8 best and easy golf drivers for seniors in 2018

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  • To educate senior golfers that age is no barricade to golfing.
  • To let them know what qualities a great driver do possess
  • To list out the best recommendation of golf drivers for senior own specification to help you become more efficient and relevant in your golfing carrier or hobby.

The best golf drivers for seniors has always been a subject of debate in golf Sport.

Some specification and recommendation for the best of senior golf drivers are true, whereas some are un-true, they only want to make a sale, period.

We are particulaly in this article dedicated in bringing you the best golf drivers available in the market for seniors today.

Golf is a beautiful game and getting old is no restriction to enjoying your golf life.

As a matter of fact as you grow older you will find golf sports more intresting and fun

No other sport is more favourable for seniors than the game of golf.

Basketball?No, Volleyball?No, Handball?No, American football?No, football?No.

Golf sport all the way when it comes to the best sport and best of customized equipment as the case of a driver for seniors.

It definitely ranks as the best game for seniors. Are you a senior thinking of what sport to indulge in? Come on board, golf sport is highly abd richly accomodating and you are fully covered.

Golf sport have customised equipments just for you, such equipments just to mention One is the best of golf driver for seniors.

Old age has a common weakness_loss of strength, loss of speed, loss of agility, loss of swing speed and so on and are one of the many things seniors experience.

I dont know what the inventors of this sport had in mind when they were creating golf sport driver but it sure do reflect and is pretty clear that they had the seniors in mind as they were trying to create this sport.

As a senior golfer or better put as you grow older as a golfer it is natural to see you swing speed dwindle and drop dramatically.

It is no shame for we were all destined to get weaker and more tired as we grow older but it might be shame if we ignore incentives to help us become better and efficient at old age.

Over the past decade, we are proud to say golf sports have improved, cureing the many challanges that prevents seniors golfers from becoming an active participant through the production of best of drivers.

The best golf drivers for seniors is a particular topic that has proven to be a great subject matter to many a senior golfers and in this article we will give you the full illumination so you can decide whats best for you.

It all started when the golf equipment manufacturers observed that this thing called golf has a lot of seniors in it, since there were a whole lot of senior active participant

They went into massive production of customized equipments to meet the senior own demand, specifically the production of the best of golf drivers to help convert their weakness to strength.

This discoveries of the senior golfer need by this equipment manufacturers were carried out under intensive research, testing and analysis both on course and off course so as to help carve out the best of equipment to meet their own demand.

The best drivers for seniors will help you achieve achieve greater distance with less swing speed effort.

It will give you all the forgiving and mercy needed to help you remain relevant on course.

The problem many golfers face is not knowing whats best for them and in this article such confusion will become a history.

As earlier said, this best golf drivers for seniors has been tested and satified by golf body as the best of its kind.

Reviews, feautres, analysis, testing, feedback have all proven to favour this list, a lot of comment have proven them credible and there is no such as being credible.

No need to rush, no need for panic, no need to get exhausted, just sit, take a glass of water or probably some soft drinks and be happy, for your confusion as pertaining to the best of golf drivers for seniors end this very hour pending on when you are done reading this article.

Lets delve into what feautres you must look out to be able to decipher the best of golf driver for seniors even if you know nothing about driver then we will comfortably list the best of drivers that make up this list.

Most of the seniors driver modification has a lot to do with shaft and these are the factors considered under shaft.

  • Flexibility of shaft

Flexibility is required for a lower swing speed. A person with over a 100mph should rather go for stiff shaft any thing below, a regular shaft with more flexibility is then the best.

  • Shaft weight

Senior golfers are not that strong and agile, thus a lighter weight shaft is best suited for them and anything heavy they should desist from for it was mot meant for them.

  • Weight distribution

Really important a factor to be considered, as you look for the best of driver suited for seniors make sure it is light so you will have more weight on the grip end than on the driver end, this help to give you more control over your swing angle.

  • Launch angle

A swing speed of 70 to 80mph will would benefit from a launch angle of 12 to 14 degree.

Senior should go for driver with higher launch angle since they have low swing speed. This is simply due to the fact that higher degree loft has a way of favouring individuals with slow swing speed.

Its time to pinpoint this golf driver and let the world see.

What are the best Golf Driver for Seniors?

  • Titleist 915 D2 9.5 graphite stiff driver

Senior best driver, driver for seniors, senior drives, best drive specification, seniors specification driver

Titleist has done really great, in putting in the best of technology and feautres in this golf drive to suite the senior golfers need.

Titleist has an optimal launch angle to help produce less spin of ball.

When it comes to speed trust this driver, it is one of the longest driver for seniors and is being known as a the distance with no compromise driver.

The great technology behind this driver is what is known as Active Recoil Channel (ARC)

This technology flexes the bottom of this driver as it connects with the ball thus improving speed and distance ball travel.

Titleist 915 D2 9.5 graphite stiff shaft is a king of distance and more control on mishit.

Really a great one for seniors because of its great and uncompromised speed with a low spin rate.

This driver also possess a face known as the radial speed face that also encourages great distance travel and forgiving even when not struck perfectly.


  • Very forgiving
  • Consistency toward long distance travel


  • Not adjustable
  • Pricey

  • Taylor made SLDR Golf Driver

The taylor made SLDR Golf driver offer great forgivenes with a speedy and lond distance ball travel.

This driver has a loft sleeve technology thus making it highly adjustable even with ease.

SLDR’s low and low and foward Centre of gravity encourages low spin and fast ball speed.

The SLDR’s weight symbolises a new and complete reinvention of movable weight which makes it more easier and effective to use.

