In the end, you should be able to give a complete review of the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag

Today’s golfing offers great and excellent golf bags to help secure and protect your expensive gears and golf items

There are many Golf Bag brand on sale today and one of such is the well known and trusted brand, ”Taylormade

Taylormade has been long into the business of Bags and so they know exactly what it means to make great bags to meet the Golfers need

The Taylormade have been known to have manufactured many Golf Bag series to its name which includes the likes of Taylormade Flectech Crossover Stand Bag to the Taylormade Cart Lite Bag and now it is the Supreme Cart Bag on review

If you are looking for a great place to get a quality and efficient bag for Golfing then you cannot go wrong with this brand

In today’s blog post we are going to be reviewing the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag so that you can better place judgment whether they are right for you or not

Before giving you the full features of this bag it is well worthy of note that this bag has got tons and tons of positive reviews as it meets the need of Golfers who have invested in it

This is one of a kind from Taylormade-Classic, Sturdy, Quality, and Efficiency is what the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag is all about

The Supreme Cart Bag bost of 15 full-length dividers for individual club storage and this helps eliminate club crowding which usually leads to wear and tear due to gliding and sliding of gears against each other

They are the perfect Bag if you have a great taste for the classic organization of your equipment for easy sorting and arrangement

You will be able to easily and quickly access some of your belongings brought about by the front-facing pocket which does not only make the bag beautiful but sexy as well

You get the added advantage for more separation of storage due to the split side apparel pocket which does come with this bag

Without further waste of time, we head over to its Spec, the Supreme Cart Bag


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag, Its Spec

Taylormade supreme cart bag reviews 2020

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You’ve got about 4 color option to choose from when you decide to opt for the Supreme Cart Bag, with a weight of 9.6 ounces, this makes them considerably lighter when compared to other Golf Bag of this caliber

Made of 90% Polymer, 3% metal and 7% plastic, all this built-in component makes them very quality and solid so that they are long-lasting and high efficient

For this Bag, you are on the right track, with this Bag comes a solid and well built-in zippered system for extra and additional protection of your equipment

One of the things I greatly admire about this Taylormade Supreme Golf Bag is that it does have a very solid base system which does allow it to stand firm and still on its own even without the support


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag Reviewed, Its Specification Summary Listing

Supreme Cart Bag Taylormade

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  • Branding: Taylormade
  • Weight: 9.6 Ounce
  • Top Dividers: 15
  • Full Length: 15
  • Bag Type: Cart


Number Of Pockets: 11

  • Built-in Putter Pocket
  • Oversized Cooler Pocket
  • Carry Strap: Single
  • Front-facing pocket
  • Split Side Apparel Pocket


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag, Who Is It Meant For?

The Taylormade Supreme Bag is a Cart Bag Type, this means they are fully designed for the Cart, one of the features that can portray easily that a bag is designed for the Cart is the non-slip base which does come with the bag to help prevent the bag from sliding or slippage when Cart is on transit

If you are a Golfer looking for a bag that offers massive storage space and lots of pocket then no doubt the Supreme Cart Bag is a great bag to invest on

If you are a Golfer who is in search of a bag that offers you the maximum organization of your gears with each having its own individual slot to help prevent crowding then in no doubt this would worth a great investment

If you are also in search of a bag that offers lots of solid zippered structure  for maximum protection of all your belongings then you cannot go wrong with this bag either

Having said this we briefly take into consideration the smart features which make this bag unique and outstanding from other bags out there


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag, Its Smart Features

2020 Taylormade supreme Bag Cart Reviewed

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  • Putter protection polymer patch
  • Stach pocket which is magnetic
  • Glove loop
  • 15 way top with individual full-length dividers
  • Resistant Yarn dyed fabric with protected material(UV)


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag, Its Pros

  • Massive storage space
  • Maximum full-length divider to prevent Club Crowding
  • A solid and well-structured base system so that it stands on its own
  • Lots of zippered pockets for additional protection
  • Easy access front-facing pocket for more storage
  • Split side apparel pocket for more protection
  • Well designed and quality


Supreme Cart Bag, Its Cons

  • Quite on the heavy side
  • Does not come with a top golf cover


Taylormade Supreme Golf Cart Bag Video Reviews


Types Of Golf Bag

Making the right choice on your bag for golf cannot be overemphasized, you have spent a lot getting your clubs, its time to spend some more for its protection and mobility

Then need for a Golf Bag cannot be overstressed, this is because it is the storehouse for your equipment, you will be needing quality and highly efficient golf bag that guarantees long-lasting durability, this is where the Supreme Cart bag fits in

Go check the reviews and see for yourself as this bag offers and does exactly what it was designed for if you are in search of a Golf Bag which well meets the need of it users, then you will be right to put this into consideration

Having said this, it is worthy of note, to say this, when making a choice on your bag for Golf, its best to understand the different type of bag available in Golf sport

