Men’s Top mallet putters and its reviews for the year 2018



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Golf sport putter clubs  have been so well developed with all the built in features which are amazing to help the golfer become better at their games, Todays golf club putters have been so well crested that it offers all the amazing flexibility and simplicity for an outstanding putts with great accuracy and perfection such that have never been

And now with this great golf putter clubs listed herein in this article every golfer will surely become better and improve on their game, looking for then best golf putter club for better game improvement in 2020

This putter are extremely forgiving, responsive and well aligned for the best of result with unmatched accuracy, before giving you then list of this best putter club for 2020 for those who it might serve as a great resource


What Is A Golf Club Putter?

A putter is a specific club amidst golf clubs in golf sport used for the purpose of making relevant shots with low speed strokes in order for the golf ball to roll into the hole from a short distance away.

Golf clubs comprises of specific different stand alone club which are co-joined together to form a complete set, this complete set are usually made up of 14 clubs with the purpose of aiding a golfer maximum satisfaction and positive result as they indulge in golf sport

Rating system for the purpose of identifying golf top rated mallet putters is not meant for the producers or manufacturers of this equipment

Better and advanced Golf putter clubs are on the fast rise lately, because reviews has helped to show the exact point where club needs improvement and reconstruction

What Are The Best Golf Sport Putter ClubFor The Year 2020                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  • Taylor Made Golf Prior Generation Spider Putter(Best Responsive And Lightweight)

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This mallet putter is similar to that used by golf stars and golf sport celebrities.

It is one of the best putter you can ever own, that is why it is used by many pros.

So why on earth wouldnt it be among top mens golf mallet putter and review.

This putter has the straight model alignment and armed with this mallet your smooth putts definitely improves.

This putter is a perfect ball roller at the slightest hit and this makes it review top rated.

This mens top golf putter has top reviews as well.

This are the top reviews for 2018 about this mens top mallet putter


  • So said a reviewer who purchased the mallet, “first time outside the box my putting improved”.
  • This putter do have a great balance and ball comes of the face smooth.
  • Very easy to swing and smoothly with a great grip and feel.
  • Great putter which set up well with good weighing.
  • Light weight and easy to control
  • Almost impossible to mishit when armed with this putter
  • Putter design helps keep face square
  • Easy to line up and roll through


  • No line on the putter for adjustment
  • More technical to master.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    #333300;”>Odessey 2018 Red O Work Putters(Best Responsive And Easy)

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Designed for average player to create more forward rolls on their strokes.

This trait of forward stroke is crucial for tour players when it comes to holding putt.

No wonder it is among the worlds top ten putter and with a great reviews.

The micro hinge insert technology is directly responsible for the creation of this forward stroke.

In the micro hinge plate there are hinges which rebound at impact so as to get the ball rolling more quickly through topspin.

For proper positioning and alignment another technology known to be Versa alignment is made available.

Love this mallet putter because it is not so high and can be used effectively by most golfers.

This putter will give you exactly what you expect from a quality putter and there will be no cause for regret.

Great reviews this putter is well known for.

Here are some top positive reviews it does possess.

  • Great feel off the head club and consitence stroke so said a customer.
  • Another best of reviews says Face produces a responsive sole
  • The best and softest putter i have ever seen.
  • Good fit and nice alignment line


  • Great putter for alignment
  • Quick and safe shipping
  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Guarantee at least a year on purchase


  • Quite expensive
  • Shipping restrictions



  • Odyssey Work 2017 Red Putter(Best For Quality And Forgiveness)

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Known best for unmatched roll and improved consistency.

It is highly valuable to men’s average golf players because of its designed nature to create more forwards.

Men golfers get easily and properely aligned because of  versa align technology.

Comes with a putter cover which serves as an active protector of putter from moist or harsh conditions from getting it weared out.

When you roll a putt with this putter face it feels very soft and comfortable

This putter has good and great review that everyone is proud off such as


  • Ability of club to set up good behind the ball
  • Well built and face feels soft
  • True and easy roll with great alignment


  • Presence of a cover
  • New colour options with traditional black and alternative red
  • New and proven head shape for player profiles
  • Unmatched roles


  • Shipped to select countries
  • Quite expensive



  • Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Elevado Putter(Best For Feedback And Responsiveness)

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Regardless of how you position, as a player you will enjoy this putter.

Its great ability to correct mistakes as best as it can makes it a putter with a difference.

Cleveland utilizes different milling pattern for each model for the sake of optimizing MOI

The milling pattern is three times deeper and with the combination of a TPU face insert on of the softest feeling putter is produced.

To this putter this great review is attached.

  • Best putter i have ever used
  • Smooth putting strikes
  • Accuracy improved tremendiously and birdies were not a thing of the past



  • Quick delivery
  • Raised sight line enables better alignment
  • Optimized face milling
  • Headcover and polymer TPU insert


  • Quite expensive
  • No guarantee
  • Shipped to select countries




  • Taylor Made Big Red Monte Carlo Putter(Best For Forgiveness And Easy To Hit)

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Nice putter at a good price with great headcover and super sized grip.

This putter is well balanced which helps in complementing your swing.

Its raised, high-contrast sightline makes alignment easier and with this club at hand you will be needing no more explanation.