Great driver available in three loft_9.5 degree, 10.5 degree and HL.

SLDR is known as one of the most compelling clubs ever created by Taylor.

One of the most favourite and most lovable by senior golfers.


  • Great adjustability feautres
  • Quick shipping
  • Very light weight
  • Seats well and look good too
  • Cures swing fault


  • Nice sized unavoidable gauge
  • Short shaft


Callaway Golf 2017 Great Big Bertha Men’s Epic Driver Right Handed Project X HZRDUS, 50G, 45.5″

Best senior driver, best for seniors, seniors best drive, top driver, best of driver

It has a redesigned track and a sliding 17g weight which allows you to fit the clubs to your swing.

It is created from direct input from aerospace expert for an improved air flow for more distance speed and swing force.

For optimum forgiveness, this driver is made from two combination of materials_Titanium exo cage and triaxal carbon crown.

Very light is this driver with a four high performance stock option.

It is one of the lightest driver of callaway and the best senior golfers can ever own.


  • On a hit the club emit a sweet distinctive sound
  • great accuracy and long distance ball travel
  • it comes with a cover and adjustment tool
  • Quick delivery


It is Pricey

Slight dis-colouration on club face.


  • Cobra 2017 King F7 Driver Black (Men’s, Right Hand, Graphite, Reg Flex)

Best senior driver, golf driver, top senior driver, driver for seniors

Cobra is a 3 driver in _3 different centre of gravity setting makes possible for 3 different ball flight for a fine optimum distance tune and trajectory under different conditions.

Cobra King is very comfortable in the hand and really a smooth kind of driver, enjoyable through out a swing.

It does have a Myfly 8 and a smart pad that are easily adjustable for management trajectory and fine tune launch condition for maximum distance.

The textrem carbon fibre crown allows for lower and deeper weight redistribution into club head for plenty of forgiveness and distance.

One amazing technology that makes this driver very lovable is the ability to track your ball if you add an app to your iphone.

With this driver everyone you play with with want to own one.


  • Adjustable
  • Helps in improving slice
  • Feel good in the hand and weighs well
  • Adds to distance of your ball travel
  • Quick delivery on order


  • Lacks cobra connect instructions.
  • Fantastic build quality.


  • Cleveland Golf Mens Launcher HB Driver

Best putter, senior best putter, putter for seniors, best golf putter, 2018 senior putter

This driver brings a better and efficient combination of focus and great simplicity.

With a focus on higher launch, and better forgiveness.

It does have an awesome feautre like the bondel hosel design which engineers use to enhance performance and stability.

A technology known as the Cleveland TMs HiBore crown helps create a low deep CG.

To improve ball speed from across the surface this putter has a technology know as the cup face.

And for ball speed protection it does also have a technology known as the Flex Fin.

Who wouldnt love this driver with this great feautres. It is undoubtedely one of the best driver a senior can ever have.

With its higher and straighter nature Cleveland golf men launcher is a winner and at such its owners and utilizers become known as a win-win golfer, this makes it highly a recommended putter every golfer must own.

Very lightweight is this driver with a pleasant sound on contact with the ball.

Cleveland scores an A+ in forgiveness and will enable seniors to drive longer and more accurate.


  • Boost higher and straighter shot accuracy
  • Pleasant sound at contact with ball
  • Unbelievable distance and forgiveness


  • No guarantee on purchase, but not too worry it is very durable
  • Pricey but its aiding power is not to be compared.


  • Tour Edge Hot Lunch HL3 Driver

Driver for senior, golf driver, top golf driver, best of driver, senior best choice, best driver type.

A great and worth buying driver for every seniors who wants a driver with the best of forgiveness.

This driver has a power channel technology designed to deliver amplified ball speed and less spin.

For an easy launch that is made to fly higher and longer a rear sole was made with its weight moving the centre of gravity backward and deeper into the head if the club.

This driver is made of forged titanium and a cup face design technology for maximum ball speed.

Really great, i must note and is a great driver for handicappers golfers including seniors.


  • Cup face design technology to increase ball speed.
  • Head weight feel balanced and shaft is flexible
  • Deep centre of gravity for amplified speed and great forgiveness
  • Adjustable weight if need be


  • Shipping restriction
  • No written guarantee for refundment after a purchase.



  • Taylor Made Men’s Aeroburner Black Driver

All time best, best driver, senior best driver

Every golfer has a swing speed. This driver is in particular well recommended with great emphasis for golfers with slower swing speed because of its advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape design.

Best suited for senior golfers who wants a reduce spin and better trajectory which is made possible by the feautre speed pocket.

As stated earlier the taylor made aeroburner has an advanced 460cc aerodynamic shape designed with a raised centre crown and round toe.

These driver has incredible feautres such as the new matte black finish, black PVC face for fast and easy alignment.


  • Has a standard driver length
  • Adds noticeable yardage to your game.


  • Not very good on mid hit
  • No adjustment



Taylormade M4 Driver

Senior driver, senior most preferred, most preffered driver, world best driver


Perfect for golfers looking to get more consistence of the tee with a blend of distance, accuracy and forgiveness.

It has a new hammered slot in the sole for more flexibility at club face.

This driver has a 4A adjustable hosel, thus making it possible to fine tune loft and personalise launch.

With a revolutionary new face curvature increase of loft in the high toe area and a decrease in loft in the heel area to reduce side spin is made possible.


  • Very forgiving
  • Present of a 4A adjustable hose
  • Great flexibility at clubs face
  • Favours ball speed and long distance travel


  • Shipping restriction
  • Pricey
  • No guarantee on purchase




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