In Golfing, Bags can be Categorized into five or six, this include, Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry Bag, Sunday Bag, and Travel Bag

  • Staff Bag

The Staff Bag is also known as Tour Bag is the most expensive and luxurious type of Golf Bag, this bag is made from the finest of material and is the biggest, most spacious, and heavy

Staff Bag is common among professional golfers, this is great for the golfer who comes accompanied due to its weighing

Staff Bag is usually very heavy as it does offer the largest, biggest, and widest space than any other bag type with more pockets

The Staff Bag does come with a well-defined logo as it is used in creating awareness about a new brand in the market

If you are a Golfer who plans on owning a Caddie, then you should consider opting in for a Cart Bag as it offers more storage space and utilities

You will generally see a Staff Bag weigh 10 pounds or more, If you are in search of a Staff Bag please refer here Best Staff Bag on sale

  • Cart Bag

Cart Bag

Just as its name implies, the Cart Bag is designed for the Cart as it entails a rubber or non-slip base a patented Bag to Cart attachment which prevents the bag from sliding through when on motion

Cart Bags are also very large and spacious with lots of pockets and but not as defined as the Staff bag, Cart Bag can also be well-referred to as ”Trolley Bag”

They are great for the golfer who owns a Cart or plan in owning a Cart, Cart Bag is usually very heavy and so are not designed to be carried on the shoulder

If you want more room for your gears and equipment then you should be considering opting in for a Cart Bag or a Staff Bag

A perfect example of a Cart Bag is the Taylormade Supreme Cart bag on review in this blog post today, you should expect a typical Cart bag to weigh up 6 to 7 pounds

If you are in search of a Cart Bag, please refer here: Best Cart Bag on sale 

  • Stand Bag

The Stand Bag is well distinguished from other types of Bag due to its stand, Stand bag does come with a well-defined Stand which often comes duo in nature

This Stand makes bags well stable across all terrain, the Stand Golf Bag is the most stable Golf Bag across any terrain due to its well developed and defined legs which is able to protrude or retract

This bag is great for golfers who like walking down the course, the Stand bag feels in the Gap between a Staff Bag and a Cart Bag

Stand bag is also spacious and wide enough, it also comes with enough pocket for all your gears and belongings though not as much as the Staff or the Cart Bag

A Typical Stand Bag should weight about 5 pounds or less, for Stand Bag, please refer here Best Stand Bag on sale 

  • Carry Bag

The Carry Bag is meant to be carried, this is why they are designed to be carried, the Carry bag is very lightweight when compared to other bag types

The Carry Golf Bag is designed so that it does come with a double shoulder strap for proper weight distribution across the shoulder when carried

The Carry Golf Bag has the best of developed carry strap as they are designed to be carried, this Carry strap is usually duo in nature

Carry Bag can also be spacious and contain lots of pockets but not as much as the Cart or Staff Bag, they are perfect for the golfer who prefers to walk down the course

  • Pencil/ Sunday Golf Bag

The Pencil/ Sunday Golf Bag is the smallest type of Bag in golf, this bag is designed in a straight and slim like manner, like a ”Pencil”, the origin of its name

The Pencil Golf Bag is designed to carry only your essential and is great for beginners or seniors as they are very lightweight and easy to carry

If you a golfer who prefers focusing on a particular aspect of your game at a time then the Pencil/ Sunday Golf Bag will mean a great option for you

For example, if you prefer driving the range or hitting out of the bunker and obstacle all you need do is pick up the relevant club which will help you achieve that

They are extremely lightweight and thinner and you can easily store then in a locker or in a Car, for Sunday Golf bag, please refer here Best Sunday Golf Bag On sale 

  • Travel Golf Bag

The Travel Golf Bag is designed for Travelling, this is one of the most recent bag types in Golf Sport, The Travel Bag is designed with a very hard outer casing for protection when traveling

And a soft and foamy inn which does prevent your gears and other items from dents due to Gliding and sliding on transit

The Travel Bag is very well padded inside so that as your gears sliding from one side of the bag to the other it doesn’t come in contact with hard surfaces which might lead to a dent

The Hard casing outside on the other hand helps to protect the bag containing your clubs and items from damage

For Best Travel Golf Bag please refer here Best Travel Golf Bag On Sale


How To Choose The Right Golf Bag 

Before making a choice on your Golf Bag it will be of great benefit that you known things to consider that will help you make the right choice

There are many Golf Bag on sale today, this makes it very difficult and daunting especially for beginner when it comes to the right bag choice selection

For this reason, we would be giving you some things that you should look out for that will help you determine if a Bag is right for you or not

  • Bag Types

Golf bag are available in different types- we have the Staff Bag, Cart Bag, Stand Bag, Carry bag, Sunday/Pencil Bag, and Travel Bag