Nice, comfortable with a simplistic nature that makes it real easy to hit and with great forgiving.

Some top reviews that makes this putter our top pick best for seniors in 2018 are these words from customers

  • This is a fantastic putter that has helped improve my shots
  • Great putter but cheap looking details
  • Great weight to this putter, better than any other.



  • Highly forgiving
  • Perfect insert for both fast and slow green
  • Excellent gripability
  • Grip is super stroke 2.0



  • Only shipped to select countries
  • Putter has no balance tech
  • Shipping takes time




  • Cleveland Golf TFI 2135 6.5(Best For Forgiveness And Control)

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Has been excellent from the first day, with it you will have much better distance control.

Regardless of address position it has the perfect alignment.

From statistics 80 percent of golfers dont have their eyes directly on the golf ball.

Cleveland Golf TFI mallet putter helps to correct your wrong swing by twitching your alignment as perfect as it can

An alignment technology called 2135 is made available to help you correctly align your putt regardless of your setup.

Cleveland really out did themselves with this design

Some top reviews that makes this putter among the top chosen best for men in 2018 are these customer testimonies

  • Comes with a headcover
  • It comes with regular grip and is easily removed
  • Extremely soft feel off the face


  • Pleasant sound on contact with ball
  • It has a milled copper infused face
  • cover a polymer layer of cushioning behind the face
  • A great quality high looking putter
  • Putter has a great face


  • It is weighty
  • A bit hard to control when taking the club back




  • Cleveland Golf 2017 Men’s Huntington Beach(Best Responsive And Forgiving)

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These mens golf mallet putter 2018 and its review is sure a classic.

This putter feautres a design with a classic with the newest of innovations that can help any golfer improve on their scoring.

This mens golf putter is made from soft 304 stainless steel and has a milled face that is precise for consistence roll and more soft feel.

Comes with a head cover and has a great weight and balance.

The deep milling creates a super and soft feel with a grip that helps you square the putter.

This putter i promise bits all other putter you have come across hands down and it review is one to be reckoned with.

Here are some top reviews from customers about this mens putter 2018

  • Nice putter have signuficantly helped my with my 3 putt
  • Excellent alignment with good feel
  • Very reliable and rated in gold strips


  • Its simple and clean design makes it great at adress
  • Standard grip
  • Milled face allows to hit the ball flush
  • Alignment is super and putter is of high quality
  • Quick delivery


  • Not faced balance
  • Not much feel when contacting the ball
  • Quite expensive but is worth it





  • Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter(Best Forgiving And Lightweight)

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Odyssey hot pro 2.0 has a high MOI mallet with a modified high definition alignment system.

This men’s putter has the standard grip type for best gripability and the best for male golfers in 2018

Very responsive is the face insert, after a few round of golf you will find this putter to be well balanced, light weight and very forgiving

Well worth the price and there will be no cause for regret, certainly not if you buy one.

Easy to keep this putter on line and great at judging distance.

This putter no doubt improves youd hit accuracy and with it you are good to go all the way.

Everyone loves this putter, i mean every one and you will never be an exemption.

A putter with almost zero negative review and has been presented as a  birthday gift to many golfers of which they all loved it.

Top reviews from customers about this men top putters 2018 says

  • Additional alignment was helpful
  • The huge guide lines really helped
  • Great putter at nice price, what more can you expect
  • Provides you with added confidence you need for your game


  • Great feel plus swing momentum
  • With a clean hit ball bounce quickly and easily off face
  • Quick and fast delivery on order
  • Guarantee on a purchase
  • One of the greatest positive review on putter in history


  • A little weighty
  • Absense of headcover
  • Short for some people




  • Taylor Made Big Red Daytona Putter(Super Stroke)(Best For Feedback And Feel)

Best reviewed putter, best reviews on putter, top putter 2018


This putter is the king of putters when we talk accuracy and alignment

Is made from high quality engineering and with this men’s golf putter for 2018 at your disposal on course you will always be impressed on how well it will serve you.

This is a nice putter for those searching for a well known brand name with  Super stroke grip

Customers review about this product are

  • Great and lovely grip
  • So forgiving even with in a poor swing
  • Solid grip with fanciful look


  • It is cheap
  • Of high quality and durability
  • Quick arrival
  • Very easy to line up and speed control keeps secondary putts near the hole


  • No guarantee for durability but not to worry it is very durable
  • A bit difficult to master




  • Taylor Made Golf 2017 Tour Preferred Collection Soto Putter (Super Stroke Grip)(Best For Feedback And Forgiveness)

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For premium look and feel, this mallet golf putter for men in 2018 do have a milled 303 stainless steel head and with tour satin finish.

It has variety of tour validated grip option and two stock grip.

This new TaylorMade TP Soto mallet putter was designed for better performance and strength.

In this mallet putter is an insert known as the new milled pure roll created with the intent to generate a truer roll so as to improve consistency and better aid speed control.

Its length is usually 34 and 35 inches and comes along with a superstroke GT 1.0 which is notably of a standard make.


  • Great in alignment
  • Its beauty is not to be equaled
  • Improve consistency and ball speed
  • Double stock grip
  • Made of tour satin finish


  • Not many reviews though tested and proven to be among the top
  • A little pricey
  • Not very light






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