In the end you should be able to list the top richest golfers in the world

Its so surprising that no female is on the list of the top richest and famous golfers in 2019 and all time, this list of this crazy rich golfers are all stucked with the male folks

Am sure you are curious to know the richest golfers in the world, the list of this golfers have been archived from different source to make sure its accurate and up to date list of the richest golfers in 2019 and ever known in the world

As regards to the list of the richest and famous golfers in 2019, we took into consideration their salaries, investments and all assets owned by them so we can give you a precise, concise and aggregate sum of their wealth

The game of golf have been a source to wealth creation for the likes of Tiger Wood, Dustin Johnson and many more pro and excellent golfers out there, this golfers have excess money

This golfers became so insanely rich because of their undying consistency and passion for improvement and now they have become the best in 2019 and ever both in wealth and in fame

Well, there are a lot of extremely wealthy and rich golfer, but we are going to be listing only the top 7 richest of them for 2019 and ever known

We don’t want to get you bored and so we have chosen to narrow down our list to the top 7 richest so you will know what it takes to be among the few super and top wealthy golfer of 2019 and all time

Honestly speaking, there are a whole lot, I mean a whole lot of money, crazy money in golfing, this article reveals an outrageous amount of money that this golfers rake to become in the list of most wealthy golfers


Tiger Wood(Most Famous Of All)


world, richest, golfer, famous, best, professional, greatThe first on our list is no other than the well known Tiger Wood, Great golfer, in fact, one of the greatest one the world has ever known, he has amassed so much wealth that you can imagine

With a whooping sum of $800,000,000, oh yes, you had me right, what more beats this imagination? right from time he has been on that list and no one has been able to surpass him, Wood is an icon and spends pretty well on what he loves

He is not just the richest but along side the most famous of all time, becoming a pro golfer in 1996, Wood has earned over $1.5 billion, we can see the PGA Tour Wins, 81 to be precise, 41 European Tour Win and five master victory

Phil Mickelson(Second Most Famous)


golfer, richest, best, money, famous, greatThe second runner up as the richest golfer of all time after the great Tiger, despite being the second, he unbelievably is worth half of Wood in monetary terms and as for fame, I have no way of measuring, but we can undisputedly agree that when it comes to fame and popularity as well he is no near the Tiger

Phil Mickelson is another great and strikingly rich golfer the world has ever come to document, Phil is a professional golfer who has a net worth of $400,000,000, that a whole lot of money as well, that can give him the kind of life he wants, had a successful start up in college, he is the second ranked golfer in all time carrier tournament, Phil does have endorsement deals with KMPG, FORD TITLEIST and many more

Jack Niclaus


Another legend here, he is a professional golfer who is from America and worth a whooping sum of $320,000,000, he became a pro in the late 60’s, he has 105 professional victories to his name, and has recorded a win of 73 PGA and the tour champions 10 times

What more can you expect from such an outstanding golfer, his achievement can be found in the World Golf Hall Of Fame and is not going to be leaving too soon, Jack Niclaus is one of those early generations of Golfers, now he sits and enjoys the young and vibrant enjoy their game

Name: Greg Norman(greatest golfer with entrepreneur spirit)

Wealth: $300,000,000

Next on the most self made men in the World of Golf Sport, Greg is amazingly very rich as well, hails from Australia, he is 64 and hails from Australia

He is worth $300,000,000, you had me right, a whooping $300M, Jack has experienced massive success in his carrier, basking so many awards to his name such as 90+ professional wins, winning the British open champion of which he was ranked No 1 in the World and holding such position for 331 weeks

At the age of 21 he had been a pro golfer and got into the golf hall of fame in the year 2001, he owns a golf course design company, a clothing line and wine business in 1996

Name : Gary Player(Richest golfer with fan base)

Wealth : $250,000,000

A South African born Pro golfer with a whooping worth of a handsome $250,000,000, Gary holds the title of the Third most winning golfer of the PGA title, he’s got incredible skills and personality building up the largest fan bases in the sport of golf

No doubt he is one of the richest golfer of all time and more to that he got one of the highest and largest fan base, Gary deserves all what he has because he had been a serious worker right from his youth toe very time when he retired

Name :Roy MCilroy

Wealth : $130,000,000

Roy with no doubt has earned himself among the world best and richest golfer of all time, beginning golfing at an early age and sticking to it despite all odds because he knew well where he was headed, consistency is the key, Hails from Northern Ireland and with a net worth of $130,000,000

At the age of 18 months old, that is a year and 6 month, his dad introduced him to the game of golf, this helped him to have a successful amateur carrier and by year 2007 he became a Pro

He represented Euro in the Ryder cup thus becoming the third youngest to do that in history, he also won the British open and ranking no 1 in the Official World ranking Golf and by age 25 he had one three major, making him also among the youngest to do that at such young age

Name : Fred Couples(King of long drive shots)

Wealth :$120,000,000

Fred, an American golfer, also known as ”Boom Boom” is the seventh and last on our list, having a cool $120,000,000, in as far back as 1982 he joined the PGA Tour and ever since then has made 51 professional wins

The list can never be perfect if Fred Couples is never mentioned, he has a great outstanding profile in golfing with the very best long and short ball shots






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