The First step to making the right selection on your bag for golf is to determine what your preferences are, for instance, if you like walking down the course then the Stand Bag or the Carry bag is a great option for you

If you are a Golfer who loves extremely lightweight and simple Golf Bag or you choose to focus on a particular aspect of your game then the Pencil/Sunday Golf Bag is a great choice for you

On the other hand, if you care so much about space and classical organization of your gears and other related items or you love going down the curse with a Cart or Caddy then the Staff Bag or the Cart Bag is a great option to helping you achieve that

The trick here is you should know what you want and the Bag which offers you such incentive so that you will be able to make the right choice selection

  • Dividers

Taylormade supreme cart bag reviews 2020

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Golf bag varies in dividers, while there are some Golf Bag with lots of dividers, others are known to come with few dividers

An example of a Golf Bag which does come with lots of dividers is the Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag being reviewed

If you are a golfer who loves each cub having its own individual slot or you are a golfer with a high taste for organization then you should opt for a bag with lots of dividers

On the other hand, if you care less about organization then you should go for a bag that is very simple and portable, this will entail you opting in for Bags with few length dividers

  • Pocket and Features

Supreme Cart Bag Taylormade

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Golf Bag of today features a pocket with specific uses, you will often find an insulated pocket to keep your drinks cold and chilled and a  lined pocket to help protect your valuables like your expensive pieces of jewelry or Cell Phone

In this case, you will have to consider how many pockets you need as more pocket offers more storage spaces and less pocket offer fewer storage spaces

But as you will expect more storage spaces would mean more weight and less pocket means less weight

Some features you might want to consider is the Umbrella holder, Glove attachment, Towel Ring, and many more

  • Pricing

While there are many Golf Bag in the market today, these Bags are available at varying prices, Of course, you should expect superior Golf Bag to be more expensive than the less quality

Your budgeting will help you determine what Bag you should be looking out for, a Very Quality and highly efficient Golf Bag will cost you upward of $200 above

Although there are many Golf Bags that you can buy at cheap/low prices, this might not always be the best


Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag, Who Are They Not Meant For

As you will expect, the Taylormade Supreme Bag is a Cart Bag type, and of course, it is very roomy, containing lots of pockets and massive full-length dividers

This means they are a great option for anyone looking for more storage space and better organization of their gears and item, because of this, the Taylormade Supreme isn’t a lightweight bag so they are designed for the Cart

If you are a Golfer looking for an ultra-lightweight/ portable Golf Bag that can be easily carried on your shoulder then the Supreme Cart Bag isn’t for you

You should consider opting for a Sunday Golf Bag as they are the best carry friendly Golf Bag available in the market today

There is also the Carry Golf Bag option which is also lightweight and great for people looking for a simplistic and easy to carry Golf Bag



FAQ, Supreme Cart Bag Reviews

Q: Is there a shoulder strap that comes with this bag?

A: Absolutely yes, the Supreme Cart Bag does come with a single strap system


Q: Is there a Coler pocket in this bag?

A: Yes, it does come with a cooler pocket which is insulated


Q: Does it come with a Golf Bag Cover at the top?

A: There is a cover that goes over the club at the top even though it doesn’t cover completely the entire bag


Q: Is there a specific one built for women?

A: No, there arent


Q: When Put on a Push Cart does it fit well?

A: Absolutely yes, This is a Cart Bag so it fits well on virtually all Cart


Q: Is there an Umbrella Holder that comes with this bag?

A: On the outside is a sleeve that holds Umbrella, so it does come with an Umbrella holder


Q: What is the Difference between 2020 VS 2019 Taylormade Supreme Cart Bag?

A: One of the most noticeable differences between the 2020 VS 2019 is that the 2020 is the first of its kind with full-length club dividers



Your bag is undoubtedly part of the game, this is because it is the storehouse of your items and the mean whereby those items are being conveyed from one place to another

For this reason, the need for a quality and highly efficient golf bag cannot be overemphasized, Bags serves as protection to your equipment

You have invested hugely in your equipment, its time to invest for its protection, this is where the Taylormade Supreme Cart bag comes in

With this bag, you are assured that your items are well-protected and preserved, it does offer generous space and lots of pocket for your belongings

The Taylormade Supreme Golf Bag on review boost of 15 full-length individual dividers which prevents crowding of your club

You are assured that each individual club has its own slot and this will prevent entanglement which usually leads to wear and tear

On review, the Taylormade Golf bag boost outstanding features which makes them a great and smart choice to invest on

With this bag comes a lot of pockets which include specialty pockets like the Split side apparel pocket for more storage separation, magnetic starch pocket, cooler pockets for drinks, there is also the provision of storage for your accessories and Putter pocket

This bag does come with a well solid and balanced base so that bag is able to stand on its own without support

The TaylorMade Supreme Bag offers the best of organization and easy sorting of your gears and other items for your Golf Game






























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