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In the end you should be familiar with the top 2018 60-degree wedges in the market so as to be able to make the right choice whenever you think of a purchase

Choosing the right kind of club can mean a whole lot of difference on you golfing game and without the right choice your game is certainly bound for poor performance

Knowing each club and their degree range is an important factor that must not be ignored

What is a golf wedge? A wedge is a subset of the golf iron family, they do have the highest loft, shorter shaft with the most weighty club heads of all other irons

The main functionality of a wedge is that it helps players in moving the club heads through soft lies such as the sand, mud and thick grass with the purpose of extracting the ball from obstacles

In general, wedge can be classified into four category with each having its own loft degree

This loft degree helps to identify which is which

Golf wedge are classified into four namely Pitching wedge, Sand wedge, Gap wedge and Lob wedge

Pitching wedge(56 deg)

Sand wedge(55-56 deg)

Lob wedge often(60 deg)

Gap wedge(50-54 deg)

This article is all about the 2018 top picks of 60 degree wedge(Lob wedge)

So this article is literally about the best 60 deg wedges in 2018


What are the best 60 degree wedges in the market for 2018


  • Titleist Vokey SM6 Tour Chrome Wedge Grind True Temper Dynamic Golf Steel

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A confidence booster with great feeling to aid you easily win bet around the green

The centre of gravity (CG) help for precise distance and trajectory control with excepional feel

There is a shot versatility to fit every swing type and course condition courtesy

It is extremely forgiving and a perfect choice to go with

For more spin a new face parallel texture creates a more consistence groove edge and tighter quality tolerance


  • More spin with comfortable feel
  • Shot versatility
  • Perfect For any handicappers, sex or age
  • Ultra flexible
  • Extremely forgiving
  • Made of quality material
  • Very sturdy and durable


  • Shipping restriction
  • A little bit on the heavy side


  • Cobra Mens King Satin V Golf Wedge

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The Cobra wedge has a versatility grind, every single wedge have a softened leading wedge

For great amount of choices from medium to firm condition

Its variable face roughness help delivers an optimsed surface roughness to maxmize spin and control

It will surely improve your game and is highly recommended for all who wants a better golfing experience

A club that exceed expectation with exceptional sound and great feel at impact with ball

Cobra makes great club and you should give it a try

This club is really a beauty when it comes to appearance


  • Astonishing appearance
  • Great feel at impact
  • Maximum spin and control
  • Nick across club groove face


  • A little bit difficult to get used to


  • Callaway Golf 2018 Mens Matte Black Daddy 4

Best of 60 degree wedge, 2018 most rated, top rated wedge

It does have a satisfying feel, it has the combination of three element to help you deliver great and remarkable feel at impact

The groove in the callaway golf  2018 men has led to the manufacturer of a superior wedge which promotes superior performance in all places and at all times and is such that you have never seen

Variety of grind option to choose from which suites variety of playing style and multiple to execute with ease different types of shots from fairway, rough and sand

You will love it, its most certain you will due to its unique suite of feautres and technologies which help promote spin and better control ability


  • Great club for 80 yard
  • Great feel and flexibility
  • Broad range of loft and bounce combination
  • Satisfying feel from soft carbon feel
  • Choice of platinum chrome


  • The sole of the club is not heavy enough


  • Tour Edge Men’s TGS Triple Grind Sole Wedge

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How do you mention the top picks of 60 degree wedges without a mention of the TGS?

This means the list isn’t complete and transparent as it should.

The tour edge men’s TGS is for certain one of the best 60 degree wedge any golfer could possibly own

Considering its feautres, it does have a triple grind loft which helps eliminates bounces from heel and toe

For improved feel and vibration dampening, its weight and material was reduced from flange centre then replaced with TPE insert

How about the classical design of the pear shape which improve shot making and working ability in versatile playing conditions

Its durabilty frame work is unbeatable with an unimaginable 30 days play guarantee

You will love it and give credibilty after a purchase, proven and tested and i say you will


  • Maximum allowed CNC grind groove
  • Three grind sole for bounce elimination
  • Life time warranty and 30 day play guarantee
  • High ball trajectory


  • Shipping restrictions
  • A little heavier


  • Cleveland Golf Tour Action Wedge

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The beauty(feautres)that accompanies this club all through its manufacturing cycle to finish is inexhaustible, built to last and excellent for short approach shots and to getting to the green

Look no further if you seek a quality wedge that is built to last, for this is the perfect fit you can ever own

Its shaft flex is a standard men’s regular shaft, a club known with great feel, balance and weight

It claims to be the most successful shaped wedge which is not far from the truth, its trusted sole design boost turf interaction for continious game play


  • Precision milled groove for soft feel and improved tolerating power
  • Excellent balance with great touch feel
  • Great quality and quick delivery
  • Short game improver
  • Price friendly
  • Very forgiving


  • Shipping restriction
  • A little bit difficult to get used to


  • Cleveland Golf Men’s 588 RTX 2.0 Cavity Back Standard Bounce Satin Wedge

60 degree wedge, best 60 degree wedge, top rated wedge, best 60 degree wedge review

The cavity back design have a larger profile for optimum forgiveness on full, chip and pitch shots

Known as the wonder club or in short “wow” club due to its long lasting impression of being a great game influncer

You will love it, its a guarantee having seen dozens of buyers giving it the best of applaud for its undying flexibility and outstanding forgiveness

It does have a nice weight and balance with a stunning appearance because if its matte quality black finish

A technology now available on this club known as the 588 rotex technology takes spin control to a new whole strata coupled with an 8 percent deeper groove and micro milled rotex pattern for the standard surface roughness the USGA tolorates


  • Very well defined groove
  • Great ball spin and easibility of using
  • Low CG for extreme forgiveness
  • Excellent weight(mild) with a comfortable feel
  • Creates a ton of back spin on the ball


  • This wedge have no cons worthy of note


  • TaylorMade TP ATV Wedge

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TaylorMade TP ATV design concept came from taking close observations and testing golfers so as to identify serious common challenges they may experience when golfing and then with such statistics build one of the most well made clubs to tackle this flaws

Yes, that how TaylorMade TP ATV(All terrain versatility) came to be

The acronymn ATV means All terrain versatility, this entails the potentiality of this club to adapt to whatever condition possible just to keep you relevant on course

The ATV is one of the most versatile club in golf, designed with every curve, angle and edge

Each ATV sole have a slight difference depending on the loft

Built to last with the most flexible material and a specific shape design for maximum forgiveness


  • Good lucking and super effective club
  • Great quality make
  • Stable weight with great feel
  • Quick delivery


  • Difficulty in getting used to



Look no further and stress no longer for this is the best 60 degree wedge you can ever own in 2018 and it will serve you way more than you bargained for


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