shoulder strap for maximum comfort  brought about by weight distribution when carried on the shoulder

The Stand Bag fills in the gap between the Staff Bag and the Cart Bag

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is designed to be carried, Stand Bags are very distinct from any type of bag as they are extremely lightweight and comes with the most developed carry strap system which is usually dual in nature

If you are a Golfer who enjoys walking down the course then the Stand bag falls into the perfect choice bag that you should invest in

Carry bag comes with its of pocket and storage compartment for your gears and other equipment but not as many or wide as the three mentioned above

  • Pencil/Sunday Golf Bag

The Pencil/Sunday Golf Bag is the smallest and most portable type of Golf Bag as they are extremely lightweight for the best of quick and comfortable mobility

The Pencil Golf Bag derives its name from its physique, constructed in a slim like and straight design

Thus bag type is increasingly becoming popular as the day go by, designed to carry only your essentials even though they are some exceptions which are able to carry as much as 14 club

If you are a Golfer who wants or prefers focusing on a particular aspect of their game one at a time then the Pencil Bag would mean a great option for you

For instance, you might want to focus on driving the range in this case all you do is pick up your Driver or maybe on putting in this case you pick up your Putter or you might want to hit out of the bunker/Fairway all you need do is pick up your Irons

So Pencil Bag is designed to Carry but your essentials and not all your clubs, they are especially great for beginners as they aren’t experienced enough to focus on using their whole club

The Pencil Bag is also great for Seniors due to its extremely lightweight natures for easy mobility and maneuvering


Things To Consider When Choosing Your Golf Bag

When making a choice on your bag there are some criteria that you must put into consideration as they can help serve as a guide in making the right buying decision

Many Golfer especially newbies finds it very difficult and uneasy in an attempt to make a choice on their bag and this is largely due to the fact that they do not what to look out for

  • Pocket/ Features

Golf bag varies in shapes, sizes and model so do their pocket and features while some Bag does offer lots of pockets and features another offer fewer pocket and features

You should know what you would be comfortable with, some of the features you will see in a Golf Bag include a Matching rain hood, Separate Putter Access, Insulate cooler pocket, and many more

Golf Bags can have as many as 10 pockets and as low as 3 pockets, your choice would be dependent on how much equipments you would be putting into it

The Taylormade Stand Bag 8.0 review does come with 6 pocket and features which include a water bottle sleeve, Glove loop, multi handle, and more

  • Number Of Dividers

Taylormade 8.0 bag review

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Dividers will vary from Bag to Bag, some offer lots of divider another offer few dividers and this divider are even categorized into the full length and half-length

The Full length runs from top to bottom just as its name implies and the half-length runs halfway(top to halfway down or bottom to halfway top)

This divider ensures your clubs are not entangled as they prevent club crowding, as for instance, the Taylormade 8.0 stand bag on review does come with 8 dividers of which two are of full length

You should bear this in mind the more dividers your Bag can have the better organized your gears and items can be for easy sorting

But one of the challenges of too many dividers for your bag is that each slot become narrow and pull out your items may become quite difficult as you might have to squeeze your hand through

  • Strap System

Strap System is one of an important factor when making a choice on your Bag for Golf and this is because you will be handling your Golf Bag

Strap system can be single or double, if you consider carrying your bag you should be looking for not just a double but well-developed strap system

Carry Bag generally do have the most developed strap system as they are designed to be carried

Some carry bags might come with a single strap system but its best to look for one with a double strap system for proper weight distribution and balance across the shoulder


Taylormade 8.0 Golf Stand Bag Review, Its FAQ

Q: Does bag come with a cooler

A: No it doesn’t, however, there is a pocket located at one side that has neoprene/linning


Q: Is there a rain hood cover that comes with this bag

A: No there isn’t a rain hood cover


Q: Does the bag has a drink pocket 

A: It does not feature an insulated pocket


Q: Is this a removable carry strap

A: Absolutely yes, it is a removable carry strap


Q: Single or double Strap

A: It is a double strap so that it offers more comfort and proper weight distribution when carried


Q: Will it fit nicely on a Push Cart?

A: They aren’t designed for the Cart, however, it fits fine still



Bags are essentials for your game, as they are a storehouse for your gears/equipment

The Taylormade 8.0 is great for the walking golfer as they are a stand bag and comes with a well developed dual shoulder strap for easy mobility and ease

The Taylormade Golf bag boost of 6 pockets which does include a water bottle sleeve and removable XL Pocket

This is an 8 way-divider 2 full length-dividers Bag which does help to prevent entanglement of your club

They are available in varying color options to choose from and are lightweight, weighing only but 4.2lbs so that they are carrying friendly

It does come with an easy and solid release stand system so that they are well balanced and sturdy

This bag does not come with a cooler so if you are looking for a Golf bag with a cooler this is not the right one for you

For Golf Bag with cooler please refer here Best Golf Bag with Cooler


















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